Fun in the Sun: How to Organize Memorable Company Picnics

Organize Memorable Company Picnics

Simply put, nice weather brings people together. There’s something about warm sunshine and celebrating that allows us to more seamlessly enjoy each other’s company and build connections. 

Bringing your team together for a company picnic can strengthen your workplace while creating plenty of memories for your employees.

Some 75% of employees called collaboration and teamwork an essential part of their work experience. A company picnic is an excellent time to unwind and recharge, celebrate accomplishments, and begin planning discussions for the fall months. 

Here’s what you should know about planning memorable company picnics. 

Choose the best date and venue

Appoint a planning committee for your company picnic so you can uncover blindspots and remember the small details. Even the smallest company should create a committee of at least three people and appoint a treasurer and secretary.

The treasurer should create the budget for the picnic and manage the bank account to make supply and equipment purchases. The secretary should take notes, manage the meeting and planning calendar, and track and distribute tasks. 

Put your heads together and brainstorm outdoor venues that give you both maximum sunshine and shade, along with amenities for activities. 

Plan out the date, time and even the geography of the venue to minimize inconvenience on the day of the event. Consider these points when choosing a venue:

  • Don’t choose a location too far away. Spare your employees the travel time and gas mileage.
  • It’s best to hold the employee picnic during working hours, such as a Friday afternoon. If the picnic is planned for a weekend, ensure employees have plenty of notice so that more employees can make arrangements to attend.
  • Decide whether it’s a family picnic or meant for adults ahead of time. If your employees can bring their kids, make sure the venue has access to entertainment and activities for them.
  • Research whether the venue provides grilling and kitchen equipment or if you need to bring your own. Also, be prepared to bring provisions for bathrooms or consider different portable restroom setups, if necessary.

Map out the details that you’ll want to solidify in broad strokes such as location, food, activities, and restroom access. Then, create line items under each category for everything you’ll need for a successful company picnic. 

Think of your team first

When it comes to a summer picnic, you want your employees to feel energized and excited about coming, rather than obligated. Know that everyone values their personal time, especially if your planned picnic happens to fall outside of working hours. This is why it’s so important to plan an event people will want to attend. 

Avoid the cliches that employees dislike about company picnics and consider handing out a survey to give your employees the chance to pitch ideas about what they’d like to see or do.

Here are some quick ways to put your team first when planning:

  • Always account for weather! Make a contingency plan in case of rain, high heat, or other extremes and give employees a checklist of supplies to bring and clothing to wear. Provide reminders to bring outdoor items like umbrellas, jackets with hoods, sunglasses, water bottles to stay hydrated, and sunscreen.
  • Keep dietary restrictions top of mind. Include food  or requirements in the survey that you send out to ensure that nobody falls ill or is unable to partake in the meal.
  • Set goals for the summer picnic that enrich everyone’s workplace experiences. Consider activities like personality tests and exercises that help employees get to know each other on more authentic levels.

Every team possesses its own unique blend of personalities and special accomodations.Taking the steps to put your team’s interests and comfort first while planning your gathering will result in a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Stock up on supplies

Your planning committee should take inventory of everything that you’ll need for the company picnic. Think in terms of everything that you’ll need for grilling, cooking, food preservation, serving, decorations, and other important items. 

The sort of items that belong on your supplies list include:

Have your treasurer account for each item, so that you can obtain everything you need while staying on track with the established budget.

Plan your games and activities

Take advantage of opportunities to build memorable bonds with your team by adding a twist to common ice-breaker games. Plan for fun, collaborative games so that your employees genuinely feel comfortable relaxing, de-stressing from the rigors of the work week, and being themselves. 

Activities like these can make for a memorable company picnic:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Variations of hide and seek
  • Water gun and water balloon fights – make sure that non-participants are spared!
  • Golf putting, croquet, volleyball, badminton, and other classics
  • Bounce houses and/or water slides
  • Tables for Taboo, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, Yahtzee, Backgammon, Spades, Monopoly, Poker, and other board or card games

Choose games and activities that are challenging while requiring teamwork. Stoking those collaborative fires can lead to healthy competition and cooperation that carries over into the workplace dynamic and the next outing.

Create a theme

The theme of the event solidifies your goal and gives you and your employees takeaways to build on. Put your heads together with your committee to figure out what lasting impression you’d like to leave on your employees after your picnic.

Then, encapsulate it in a sentence or phrase and make it the theme for the company picnic.

