Get Maximum Logo Visibility With High-Impact Iridescent Promotional Products

If there’s one thing that will help your business logo command attention again and again, it’s a quality promotional product with a trendy iridescent finish.

Adequate visibility plays a major part in any business’ success. Just think how much easier it is to attract customers, clients, or even top-quality talent to your company when you have a logo or message that stands out in people’s minds.

That’s where our iridescent promo products can help fuel your growth. They have the premium quality and functionality that will keep recipients impressed, along with a bold design that’s easily spotted in any setting.

With an iridescent giveaway, you don’t just get a useful pen or a handy notebook, you get a truly eye-catching item to make your business logo and message unforgettable. This rainbow-like design finish is a popular look at the moment. From bags to footwear to items around the home, iridescent styling is on trend, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, uplifting, and sure to be a hit.

If the thought of rainbow-colored products feels like something that’s just for younger audiences, consider this: our iridescent products have sophisticated style and functionality that anyone can appreciate, no matter their age. Besides, this trending finish is inspired by the colors you might see in nature—on a butterfly’s wing, a bird’s feather or even in the clouds. It’s difficult not to see the beauty in that.

At Myron, we have a selection of iridescent pens, ranging in design to meet a number of  customer needs. The Arden Iridescent Pen has a stylus at the end for operating touchscreens. It can be useful with personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and with public devices like a self-checkout computer in the supermarket or a touchscreen menu in a restaurant. When used in public, not only does it help with touchscreen precision, it also provides a great way to avoid direct contact with germy surfaces.

If you’re looking to offer your customers a bit of comfort, our Baron Pocket Iridescent Pen has a ribbed foam grip that feels great in hand and provides more control when writing. Its compact size is ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse so users can take it, and your custom message, anywhere they go.  With vivid colors and bright chrome accents, these custom promo pens make powerful everyday gifts.

Pair one of our pens with an Iridescent Lined Notebook and you’ll have an excellent giveaway for your next promotional event, employee appreciation giveaway, or corporate gift bag.

Even the smallest products increase in impact when you add this finish. A key ring flashlight, for instance, attached to a bag or set of keys becomes more eye-catching and much more effective with this   high-shine, colorful look.

With stunning beauty, each iridescent item complements your custom imprint perfectly and wows anyone in the vicinity. So, when you’re searching for the ideal business gift—one recipients will want to show off to everyone—these unique products are just what you need.

5 Marketing tips for Navigating COVID-19

Marketing Tips during COVID-19

With the recent news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, like most business owners you are probably facing some tough decisions and even tougher times. Many are left wondering:  What should I tell my customers? Should I close temporarily? How do I show that my business cares without seeming insincere? Or, What can I do with all the promotional products I have, now that the event is cancelled?

If the recent rise in fear and precaution is having a negative effect on your business, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is this won’t last forever. In the meantime, you can still market smartly and make the most of your promotional budget—no large crowds needed.

Here are some ideas that will help keep your brand thriving during this unusual time:

1. Provide Work-From-Home Essentials for Employees

With the push to self-isolate, it’s pretty clear that business can’t go on as usual—but it can still go on. Employees across the nation are preparing to work from home, and you can help by providing some essentials to make their home office feel complete. Consider gifts to lighten the mood, such as earplugs to block out noise from the children, and helpful items, like the Gavle Paper Mousepad so they can organize their days in the most productive way. You might even throw in a nice quality pen they can use while working. Not only will your gift be helpful, but it can also boost morale.

2. Send Gifts To Your Customers

Just because people are isolating doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build strong relationships with your customers. Promotional products can help you do that. Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promo products versus internet ads. Send them a small gift with a note and customers will feel valued. It can be something fun and useful like a MopTopper pen that’s handy with all the touchscreen devices they’ll be using while at home. Simply show a little compassion to your customers during this time and it will go a long way. Strong customer relationships lead to better loyalty and retention rates. When the health scare is over and everything returns to normal, they’ll remember your brand for taking the time to care.

