Developing a Promotional Product Strategy

In the age of digital marketing, there’s a reason why promotional products are still used. They are effective and affordable means of getting exposure.

But you cannot just buy all kinds of products and have your logo printed on them and expect the right effect. You need to pick the right products which will be right for your brand. For you to do that, you need a promotional product strategy.

Questions to Ask When Picking a Promotional Product

When you are shopping for promotional products, you need to ask these simple questions:

  1. Will they use it? You need to find out if your customers will end up using the promotional products that you will be giving away. If you are giving away umbrellas for example, do you think your clients will end up using those?
  2. Do your customers want to be rewarded with that product? If your customers are mostly tech savvy people, do you think they will appreciate being rewarded by giveaway like a pen?
  3. Can you afford an item with the right quality? There are all kinds of products that you can buy, but can you afford the ones with the right quality? Giving out low quality items is worse than not giving away anything at all.
  4. Can the item be used multiple times? Products which can be used multiple times are better than the ones which can be discarded after one use.
  5. Is the product in line with your other marketing and branding efforts? If a product is completely out of sync with your marketing efforts, better not to use it.

By asking these questions, you can pick the right promotional products for your business.

What ROI to Expect

Unlike other forms of marketing, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of using promotional items in terms of ROI. You cannot really measure the actual money that it can bring in.

The main thing to remember is that people love receiving promotional products and they do remember the brands associated with them, making the biggest ROI Brand Awareness.

To get the best promotional items, you can visit Myron and explore the options that they have to offer.

Mistakes to Avoid in Promotional Marketing

The truth: you have to promote your business if you want new customers.

Whether the business is a large company or a small/family-owned, it will require some kind of promotion for it to make money. If you are planning on running promotional marketing for your business, you have to be well-prepared.

A promotional marketing campaign can be a tricky thing to run. While a successful one can bring in revenue and brand recall, a wrongly conceived or poorly executed campaign can be damaging to a business.

To help you out, here are the mistakes you should avoid when creating your promotional marketing:

1. Not Identifying Goals

Your promotional marketing should have a specific goal or goals. Failure to identify those goals right from the start would mean that your expected result and promotional item choice may be doomed from the start.

2. Forgetting Existing Customers

Normally, a promotional campaign is aimed at attracting new customers or clients. While that is something that you absolutely should do, you should never forget about your existing customers. In most instances, keeping a customer is always cheaper than acquiring one.

3. Relying on Discounts

A promo campaign that relies heavily on discounts isn’t always a bad idea. While discounts can be useful, using it too often can erase the perceived value of your business or brand. Be sure to back discounts with actual value.  

4. Not Choosing The Right Product

The promotional product(s) you choose should be relevant and actually useful for your audience. Remember, every time your promo product is used, that is another eyeball on your brand and  reinforcement to use your company over another.

You need to have the right source for promotional products. For example, Myron has been an excellent source of promotional items and business gifts for seven decades now.

Stay away from these mistakes, and your promotional marketing will start and end well. Need a place to start? Check out our most successful promotional products!

Promotional Products as a Marketing Strategy

Promotional products have long been used for marketing purposes. Why? Because they provide advertisement opportunities that have long-term exposures.

If you are thinking about using promotional items for your marketing strategy, then you have stumbled upon a proven strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy Questions

When creating your marketing strategy centered on promo items, you have to consider the following questions:

  1. Will your customers and potential customers actually use the item?
  2. Is your promo product a great way of rewarding your existing customers, and will they appreciate the gift?
  3. Do you want people to use your promo products in private or in public?
  4. How much will the products cost, and is the cost acceptable?
  5. How long will the products last?
  6. Is it in line with the rest of your marketing and promotional efforts?
  7. Will it be easy to distribute the product you have chosen to your customers?
  8. Where will you get your promotional products? For example, Myron is one of the best sources of promo products and business gifts that you can find online.

Answering the questions above will ensure that you find the right product(s) that work well for your business and the customer.