A company picnic theme is similar to a mission statement in that it needs to be clear, demonstrate inspiration and direction, and align with your company values.

You can immortalize this theme on a company cup or item handed out at the picnic for employees to take with them. If the event happens each year, different themes imprinted on takeaway items become annual collector’s items around the office. This can serve as a lasting memory of the good times that everyone enjoyed together, while providing a daily reminder of the picnic’s theme and focus. 

Put together winning company picnics

Company picnics give you a chance to solidify direction for your company while investing in and re-invigorating your employees. Investing in your employees by putting effort into events like these is the driving force behind your team’s growth and collaborative strength over time, so always take time out to create memories that can last for years.

To browse promotional outdoor supplies for your company picnic, click here.

5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

As an employer, the relationships you build with your employees are the most important ones. Taking every opportunity to recognize their efforts and performance will make them feel valued and cherished. 

Just 36% of workers in the United States are engaged at work on any given day. Engagement in this study was measured by factors like opportunities for professional development, clear expectations from the employer, and whether they feel their opinions are valued. Employee recognition gifts and awards can boost engagement and make people feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

What Happens When You Give Employee Gifts?

Companies often purchase corporate and promotional gifts to give out at banquets, team bonding outings, holiday gatherings, or to remind employees that they are appreciated. Corporate gifts and awards are an excellent way to build lasting and meaningful work relationships.

When you purchase customized gifts to recognize employees, you:

  • Motivate everyone in the company to achieve more
  • Improve the morale of the workplace
  • Express gratitude to the people that keep your business running smoothly
  • Lower the rate of employee turnover
  • Foster more creativity and productivity
  • Open the floor for valuable conversations and feedback by creating a more open environment

Choose Gifts That Make an Impact

At Myron, we sell quality branded products that can reward and incentivize your employees. While traditional awards, such as engraved plaques, can be used to show appreciation, consider something different. Gifting your employees with something practical they can take with them and use on a regular basis will go a long way. Here are some ideas that you and your employees will love. 

1. Branded Company Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and accessories with your company’s branding on them increase your business’ brand recognition in a fun and expressive way.

Here are some examples of what can go in a branded apparel and accessory gift pack: 

Apparel with your brand colors and a motivational phrase of affirmation can provide motivation and inspiration for your employees.

Items like these get regular use by employees, which keeps the organization’s mission and affirmation at the top of their minds. Research-backed studies also show that self-affirmed employees are more receptive to their errors, which means they’re better able to correct them. 

Create your branded apparel with company values in mind, and it’ll offer inspiration and motivation that leads to happy employees. In turn, they’ll perform better and find more purpose and fulfillment in their time working for you. 

2. Custom Metal Pens

Fancy pens and business deals go hand-in-hand. Companies go out of their way to bring out beautifully-designed custom metal pens whenever a critical contract is on the table. They’re perfect keepsakes for new employees, employees receiving a promotion, or they can be combined with an employee recognition certificate. 

These are the types of pens that don’t get lost in the mix of the junk drawer. Your recipient will go out of their way to take care of the pen and use it, particularly if they regularly journal or brainstorm. 

Here are some custom pen options you can reward your standout employees with:

Browse different color options, decide which font is best, and choose a laser engraving style that is legible and attention-grabbing. Myron has a wide variety of these pens, and you can get them in quantities of 50 to 1,000. 

3. Personalized Drinkware

Professionals that work in offices for 40-plus hours are usually creatures of habit. They even have routines about the fluids they drink each day. A coffee drinker likely has a favorite brew. Avid water drinkers probably have a favorite thermos they use to count their ounces. 

Glassware is a popular gift because of its versatility. It’s used to celebrate, unwind, and commemorate special moments, but it can also become a staple in your employees’ everyday lives. Gifting your employee’s drinkware lets you say thank you in a useful way.

 Here are some options your employees will appreciate:

In-office drinkware helps to keep your employees in the game. Coffee is a cognitive enhancer that promotes brain activity, focus, and creativity. Plus, staying hydrated prevents brain fog and enhances mood. In-office drinkware, such as coffee mugs and water tumblers, can help you enjoy your morning coffee and then hydrate throughout the workday. 

Add a name, award, or personal touch to the drinkware, and it’ll quickly become a favorite item for your employees. Quality branded drinkware will also have features like vacuum sealing and materials that preserve the temperature and freshness of the beverage. 

