The Perfect Gifts for Virtual Clients

Nothing shows thoughtfulness quite like stopping by your clients’ office bearing gifts. The question is — where’s the office?

Today, about 16% of the world’s workforce is now completely virtual. What used to be an in-person visit is now a bit more complicated. But that doesn’t make showing your appreciation to your clients any less important or doable!

Despite where you are located, the right gifts will put a smile on any client’s face. Your virtual clients will appreciate the gesture and remain brand loyal when you take the time and effort to shop for some branded swag, equipment, and other gifts that they can use on a regular basis.

At Myron, we have an assortment of options for every occasion. Consider these tips the next time you’d like to reach out to your virtual clients with a well-timed gift.

Give the gift of stress relief

Stress, unfortunately, is a constant in our world and workforce. More than 30% of people today say that they’re weighed down by extreme feelings of stress. Close to 80% say it’s bad enough to cause physical symptoms. 

These feelings of stress turn into muscle tension, low energy, anxiety, and headaches on any given day. Your clients are more likely to suffer in silence because they’re not showing up in a brick-and-mortar office. 

Gifting them some stress-relieving items shows that you’re attuned to their needs and have compassion. Here are some excellent gifts that can help alleviate your clients’ stress:

Just a few minutes with these stress-relieving gifts each day can work wonders. Your virtual clients will consider these little 5-minute breaks in their day as valuable moments to unplug and recharge. 

Offer high-quality drinkware

Drinkware is a universal gift that everyone can appreciate. Your virtual clients have favorite drinks that become part of their daily or weekly rituals. This can mean starting the day with a cup of coffee, taking time to hydrate in the middle of the day, or enjoying a glass of beer or wine after a long or fulfilling shift.

Coffee and water are an excellent one-two punch for people powering through their workdays. Hydration kick starts your body’s metabolism so that you maintain energy and alertness. It makes it easier to digest food, bolsters memory, and prevents brain fog. 

Brewing a cup of coffee provides an extra charge of productivity and focus to handle hours of tasks with ease, so align your gifts with what your clients are already doing in a regular day.

These branded drinkware gifts will not only keep you on your client’s minds, but they’ll also get frequent use. Here are some options to consider:

Consider the personality and lifestyle of the client you’re shopping for, and add some custom screen printing work to make it one-of-a-kind.

Keep them in stylish apparel

No branded swag is as personal and impactful as apparel. Your clients will wear your brand proudly and will appreciate you giving them something stylish to add to their wardrobe. 

You can choose something fresh for different seasons and occasions, such as:

Your apparel gifts will stand out when your clients recognize the level of quality that they’re made with. These gifts are applicable to various seasons, and can easily turn into daily or weekly wear items. 

Provide professional bags

Remote work doesn’t necessarily mean that people are working from home 100% of the time. Many people prefer to get out of the home office and hit the coffee shop, cafe, library, or bookstore to stay more productive and enjoy a change of scenery. Since Wi-Fi is widely available and many people use their smartphones as hotspots, virtually any location can become an office. 

Help your clients take their devices and important materials with them by gifting them professional bags. Here are some worthwhile options:

With the right bag for the occasion, your clients will know they can keep their valuables safe and get up and go without missing a beat.

Juice up their devices

Since your clients are always on the go, one fact remains universal – they need some battery “juice” on hand to keep their devices charged. You can give them the gift of power by offering charging devices that are useful for their smartphone or tablet of choice. 

Here are some portable, convenient options that make excellent gifts:

These gadgets will find use by any client since — let’s be honest — we’re all connected to devices constantly and there’s nothing as inconvenient as not having the right charger when you need it.

Take care of your virtual clients

Just because your clients are virtual doesn’t mean that they have to be forgotten. With a little bit of effort, you can foster relationships with virtual clients the same way that you would in any other situation.

It’s easier than ever to create a connection by sending meaningful gifts that will leave a lasting impact. Because the world is so digitally-focused, these little physical personal touches won’t go unnoticed by your most important clients. They can demonstrate both emotional intelligence and an understanding of your customer’s needs. 

Growing a New Business? Don’t Forget to Reward Referral Business

Growth is all about finding your next leads. Now, more than ever, it’s not enough to be satisfied or remain stagnant with your current customer base. New companies need to focus on opportunities for generating new customers as they scale and expand. 

Starting a referral program is one of the most effective ways to scale your company in a sustainable way. When you consider that more than 90% of people trust referrals from people they know, and 65% of new business deals come from referrals, it makes perfect sense that investing in this form of marketing would be worth it.

The key is to reward the people and companies that send new business your way. But how?

