Build Customer Loyalty With A Thoughtful Safety Giveaway

Tomahawk 6 safety functions

Is your customer experience designed to make people want to return to your business again and again? 

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. A thoughtful promotional gift can do just that, especially a custom safety product.

The Safety Multifunction Tool with Flashlight is a car tool kit essential that proves customer safety is a top priority for you. It’s an excellent way to remind customers you care about them. It also shows they can depend on your company in more ways than one.

It’s Like Six Tools In One!

  • LED flashlight: This custom flashlight has bold white LED bulbs that shine up to 700ft in distance—that’s enough to brighten any room!
  • Emergency light: The LED lights along the handle can be set to a red flashing signal. In a roadside emergency, these flashers work just like flares; they can alert that you need help, or warn passing cars to keep a safe distance.
  • Work light: The light along the handle can also serve as a work light! It can be set to shine in a steady white light for dim work spaces, both in or out of the home.
  • Seat belt escape tool: Being trapped in the car after an accident can be deadly. Seat belts can jam, but the blade on this tool is strong enough to cut through tough seat belt material with ease. It’s guarded with plastic so users won’t have to worry about cutting themselves.
  • Glass breaker: Sometimes getting out of the vehicle can require breaking a window. Fortunately, the pointed metal dome at the head of the flashlight is designed to shatter glass. All anyone needs to do is use it like a hammer.
  • Magnet: The built-in magnet can help mount the light to metal surfaces for hands-free use or may be used to retrieve small metal items, such as screws, when dropped.

This Tool Is Universally Useful

A tool that’s this helpful in an auto emergency is a great gift for anyone who buys a car from your dealership, gets their vehicle serviced at your repair shop, or receives instruction from your driving school.

It will enhance your customer experience, and encourage positive word of mouth in a world where 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over traditional advertising.

A gift this practical is also ideal for employees or special customers within any business industry. Emergency preparedness is a universal concern, and anyone is bound to appreciate the company that helps them stay prepared.

Previous Clients Say This

This is a great gift for customers who deserve “a little more” than the typical gifts I provide. They love to keep them in their cars.

James, Business Owner

I give this item to my close friends and good clients. The flashlight is a great value and well received.

Sonny, Business Owner

I was very impressed with this product. The quality is top notch.

Pam, HR Manager

With your laser-engraved imprint, this amazing safety flashlight becomes a wonderful way to remind customers they’re valued; and customers who feel valued are more likely to be customers who return.

3 ways to market your construction company

If you’ve started a new construction company or are looking to attract new customers to your existing business, you’re probably thinking about ramping up your marketing efforts. However, advertising for a service-based industry like construction is different than marketing a physical product. To make the most of your budget, consider using these strategies to spread the word about your company.

1. Promotional products
A great promotional product can help build brand awareness and gain an advantage over competitors. Choose an object that’s related to your services and people could use regularly. Some good examples are a Color Connect Custom Tape Measure with your name and logo on it or a Seven Function Sure Grip Pocket Knife. Potential customers will use these objects when they’re doing work around the house, and when they decide to redo their kitchen or build a new porch, your company will be the first one that comes to mind. recommended buying promotional magnets, like the Tools of the Trade Promo Magnet, and sticking them on the back of your truck. This way people will see them when you’re driving around town, and you’ll always have them with you to give to potential clients.

2. Referral rewards
Another effective marketing strategy is to implement a reward system for customer referrals. A lot of your business will come from word of mouth, so it’s a good idea to encourage happy clients to tell their friends about your business. The standard practice is to offer a small discount when they give you a referral, as the cost will be offset by the new business. However, you can get creative with your reward system and offer add-on services, gift certificates to local businesses or anything else you can think of.

3. Chamber of Commerce
Finally, don’t forget to register your company with the local chamber of commerce. It’s usually free or inexpensive to join, and Small Town Marketing explained that it’s a common resource for residents looking for services. If you work in a number of different towns, list your name in their different chambers. It’s less expensive than a traditional advertisement and will help build brand awareness with your potential clients. Many organizations will feature a “company of the month,” so find out what you can do to earn the title.

Promotional gifts by industry: Construction

Some entities may feel it’s not as easy for them to find suitable promotional products as it is for people in other industries. They might think that their industry or specific business doesn’t have anything related to its products or services it could distribute to consumers. They want to distribute something for free that would create a lasting, visible impression on people and might also improve corporate identity among the general public. That’s where creative promotional products can be of great help to companies of any kind, emblazoning an entity’s name, logo and other information on products of all varieties in a way that makes a lasting memento of the business’ worth.

The construction sector is one segment of the corporate world that may struggle to find its own promo items to tie into operations. Despite what some in the business might think, there are plenty of options for finding compelling giveaway products.

Utility in freebies
An obvious aspect of the construction industry is its dedication to providing building materials, tools and labor to make any project dream a reality. In that vein, offering promo items to consumers that help them get the job done will help these clients draw the connection between a handy device and the kind of quality service they can expect from the business that issued it.

Myron’s offerings include several kinds of multi-tools that fold up and slip into a pocket or serve as a keychain. This will ensure that a person always has a bit of the company’s message on him or her at all times, creating mobile advertising, and each time it is put to use that individual will draw a stronger connection between the company and positive results.

Pocket knives and magnifier keychains also help get specialized tasks done while holding keys or jotting down memos. Some include corkscrews and bottle openers, making them the perfect addition to a company event or personal party. All of these devices come in a variety of colors, and with plenty of space on the sides for brand logos and names, which makes these multi-tools and pocket knives great marketing implements for construction companies.

Tools of all sizes
On a larger scale, some firms know that the most logical conclusions are often the easiest to draw. Rather than simply relying on the name of a company to get the message across, these entities prefer to give away promotional products that express the kind of service the business wants to render. For those kinds of corporations, Mryon has a variety of full-sized, functional tools that can be stamped with a business moniker and offer a taste of the construction industry.

Tape measures and tool kits provide ample space to emblazon corporate advertising, and each time a consumer needs to fix a leak or measure a space, that person will reach for a promotional giveaway item with the firm’s name on it. These tools range in size and capability from pens with interchangeable screw heads to full-scale kits with a variety of different wrenches, drivers and other implements. Some even include multi-faceted functions, like tape measures with a leveler built right into the face, so the user sees both if they are on the mark and the company that gave them the tool at the same time.

Finding items that complement the construction industry is made easier with Myron’s lineup of corporate promo giveaways. For interested firms, it’s only a matter of picking the color and level of function they want their potential customers to associate with their operations.

Promotional product ideas for the outdoorsy craftsman

Now that summer has officially arrived, many men and women will be spending quite a bit of time indulging in their favorite outdoor activities. With those activities comes a host of potential problems that can easily be addressed using the right tools, whether a tire loses pressure during a long country drive or simple repairs are required while bike riding. Here are some of the best promotional products that function as useful tools for those customers who love the rugged outdoors.

Pocket knives
No outdoor enthusiast should leave the house without this trusty multi-tool. Promotional pocket knives are valuable treasures for many who enjoy a vigorous lifestyle and will consequently be kept for a long time, just in case they’re ever needed.

Tire gauges
The most conscientious bike riders and long-distance drivers always want to know that their tires are fully pressurized. A promotional tire gauge is always useful and can be kept in a glove box or backpack for whenever trouble arrives.

LED flashlights
One of the worst-case scenarios for summer travel in the great outdoors is car trouble at night. This is an unpleasant and dangerous situation to be in, whether one can fix minor engine glitches or not. With a promotional LED flashlight, some work can still be done and a trip may ultimately be salvaged.

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