4. Tech Gifts and Gadgets

In a tech-centric world, you can’t go wrong with gadget gifts. These gifts are easy to use immediately, whether for work or recreation. 

These tech-centric gifts are excellent for employee recognition:

People check their devices several times throughout the day. Gadgets with your logo, colors, and company name create brand loyalty with little effort. The amount of use these devices get from the average person creates unlimited opportunities to make connections. 

5. Individual Hobby Gifts 

Knowing your employees is the key to finding the right gift that suits them best. Personal gifts are often more touching because they’re specific to someone’s lifestyle and show you went above and beyond to recognize them as an individual.

Consider your employee’s hobbies and interests outside of work, and shop the items they’ll love. To gather this information upfront, you can make a hobby section part of your employee’s intake form or start a spreadsheet where they input their interests. Also, getting to know the team’s individual interests can make a great topic for a Zoom meeting. 

Here are some great hobby and lifestyle gift ideas:

No matter how small the item is, getting things a person loves makes it a gift from the heart that they won’t forget. 

Strengthen Your Business Through Employee Recognition

Developing soft skills like relationship building is essential to thriving in business. When you understand how to connect with the people in your company, your employees will feel recognized and will be motivated to contribute more to the team. 
Myron is here to help you do that every step of the way. Whether you have a small team of 500+ employees, our corporate gifts and awards will ensure that they all feel like #1. Shop our inventory of business gifts for any occasion to get started.

Say “Thank You” with Promotional Products

employee appreciation gifts

Every small business has someone to thank, whether that someone is an employee, client, investor, or business partner. Whomever you would like to thank for helping your small business grow, do it with a promotional product! Show them their direct impact on the success of your business with an appreciation gift that proudly displays your branding. Consider any of the following promotional thank you gifts:

3-Color Pen with Stylus

A quality pen at a low, affordable price point, the 3-Color Pen with Stylus is the perfect appreciation gift for a large group of people, such as all your employees. With three ink colors and a universal touch-screen compatible stylus tip, it’s the only pen they’ll ever need!

Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

The Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a complete bar and kitchen tool set with a stainless steel corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil blade. Offering the perfect backdrop for your imprint, it comes in three striking colors: bold red, sleek black, or unique semi-transparent turquoise. This classic gift alone is a great way to express your gratitude, and for someone whom you’re particularly grateful, you can pair it with their favorite wine or bubbly!

Denim Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker

This stylish, wireless charger has a secret: it’s also a Bluetooth speaker! Compact and minimalist, it fits discreetly on any desk, while packing a ton of power and volume. Ideal for office parties or at-home use, this charger and speaker combo guarantees your full-color imprint will be in the spotlight frequently!

For more employee and customer appreciation gift ideas, visit the Myron blog or explore our huge catalog of promotional products. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron ensures that you receive the highest quality products at the best possible price point.

Holiday Employee Gift Guide

Employees are the driving force behind any business, so show your appreciation for all that they do with personalized promotional gifts for the holidays! Branded holiday employee gifts are not only a kind gesture, but they can also encourage a team-oriented atmosphere and pride in the business. This year, we have compiled a complete holiday employee gift guide to help make corporate gifting easy, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season and focus on what really matters: your connection with your employees!

Cozy and Bright

Something to keep you cozy is always a welcome gift during the cold months! Your employees can keep Jack Frost at bay this season with any of the following gifts:

Gildan Adult Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt: What’s better than staying cozy all winter long? Being able to stay cozy at work regardless of dress codes thanks to a company imprinted sweatshirt! Stylish, fleece-knit, and available with multiple screen printing options, employees will adore this comfy sweatshirt.

Port & Company Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt: Want to outfit your employees in company colors? Well you can with this sweatshirt! Available in over 40 rich colors, this hoodie is thick, durable, and the perfect canvas for your company logo!

Personalized Econo Sweatshirt Blanket: What could be cozier than a blanket? Your employees will be wearing this soft, sweatshirt-material blanket at sporting events, campfires, and special evenings with family.   

Drink and Be Merry

There’s no better way to enjoy the holidays than to curl up with your favorite drink! Whether at home or at work, your employees can enjoy a taste of the holidays with custom drinkware.

12 Oz. The Spooner Custom Oval Mug: Stir up some holiday cheer with this playful yet practical mug and spoon combo! The Spooner is perfect for coffee, tea, soup, or cereal.