One way to show your appreciation is through a meaningful gift to say “thank you.” There are some stellar gifts you can send out that will let your referrers know how grateful you are.

Consider gift options like these as you beef up your new company’s referral program and learn how to steadily generate qualified leads for your business.

Build business relationships with office gifts

Did you know that 57% of companies use partnerships to drum up new business? This means that nurturing your relationships with other businesses is just as important as staying connected to your customers. 

If a company in your industry sends customers your way, go all out by rewarding them with business-oriented gifts that not only say “Thanks!” but also improve their ability to do their jobs. Here are some relevant, customizable options to show your appreciation:

Aligning yourself with other likeminded companies can help you survive the ebbs and flows of business including inflation or economic downturns. Solidify these relationships with other businesses and sharing client leads with each other will become second nature.

Reward customers with branded swag

Customer relationships are the greatest investments that you can make. About 46% of consumers value brand trust so much that they wouldn’t mind paying more for the same service. 

Don’t waste an opportunity to thank your customers when they send a friend or family member your way. They already love what you do enough to spread the word. You can double down on this relationship by sending them a branded gift:

These gifts will strike a chord with your customers because they’re both unique and useful. They weren’t necessarily expecting anything in return when they sent new business your way, so receiving high-quality freebies as a show of appreciation will make a lasting impression.

Give thoughtful gifts to encourage more referrals

Knowing your gift recipients on a personal level always gives you a competitive edge. People will appreciate your gifts when they feel custom-made and thoughtful, so take time to research what they like and then choose the appropriate gift. This skill will strengthen your ability to get new leads by rewarding referrers and encouraging them to continue recommending your business, which will turn into more customers and greater profitability.

Consider your gift recipient’s industry or any hobbies or interests they have. Here are some gift ideas that can hit the right mark:

These gifts show personality and are specific to people’s lifestyles. Not only will they exhibit emotional intelligence by going above and beyond to show gratitude, but you’ll get an even bigger return on investment (ROI) by incentivizing them to keep sending fresh leads your way. 

Give out lights and nifty gadgets

Sometimes, “cool” is the best way to say thank you. People love freebies, particularly when they’re well-designed and serve a purpose. Nifty little tech and convenience gadgets will get plenty of use and are conversation starters.

Consider these gifts to light up your customers’ worlds and upgrade their tech:

People love to stay connected in today’s digital landscape, and these sorts of gifts have universal appeal. They feature screen-printed logos and color schemes so that every single use becomes a reference point for your company and brand.

Reward your referrals

New businesses that stand the test of time never do so by accident. Drumming up new business requires constant dedication and focus on generating new leads and bringing in customers. Prioritize referrals in order to do just that.

Let these gifts stoke your creative fire so that you can find new and different ways to thank referrers. Gratitude is infectious, and you’ll keep getting a return on your investment when you go out of your way to reward the people that already believe in your business enough to share its value with others.

Consider these tips and browse our inventory the next time you’re in the market for a referral gift that will achieve winning results. 

Gifting Employees With Personalized Tech Products That They Will Cherish

Personalized Tech Gifts For Employees

Have you ever just wanted to show your employees you care? Tech gifts are the universal “thank you” today because they’re something everyone can (and will) use.

In a world where 60% of the population uses social media, binge-worthy shows on streaming services dominate pop culture, and next-day deliveries are a few clicks or a swipe away — digital products and accessories are not just in-demand. They’re essential. Gifting tech-related products is an ideal way to connect with your employees by meeting them where they already are. Plus, your brand will benefit from the additional exposure!

Myron offers an assortment of personalized tech products for any occasion when you want to gift an employee with something special. Here are some things to consider as you shop around:

Smartphone care is always appreciated

If you use an iPhone or Android, you probably have an accessory or two that you use with your smartphone every single day. Since 97% of people today have smartphones, these accessories are can’t-miss gifts for your employees.

Many of us walk around with smartphones in our pockets that have a value of more than $1,000. We often have these devices within arm’s reach all day long. When you buy an employee a gift to use with their smartphone, your accessory, too, can instantly become part of their daily life. 

Choosing items this practical usually means that your employees will use them more frequently and keep them longer. 

Here are some smartphone gifts that’ll give you the most bang for your buck:

Smartphone accessories that you choose can be more than just useful — they’re unique, colorful, and creatively designed. Pair a unique accessory with your organization’s logo or a special saying and you’ll inspire appreciation and loyalty in your employees. 

Personalize whenever possible

What makes personalization such a great idea?

Personalized experiences tap into different parts of the brain, resulting in an experience that is more memorable for the recipient. Personalizing a gift for your employees expresses thoughtfulness and leaves a lasting impression. Tech gifts are not only valuable and useful, but they’re easily customizable.

