5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

5 Corporate Gift & Award Ideas for Employee Recognition

As an employer, the relationships you build with your employees are the most important ones. Taking every opportunity to recognize their efforts and performance will make them feel valued and cherished. 

Just 36% of workers in the United States are engaged at work on any given day. Engagement in this study was measured by factors like opportunities for professional development, clear expectations from the employer, and whether they feel their opinions are valued. Employee recognition gifts and awards can boost engagement and make people feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

What Happens When You Give Employee Gifts?

Companies often purchase corporate and promotional gifts to give out at banquets, team bonding outings, holiday gatherings, or to remind employees that they are appreciated. Corporate gifts and awards are an excellent way to build lasting and meaningful work relationships.

When you purchase customized gifts to recognize employees, you:

  • Motivate everyone in the company to achieve more
  • Improve the morale of the workplace
  • Express gratitude to the people that keep your business running smoothly
  • Lower the rate of employee turnover
  • Foster more creativity and productivity
  • Open the floor for valuable conversations and feedback by creating a more open environment

Choose Gifts That Make an Impact

At Myron, we sell quality branded products that can reward and incentivize your employees. While traditional awards, such as engraved plaques, can be used to show appreciation, consider something different. Gifting your employees with something practical they can take with them and use on a regular basis will go a long way. Here are some ideas that you and your employees will love. 

1. Branded Company Apparel and Accessories

Apparel and accessories with your company’s branding on them increase your business’ brand recognition in a fun and expressive way.

Here are some examples of what can go in a branded apparel and accessory gift pack: 

Apparel with your brand colors and a motivational phrase of affirmation can provide motivation and inspiration for your employees.

Items like these get regular use by employees, which keeps the organization’s mission and affirmation at the top of their minds. Research-backed studies also show that self-affirmed employees are more receptive to their errors, which means they’re better able to correct them. 

Create your branded apparel with company values in mind, and it’ll offer inspiration and motivation that leads to happy employees. In turn, they’ll perform better and find more purpose and fulfillment in their time working for you. 

2. Custom Metal Pens

Fancy pens and business deals go hand-in-hand. Companies go out of their way to bring out beautifully-designed custom metal pens whenever a critical contract is on the table. They’re perfect keepsakes for new employees, employees receiving a promotion, or they can be combined with an employee recognition certificate. 

These are the types of pens that don’t get lost in the mix of the junk drawer. Your recipient will go out of their way to take care of the pen and use it, particularly if they regularly journal or brainstorm. 

Here are some custom pen options you can reward your standout employees with:

Browse different color options, decide which font is best, and choose a laser engraving style that is legible and attention-grabbing. Myron has a wide variety of these pens, and you can get them in quantities of 50 to 1,000. 

3. Personalized Drinkware

Professionals that work in offices for 40-plus hours are usually creatures of habit. They even have routines about the fluids they drink each day. A coffee drinker likely has a favorite brew. Avid water drinkers probably have a favorite thermos they use to count their ounces. 

Glassware is a popular gift because of its versatility. It’s used to celebrate, unwind, and commemorate special moments, but it can also become a staple in your employees’ everyday lives. Gifting your employee’s drinkware lets you say thank you in a useful way.

 Here are some options your employees will appreciate:

In-office drinkware helps to keep your employees in the game. Coffee is a cognitive enhancer that promotes brain activity, focus, and creativity. Plus, staying hydrated prevents brain fog and enhances mood. In-office drinkware, such as coffee mugs and water tumblers, can help you enjoy your morning coffee and then hydrate throughout the workday. 

Add a name, award, or personal touch to the drinkware, and it’ll quickly become a favorite item for your employees. Quality branded drinkware will also have features like vacuum sealing and materials that preserve the temperature and freshness of the beverage. 

4. Tech Gifts and Gadgets

In a tech-centric world, you can’t go wrong with gadget gifts. These gifts are easy to use immediately, whether for work or recreation. 