14 Oz. Moscow Mule Barrel Mug: The Moscow Mule is an iconic winter cocktail thanks to its spicy ginger flavor that warms you up from the inside out! This attractive double-wall copper-plated mug with barrel design makes for stunning holiday drinkware. A recipe for the cocktail is included with the mug, but the mug suitable for any cold drink, making it a great option for year-round use!

16 Oz. Tuscany Thermos & Tumbler Gift Set: This two-piece gift is already perfectly packaged and ready to give! The matching thermos and tumbler are insulated stainless steel and come with soft faux-leather sleeves with your custom imprint.

‘Tis the Season for Tech

Technology and accessories are always a hit during the holidays. Get your employees something to improve their time at work or that they wouldn’t buy for themselves like any of the following customizable employee gifts:

Bluetooth Earbuds with Case: These high-end bluetooth earbuds have on-wire controls for volumes, songs, and calls, as well as a built-in microphone and can hold their charge for two hours of continuous use. Complete with a usb charger, the earbuds are presented in a slim carrying case with your company logo.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard: Ideal for frequent meetings or remote work on the go, this folding bluetooth keyboard is wireless and triple-folds for maximum convenience and space-saving. Thanks to its bluetooth technology, it can connect to any device as far as 32 feet away, making it a great tool for presentations.

All Day Computer Briefcase: If you really want to wow your employees this holiday, gift them the trendy and colorful All Day Computer Briefcase. Its internal padded laptop pocket fits laptops up to 15”, while multiple internal and external pockets neatly store everything else your employees need for work.

Holiday Getaway

Recently, employers have started offering extra paid vacation days for the holidays in lieu of a physical gift, allowing their employees to make the most of their holidays. Whether or not your business is following suit, you can still help your employees enjoy their holiday travels in other ways.

Tuscany Duo-Textured Luggage Tag: This luggage tag is ideal for large offices or for combining with other travel-themed gifts to create your own employee gift set! Wherever your employees spend the holidays, they can take your brand with them.

Cordoba Journal Book: While traveling, your employees can keep everything all in one place with the Cordoba Journal Book. It has pockets for cards, a mesh photo ID window, a pen loop, and 100 sheets of white lined paper for memos, appointments, holiday shopping lists, and other travel notes.

Molise Leather Weekender Bag: Send your employees off on holiday vacation in style with this luxurious leather weekender bag. Extra large and crafted from soft, genuine lamb leather, this bag is durable, stylish, and the perfect carry-on. Your laser-engraved imprint will always remind your employees of your well-wishes while they travel.

Make your corporate holiday shopping simple this year with Myron! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll find and create the perfect holiday employee gifts, while our stellar customer service assists you every step of the way.

How to Build the Perfect Promotional Gift Box

promotional gift box

Promotional gift boxes are a great way to show your appreciation to important clients or employees. Besides showing some extra consideration to the recipients, gift boxes show off your brand’s personality and creativity. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few simple tips to inspire you!

1. Think of Your Brand’s Personality

Consider what promotional products speak to your brand. If your business deals in paper goods, a high quality pen makes more sense as a gift than a stylus or earbuds do. Conversely, if you’re an online or a tech business, a stylus or earbuds make perfect sense!

2. Choose Products that Complement Each Other

Once you’ve nailed down your brand’s personality, make sure the items that suit your business work together in a gift box. For example, pens, notebooks, planners, or other desk items together create a cohesive message. A gym bag, sports bottle, and towel also follow a similar theme. If you don’t want a strong theme like the office or gym examples, work more loosely with items that have a similar mood. Consider a younger, relaxed vibe by combining sunglasses and earbuds or a bluetooth speaker.

3. Know Your Budget

When creating a gift box, there’s no reason to go over the top. One benefit of a promotional gift box is to create the same effect of giving away an expensive item without actually having to spend a lot of money. Figuring out the right combination of items, whether it’s a whole set of affordable desk items or two higher priced items, is more important than how much you spent on creating the box!

4. Personalize It

While the items in the gift box are imprinted with your brand, you should also consider how to personalize it for the recipient. You might include one item that’s personalized with their name, but an even simpler solution is to include a handwritten card. You’ll be surprised how much a small note will help your brand stand out in memory to anyone who receives this gift box!