Even when buying a mouse pad with a cool shape, you can brand it with your logo or include the graphic or color scheme that suits an employee best. They come in a variety of color options, like blue, gray, red, purple, and white. 

Your employee may also love to have their name engraved on a case or device as part of the gift. That level of customization is doable at a very small price but provides a much bigger payoff in the eyes of your employees, who will feel special and appreciated because of the extra step you took.

You can’t go wrong with chargers

We all know it: There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of battery in the middle of your day and not having access to a charger. Access to power sources is a constant need for all tech owners. While 4K streaming and unlimited messaging make our lives more convenient, they require lots of electricity. 

To get the most out of a device, it’s best to keep a charger nearby. Electronic experts know that the sweet spot is to keep your smartphone battery charged between the 30% and 90% mark. 

If you want to gift your employees with some charging equipment that stands out, consider:

You can count on these gifts getting plenty of use from anyone you give them to. People commonly keep chargers in the bedroom, living room, car, and office. There’s no reason that your custom branded charging equipment can’t become part of your employees’ routines. 

Supercharge their entertainment

Entertainment and emotion go hand in hand. 

Whether you’re listening to a song that reminds you of a special time, playing a podcast that inspires you to make life changes, or hearing the sound of your favorite movie playing from the next room, there’s always a piece of technology that marks the moment. You can become a more regular part of life’s moments when you gift your employees items that “supercharge” their entertainment. 

Here are some options to explore:

Your employees use these gadgets whenever they want to boost their mood, take in a good piece of information, or communicate with the people they love. They’ll cherish using your gift, creating more value over time than you could ever quantify.

Upgrade your employees’ home and office gadgets

About 18% of people work remotely today. This shift in lifestyle has blurred the lines of which items we use at home and in the office. 

Whether your employees are working in the office, at home, or from a coffee shop, these items will make their lives easier:

These nifty little gadgets help your employees in so many different areas of their lives. They’re also great for use indoors or outdoors, at work, or on the go. Gifting them shows that you understand the demands of your employees’ lives and want to provide thoughtful solutions.

A little goes a long way

Who says electronic accessories or gadgets have to be stuffy or impersonal? With some extra consideration, you can mix the practical with the sentimental seamlessly. 

Distinctive, personalized tech tools are not only trendy, but they also show that you understand your employees’ needs. Whether you’re giving out awards at an employee banquet or just want to show them you care, select a gift that will instill true appreciation.

How to Create Custom Swag Boxes for Employees and Customers


How to Create Custom Swag Boxes

There’s nothing like receiving a box of carefully curated swag. Even before today’s influencers populated the internet with hours of unboxing videos, takeaway packages had long proven themselves to be a hit at any event. There’s something undeniably special about receiving a package of hand-selected items. Many people even look forward to receiving regular, subscription-based boxes at home.

Companies today can create magical impressions on employees and customers alike with a secret weapon – the swag box. 

What exactly is a swag box?

It’s a custom box filled with your merchandise or quality branded products. Brands and companies ship these boxes or hand them out in person. Some of the many uses of the swag box include employee appreciation gifts, freebies at events, business or executive gifts and brand promotion merch. The only limit is your imagination.

When you create swag boxes for your team and existing or potential customers, you: 

  • Make people feel appreciated
  • Create an instant bond and rapport
  • Keep your brand on people’s minds
  • Assist in generating new sales
  • Incentivize people to take action

Did you know that people have to interact with your brand 5 to 7 times before even remembering it? Giving away free branded swag creates more opportunities for brand interaction and, ultimately, recognition.

Plus, creating your own swag box builds loyalty by making an impression that people won’t soon forget. However, the right swag strategy is important to ensure positive brand recognition. 

At Myron, we have customizable items well-suited to every swag box strategy. Here’s how you can create memorable swag boxes for your brand.

1. Know your target audience

Everyone loves freebies, but creating custom swag boxes with your audience in mind will get better results. Are you holding an employee recognition banquet or putting together boxes for an event where you’ll meet potential customers?

Write out your customer personas by analyzing information from your prospects, sales and other data. Create boxes that offer swag based on those personas.

As an example, are any of your clients or employees fitness junkies? If so, one gift they might value is a water bottle that helps them remember to hydrate throughout the day. Studying your audience and thinking about their daily interests will provide insights that inspire everything from the box’s design to the items you fill it with.

2. Pick goodies that are high-quality, creative and useful

Quality, creativity and usefulness are the three benchmarks you need to keep top of mind for your recipients.  

