Are Employee Gifts Tax-Deductible?

When tax season rolls around, are you scouring your books to make sure you’re collecting every deduction that you’re due? Some 30% of small businesses today believe they overpay on their taxes because they miss out on valuable deductions. 

Gifts to employees are a recurring expense for most business owners. Expenses throughout the year, such as branded drinkware or apparel for new employees, holiday gifts, and raffle prizes can easily be forgotten or go unnoticed when it’s time to file.

With all of that in mind, the question stands: Are employee gifts tax-deductible?

Like with many questions related to tax deductions, the answer is yes but with some caveats. At Myron, we offer an expansive catalog of employee gifts for any occasion. Keeping track of these throughout the year will prep you for next season. Read on to learn more about the rules, exceptions, and which gifts qualify to be tax-deductible. 

The Rules 

It starts with a restriction on the amount you can deduct. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to deduct employee gifts up to $25 per gift recipient. This limit applies for the duration of the tax year. Note that the $25 cap applies to business gifts that you have given both indirectly and directly. For example, if you and your spouse gave gifts to the same person, you are both treated as a single taxpayer. 

Gifts that fall under this umbrella must be tangible items and don’t include activities or gestures such as taking an employee out for coffee or lunch. Eligible gift items must be separate from the employee’s gross income. Cash or gift cards are not considered eligible items.

Now that you understand the general rules, what do you need in order to record the deductions?

The IRS requires you to keep documentation of any gift to receive the deduction. Keep the receipts as they accumulate throughout the year, as you will need to show a record of the amounts spent on gifts.  Also make sure to note the business purpose the gift serves — when it comes to tax deductions, the IRS wants to know that this expense was value-driven. 

The Exceptions

So, what are the caveats?

The IRS allows wiggle room above the $25 limit for things like packaging and engraving, given that they provide value to the gift. If you purchase your employee an engraved plaque, for example, you can deduct the $25 for the plaque, and up to $100 on the engraving service. 

The engraving service is considered an incidental expense, as are things like packaging, wrapping, and shipping costs. 

Gift Ideas You Can Deduct

Since you receive a tax credit for your employee gift, use some discernment to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Having a game plan for the gifts you select will not only ensure that you are choosing thoughtful gifts, but also will give you the chance to record the unique purpose of each gift ahead of time.

As an example, pens and notepads are excellent gifts for new employee onboarding. On average, new employees complete 54 tasks during their onboarding processes. Having a company-branded pen and notepad is a highly practical and useful way of saying “Welcome to the team.”

Here are some practical pens and pads you can explore as valuable business gift solutions for your employees and record in advance of tax season:

Pens and pads aside, think outside the box when gifting your employees. You can find an array of impactful gifts for any of your employees while easily staying within the $25 limit. 

Here are some other gift options to consider:

  • A new coffee mug for employees to enjoy coffee daily or specialty beverages like  hot chocolate when the weather gets colder
  • A laptop bag that lets them travel efficiently and attend meetings in style
  • A master planning calendar to celebrate a new promotion
  • New sunglasses to get ready for team outings in the sunshine
  • Durable plastic water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day

Shop for the Best Tax-deductible Gifts

The employee gift tax deduction has been around since 1962, yet it’s a credit that many business owners don’t know about. With a bit of organization and attention to detail, you can take advantage of the business gifts you distribute throughout the year and ensure you get what you are owed when tax season comes around. 
Need more tax-deductible gift ideas? Check out some of our best sellers to get started.

5 Tips To Create a Superior Digital Customer Experience

Gaining a competitive advantage over the rest of your industry is both one of the thrills of running a business and a necessary part of your company’s survival. It all starts with getting to know your target audience. 

You can increase your revenue by 80% by focusing on customer experience (CX) alone. Your digital customer experience refers to every interaction potential clients have with your brand online. 

This is why it’s crucial to keep potential clientele incentivized to continue engaging with your brand. Myron has top-quality branded products that can help you engage users as you learn what makes them tick. Let these tips guide you as you look to create the superior digital customer experience that your business deserves.

1. Go mobile-first

In the United States, 85% of people have smartphones. Members of your target market are far more likely today to stumble across your brand on their iPhone rather than their desktop or laptop computer. 

Here are some mobile-first strategies to consider:

  • Research and use local search engine optimization (SEO) keywords
  • Optimize for voice search
  • Garner feedback from the mobile website and in-app surveys

Prioritizing smartphone traffic is an increasingly common and necessary practice in a web-centric world, as we continue transitioning to new digital horizons such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the blockchain, and other Web 3.0 tech. 