These tech-centric gifts are excellent for employee recognition:

People check their devices several times throughout the day. Gadgets with your logo, colors, and company name create brand loyalty with little effort. The amount of use these devices get from the average person creates unlimited opportunities to make connections. 

5. Individual Hobby Gifts 

Knowing your employees is the key to finding the right gift that suits them best. Personal gifts are often more touching because they’re specific to someone’s lifestyle and show you went above and beyond to recognize them as an individual.

Consider your employee’s hobbies and interests outside of work, and shop the items they’ll love. To gather this information upfront, you can make a hobby section part of your employee’s intake form or start a spreadsheet where they input their interests. Also, getting to know the team’s individual interests can make a great topic for a Zoom meeting. 

Here are some great hobby and lifestyle gift ideas:

No matter how small the item is, getting things a person loves makes it a gift from the heart that they won’t forget. 

Strengthen Your Business Through Employee Recognition

Developing soft skills like relationship building is essential to thriving in business. When you understand how to connect with the people in your company, your employees will feel recognized and will be motivated to contribute more to the team. 
Myron is here to help you do that every step of the way. Whether you have a small team of 500+ employees, our corporate gifts and awards will ensure that they all feel like #1. Shop our inventory of business gifts for any occasion to get started.

Our favorite employee appreciation gift ideas and unique gift bundles

It’s no secret: unique gifts and signs of appreciation make employees feel valued, maybe even more than raises or positive performance reviews. Experienced HR professionals and wise managers have recognized the impact of meaningful gifts and recognition for years, and companies and industries are catching on to the power personal, high-quality gifts have to motivate, encourage, and retain employees.

The most common form of employee recognition gift is also the most obvious: employee service awards. And traditional employee service awards are still a great call, especially when they come in the form of genuinely useful gifts (thus the sharp rise in popularity for gifting technology items).

However, traditional service awards tend to only reward a small group of employees – your highest-performing, longest-serving rock stars. So, how do you find the right unique appreciation gifts (and gifting opportunities) for everyone else?

Here are three practical ideas for giving better employee appreciation gifts and for finding more opportunities to let everyone on your team know how much you care about them.

1. Give gift bundles: they’re practical, generous, and eliminate the guess work from gifting

Over years of supporting HR teams, managers, and recruiters, we’ve found that gift bundles are one of the most can’t-miss opportunities for employee gifts.

A bundle of multiple items allows you to maximize the usefulness and practical impact of your gift. It also demonstrates that you REALLY care about your employees: gift bundles don’t have to break the bank, but the feeling of receiving multiple items, thoughtfully packaged together, will resonate with your employees and help them see the gift as especially generous.

Gift bundles also have another hidden benefit: they make shopping for gifts easy! Rather than trying to narrow down all your options and decide between multiple appealing gifts, you can choose a gift bundle and give more than one item.

2. Don’t wait for an anniversary – give gifts at onboarding!

Everyone remembers their first days or weeks at a new job…and sometimes those memories can be stressful or unpleasant. Helping employees start off on the right foot and feel immediately welcomed into your culture is key to retention. Onboarding gifts also support an efficient, positive onboarding process. That’s why employee welcome gifts are one of our favorite (and most popular!) forms of employee appreciation gift.

Employee welcome gifts would pair well with a thoughtful card, a new plant or decoration for a new employee’s desk, or a “Welcome!” banner signed by your entire team. Also, welcome and onboarding gifts aren’t just for brand new employees. They’re a wonderful way to greet an employee coming back from medical leave, or an employee transitioning to a new role or new team. Whatever the context, these gifts help an employee truly feel welcomed (or welcomed back) in those crucial early days with your company.

3. Get creative about honoring different forms and styles of service

Most of the time, when employers and managers think about service awards or service recognition gifts, it’s only in terms of rewarding lengthy periods of service or recognizing anniversaries. These are certainly important moments for gifting and recognition, but service awards can be so much more than that.

Employees serve one another and your organization in so many ways, including some that are easy to overlook. What about the junior employee who helps their senior manager learn a new technology? How about the quiet leader who helps keep meetings moving along without ever formally taking charge? Think of the dedicated employees who put in extra hours to get a project across the finish line. Or the employee who always has a kind word, an easy smile, or an encouraging note. These – and so many more – forms of crucial service can easily be overlooked, but they don’t have to.