Work with a company that sells high-quality branded products. Your recipients will notice if you’re giving away poorly made products. Your items should be solid and made from durable, long-lasting materials. 

Creative, high-quality swag box items may include:

  • Notebooks and stationery
  • Mousepads
  • T-shirts 
  • Food items

Your swag box can serve as a small preview of your business. In addition to branded items, for example, a natural products business could fill their swag box with free product samples. Opening a box full of candles, apple butter, honey, artisan lotion and other goodies creates a first impression that stimulates all the senses.  

Custom swag boxes for employees can be professional (or literal) survival kits and might include a water bottle, coffee mug and an office supply gift card. 

Everything you include in your swag box should have your logo and branding. This helps to solidify you in your customer’s minds, increasing brand recognition and recall. 

3. Create a theme 

Your chosen theme is the secret ingredient to stand out and create a positive impression. It’s the fool-proof foundation that makes sure you communicate your brand’s value and what you believe in. 

If you’re making new employee swag boxes, the message you’re sending is, “Welcome to the team.” The box’s design should create the impression that the recipient is joining an exclusive club. 

A family-owned business might add extra personality to its swag box by including photos of actual customers and local landmarks. The key is to be consistent with the theme, from the color, font and materials to the presentation of the items inside. 

Tie your company’s mission and goals in with your swag box. It should serve as a physical example of what your company is all about. 

4. Choose colors and designs that have meaning

Consider the effect that you’re going for when someone receives your box. What do you want their reaction to be when they open it up and see what’s inside?

Your choice of color and designs largely affects how the entire package is perceived. Effective use of color can give you 80% better brand recognition. 

Using color psychology is one place to start. Color psychology studies how colors affect human beings’ behavior, emotions and interpretations. 

Here’s how your color choices can affect the mood and emotion of your recipients:

  • Blue denotes authenticity, trust, enthusiasm and sincerity.
  • Red conveys strong feelings of power, passion, love and danger.
  • Green can symbolize nature, good fortune, safety and peace.
  • Purple gives a sense of royalty, mystery, abundance and imagination.
  • Yellow might create feelings of energy, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and warmth.

The design also needs to match the tone and overall vibe of your brand. Here are some research-backed ways your design choices affect the mood and emotions of your recipients:

  • Humans prefer visual simplicity.
  • Round shapes express things like mystery, femininity, magic and calmness.
  • Every font has an inherent meaning. Certain fonts, like serifs, denote sophistication and practicality. Script conveys elegance and style. 

5. Choose quality materials

You need durable cardboard that won’t get crushed in transit during shipping. Even the best designs will be disappointing to open if your swag arrives broken. It should also hold up for a long time after being handed out in person. 

Corrugated cardboard is sturdy, allowing you to easily shape and brand your box. This type of cardboard has three ruffled layers, making it more durable. It’s also eco-friendly and recyclable. 

Include shipping materials like packing peanuts, shipping paper and cardboard inserts. 

6. Don’t forget your budget

Boxes that are large, cumbersome or complex might require special provisions when shipping. Details like the size, weight, material and mail service will directly affect your shipping costs.   

Draw up a budget for your shipping, custom boxes and materials. Revisit your budget any time shipping and material prices go up, or when you’d like to make changes to your boxes. 

Purchase your swag box materials in bulk to get better prices. Having more boxes on hand will also motivate you to market more effectively by giving them out. Have a dedicated team to assemble the swag boxes and always check them multiple times for quality control.

7. Include contact information

The purpose of your swag box is to build stronger relationships. Make it easy for recipients to order additional products or learn more information about you. One way you can do this is by displaying your logo prominently, along with your website, phone number, e-mail or any other contact information.

If you want, take it a step further and include a QR code that links to your company’s website. QR codes can also be used to:

  • Address FAQs
  • Gain e-mail list opt-ins
  • Direct to product landing pages
  • Show video content
  • Lead employees or customers to training/welcome videos
  • Reduce paper waste

Build awe-inspiring custom swag boxes

Custom swag boxes are a game-changer because they show that you’re serious about your brand and about providing value upfront. They foster connection, engage employees or customers and incentivize people to keep interacting with your brand. For every well-put-together box, you give the gift of a little piece of imagination and creativity.

No matter how modern marketing changes, people will always appreciate personalization. Include a thoughtful note that your recipient can read as soon as they open the box and personalize wherever possible.

Myron provides business gifts and promotional products for every occasion. Our family-owned company has the branded swag you need to create lasting impressions and get results. 
Start with these tips and check out our wide array of customizable products to build brand awareness and engagement, one swag box at a time.

5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

As an employer, the relationships you build with your employees are the most important ones. Taking every opportunity to recognize their efforts and performance will make them feel valued and cherished. 