5. Presentation Matters

Keep the packaging in mind! Presentation is half the battle when it comes to making a memorable promotional gift box. Make sure to arrange the items in an appealing fashion, and then consider an attractive box or even a customized gift box. For a 2-in-1 solution, make your “box” a bag! For bigger gifts, pick a duffel or gym bag, and for smaller gifts, choose a tote bag or a reusable shopping bag. You can even use a small cooler if it suits your business’s personality- be creative!

For more tips and an expansive catalogue of customizable promotional products, visit Myron. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to find the perfect items to make an incredible promotional gift box for your business!

Promote Employee Health & Wellness in Your Workplace


Whether you’re a manager trying to embrace a “whole person” philosophy of coaching and mentoring your reports, a business owner striving for a healthier workforce or an HR leader looking for ways to make employee wellness a reality, you’ve probably wondered about the most effective, practical, and affordable ways to promote health and wellbeing in your office.

While some companies get lucky with exercise-obsessed, health-conscious employees (plus the resources to include gym memberships, fitness reimbursement, and other generous employee wellness investments in their benefits package), most organizations are trying to find ways to promote wellness without breaking the bank. Through our work with a wide range of clients at Myron, we have discovered some practical ways to use cultural factors, employee encouragement, thoughtful promotional products and other small investments to drive workplace wellness.

Below you’ll find our four favorite ideas for promoting wellness in the office, and all the tips, tricks, and promotional product recommendations you need to make these strategies a reality.

1. Help Employees Remember to Stay Healthy

If you’re working to encourage health and wellness in your workplace, there’s an all-too-common practice that you’ll want to eliminate from your company: employees skipping or forgetting medications, foregoing exercise, or losing track of personal wellness because of the demands of the workday.

You can address the simple problem of employees forgetting or de-prioritizing their health by gifting items like a wellness journal or a branded pill box to send a clear message that you want employees to prioritize their health on a daily basis.

Encourage managers to feature these items on their own desks and give their teams a short talk about the importance of daily health and wellness practices. You could even offer employees the chance to sign up for an optional e-mail alert each day, reminding them to take their medications, do some stretching, or participate in daily health practices that are important to them.

Problem: Employees de-prioritize exercise and personal care due to workday demands.
Solution: Daily health reminders and managerial examples.

2. Keep Your Team Properly Fueled & Hydrated

No matter what steps employees take in their personal lives to stay healthy, their wellness, fitness, and job performance will all suffer if they’re not eating healthily and drinking plenty of water throughout the workday.

If you see your employees yawning frequently or complaining about headaches and indigestion, or if a quick glance around the desks in your office reveals plenty of junk food and coffee or soda but little to no healthy foods or water, you may have a problem with nutrition and hydration in your workplace.

One way to address this head on is to use whatever resources you have to increase employee’s access to drinking water and healthy snacks throughout your office. If you’re already investing in snacks and food for employees, use that money for the healthiest options possible. If any parts of your office space lack convenient access to cool, drinkable water, or if your water cooler is perpetually running low, make the changes necessary so that everyone stays hydrated.

Nutrition and hydration are also another key area where managers can lead by example. If your employees see you carrying a branded water bottle to meetings, ordering healthy foods for team or client meals, and choosing healthier snacks throughout your workday, they will start to see nutrition and hydration as a key part of how you do business.

Problem: Employees aren’t staying properly hydrated or eating healthily.
Solution: Healthy food, ample drinking water and branded water bottles provided by the company.

3. Encourage Person-Powered Commuting

Every day, the vast majority of American workers have one thing in common: they commute. And while the word “commute” may carry negative connotations of sitting miserably in traffic or jockeying for position in a crowded bus or subway, it can also represent a key opportunity for exercise.

The members of your team who are currently choosing to bike, walk, or run to work each day are key influencers in your office: if you can celebrate their healthy choices and make it easier for others to follow suit, you will increase the overall wellness of your organization.

One popular program to encourage commuting by bike or foot is to offer a monthly reimbursement for those commuters. You could also celebrate their accomplishments in your regular e-mails or all-hands meetings, maybe even by playfully framing the impressive mileage your cyclists, walkers, and runners are accumulating (“this quarter, Marcus completed the equivalent of the Tour de France!”, “by the end of the year, Sharon will have walked the length of the entire Pacific Crest Trail!”).

Person-powered commuters often face genuine safety risks when they must commute in the dark, which can sometimes be inevitable, especially in winter months, so one way to encourage this practice is to give custom reflective safety items as gifts to cyclists, walkers, and runners in your office.

Problem: Employees can’t find time to get exercise.
Solution: Bike and foot commuters recognized, encouraged and equipped.