By paying attention to how your employees serve and thoughtfully selecting practical, high quality gifts to honor them, you can create a culture where everyone’s contributions are valued and many different forms of good work are celebrated.


4 ways to celebrate your employees this quarter

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is one of the fastest and most effective ways that small business owners can ensure their staff remains loyal and actively engaged with the company. There are many initiatives these executives can undertake to show workers just how much they care, from implementing officewide programs to promoting employee wellness to providing staff members with small gifts to show their gratitude.

If you’re looking for a reason to throw a celebration in honor of your employees, look no further than the end of the business quarter, which provides ample opportunity for exciting and engaging initiatives. Whether you’re thinking about hosting a party for the entire business or you feel as though your employees would benefit from more from tangible items, there are many ways to honor workers during this time.

1. Host a creative celebration
For the past three months, your employees have dedicated a great deal of time, energy and resources to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. Honor their efforts by throwing a celebration tailored to their interests. Before picking a location, such as a nice restaurant or bowling alley, survey your workers to discover which activities they enjoy. Would they have fun lounging in the outdoors and talking with their friends, or would they prefer a more hands-on activity to complete with coworkers? Once you gauged the interest of your employee base, start planning a festive celebration that pertains to their desires.

2. Distribute tokens of appreciation
Employee recognition is paramount to success, as workers who feel valued by employers are more likely to stay loyal to the company and produce higher quality work. According to an infographic from Officevibe, employees and office managers alike understand the benefits provided by appreciation programs. The source noted that 46 percent of managers think of these initiatives as an investment instead of an expense, while employee engagement increased by 60 percent among organizations with effective recognition programs.

One of the best ways to show workers how valuable they are to the company is by providing them with a tangible gift, such as an item tailored to employee recognition. These incentives can be performance-based, rewarding employees who have hit impressive numbers during the quarter, or officewide, ensuring that all workers have promotional products to take home. Employers looking for a simple gift to distribute among workers should consider the 14 Oz. Promotional Wave Mug, which prominently displays the brand on its side. Alternatively, those seeking a more high-end option for top performers may consider the Status Crystal Clock.

3. Have a company spirit week
In lieu of a companywide quarterly celebration – or to supplement one – consider dedicating an entire week to honoring your employees. Transport workers back to their high school years and ask them to participate in an old-fashioned spirit week, dedicating each day to one specific theme. Your organization can choose traditional options, such as pajama day or opposite day, or they can pick themes tailored to the individual company. As part of your week-long celebration, be sure to host a series of friendly contests among workers, providing small promotional products as prizes to the victors.

4. Present employees with a challenge
As you honor your staff for the hard work they’ve completed during the quarter, use this time to present them with a challenge for the next. Whether you prefer asking employees to set personal goals for themselves or you would like to undertake a companywide challenge – such as reaching a specific selling benchmark or participating in healthier initiatives as a whole – there are many avenues to consider. Be sure to set a prize for the end of the challenge, as this may further motivate workers to participate.

Reward employees on Work Like a Dog Day

While many holidays are meant to give employees time off from work, others serve for recognizing the efforts of truly dedicated contributors. One such day arrives on August 5, as Holiday Insights explains that date is Work Like a Dog Day.

On this holiday, employers are supposed to reward their staff members for their dogged determination and commitment to doing excellent work every single day. Small business owners should watch their teams carefully over the next few weeks to determine who is putting forth the best effort leading up to Work Like a Dog Day.

The ideal way to celebrate this holiday is to distribute personalized business gifts to dedicated staff members. Custom presents like pens, tote bags and calendars show employees that their bosses are paying attention and appreciate such hard work.

Giving away small tokens might not seem like a grand gesture, but it can go a long way toward retaining top talent. By handing out gifts, small business owners are demonstrating that they care about their contributors, which will lead to strengthened relationships. Ultimately, celebrating Work Like a Dog Day is a great strategy for thanking employees for all the hard work they do.