2. Focus on consistency

Anyone who is considering your brand needs to know that you’re consistent above all else. Having a similar tone, voice, color scheme, and presentation across all digital channels helps consumers to connect to and remember your brand throughout the decision-making process.

With your social media campaigns, focus on the brand mission and make sure it resonates with the same messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram, and other platforms. Use these platforms as a chance to host giveaways, contests, and other value-driven interactions with your potential and existing customer base. As often as you can, strive to cultivate opportunities to move their interest in your digital presence to something tangible. If you use branded items to market to consumers, place your logo in a prominent position and be sure to choose only quality, durable products. 

Here are examples of promotional swag items that achieve results:

3. Leverage customer loyalty and e-mail marketing strategies

Putting careful thought into lead generation and retention strategies helps to create a superior digital experience. Start collecting e-mail addresses when you process sales, sign up subscribers or give out free information such as downloadable informational content. Providing value for people upfront encourages them to opt-in to your loyalty program, resulting in an open channel for you to market to them on a regular basis.

Roughly 80% of companies heavily rely on e-mail for customer retention. Loyalty programs provide discounts and up-to-date news and promotions and help you stay on consumers’ minds. 

4. Use analytics research

Add some science to your brand’s digital experience by embracing analytics. Data analytics makes up a $231 billion industry because companies find it so valuable. 

Analytics software will help you research the most important key performance indicators for your online business, such as:

  • Page Views
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Net Emotion Score
  • Average Revenue Per Customer
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

Understanding these metrics will inform everything from the multimedia you use to your choice of keywords and calls to action. 

5. Personalize whenever possible

When in doubt, personalize. We’re all bombarded with noise in our online experiences, so creating a valuable, unique experience for individuals is what helps you stand out.

Personalization keeps value at the forefront, holds people’s attention, and builds an emotional connection. This can be done in simple, but effective ways. With e-mail marketing, for example, program your platform to use your recipient’s first name in the subject lines.

Use freebies as part of your marketing strategy when you can, including sign-up forms or opportunities for users to receive tangible items after engaging with your digital channels. There are many ways to personalize promotional gift solutions. You can select custom colors or include your prospect’s name on ink pens, t-shirts, hats, and other branded items.

Focus on creating a high-quality digital customer experience 

In an increasingly digital-focused world, the online experience for your customers must measure up to their expectations.

You can strike gold in the form of increased sales, retention, and profits when you focus on the digital customer experience. The tips above will help you focus on strategies that set you apart from competitors by translating users from curious online searchers to long-term business partners.

How much should you spend on employee gifts?

Gift-giving is an age-old tradition that promotes harmony and establishes strong relationships. Giving gifts to employees helps them feel appreciated and seen as a member of your team. But there is a way to go about it that ensures that everyone is happy without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to answer the question we’re all asking, ‘how much should you spend on employee gifts?’

What are the best gifts to give?

Psychologically the two best types of gifts to give are experiential gifts and personalized promotional gifts. These gifts create memories that last a lifetime. These make people feel special and foster a sense of belonging.

As an employer, it’s difficult to offer experiential gifts on a regular basis, especially if you have a very large team. These gifts are best held as events every 4-6 months. Personalized gifts are easier to offer when you want to show your team some appreciation. They also come in handy during team events. 

Our website offers small items that you can engrave to personalize like keychains, awards, and stainless steel water bottles.

In a survey by Office Depot, 80% of employees believed it was the thought behind a gift that mattered most. This means, as long as your intention is to offer something unique that you believe employees will love, you can’t go wrong with your gift. 

How much should you spend on employee gifts?

The amount you spend on gifts for your employees depends on how many employees you have and your relationship with each. Gifts that are too budget/economical may come across as impersonal or “cheap.” Gifts that are very expensive may inadvertently make employees uncomfortable.  

Typically you want to spend more than $25 per employee but less than $100. An exception to this is for team members you work closely with like an assistant or other management. This price range offers a myriad of quality options that still fall within your company budget. 

Our website makes it easy to shop 100s of branded gifts for your team by product or price range. From kitchen items to health and wellness gear, you’ll find something for everyone in one spot.