3. Run An Online Contest

As you might expect the recent influx of news coupled with the closures of offices, schools and other places, has lead to an uptick in social media use. Your digital presence is more important now than ever. Your offices or storefront may be closed, but you can keep your audience engaged with something fun that drives interaction. Why not run an online contest with custom giveaways people want, like an insulated tumbler or a wireless power bank that keeps smartphones and tablets running strong. It’s a great time to give your customers a little escape from all the headlines.

4. Turn Cancellations Into Opportunities

Maybe you had to cancel an event? Or maybe an event you were planning to attend was cancelled? Either way you’re missing out on the chance to network in-person. Try sending your cancellation notice with a clever gift, for instance a box of tissues and a message like “There’s no crying in business! We’re disappointed that the event was cancelled too, but your health and safety are more important. Stay well!” You might even remind them that the CDC recommends coughing and sneezing into a tissue and then throwing it away to reduce the spread of germs. Recipients will appreciate a thoughtful, relevant gift and a lighthearted moment in times like these.

5. Show You Understand

Overall, remember empathy is key, especially now. Communicate with your customers and employees and attempt to serve them as best you can. Be accommodating with cancelled orders, appointments or plans, and allow employees the flexibility to do what they feel is safest. It’s a confusing time for everyone, but if you look for thoughtful ways to make things easier on your customers and employees they’ll appreciate that it’s not all about sales and profits for you. Your business will be stronger because of it.

Bonus Tip: Organize a Fundraiser

Marketing is as much about building up your brand image as it is about promoting or selling your services. The good news is that customers today—especially Millennials and Gen Z—are drawn to brands that do some social good. Why not organize a fundraiser to help out during this health crisis? You can donate money to organizations that help provide medical supplies, or to organizations that are working to supply food to families and children in need. It’s a scary time for many businesses, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to do something that shows you care about more than just business. Just think, the sooner we get through this, the better we’ll all be. Start a fundraiser online and mail small promotional products, such as custom mugs or tote bags, to participants as a way of thanking them for their donations. We will never forget this time in our lives; you can make sure they never forget how your business stepped in to be part of the solution.

American Made Products as Promotional Giveaways

What do you think of when you hear the phrase – Made in USA?

Top-notch quality that has passed several tests and has complied with an undeniable standard of excellence. An American-made product is one that is durable, safe and reliable. The phrase ‘American-made’ is really an assurance of high quality.

Myron has a range of products that are proudly made in the United States of America. Here are a few that you can use as promotional giveaways for your business:

Bic Ecolutions Clic Stic Pen

This pen, besides being made in USA, is also eco-friendly. This quality retractable pen is made from 65% pre-consumer recycled plastic, making it an earth-friendly way to win new fans at trade shows, recruitment events, and other gatherings. It’s available in four attractive colors and has a handy clip attached to it.

Antimicrobial Western Saddle Key Tag

Your customers will thank you when they use this striking key tag. Its most salient feature is the permanent additive on it that prevents growth and spreading of bacteria. This additive will last through the product’s lifetime, guaranteeing your logo plenty of impressions.

America Splendor Desk Calendar

This Made-in-USA desk calendar will evoke all sorts of American Pride with its panoramic photographs from this great country. Pictures of rolling meadows, lilting green fields and rocky terrain, all showcasing nature’s wonders. Calendars are still popular promotional products and the American Splendor Desk Calendar is one of the finest money can buy.

Solid Mask

The world we live in has forever changed and masks have become the most sought-after accessory. Myron’s Solid Mask is a double-layered one with the inner layer being 100% cotton. It is washable and reusable for daily protection and has adjustable elastic ear loops on either side for comfort.

28 Oz. Poly-Clean Sport Bottle

BPA-free, eco-friendly and absolutely gorgeous, the Poly-Clean Sport Bottle will be a promotional product no one will throw away. Whether it’s keeping track of water consumption at the office or helping your customers hydrate at the gym, this souvenir will be working round-the-clock to give you your money’s worth in impressions.