Just 36% of workers in the United States are engaged at work on any given day. Engagement in this study was measured by factors like opportunities for professional development, clear expectations from the employer, and whether they feel their opinions are valued. Employee recognition gifts and awards can boost engagement and make people feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

What Happens When You Give Employee Gifts?

Companies often purchase corporate and promotional gifts to give out at banquets, team bonding outings, holiday gatherings, or to remind employees that they are appreciated. Corporate gifts and awards are an excellent way to build lasting and meaningful work relationships.

When you purchase customized gifts to recognize employees, you:

  • Motivate everyone in the company to achieve more
  • Improve the morale of the workplace
  • Express gratitude to the people that keep your business running smoothly
  • Lower the rate of employee turnover
  • Foster more creativity and productivity
  • Open the floor for valuable conversations and feedback by creating a more open environment

Choose Gifts That Make an Impact

At Myron, we sell quality branded products that can reward and incentivize your employees. While traditional awards, such as engraved plaques, can be used to show appreciation, consider something different. Gifting your employees with something practical they can take with them and use on a regular basis will go a long way. Here are some ideas that you and your employees will love. 

1. Branded Company Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and accessories with your company’s branding on them increase your business’ brand recognition in a fun and expressive way.

Here are some examples of what can go in a branded apparel and accessory gift pack: 

Apparel with your brand colors and a motivational phrase of affirmation can provide motivation and inspiration for your employees.

Items like these get regular use by employees, which keeps the organization’s mission and affirmation at the top of their minds. Research-backed studies also show that self-affirmed employees are more receptive to their errors, which means they’re better able to correct them. 

Create your branded apparel with company values in mind, and it’ll offer inspiration and motivation that leads to happy employees. In turn, they’ll perform better and find more purpose and fulfillment in their time working for you. 

2. Custom Metal Pens

Fancy pens and business deals go hand-in-hand. Companies go out of their way to bring out beautifully-designed custom metal pens whenever a critical contract is on the table. They’re perfect keepsakes for new employees, employees receiving a promotion, or they can be combined with an employee recognition certificate. 

These are the types of pens that don’t get lost in the mix of the junk drawer. Your recipient will go out of their way to take care of the pen and use it, particularly if they regularly journal or brainstorm. 

Here are some custom pen options you can reward your standout employees with:

Browse different color options, decide which font is best, and choose a laser engraving style that is legible and attention-grabbing. Myron has a wide variety of these pens, and you can get them in quantities of 50 to 1,000. 

3. Personalized Drinkware

Professionals that work in offices for 40-plus hours are usually creatures of habit. They even have routines about the fluids they drink each day. A coffee drinker likely has a favorite brew. Avid water drinkers probably have a favorite thermos they use to count their ounces. 

Glassware is a popular gift because of its versatility. It’s used to celebrate, unwind, and commemorate special moments, but it can also become a staple in your employees’ everyday lives. Gifting your employee’s drinkware lets you say thank you in a useful way.

 Here are some options your employees will appreciate:

In-office drinkware helps to keep your employees in the game. Coffee is a cognitive enhancer that promotes brain activity, focus, and creativity. Plus, staying hydrated prevents brain fog and enhances mood. In-office drinkware, such as coffee mugs and water tumblers, can help you enjoy your morning coffee and then hydrate throughout the workday. 

Add a name, award, or personal touch to the drinkware, and it’ll quickly become a favorite item for your employees. Quality branded drinkware will also have features like vacuum sealing and materials that preserve the temperature and freshness of the beverage. 

4. Tech Gifts and Gadgets

In a tech-centric world, you can’t go wrong with gadget gifts. These gifts are easy to use immediately, whether for work or recreation. 

These tech-centric gifts are excellent for employee recognition:

People check their devices several times throughout the day. Gadgets with your logo, colors, and company name create brand loyalty with little effort. The amount of use these devices get from the average person creates unlimited opportunities to make connections. 

5. Individual Hobby Gifts 

Knowing your employees is the key to finding the right gift that suits them best. Personal gifts are often more touching because they’re specific to someone’s lifestyle and show you went above and beyond to recognize them as an individual.

Consider your employee’s hobbies and interests outside of work, and shop the items they’ll love. To gather this information upfront, you can make a hobby section part of your employee’s intake form or start a spreadsheet where they input their interests. Also, getting to know the team’s individual interests can make a great topic for a Zoom meeting. 

Here are some great hobby and lifestyle gift ideas:

No matter how small the item is, getting things a person loves makes it a gift from the heart that they won’t forget. 