Gifts to Avoid 

Avoid gifts that are overly personal like body care products, perfumes, lotions, etc. Gifts that are for an individual employee however may be different. For example, you may want to get a personal or heartfelt gift for a retiring employee, as a wedding gift, or as a baby shower gift. In these circumstances, customized gifts are welcome and more accepted. 

You also want to avoid getting gifts that suit some employees but not others. For example, we carry an assortment of golf-related promotional gifts. All of your employees may not be into golf. In these situations, you should consider gifts that will be beloved by many. Alternatively, you may opt for a gift everyone can use like notebooks, planners, and pens. 

Gift giving is a time to show employees that you value them. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do that but you do want to take price into consideration. If you have a smaller team, you can spend more and offer more personalized touches and consider higher-priced options. For large teams nearing 100+ employees, it’s reasonable to spend less. In those cases, less expensive items with your logo and their name engraved can go a long way to creating a sense of belonging. How much do you spend on employee gifts?

The Best Custom Promotional Tumbler For Your Business

The Himalayan tumbler i's made of stainless steel

Do you know just how many impressions promotional drinkware can generate throughout its lifetime? 1400. Personalized tumblers are well worth the investment!

For any company or organization searching for custom tumbler ideas, the Himalayan Tumbler is truly top tier. It can be customized in a variety of ways, from the color of the product to the color of your logo, so you get a business gift that perfectly represents your company and connects with your audience.

What Makes the Himalayan Tumbler So Special?

  • The Material: It’s made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is food-safe, BPA free, and durable enough to withstand everyday use. It doesn’t dent or crack as easily as other materials can, so drops are less of an issue. Simply put, custom stainless steel tumblers like the Himalayan are top-quality business giveaways.
  • The Insulation: The Himalayan Tumbler has a double wall design with vacuum insulation and a copper lining to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours! The double wall construction not only helps with insulation, it works to prevent condensation too, so customers won’t have to worry about water on their desks or in cup holders.
  • Travel-friendly Design: To top it all off, the Himalayan Tumbler has a spill-resistant lid with an easy slide opening for drinking. It can be used at home, at work, or anywhere in between. Such an easily-portable gift makes sure your custom logo or message is constantly being introduced in new spaces. Whenever and wherever it’s used, your company’s custom imprint will be noticed by both existing and prospective customers.

Create Your Own Promotional Tumbler

  • Several color options: The Himalayan Tumbler is available in several classic colors, including silver, black and red, to create a beautiful gift that complements your existing logo design.
  • Add your custom imprint: We offer a single-color imprint on any one of these promotional stainless steel tumblers, or a full-color imprint on the silver style to attract even more attention.

With Myron, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you’re sure to get a promo gift that meets your needs.

You’ll Benefit from A Versatile Business Gift

There are a number of ways to incorporate this custom insulated tumbler into your promotional schedule.

  • For customers: It makes a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. It’s well-made and offers lasting quality to remind recipients every day that they’re valued.
  • For employees: Employee appreciation is important to the success of your business, too. The Himalayan Tumbler can be used to celebrate teams or individuals and keep morale high. You might present it as a work from home gift, or use it to welcome employees back to the office.

However you choose to use this promotional insulated tumbler, it will boost your recognition and awareness, and help you build better relationships with your customers and employees.

Build Customer Loyalty With A Thoughtful Safety Giveaway

Tomahawk 6 safety functions

Is your customer experience designed to make people want to return to your business again and again? 

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. A thoughtful promotional gift can do just that, especially a custom safety product.

The Safety Multifunction Tool with Flashlight is a car tool kit essential that proves customer safety is a top priority for you. It’s an excellent way to remind customers you care about them. It also shows they can depend on your company in more ways than one.

It’s Like Six Tools In One!

  • LED flashlight: This custom flashlight has bold white LED bulbs that shine up to 700ft in distance—that’s enough to brighten any room!
  • Emergency light: The LED lights along the handle can be set to a red flashing signal. In a roadside emergency, these flashers work just like flares; they can alert that you need help, or warn passing cars to keep a safe distance.
  • Work light: The light along the handle can also serve as a work light! It can be set to shine in a steady white light for dim work spaces, both in or out of the home.
  • Seat belt escape tool: Being trapped in the car after an accident can be deadly. Seat belts can jam, but the blade on this tool is strong enough to cut through tough seat belt material with ease. It’s guarded with plastic so users won’t have to worry about cutting themselves.
  • Glass breaker: Sometimes getting out of the vehicle can require breaking a window. Fortunately, the pointed metal dome at the head of the flashlight is designed to shatter glass. All anyone needs to do is use it like a hammer.
  • Magnet: The built-in magnet can help mount the light to metal surfaces for hands-free use or may be used to retrieve small metal items, such as screws, when dropped.