Combat employee turnover with personalized business gifts

Small business owners have to do everything in their power to prevent their best employees from resigning. If a great staff member quits, the company might experience diminished productivity and lowered morale until a replacement is found.

Additionally, the American Association of Retired Persons explains that enterprises have to cover the costs of training for new hires, which eats into the bottom line. What’s more, there are additional recruiting expenses, including referral bonuses, relocation benefits and the price of advertising an opening. It’s plain to see that one employee leaving can hurt almost every fact of a small business.

One of the best ways to prevent turnover is by recognizing staff members for their hard work. Contributors want to know that their efforts are noticed by their managers so entrepreneurs have to find ways to show their appreciation.

Distributing personalized business gifts to employees may be the best solution. Everyone loves receiving presents, especially if those items are prizes for continued dedication over an extended period of time. Small business owners can give away great gifts like custom coffee mugs and tablet covers to their best employees to improve retention.

Motivate your employees with personalized business gifts

Keeping employees happy is crucial, especially for firms that want to retain talented professionals for extended periods of time.

Many companies use worker recognition programs to acknowledge staff members who provide consistent contributions. While the initiatives help firms create a team environment and could bolster workplace productivity, staff members demand the best from their employers.

Your company can meet the needs of its personnel with a wide range of personalized business gifts. In fact, the following promotional items could provide attractive incentives to skilled team members who deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

1. Notepads
A personalized notepad is a quality promotional product that provides numerous opportunities to company officials. The item is customizable and delivers long-lasting value that makes it a perfect business gift.

Offering notebooks enables workers to take notes in style with items that feature a company’s name, logo and other details. Additionally, providing flip-top notepads to talented professionals helps these employees stay productive by writing down important information during meetings on a large, visible space.

2. Pens
Rollerball pens are far from just ordinary writing instruments – they feature high-gloss chrome accents that help them stand out in employees’ eyes. Make a lasting impression on workers by providing them with stylish pens that will perform well for years and feature a rich mix of colors and tones.

Supplying workers with personalized pens could help a company bolster its employee satisfaction levels. Happy staff members are productive professionals, and offering these personalized business gifts allows your company to reward its top workers with first-rate items.

3. Promotional travel bags
Business executives who are constantly on the go will appreciate convenient travel bags. These fashionable totes allow workers to carry their personal items between destinations quickly.

Luggage also offers value to companies that want to deliver world-class support to clients. Businesses could use luxury leather travel bags to showcase their commitment to excellence and attract customers to their offerings.

Rewarding employees through worker recognition programs is helpful, and promotional giveaways offer assistance to companies and their clients. Attracting the top professionals to a company can be challenging, especially in today’s economic climate, and firms that award their team members regularly can stand out in a competitive market. The top talent will appreciate personalized business gifts that distinguish your firm from the competition, and your business can enjoy these professionals’ valuable contributions for years.

Dealing with cooler temperatures

Every year it seems like summer arrives later only to leave earlier. Autumn brings multi-colored leaves, apple picking and rapidly cooling temperatures. Everyone will be bundling up and trying to stay warm as the short march to winter begins in fall.

Accuweather’s seasonal forecast doesn’t show much snow arriving in the United States until later this autumn, but the summer’s mild temperatures aren’t expected to last much longer, either. Small business owners and managers can capitalize on the change in weather by handing out scarves and gloves from the Adler Collection as personalized business gifts.

Employee recognition
A business is only as strong as its employees and recognizing the efforts of the best staff members could keep them on board. According to the Spring 2012 Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker, 81 percent of respondents said receiving recognition for good work improves overall job satisfaction. It isn’t necessary for management to buy lavish gifts for workers, but a small token of appreciation goes a long way.

Some associates have long commutes through the cold weather every morning. A company could give its best employees gloves so they don’t have to jam their hands in their pockets to avoid the crisp autumn air. Managers could show they are paying attention to their staff by picking out the perfect pair for each worker. For example, the salesman who drives in to work each day might appreciate driving gloves more than the accountant who uses public transportation.