These are just a few American-made products that you can use to promote your business. Check out other potential giveaways that are made in the USA on this page. Get quality and affordability at the same time.

A Short Pen Guide for Promotional Products


Promotional giveaways are effective means of making people remember your business or brand. According to a study, almost 90% of people remember where they got promotional products. Of those who receive promotional items, 85% end up as customers of the brand or business being promoted.

Pens are some of the most popular promotional giveaways, and there are several reasons to thank for that.

First of all, they are functional. Everybody still uses a pen. Students use it for homework. Some people use it for work, for signing checks and documents. It’s still a necessity and you can be sure that the people who receive giveaway pens will use them.

Another reason why pens are commonly used as giveaways is because they’re affordable. You can purchase hundreds of plastic pens with the logo of your business.

There are also pens that are costlier. Those are the ones that can be special gifts, the ones that mean a lot more. A good example is the Turino Executive Rollerball Pen.  This pen has a fine brass finish and is laser engraved. It also comes in a custom luxury box that makes it doubly special.

Here are some of the best pens that you can use as promotional giveaways, so you can see a boost in your customer sales.:

Plastic Pen – A plastic pen is affordable and effective. It is one of the most common promotional giveaways. A great example of plastic pen giveaway is the Celena Stylus Soft Touch Pen.  This is not just a pen but a stylus as well. It can also be laser-engraved, so your logo stays there. It’s a great giveaway because it’s affordable and yet it doesn’t look cheap.

Metal Pen – A metal pen is more expensive than one made from plastic, but it does not have to be too expensive. A good example of this is the Royale Excel Lighted Ballpoint Pen. This is not just a simple pen though, it also comes equipped with an LED light at the tip. People will love this pen because it is highly functional. It’s not just a simple pen.

Gel Pen – If you don’t want an ordinary pen to be your giveaway, then you should go for the Fortis Soft Touch with Color Matching Gel Ink Pen. With its gel ink matching its exterior color, this is going to be a fun giveaway. It’s the perfect giveaway for professionals. It’s the kind of pen that’s ideal for young people.

These are the various types of pens that are available as giveaways. There are other types, like expensive pens that you can use as special gifts to specific people. Check out these fine pens from Myron that would make excellent gifts to exceptional individuals.


5 Facts You’d Never Guess About Promotional Products

promotional product facts

Here’s one fact everyone knows about promotional products: people love them! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie? Thanks to this well-known fact, promotional products are the most cost-effective way to introduce your brand to a large audience. Here are several other incredible (but true!) facts about promotional products:

1. George Washington was a promotional marketer.

The first recognized promotional products were used by our first president during his election campaign! Washington had commemorative imprinted buttons made, and while there were plenty of reasons he was America’s first choice for president, we like to think the buttons definitely contributed to his win.

2. Your clients and customers want to rep your brand.

8 out of 10 people report enjoying promotional products, and many even say they’d like to receive them more often, especially from the businesses they love!

3. Branded bags create the most impressions.

Practical, reusable, and environmentally-friendly, shopping bags and tote bags are recipients’ favorite promotional products. Businesses also love bags because they’re easy to hand out and store in large quantities without breaking the budget! A close runner up to bags are the tried-and-true promotional pens.

4. Promotional products have a long, active life.

Even if a promotional product isn’t exactly to a consumer’s personal taste, most people will pass along the product to someone who will make good use of it! This is good news, since your recipients will do the work of spreading your brand for you, heightening the likelihood that your products get into the hands of your target audience.

5. Promotional products can increase your marketing effectiveness by 44%.

Adding a promotional product to your existing marketing strategy can significantly increase your reach. Tangible items help boost brand recognition, recall, and loyalty. People just tend to feel more strongly about brands that give them a free, useful item than they do about brands they only see in passing on social media.