This Tool Is Universally Useful

A tool that’s this helpful in an auto emergency is a great gift for anyone who buys a car from your dealership, gets their vehicle serviced at your repair shop, or receives instruction from your driving school.

It will enhance your customer experience, and encourage positive word of mouth in a world where 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over traditional advertising.

A gift this practical is also ideal for employees or special customers within any business industry. Emergency preparedness is a universal concern, and anyone is bound to appreciate the company that helps them stay prepared.

Previous Clients Say This

This is a great gift for customers who deserve “a little more” than the typical gifts I provide. They love to keep them in their cars.

James, Business Owner

I give this item to my close friends and good clients. The flashlight is a great value and well received.

Sonny, Business Owner

I was very impressed with this product. The quality is top notch.

Pam, HR Manager

With your laser-engraved imprint, this amazing safety flashlight becomes a wonderful way to remind customers they’re valued; and customers who feel valued are more likely to be customers who return.

5 Marketing tips for Navigating COVID-19

Marketing Tips during COVID-19

With the recent news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, like most business owners you are probably facing some tough decisions and even tougher times. Many are left wondering:  What should I tell my customers? Should I close temporarily? How do I show that my business cares without seeming insincere? Or, What can I do with all the promotional products I have, now that the event is cancelled?

If the recent rise in fear and precaution is having a negative effect on your business, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is this won’t last forever. In the meantime, you can still market smartly and make the most of your promotional budget—no large crowds needed.

Here are some ideas that will help keep your brand thriving during this unusual time:

1. Provide Work-From-Home Essentials for Employees

With the push to self-isolate, it’s pretty clear that business can’t go on as usual—but it can still go on. Employees across the nation are preparing to work from home, and you can help by providing some essentials to make their home office feel complete. Consider gifts to lighten the mood, such as earplugs to block out noise from the children, and helpful items, like the Gavle Paper Mousepad so they can organize their days in the most productive way. You might even throw in a nice quality pen they can use while working. Not only will your gift be helpful, but it can also boost morale.

2. Send Gifts To Your Customers

Just because people are isolating doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build strong relationships with your customers. Promotional products can help you do that. Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promo products versus internet ads. Send them a small gift with a note and customers will feel valued. It can be something fun and useful like a MopTopper pen that’s handy with all the touchscreen devices they’ll be using while at home. Simply show a little compassion to your customers during this time and it will go a long way. Strong customer relationships lead to better loyalty and retention rates. When the health scare is over and everything returns to normal, they’ll remember your brand for taking the time to care.

3. Run An Online Contest

As you might expect the recent influx of news coupled with the closures of offices, schools and other places, has lead to an uptick in social media use. Your digital presence is more important now than ever. Your offices or storefront may be closed, but you can keep your audience engaged with something fun that drives interaction. Why not run an online contest with custom giveaways people want, like an insulated tumbler or a wireless power bank that keeps smartphones and tablets running strong. It’s a great time to give your customers a little escape from all the headlines.

4. Turn Cancellations Into Opportunities

Maybe you had to cancel an event? Or maybe an event you were planning to attend was cancelled? Either way you’re missing out on the chance to network in-person. Try sending your cancellation notice with a clever gift, for instance a box of tissues and a message like “There’s no crying in business! We’re disappointed that the event was cancelled too, but your health and safety are more important. Stay well!” You might even remind them that the CDC recommends coughing and sneezing into a tissue and then throwing it away to reduce the spread of germs. Recipients will appreciate a thoughtful, relevant gift and a lighthearted moment in times like these.

5. Show You Understand

Overall, remember empathy is key, especially now. Communicate with your customers and employees and attempt to serve them as best you can. Be accommodating with cancelled orders, appointments or plans, and allow employees the flexibility to do what they feel is safest. It’s a confusing time for everyone, but if you look for thoughtful ways to make things easier on your customers and employees they’ll appreciate that it’s not all about sales and profits for you. Your business will be stronger because of it.