Strengthen Your Business Through Employee Recognition

Developing soft skills like relationship building is essential to thriving in business. When you understand how to connect with the people in your company, your employees will feel recognized and will be motivated to contribute more to the team. 
Myron is here to help you do that every step of the way. Whether you have a small team of 500+ employees, our corporate gifts and awards will ensure that they all feel like #1. Shop our inventory of business gifts for any occasion to get started.

Custom Gifts For The Holidays

Gift-giving during the holiday season is a valued tradition. As the year draws to an end and everyone busies themselves in completing unresolved tasks, promotional products are great ways to take a step back and celebrate customers and employees.

Promotional Products Make Great Holiday Gifts

There are various ideas you could adopt in this season. You could embrace the spirit of the holidays and give out ornaments. Holiday-themed items like pens or mugs are fun and festive ways to set the tone and liven up the mood. You could give one expensive gift or make a Swag Bag with smaller items. Whilst most promotional products can be used in the holiday season, some lend themselves especially well to this time of the year. For instance, dated items such as calendars and pocket notepads ensure that your customers start with your brand in the beginning of the year and carry your message with them all the way to the end. They work to get your logo lasting exposure that is constant. Food gift-baskets are wonderful mementos especially since this season is full of gatherings. Recipients will share their baskets with family and friends, helping to raise your brand awareness when they do.

It’s All About Giving Thanks to Customers

As you rush to fulfill holiday sale orders and try to accomplish year end targets, you might miss an important marketing opportunity. Handing out promotional products as holiday gifts to customers is an effective way to show appreciation to them. Receiving a holiday gift tells your customer that they are important to your company. It also fosters a sense of goodwill and warmth and cements their relationship with your company. You could give away promotional products at your store or office to loyal patrons. If you have smaller items, you could also mail them out so your customers get a nice surprise at home. Products like USB drives, small notepads, pens and key rings are compact enough to be delivered to your customers but have a large impact on them.

Acknowledging Hard-Work And Appreciating Your Employees

The holiday season is also a time of contemplation and evaluating how the year went by. Promotional products are a great way to reassure employees of their continued value in the company.  Merchandise with the company logo can increase employee happiness and loyalty to the business. Different teams can have different gifts, depending on your budget and your employees’ needs.  You could give employees who work outdoors, imprinted warm apparel such as jackets, blankets and beanies. Tech gifts are always popular and sought after at work. The promo products can be kept in their offices or cubicles or even distributed at a company holiday party.

In the end, nothing says thank-you like a thoughtful and novel present. Whether you are looking to show your appreciation to customers who have stood by you through a tumultuous year, or reward your employees for a job well done, custom gifts are the way to go.

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The Journey Through America Wall Calendar: The Best Way to Make An Impact All Year

Learn how this custom promotional calendar can work for you.

Looking for a promotional gift that gives you maximum impact at an affordable price point? After another year of uncertainty, that’s exactly what most businesses need. We suggest you consider a custom wall calendar. It’s a classic business giveaway that anyone can use and everyone will appreciate.

The custom wall calendars at Myron come in a variety of designs to help you connect with customers in any niche, but the Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a true crowd pleaser. Here’s what makes it such an effective business item.

It’s practical

Just think: who can’t make use of a wall calendar? Whether it’s your customers and employees, business professionals or students, everyone needs a way to help them stay organized. With its convenient month-at-a-glance view, this wall calendar makes it easy to plan ahead. Users can quickly see important dates and holidays, make note of appointments, and much more.

If the words “wall calendar” feel a bit outdated to you, don’t worry. Even in today’s technology-centered world, this item will still come in handy. Thanks to the size and visibility of this wall calendar, dates and days can quickly be distinguished. It makes busy schedules seem a bit less congested and, consequently, less overwhelming. When used in a home, your wall calendar will even make it easier to juggle multiple schedules at once. It’s ideal for families who may be managing anything from work schedules and doctor’s appointments to vet visits, play dates and after school sports or activities.

It’s designed to get attention

The Journey Through America wall calendar features breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of America. Take customers on a visual journey through trees in the everglades and stunning canyon rivers, over snow topped mountains and passed colorful waterside towns. There’s a picturesque location with each month to capture anyone’s attention.

It gets your business daily exposure

Whenever and wherever this calendar is hung on a wall, it is sure to get noticed every day. People don’t hang wall calendars in dark corners or in rooms they rarely enter. Prominence is the only way to make use of a gift like this. Your calendar will be hung in employee offices and cubicles in plain view, at front reception desks where both staff and visitors can see it, or in the employee break room. It may be hung in a classroom where it can be spotted by students and parents. It may even be hung in the kitchen of a customer’s home where it’s easily visible to everyone in the family, along with anyone who stops by. Whether they’re checking a date or simply admiring the photography, they’re sure to notice your business imprint as well.