Are you ready to add promotional products to your marketing efforts? Let Myron help! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise we can find a promotional solution that works for your business!  

How To Use Promotional Products To Cultivate Loyalty

promotional products

The best thing one can do for one’s company is ensure that people remember where they experienced exceptional service. Repeat customers are the backbone of any business. However, this kind of relationship takes time and effort to develop. Promotional products can be extremely effective when forming these relationships. They show your customers that you value them by offering value in return. Here are just a few ways promotional products can help you ensure repeat customers.

1. Make a good ‘First Impression’

The first thing one looks for when breaking new ground and signing onto new deals is a pen. So, wouldn’t it be handy to provide a company branded present in abundance at such a meeting? Or make sure your customers carry one with them back home after an office visit and reap the rewards of your logo’s exposure. Those are just some ways to add a personal touch, when promoting your company. Myron’s Arden Stylus Iridescent Pen not only has the classic click-action ballpoint for quick, efficient signatures, but also doubles up as a rubber stylus for touch-screen navigation, making those signatures digital. And the iridescent design is likely to leave a memorable, vibrant impression on your customers.

2. Give them an Upgrade

You’ve had some consistent business with a customer who really likes working with your company. And now they’re taking your work relationship to the next level. It’s time for a business upgrade, and the best way to build on customer loyalty is to show your appreciation!

You’ve worked with this customer for a while and they want an upgraded service or product from you. This is a big step toward building customer loyalty. So, why not show your appreciation by giving them a promotional product? Myron’s Grande Tote Bag is a helpful aid, with an 8.5” gusset for a spacious interior, so they can carry your work essentials – notepads, tablets, phone, writing instruments and snacks – with ease. The screen-printed logo on the front of the bag is a win-win, which customers can showcase wherever they go.

3. Offer a Loyalty Reward

Once you’ve established a sustainable rapport with repeat customers, it’s important to let them know how much you value their loyalty. So why not reinforce that with a loyalty reward? Every meeting, deal, negotiation or conference is always accompanied by copious amounts of coffee or tea, to help the hard workers through the course of the day. Celebrate customer-business milestones, with a promotional product like the Himalayan Tumbler. This 20 oz. Tumbler is made of stainless steel and copper, offering durability and efficiency. It insulates your drinks, hot or cold, for up to 12 hours at a time! And the best part is that you can engrave your company’s logo front and center, thanks to the personalized laser engraving option we provide with this fantastic work essential.

All of Keeping your customers happy is what makes everything worthwhile. Making an extra effort, adding a personal touch, and showing consideration for the needs of customers, colleagues and clients is what makes any company special. With Myron’s promotional products, take your brand identity to the next level.

Top 3 Uses For Promotional Products

Promotional items are a great way to share your brand with your customers. They can also be used in multiple ways to build customer loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth. 55% of people keep a promotional product they are gifted, which means multiple impressions but at a fraction of what traditional advertising would cost.


The best promotional items for branding purposes are things the customer will use every day. This will give them multiple chances to see and remember your company. Furthermore, the choice and quality of product represents your company and gives you a chance to dazzle while also speaking to who your firm is. Brand recognition is a great way to be relevant to your customers and to stay on their minds.

Tip: Everyone is crazy about drinkware and our Himalayan Tumbler will do your company logo and message complete justice with its full-color imprint.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about getting new eyes onto your product. Similar to branding, you’ll want an item that future customers will use often to keep your company on their mind. Promotional products can often reach people whom your normal marketing wouldn’t be able to. Not only will your intended customers and clients see your logo on the product but so will anyone they interact with whilst using it. That could be hundreds of impressions at a nominal rate in comparison.

Tip: Our Celena Stylus Soft-touch pen works better than a business card.

Public Relations

Nothing inspires goodwill more than a good quality gift. Promotional products are great ways to make a good first impression or even further cement a client’s good opinion of you. It could serve as an incentive to an employee who has performed well or could smooth ruffled feathers. A present goes a long way.