For example, if you determine that you will have a hard time distributing the product to your customers, then you might want to consider a different item that will better suit your logistical needs.

Also, when it comes to weighing the cost of the promotional product you have chosen, remember that it may have long-term benefits for your business and result in a client tomorrow – not necessarily today.

If you are still wondering where you can find the right items to distribute, visit our large selection of useful and proven promotional items.

6 Most Shocking Giveaway Items for 2019

Are you planning on coming up with giveaways for your business?

There are many promotional products you can choose from. While bags and pens are still effective and commonly used for promotion, if you are looking for something to shock your target audience, try something new.

Here are six of the most shocking giveaway items you can use in 2019:

1. Silicone Straw in Case

Going green is a real trend right now. You have to make sure that the giveaway you will be going for is actually environmentally friendly. One of the best options out there are reusable silicone straws that people can carry around with them.

2. Nuckeers Phone Grip

Everyone has a smartphone now, and phone accessories are very popular. The most common smartphone accessory will be smartphone cases. To be different from the usual, try giving away phone grips. These are small handles that can be attached to the back of the phone.

3. Webcam Cover

People are becoming more conscious about their online security. So the webcam cover is an ideal giveaway to tech-savvy customers.

4. Misting Fans

As the name suggests, these are small fans that can be carried around. People who travel in the heat will appreciate this item.

5. Folding Water Bottles

People walk around now carrying water bottles because they do not want to become dehydrated. Folding water bottles will be highly appreciated as a giveaway.

6. Solar Power Bank

A solar power bank is the kind of giveaway that people will really love right now. Aside from being useful, it is also environmentally friendly.

These are just some of the most popular giveaways for this year. You can find all these products on Myron. With more than seven decades of providing high quality promotional products, you’re sure to find promotional items that meet the needs of your business.

Are Promotional Products Effective for Promoting a Business?


Most businesses utilize promotional products to reach out to customers. Some promotional products are for existing customers, and others are for potential new ones. But, how effective are these items?

Is the money spent on them better used on other means of promotion? Do customers recall a business because of promo products?

Let’s find out.

Effectiveness of Promotional Products

The truth is that promotional products are cost-effective means of increasing the brand awareness of a business. Here are some statistics that support that claim:

  • Around 80% of all American consumers keep and use one or more promotional products.
  • Around 60% of those who use these products keep the item for a period of up to two years.
  • More than 80% of those who get promotional items actually do business with the advertisers afterward.
  • More than 30% of all American consumers have a promotional bag.
  • A little less than 90% of all consumers say they recall businesses after a period of two years after they have received a promo product from that business.

These are all very encouraging statistics that support the claim that consumers will engage with a business after they have provided promotional item. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of promo items allow them to have a huge Return on Investment.

By most indications, promotional products are an effective means of reaching out to customers and keeping the ones you already have. While you may have to spend money to have them made, the benefits they bring in can far outweigh their initial costs.

Ready to give promotional marketing a try? Take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee and find the perfect promotional product to gain new customers and retain current ones.  

5 Facts You’d Never Guess About Promotional Products

promotional product facts

Here’s one fact everyone knows about promotional products: people love them! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie? Thanks to this well-known fact, promotional products are the most cost-effective way to introduce your brand to a large audience. Here are several other incredible (but true!) facts about promotional products:

1. George Washington was a promotional marketer.

The first recognized promotional products were used by our first president during his election campaign! Washington had commemorative imprinted buttons made, and while there were plenty of reasons he was America’s first choice for president, we like to think the buttons definitely contributed to his win.

2. Your clients and customers want to rep your brand.

8 out of 10 people report enjoying promotional products, and many even say they’d like to receive them more often, especially from the businesses they love!

3. Branded bags create the most impressions.

Practical, reusable, and environmentally-friendly, shopping bags and tote bags are recipients’ favorite promotional products. Businesses also love bags because they’re easy to hand out and store in large quantities without breaking the budget! A close runner up to bags are the tried-and-true promotional pens.