4. Create a Culture of Exercise

While everyone at your company will have their own personal preferences for fitness activities, it is possible to create a culture in which a passion for exercise and all of the benefits it brings to personal wellness is shared by your entire team.

If you have team members who share a love of working out, running, rock climbing, spin class, or any other fitness activity, you could encourage them to schedule syncs or one-on-ones at the gym. If your building features showers, you could start offering a towel service and supplying toiletries to make it more convenient for your employees to clean up after a pre-work or midday work out.

You could also create a channel on your internal chat program for employees to discuss fitness, encourage each other towards goals, and invite one another to exercise together. At meetings or in company-wide e-mails, you can celebrate and congratulate employees who meet personal fitness goals or who enter races, walks, or fun runs (maybe you could even offer to reimburse their entry fees or make contributions to the charities their races support).

Finally, if you’re going to invest in branded apparel for your company, consider choosing something more athletic and workout-friendly than the generic company sweatshirt or fleece. Giving your workforce branded athletic apparel that they can wear out on runs or workouts will send a clear message that you support their health, and it may also provide some free publicity as other health-conscious people in your community take note and wonder what it would be like to work for someone who invests in their employees’ health and wellness.

Problem: Fitness is not an employee priority, or employees can’t fit their workouts into their workdays.
Solution: Individual fitness goals supported and celebrated. Group fitness opportunities encouraged.

How to generate positive attitudes & enthusiasm on your team

How to encourage positive attitudes and enthusiasm on your team

  1. Show your appreciation
  2. Offer specific praise
  3. Be generous with meaningful gifts
  4. Give genuinely useful items as gifts

The key to enthusiasm at work: feeling appreciated.

The basis of enthusiasm is appreciation. When team members feel like they are cared for, that their hard work matters, and that their leaders and managers are genuinely thankful for their efforts, their energy, passion, and intrinsic motivation only increase. That dynamic translates to genuine enthusiasm.

We’ve all had the experience of seeing a child light up after receiving a gift or compliment, or even of simply watching a pet respond positively to a treat or a gentle touch. We can learn from those primal responses. Specifically, team members need to be nurtured and shown gratitude: if you invest in them through meaningful appreciation, they will respond with the positivity and enthusiasm that we all want our teams.

Fuel positive attitudes through specific praise.

When trying to create a team culture of positivity, leaders and managers often make the wise choice to offer more compliments and public positive feedback. This is a sound idea, but merely making an effort to praise team members consistently isn’t necessarily enough: how you praise employees also matters.

If you want the praise and positive feedback you offer employees to drive positivity and enthusiasm in return, the key is to be specific. Instead of offering a generic “Good job!” or “Keep up the great work!” speak to inherent strengths, extra efforts, and smart tactics of the individual that contribute to team success.

Praise your team for the qualities, choices, or achievements that are unique to each of them–those kinds of compliments will fuel the positivity, confidence, and appreciation that translate into lasting, genuine enthusiasm on your team.

Increase enthusiasm in the workplace with meaningful gifts.

While words and actions are key to their enthusiasm and positivity, you can do even more to generate these qualities by offering gifts.

At Myron, we have decades of experience helping customers design and select the perfect gifts for their team members. And we know that sometimes the idea of giving gifts is met with skepticism: are gifts really the best use of budget? Will people really care about a small gift?

In our experience, gifts truly do resonate with team members. Even smaller gifts like any of our best-selling desk and office supplies or our most popular promotional pen styles can encourage individuals, provide them with small-but-critical comforts, and give a much-needed boost to the positivity and enthusiasm in any workplace.

Gifts also have the advantage of creating a sense of reciprocity within your team. When anyone is offered a gift, even a small token of appreciation like a mint in a restaurant, it activates their desire to respond in kind. When you take the first step of showing your team members you care about them through acts of generosity and gift-giving, they will naturally respond by offering extra effort and by displaying a renewed sense of enthusiasm and investment in the work.

How useful gift items can increase positivity & enthusiasm.

If you have the budget, you will also want to think beyond small or common gift items and look for opportunities to give your team members gifts that will see daily use.

When a gift is consistently, authentically useful, the team member receiving the gift feels appreciated every time they use it, especially in the case of gifts that are clearly high-quality or that the team member may perceive as expensive or luxurious. Giving unmistakably well-made gifts that are designed to be maximally useful is one of the most effective ways of increasing team members’ genuine enthusiasm at work.