Bonus Tip: Organize a Fundraiser

Marketing is as much about building up your brand image as it is about promoting or selling your services. The good news is that customers today—especially Millennials and Gen Z—are drawn to brands that do some social good. Why not organize a fundraiser to help out during this health crisis? You can donate money to organizations that help provide medical supplies, or to organizations that are working to supply food to families and children in need. It’s a scary time for many businesses, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to do something that shows you care about more than just business. Just think, the sooner we get through this, the better we’ll all be. Start a fundraiser online and mail small promotional products, such as custom mugs or tote bags, to participants as a way of thanking them for their donations. We will never forget this time in our lives; you can make sure they never forget how your business stepped in to be part of the solution.

Ace this Back to School Season!

Back to School

It’s that time of year again, when we’re all returning from the beach and gearing up for another back to school season. If you’re thinking about great ways to rep your school or in need of some educational promotional products, now is the time to start planning and shopping! Whichever way you want to show your school spirit, we have a great selection of customizable products suitable for every grade that will make the perfect canvas for your logo or school mascot:

1. Promotional Classic Pencil

Nothing says back to school like a fresh, new pencil. The Promotional Classic Pencil is a great inexpensive option when you need a large quantity of giveaways. Consider handing them out at orientation or including them in a small gift bundle for students!

2. Foldable Lunch Sack

The Foldable Lunch Sack makes for a handy gift, whether you’re giving to grade school students or university students. On a busy school day, there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than good snacks and an insulated lunch sack that makes carrying those snacks extra convenient! With a vivid color selection, you’re sure to create a striking backdrop for your logo or match your school colors!

3. Hamar Ringbinder Notebook with Power bank

Starting off organized and prepared is key to every back to school season. This notebook takes preparation to the next level with a surprise 4000mAh power bank inside, perfect for charging your phone or other small electronics. Trust us when we say this will be a must-have for every high school or university student!

4. Wave Drawstring Backpack and Rally Towel

One of the most exciting aspects of back to school is the start of fall sports! Whether your students are athletes or prefer to cheer on their friends from the sidelines, up their school spirit with a drawstring backpack or a rally towel complete with the school mascot or logo. The Wave Drawstring Backpack is a stylish and useful bag for storing athletic wear that makes a perfect gift for athletes, while the Rally Towel is a fun gift to giveaway to the crowd at the start of a sporting event!

Make sure your promotional products get straight A’s this back to school season by ordering from Myron. With a massive selection of customizable products from notebooks to apparel and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron is the place for all of your academic promotional needs.

Auto Racing Promotional Products for NASCAR


Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and NASCAR is the premier league for professional drivers. NASCAR events have penetrated American popular culture to the point where Danica Patrick, one of its most successful competitors, was ranked one of the Top 7 female athletes in America in 2017. To put this into perspective, a NASCAR driver was searched more than superstars like Kobe Bryant, David Beckham and more.

A small business looking to capitalize on the NASCAR craze can easily implement a promotional advertising strategy to attract new customers using custom automotive themed giveaways. With important races like the Daytona 500 taking place in the spring, marketing managers can distribute promotional products with themes of specific teams and drivers. For example, a logo tote bag could feature a slogan like “Good luck at the Indianapolis 500!” a water bottle could say something more general like “NASCAR fans are the best!” or bright colored t-shirts could proclaim ‘The fastest cars and (Your Company Name) will see you at the Finish Line”.

As with every promotional campaign, business owners should make sure to provide quality gifts that stay within legal boundaries. While the NASCAR logo or likeness cannot be duplicated without express consent, images of racecars and other themes are perfectly acceptable. Using the right message combined with amazing promotional items from Myron, your company can broadcast a desirable brand image during the NASCAR season.

Show Your Appreciation this National Beautician’s Day

National Beautician's Day

June 26th is National Beautician’s Day

Ideas to celebrate National Beautician’s Day:

  1. Give your beautician a thank you card or small gift
  2. Outfit employees with a branded tote bag or cosmetic bag
  3. Reward beauticians with a gym membership or fitness gear
  4. Treat your staff to a party or team meal

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to the fabulous feeling after an appointment at the salon or spa. From hair styling to skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures and electrology, skilled technicians practice their craft every day to help customers revitalize their visible hair, skin, and nails, and their not-as-visible, but perhaps more important, self-confidence.  We all know that a fresh cut and color or even a trim to keep up a classic style can be quite a treat. And who doesn’t love a mani-pedi or relaxing facial? Plus having your makeup done before a big event will instantly lift your mood.