Tip: Show how eco-friendly your company is by giving your employees a colorful Grande Tote Bag with your company artwork on it.

At Myron, we pride ourselves on carrying high quality products that are sure to strengthen your brand. Visit our website to see why you should make Myron products a part of your everyday marketing strategy.


3 Top Selling Promotional Products Under $2

promotional products

If you’re a small business, you probably don’t have a large advertising or promotional budget. Or if you’re a large company you may just want to save some money. Promotional products don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Here are a few products under two dollars that are sure to get your brand recognized.


Absolute Soft Touch Stylus Tip Promo Pleaser Pen

Sometimes finding a high quality pen under two dollars can be difficult. If you want your business to look sharp while saving a few bucks, check out this Absolute Soft Touch Stylus Tip Promo Pleaser Pen. Made from aluminum with beautiful chrome accents and a stylus tip, this product will make your potential customers think you spent a pretty penny (and it’s one of our best sellers!)


USB Car Charger

Who says you can’t have a cool and inexpensive  tech promotional product for your business? This USB Car Charger is simple but useful and under two bucks! Get your current and potential customers to take you everywhere they travel with this compact and easy to use charger.


Kyra Promo Pleaser Pen

Don’t buy just any promotional pen. For under two dollars you can buy the Kyra Promo Pleaser Pen! This is one of our favorites. With a comfortable grip and classy chrome accents, this pen will be the star of your next tradeshow.


Need help choosing the perfect promotional product for your business? Head over to to check out our large selection of pens, tech, drinkware and more!  

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Celebrate Earth Day by Doing Your Part


Earth day is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate than with reusable bags! Since 2014, several states have enacted laws in order to reduce the amount of plastic bags from grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants. These bags end up in our landfills and oceans, contaminating our environment and harming our animals.

Help the environment, delight your customers and promote your brand with these standout reusable bags from Myron!

  1. Grande Tote Bag

Go green with this sturdy, reusable and washable bag! Perfect for a trip to the grocery store, your customers can fold it up and easily carry it into the store. Not only is our Grand Tote bag compact, but it is spacious and comes in a variety of colors!

  1. Enviro Shopper Tote

Next up is our trendy Enviro Shopper Tote. This collapsible bag comes with a cardboard insert and reinforced handles for added support. Your customers will want to take your branded bag anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Eco-Green Jute Tote Bag

Made from jute, a natural vegetable fiber, this bag is perfect for the environmentally friendly consumer. If you want to show customers that your business cares about the environment, this is the perfect promotional product for you!

Pro-Tip: You can fill your reusable bags with more free goodies to give out at tradeshows or other events!

All of our bags are 100% recyclable and made sturdy so they’re built to last. Check out our awesome selection of environmentally friendly bags at

Which Promotional Products Should I Bring to a Trade Show?  

Trade shows are a great opportunity for a business to really show off what they have to offer. You can promote your brand by giving people something that will remind them of your company every time they use it. That’s where promotional products come in. At Myron, we can recommend three standout promotional products that will bring your business or service into the limelight.

Easy Swivel USB Flash Drive with Lanyard (8GB)

USBs are an in-demand item at trade shows for a good reason. They’re useful, portable, and offer you a chance to show off a great looking company logo or personalized message. This USB flash drive features a protective cover that can swivel in and out of place. It’s available in a selection of six colors, and of course you can personalize this with laser-engraved details.

Pro Tip: Add your company’s sales presentation to the drive before handing them out!

Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag

Why not give potential customers something that they can use during the trade show itself? The Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag lets them carry pamphlets, business cards, and anything else they need in style. The clear walls let them locate their item easily, as well as show off your logo with flair.

Honeycomb Sling Backpack

This bag is deceptively compact. It’s made of 600d neoprene in a durable and attractive honeycomb mesh. The shoulder straps are adjustable and an exterior front pocket allows easy access to small items. Your company’s logo stands proudly on top of the front exterior pocket.


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