The drive for genuinely useful gifts to increase motivation at work is part of why we’ve been steadily expanding our selection of high quality technology gift items like power banks and chargers and portable and Bluetooth speakers. It also explains why tech products and custom stationery are consistently amongst our best-selling products: more and more people are recognizing that genuinely useful gifts are a catalyst for positivity and enthusiasm in workplace teams.

Show Your Appreciation this National Beautician’s Day

National Beautician's Day

June 26th is National Beautician’s Day

Ideas to celebrate National Beautician’s Day:

  1. Give your beautician a thank you card or small gift
  2. Outfit employees with a branded tote bag or cosmetic bag
  3. Reward beauticians with a gym membership or fitness gear
  4. Treat your staff to a party or team meal

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to the fabulous feeling after an appointment at the salon or spa. From hair styling to skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures and electrology, skilled technicians practice their craft every day to help customers revitalize their visible hair, skin, and nails, and their not-as-visible, but perhaps more important, self-confidence.  We all know that a fresh cut and color or even a trim to keep up a classic style can be quite a treat. And who doesn’t love a mani-pedi or relaxing facial? Plus having your makeup done before a big event will instantly lift your mood.

Personalized care in any form combined with luxury is, well, luxurious, and beauticians are the people who deliver that experience. Customers, salon owners, and anyone who cares about a beautician in their life can help celebrate their skills and long-lasting results this National Beautician’s Day with one or more of these ideas from Myron:

Thank you cards & gifts: Simple, yet effective!

It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback directly from customers. Since most clients probably aren’t aware of the upcoming national day, facilitate gestures of appreciation for employees with Thank You Cards. Find a discrete way to offer them to each customer, then collect the completed cards to distribute on June 26 with flowers, a custom coffee mug, or chocolates. Employees will have tangible evidence of their skill and caring nature to reference whenever they like.

Bags & Totes: Carry it with you

Organize gift bags for employees that allow them to show off their pride in the company. Start with a tote bag that they can use repeatedly, whether as a work bag or for an afternoon off enjoying the summer weather. Include a sweet fashion cosmetic bag and fill it with personalized products like custom Dual Vanity Mirrors, custom Hand Sanitizers, 3 Way Promotional Emory Boards and Personalized Lip Balm, all fun accessories that fit the lifestyles of salon and spa employees.

Health & Fitness Gifts: Work it out

Beautician roles are often quite physical with long hours of standing. Help your staff stay healthy with discounted gym memberships. This gift promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves their self-esteem and confidence. Include a custom sports bottle with the membership to keep them hydrated through every workout.

Meals & Celebrations: Food is love

Close down shop early one night and host a small party or celebration for the employees in honor of National Beautician’s Day. Or take the whole group out for a meal. If evenings aren’t feasible, how about a lengthy lunch? Gatherings like these not only show your appreciation to your staff, but they are great way for employees to get to know and bond with owners, supervisors and managers.


June 26 is National Beautician’s Day, a time to show appreciation for cosmetologists, hair dressers, aestheticians, spa employees, barbers and the like. It’s important to acknowledge the effort and attention they put into their clients’ appearances. These industry specialists help customers feel their most attractive, which in turn boosts their confidence. A beautician blends their expertise with a customer’s vision. They integrate customer service and creativity to brighten the days of each and every client. Customers and beauticians often develop strong blonds, talking about their personal lives, family matters, romantic situations, and work dilemmas. As National Beautician’s Day grows closer, don’t forget to show appreciation for the hardworking hairdressers, nail artists, barbers, stylists, cosmeticians, and spa employees on their unofficial holiday.


Hottest Promotional Products for Summer 2018

Hottest summer promotional products

Boost Your Brand Awareness with this Year’s Best Summer Promotional Products

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements a day, so cutting through the clutter and getting your brand in front of potential customers can be a challenge. Luckily, with summer comes plenty of new opportunities for promotional products that will put your brand front and center all season!

Get your prospective clients and employees these fun and useful gifts that they can sport on the daily or on vacation:

Custom Malibu Sunglasses

Who doesn’t need a pair of cool shades? Our Custom Malibu Sunglasses come in more than a dozen colors and can be customized with your logo and text. Imagine having someone wearing your brand every time they go out!