Personalized care in any form combined with luxury is, well, luxurious, and beauticians are the people who deliver that experience. Customers, salon owners, and anyone who cares about a beautician in their life can help celebrate their skills and long-lasting results this National Beautician’s Day with one or more of these ideas from Myron:

Thank you cards & gifts: Simple, yet effective!

It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback directly from customers. Since most clients probably aren’t aware of the upcoming national day, facilitate gestures of appreciation for employees with Thank You Cards. Find a discrete way to offer them to each customer, then collect the completed cards to distribute on June 26 with flowers, a custom coffee mug, or chocolates. Employees will have tangible evidence of their skill and caring nature to reference whenever they like.

Bags & Totes: Carry it with you

Organize gift bags for employees that allow them to show off their pride in the company. Start with a tote bag that they can use repeatedly, whether as a work bag or for an afternoon off enjoying the summer weather. Include a sweet fashion cosmetic bag and fill it with personalized products like custom Dual Vanity Mirrors, custom Hand Sanitizers, 3 Way Promotional Emory Boards and Personalized Lip Balm, all fun accessories that fit the lifestyles of salon and spa employees.

Health & Fitness Gifts: Work it out

Beautician roles are often quite physical with long hours of standing. Help your staff stay healthy with discounted gym memberships. This gift promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves their self-esteem and confidence. Include a custom sports bottle with the membership to keep them hydrated through every workout.

Meals & Celebrations: Food is love

Close down shop early one night and host a small party or celebration for the employees in honor of National Beautician’s Day. Or take the whole group out for a meal. If evenings aren’t feasible, how about a lengthy lunch? Gatherings like these not only show your appreciation to your staff, but they are great way for employees to get to know and bond with owners, supervisors and managers.


June 26 is National Beautician’s Day, a time to show appreciation for cosmetologists, hair dressers, aestheticians, spa employees, barbers and the like. It’s important to acknowledge the effort and attention they put into their clients’ appearances. These industry specialists help customers feel their most attractive, which in turn boosts their confidence. A beautician blends their expertise with a customer’s vision. They integrate customer service and creativity to brighten the days of each and every client. Customers and beauticians often develop strong blonds, talking about their personal lives, family matters, romantic situations, and work dilemmas. As National Beautician’s Day grows closer, don’t forget to show appreciation for the hardworking hairdressers, nail artists, barbers, stylists, cosmeticians, and spa employees on their unofficial holiday.


How to grow your tax preparation business


If you’re a tax professional, April is one of your busiest months. According to the IRS, roughly 60% of taxpayers paid for professional help last year. This means that your clients will be on the phone and at your office non-stop until the deadline is reached. However after the buzz of tax season dies down, how do you make sure your business stays top-of-mind with existing and potential clients year round?

You can give excellent advice on managing tax liability and preparing impeccable tax returns but when it comes to promoting your business you could use a hand. Here are some marketing suggestions to help you grow and diversify your practice this year:

Send out a newsletter
Send an informative newsletter every month to all your contacts. Make sure your newsletter includes timely advice for readers. For example, focus on tips related to Christmas bonuses and holiday expenses in December. If you operate in a small community make sure to include information about local events and triumphs in addition to tax advice.

If you are just starting to build your practice, consider buying a client list of local businesses and include a coupon offering a free consultation. If you are using the mail, you can also send out a small promotional gift such as an imprinted pen or imprinted sticky note pad for a memorable touch.

Give back to the community
Volunteering for a food drive, sponsoring the little league team or organizing an event for your favorite charity are all ways of giving back. When people get to know you as an active member of their community they are more likely to trust you with their business.

Create a referral program
Referral programs take time but produce surprisingly positive results. Offer existing clients money off your services or attractive gifts for every new client they refer to you. Depending on the type of clients you cater to, gift options can range from gift cards to promotional drinkware and promotional apparel.

Become an industry expert
There are many ways of achieving this goal. You can teach a class at the local college or adult night school. You can be a guest speaker for the local chamber of commerce, give an interview about tax related subjects to local radio and TV shows, or even create your own podcast. These type of activities will build your reputation as an expert and give exposure to your practice.

Remember that it’s never too early to start. Don’t wait until tax season has arrived to advertise your services. You want potential clients to have you in their minds before their tax needs arise. Whether it be emails, flyers, professional conferences or appreciation gifts, promoting your business is key to guaranteeing profitability throughout the year.

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