The imprint area on this calendar is large enough to fit your business name, address, contact information or even a tagline if you want. Add all the details you want customers and clients to remember and you can rest assured that they’ll be seen day in and day out. This is the type of gift that goes far beyond the original recipient to make more people aware of your company.

It’s easy to distribute

The Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a lightweight gift that doesn’t take up much space. It’s flat enough to fit inside a shipping box or envelope, and easy enough to carry that it can always be passed out in person. For instance, you can give away your calendars at an event like a trade show or conference to keep your business on people’s minds all year. Or, you can mail them out to loyal customers and clients as an end-of-year promotion to thank them for their continued support. You might give this calendar to patrons who make an appointment at your business. You can even mail your calendars out with orders to thank customers for their purchases; this will work especially well with any holiday or New Year’s sale.

No matter what you choose, you’ll find that getting this item into customer or employee hands is no problem at all.

It’s affordable

This quality calendar comes at a low price point with great quantity breaks; but that’s not the only reason it’s an excellent promotional gift. When you consider that your calendar will be in front of customers all year long, getting your imprint seen daily, it’s easy to understand how you’ll get a maximum return on your investment. This low-cost, high-impact gift is a smart way to spend your advertising dollars, no matter your business type or size.

You can rely on the Journey Through America Wall Calendar to increase awareness of your company and grow your customer base with ease. Order yours today, with Myron your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  

Get Maximum Logo Visibility With High-Impact Iridescent Promotional Products

If there’s one thing that will help your business logo command attention again and again, it’s a quality promotional product with a trendy iridescent finish.

Adequate visibility plays a major part in any business’ success. Just think how much easier it is to attract customers, clients, or even top-quality talent to your company when you have a logo or message that stands out in people’s minds.

That’s where our iridescent promo products can help fuel your growth. They have the premium quality and functionality that will keep recipients impressed, along with a bold design that’s easily spotted in any setting.

With an iridescent giveaway, you don’t just get a useful pen or a handy notebook, you get a truly eye-catching item to make your business logo and message unforgettable. This rainbow-like design finish is a popular look at the moment. From bags to footwear to items around the home, iridescent styling is on trend, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, uplifting, and sure to be a hit.

If the thought of rainbow-colored products feels like something that’s just for younger audiences, consider this: our iridescent products have sophisticated style and functionality that anyone can appreciate, no matter their age. Besides, this trending finish is inspired by the colors you might see in nature—on a butterfly’s wing, a bird’s feather or even in the clouds. It’s difficult not to see the beauty in that.

At Myron, we have a selection of iridescent pens, ranging in design to meet a number of  customer needs. The Arden Iridescent Pen has a stylus at the end for operating touchscreens. It can be useful with personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and with public devices like a self-checkout computer in the supermarket or a touchscreen menu in a restaurant. When used in public, not only does it help with touchscreen precision, it also provides a great way to avoid direct contact with germy surfaces.

If you’re looking to offer your customers a bit of comfort, our Baron Pocket Iridescent Pen has a ribbed foam grip that feels great in hand and provides more control when writing. Its compact size is ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse so users can take it, and your custom message, anywhere they go.  With vivid colors and bright chrome accents, these custom promo pens make powerful everyday gifts.

Pair one of our pens with an Iridescent Lined Notebook and you’ll have an excellent giveaway for your next promotional event, employee appreciation giveaway, or corporate gift bag.

Even the smallest products increase in impact when you add this finish. A key ring flashlight, for instance, attached to a bag or set of keys becomes more eye-catching and much more effective with this   high-shine, colorful look.

With stunning beauty, each iridescent item complements your custom imprint perfectly and wows anyone in the vicinity. So, when you’re searching for the ideal business gift—one recipients will want to show off to everyone—these unique products are just what you need.

Five Powerful Reasons To Promote Your Business With the Grande Tote Bag

Custom totes are popular business gifts with universal appeal and practicality. It’s easy to see why they’re so effective at taking marketing and promotional efforts to the next level.

When you need a quality custom giveaway that will strengthen your company’s reputation, encourage enduring relationships with existing customers, and keep your logo in front of prospective customers for regular exposure, the Grande Tote Bag from Myron is an excellent way to promote your organization. Here’s what this bag has to offer:

1. Affordable and lasting promotion

Statistics show that custom promotional tote bags generate about 6,000 impressions over their lifetime. That’s more impressions than any other promotional product category! In addition, promotional bags get the lowest cost per impression, so they’re a best choice when looking to maximize your marketing spend. 