16” Promotional Beach Ball

A custom 16″ Promotional Beach Ball makes a great giveaway for concerts, festivals, sporting events, or any outdoor event, and they’re a great inexpensive option if you’re looking to stay within budget. Hint: they’re fun for a lot of indoor events, too!

Koozie Bungie Side Cooler

Look cool and keep your drinks cool with the Koozie Bungie Side Cooler. This cooler bag is another great promotional product that ensures your prospects and employees are showing off your brand in all new locations! And if you order this cooler before 6.25.18, you can save $50 using the code summer50 as part of our Splash Into Summer Sale (more details below).

Premium Mesh Beach Chair

The low-slung Premium Mesh Beach Chair is perfect for all your favorite summertime activities.  A padded headrest, armrests, and breathable mesh will keep you cool and comfortable, all while acting as a beach billboard for your brand!

Splash Into Summer Sale!

For more ideas, be sure to check out our Splash Into Summer Sale! Use the promo code summer50 at checkout for $50 off select products! This incredible offer ends 6.25.18 so hurry to order some of the best summer promotional products customized for your brand!


This summer, Myron is your source for creative promotional products that will enhance your brand.  From pens to tech, calendars to bags, you will keep your brand top of mind with the highest quality and affordable promo items from Myron.

Our favorite employee appreciation gift ideas and unique gift bundles

It’s no secret: unique gifts and signs of appreciation make employees feel valued, maybe even more than raises or positive performance reviews. Experienced HR professionals and wise managers have recognized the impact of meaningful gifts and recognition for years, and companies and industries are catching on to the power personal, high-quality gifts have to motivate, encourage, and retain employees.

The most common form of employee recognition gift is also the most obvious: employee service awards. And traditional employee service awards are still a great call, especially when they come in the form of genuinely useful gifts (thus the sharp rise in popularity for gifting technology items).

However, traditional service awards tend to only reward a small group of employees – your highest-performing, longest-serving rock stars. So, how do you find the right unique appreciation gifts (and gifting opportunities) for everyone else?

Here are three practical ideas for giving better employee appreciation gifts and for finding more opportunities to let everyone on your team know how much you care about them.

1. Give gift bundles: they’re practical, generous, and eliminate the guess work from gifting

Over years of supporting HR teams, managers, and recruiters, we’ve found that gift bundles are one of the most can’t-miss opportunities for employee gifts.

A bundle of multiple items allows you to maximize the usefulness and practical impact of your gift. It also demonstrates that you REALLY care about your employees: gift bundles don’t have to break the bank, but the feeling of receiving multiple items, thoughtfully packaged together, will resonate with your employees and help them see the gift as especially generous.

Gift bundles also have another hidden benefit: they make shopping for gifts easy! Rather than trying to narrow down all your options and decide between multiple appealing gifts, you can choose a gift bundle and give more than one item.

2. Don’t wait for an anniversary – give gifts at onboarding!

Everyone remembers their first days or weeks at a new job…and sometimes those memories can be stressful or unpleasant. Helping employees start off on the right foot and feel immediately welcomed into your culture is key to retention. Onboarding gifts also support an efficient, positive onboarding process. That’s why employee welcome gifts are one of our favorite (and most popular!) forms of employee appreciation gift.

Employee welcome gifts would pair well with a thoughtful card, a new plant or decoration for a new employee’s desk, or a “Welcome!” banner signed by your entire team. Also, welcome and onboarding gifts aren’t just for brand new employees. They’re a wonderful way to greet an employee coming back from medical leave, or an employee transitioning to a new role or new team. Whatever the context, these gifts help an employee truly feel welcomed (or welcomed back) in those crucial early days with your company.

3. Get creative about honoring different forms and styles of service

Most of the time, when employers and managers think about service awards or service recognition gifts, it’s only in terms of rewarding lengthy periods of service or recognizing anniversaries. These are certainly important moments for gifting and recognition, but service awards can be so much more than that.

Employees serve one another and your organization in so many ways, including some that are easy to overlook. What about the junior employee who helps their senior manager learn a new technology? How about the quiet leader who helps keep meetings moving along without ever formally taking charge? Think of the dedicated employees who put in extra hours to get a project across the finish line. Or the employee who always has a kind word, an easy smile, or an encouraging note. These – and so many more – forms of crucial service can easily be overlooked, but they don’t have to.

By paying attention to how your employees serve and thoughtfully selecting practical, high quality gifts to honor them, you can create a culture where everyone’s contributions are valued and many different forms of good work are celebrated.


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