4. Promotional products have a long, active life.

Even if a promotional product isn’t exactly to a consumer’s personal taste, most people will pass along the product to someone who will make good use of it! This is good news, since your recipients will do the work of spreading your brand for you, heightening the likelihood that your products get into the hands of your target audience.

5. Promotional products can increase your marketing effectiveness by 44%.

Adding a promotional product to your existing marketing strategy can significantly increase your reach. Tangible items help boost brand recognition, recall, and loyalty. People just tend to feel more strongly about brands that give them a free, useful item than they do about brands they only see in passing on social media.

Are you ready to add promotional products to your marketing efforts? Let Myron help! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise we can find a promotional solution that works for your business!  

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year & Promotional Products to Match

2019 Pantone Color Promotional Products

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is “Living Coral,” a vibrant yet calming color that brings to mind early summer and beach vacations. Already the fashion and interior design industries are finding ways to incorporate this warm, engaging color into their upcoming styles. For those who want their promotional products to be just as fashion-forward this year, we have several coral-colored products that match the uplifting mood of “Living Coral”:

Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker

Between the cheerful color and the fun of a bluetooth speaker, this promotional product will boost the mood of all your prospects and employees! Plus it acts as a wireless charger for Qi-enabled phones, making it as practical as it is entertaining.

Leeman Tuscany Journal

Your prospects will think of your brand when they jot down their next great idea in this journal! The Leeman Tuscany Journal has 80 ruled pages between a soft vegan leather cover that can be the next backdrop for your imprint. The journal is available in an array of 12 colors, including an on-trend deep coral-red.

Port & Company Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

When making promotional apparel, it’s always important to be on top of all the latest fashion trends! This comfy fleece hoodie is available in a beautiful, heathered coral-red, as well as a rainbow of other color options, giving it the perfect balance of trendy and timeless.

Dual Port Wall Charger and Night Light

For those who travel frequently, give them this combo USB charger and night light in pleasant coral. Small and compact thanks to its folding prongs, the Dual Port Wall Charger and Night Light is an essential travel companion for easily charging your devices.

Non Woven Avenue Shopper Tote Bag

Make your brand stand out with this bright, neon coral tote bag! The Avenue Shopper Tote Bag is cost-efficient, easy to store, and an excellent option for trade show giveaways. Plus, tote bags are a timeless product that recipients will use for years to come!

Stay up to date on trending promotional products and marketing strategies with Myron! Myron can help you get started with a promotional marketing plan that fits your business needs.

5 Promotional Products for Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness

As summer winds to an end and the days start getting shorter, are you looking out for the wellbeing of your business’s employees? You can help lessen work-related stress, improve productivity, and show appreciation for all that your employees do with a simple gift! Consider promoting workplace wellness with these five customizable promotional products:

1. 25 Oz. Tritan Super Grip Bottle

Remind your employees of the value of staying hydrated every day with this convenient, custom-imprint water bottle in four colors. Drinking enough water throughout the day can energize you, improve your mood, and prevent headaches!

2. Halcyon Spinner Pen

Research shows that fidgeting can actually improve focus by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. Offer your employees a pen that does twice the work keeping them focused: use it for taking notes or fidgeting as needed! Additionally, you can add a custom imprint in full color to perfectly capture your logo.

3. Folding Headphones

Just like fidgeting, in certain circumstances listening to music can improve productivity and focus. When doing repetitive work, listening to music tends to help people perform faster and with fewer errors. It also has the benefit of blocking out noisy environments and boosting your mood during a stressful day. A pair of comfortable headphones are the perfect gift for busy employees!

4. Round Massage Ball

Fight off back pain and tension headaches with the use of a massage ball! Especially when working in an office, this is a great way to keep aches and pains from impacting your day. Either keep it on hand in the office or keep it at home so you can unwind after a long day.

5. Activity Tracker Wristband

Encourage your team to stay active all the time with this stylish activity tracker wristband! Nothing is better for productivity than a walk or jog on your lunch break and aiming to stay healthy during and outside of work!