Research also shows that recipients hold on to useful promo gifts for longer, so the impact of your tote will carry well into the future.

2. Better business visibility

The best promotional giveaways are great at getting your logo in front of the right people, and this custom reusable tote will do exactly that.

Along with having a water-resistant coating to keep contents dry, and reinforced handles to help users comfortably shoulder a heavy load, this roomy tote bag offers a large imprint area to back your screen-printed personalization. You can think of it like a mini mobile billboard. It has much more surface area than a promotional tumbler or pen, so it’s easier to spot on any day. When you want a promotional gift that won’t just be noticed by recipients, but by those prospects who are standing near by, the Grande Tote Bag is a smart way to go. Whenever a customer or employee carries this tote to the grocery store, the beach, or anywhere in between you’ll be earning a powerful return on your investment.

3. Stronger customer connections

A quality promotional bag, like the Grande Tote will easily keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds. Custom imprinted with your logo, contact information, motto or more, this bag can help inform customers and prospects of the value you offer. As they carry this durable bag anywhere and everywhere, your logo will become a part of their day-to-day experience. Such a useful business giveaway allows customers draw more positive associations with your company. They’ll know they can rely on you often.

The regular exposure will also work to build permanence and recognition. Whenever customers are in need, they will be quick to recall your business before they think of the competition.

4. Designs to represent your organization

It’s easy to get a custom gift that perfectly complements your business and your logo when there are so many design options to choose from. The Grande Tote is available in a wide selection of colors to help draw attention to your custom imprint with ease. Choose the ideal color, customize it with your imprint and let this tote bag do the heavy lifting when it comes to growing your business. With Myron your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Whether you’re looking to expand your reach, attract new customers and employees, or celebrate the ones you already have, the Grande Tote Bag is a great solution.

5. Overall versatility

Your customers will have no trouble finding uses for this roomy tote bag; which means they’ll have plenty of reasons to take it around town often. It can be used as a grocery bag to carry produce or other food items home from the market, reducing dependence on single-use plastic bags. It can also be used as a work bag to carry a laptop, notebook, pen or other everyday office essentials along on the daily commute. Customers can fill it with snacks and take it to the park, or load it up with toys for the kids and carry it along for a day at the beach. This tote can be used a number of ways, all of which get your company imprint noticed.

The Best Custom Promotional Tumbler For Your Business

The Himalayan tumbler i's made of stainless steel

Do you know just how many impressions promotional drinkware can generate throughout its lifetime? 1400. Personalized tumblers are well worth the investment!

For any company or organization searching for custom tumbler ideas, the Himalayan Tumbler is truly top tier. It can be customized in a variety of ways, from the color of the product to the color of your logo, so you get a business gift that perfectly represents your company and connects with your audience.

What Makes the Himalayan Tumbler So Special?

  • The Material: It’s made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is food-safe, BPA free, and durable enough to withstand everyday use. It doesn’t dent or crack as easily as other materials can, so drops are less of an issue. Simply put, custom stainless steel tumblers like the Himalayan are top-quality business giveaways.
  • The Insulation: The Himalayan Tumbler has a double wall design with vacuum insulation and a copper lining to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours! The double wall construction not only helps with insulation, it works to prevent condensation too, so customers won’t have to worry about water on their desks or in cup holders.
  • Travel-friendly Design: To top it all off, the Himalayan Tumbler has a spill-resistant lid with an easy slide opening for drinking. It can be used at home, at work, or anywhere in between. Such an easily-portable gift makes sure your custom logo or message is constantly being introduced in new spaces. Whenever and wherever it’s used, your company’s custom imprint will be noticed by both existing and prospective customers.

Create Your Own Promotional Tumbler

  • Several color options: The Himalayan Tumbler is available in several classic colors, including silver, black and red, to create a beautiful gift that complements your existing logo design.
  • Add your custom imprint: We offer a single-color imprint on any one of these promotional stainless steel tumblers, or a full-color imprint on the silver style to attract even more attention.

With Myron, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you’re sure to get a promo gift that meets your needs.

You’ll Benefit from A Versatile Business Gift

There are a number of ways to incorporate this custom insulated tumbler into your promotional schedule.

  • For customers: It makes a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. It’s well-made and offers lasting quality to remind recipients every day that they’re valued.
  • For employees: Employee appreciation is important to the success of your business, too. The Himalayan Tumbler can be used to celebrate teams or individuals and keep morale high. You might present it as a work from home gift, or use it to welcome employees back to the office.

However you choose to use this promotional insulated tumbler, it will boost your recognition and awareness, and help you build better relationships with your customers and employees.

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