Customer rewards
Regular customers want to feel appreciated by companies. Part of a business relationship is returning the loyalty that clients show toward an establishment. Gifts from Adler’s fall collection of scarves and gloves could help owners demonstrate how appreciative they are of their consumers.

The cold weather affects customers as well as employees. Giving a new scarf as a token of appreciation for months of regular patronage might endear a client to an establishment. The item reinforces the business affiliation by showing the consumer that the company is paying attention to more than the bottom line.

Business gifts can help a company maintain relationships with employees and clients as functional and fashionable presents from the Adler collection keep them warm through a chilly autumn. Staff members and customers will appreciate an establishment that gives these items away.

Rewarding a customer’s loyalty

Recognizing a customer’s loyalty to a company is an important part of acknowledging the relationship that has been built over the course of continued business. The Houston Chronicle notes that compensatory rewards won’t hurt a business’s bottom-line, and will still show a high level of appreciation.

Giving gifts that are a little more significant than the standard promotional item could show that a company cares and is doing much more than the bare-minimum to feign appreciation for its clients. Promotional giveaways could prevent regular customers from ever considering a different business’ services.

A promotional mug is not something that is usually given out when trying to attract new clients, but a consistent client would enjoy it as a gift. Consumers may love receiving a functional gift to use around the office or home. By placing a logo in a customer’s hand every morning, brand awareness can be increased exponentially.

As a business gift, a coffee cup is great because it is not strictly for work and can be regularly used by anybody. Giving out rewards for loyalty can show that a real relationship has been built with the client.

Keep employees on task with rewards

Hardworking employees deserve to be recognized for everything that they do. An office could not run if its staff was not putting the effort in. If a business cannot afford large bonuses, there are still ways to show appreciation for exceptional workers.

Corporate thank you gifts are a great way to keep employees happy, but also help them keep up the good work. Giving personalized items shows that a company cares and is not just giving out generic tokens of appreciation.

Personalized calendars and mugs provide everyday use in the office. Employees will be able to able maintain high levels of organization and enjoy their coffee everyday at work with these respective items. These gifts work well as rewards, but also remind employees that they should maintain their levels of excellence.

Small incentives are great motivators for everyone in the workplace. Once the rest of the staff sees that people are being rewarded, everyone else may start putting extra effort in to earn an accolade themselves.

Employees want to know that their company cares. Putting the effort in and giving small gifts may make the office environment more pleasant for everyone.

Give gratitude with promo items

It is a well-known fact that when dealing with a client, first impressions are extremely important. They set the tone, and let your prospective customer know what kind of business partner you are going to be, and what the quality of the future relationship is going to be like. While these first glances are vital, what is also very important is the lasting impression you will give. Not only will this be the thought that your client has in his or her mind when he or she recalls your relationship, but it could be a determining factor if they ever plan on doing business with you again.

Promotional items are a great way to show your gratitude toward another business. These clients are your lifeblood, so by showing thanks you acknowledge that your success is partially based on them. While emails can express this sentiment, mere words on a screen might be construed as an empty gesture. Show how grateful you are by sending them useful promotional products.

A tool pen with your company’s logo is the perfect giveaway. Not only will your client be able to use it at the office as they scribble down important notes or dates, but they will want to keep it on them for other purposes in their domestic life. Perhaps one of your customers is the head of a small family business and his or her daughter or son is moving into a dorm. This milemarker experience will be made easier with your product as they use it to put together furniture or hang a picture

Logo usb drives are also a handy gift. For your clients who are never without their laptop and are always typing and working, USB flash drives will instantly let them save their work and use it again at home on the family PC, or perhaps give pertinent information to an employee.

While giving these gifts only takes a few minutes of consideration, they will have a lasting effect. Every time clients use one of the imprinted pens you gave them, they will see your brand name and remember that it is your way of saying thank you, but with something that is tangible and useful. Not only does this demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile in order to express your gratitude, but the ease it will grant them will have them saying thanks in return.


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