For more ideas on how to appreciate your employees and promote workplace wellness, explore Myron’s expansive catalog of quality, personalized products!

Promotional Products for Businesses on a Budget

Inexpensive Promotional Products for Business on a Budget


Promotional products are a key marketing strategy for businesses trying to broaden their brand awareness. A whopping 89% of consumers have received branded promotional products in the past six months, 79% of those consumers researched the brand afterwards, and 81% felt they would be more likely to do business with those brands in the future. If you’re not making use of promotional products already, you are allowing your competitors to take advantage of these statistics right now!

Luckily, creating custom promotional products can be easy and affordable, even if you run a small, independent business. At Myron, we frequently have all new markdowns in our Sale section, making inexpensive promotional products even more accessible. See just a few of our sale items below:

Radiance Stylus Pen (As low as $0.73 each, 50 min. order)

Let your brand shine with the Radiance Stylus Pen! This stylish ballpoint pen doubles as a rubber touchscreen stylus, perfect for transitioning from notebook to tablet to phone and back again. Your logo is laser engraved on the side to ensure it never fades or rubs off, and when you click the plunger, an LED light illuminates your logo, making it impossible to miss!

Brooklands Keychain (As low as $1.13 each, 25 min. order)

For a promotional gift that your customers and prospects will take with them everywhere, you can’t go wrong with the Brooklands Keychain. Classy and timeless, this vegan leather and metal keychain is a quality gift that suits all styles and personalities. Make this keychain the key to your business’s success!

4-in-1 Charger (As low as $6.27 each, 25 min. order)

A promotional product is only effective marketing if the recipients can actually make use of it. If you’re hoping to find a stand-out product to give away to employees, clients, and prospects, without exceeding your budget, this 4-in-1 charger is the perfect option. There’s nothing more indispensable to us in the technological age than our chargers, and this charger cable ensures you always have the right one on hand. It will quickly become a travel and office staple for its recipients, sending your high-powered brand message to everyone who uses it!

These are just a small selection of the inexpensive promotional products in our Sale Section. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron can help you find the right product with the right price to deliver your message and keep your brand ahead of the competition.

Gifts Dad Will Love Any Day of the Year

Father's Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, and the average person is gearing up to spend a whopping $133 on a gift for Dad, according to the National Retail Federation. This year, spending is expected to top $15.3 billion dollars in preparation for just one day! The most popular gifts are a “special outing” and gift cards.

Want to truly surprise the Dads you know with something more personal and long-lasting? Think about getting them a gift one of the other 364 days of the year that they’ll love for years to come! Here are four gifts that will show Dads the appreciation they deserve:

Tuscany Thermos & Coffee Cups Gift Set

This beautiful, modern set is made with double-walled stainless steel that can keep your drinks hot or cool for hours. It features a customizable vegan leather sleeve that comes in a variety of colors and can be easily removed for cleaning. Packaged in a two-piece gold-tone gift box complete with a ribbon, this gift is sure to impress!

Custom BBQ Set

This BBQ Set is a classic gift for Dads but with the extra spark of having a personalized case! The set includes a spatula, fork, and a pair of tongs. The case is made from sturdy aluminum and has an easy carry handle and double clasps to keep Dad’s new BBQ tools portable and secure.

Koozie Tailgate Rolling Kooler

Perfect for tailgating, traveling, or camping, this cooler will definitely get your Father’s Day (or any other day) celebration rolling! You can personalize the front pocket to display any text or logo you desire, and it is available in three chic colors.

30 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler

The 30 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler is a great gift for all occasions. Crafted from stainless steel and vacuum insulated, it can keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 6 hours. A custom imprint will give this tumbler a polished look and the personalization it needs to be a truly special gift, whether it’s given on Father’s Day or not!

Myron carries a variety of unique and standard promotional items for any and every brand. From pens to tech, calendars to bags, you can keep your brand at your customers fingertips with high quality, affordable promotional items from Myron.

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