The Journey Through America Wall Calendar: The Best Way to Make An Impact All Year

Learn how this custom promotional calendar can work for you.

Looking for a promotional gift that gives you maximum impact at an affordable price point? After another year of uncertainty, that’s exactly what most businesses need. We suggest you consider a custom wall calendar. It’s a classic business giveaway that anyone can use and everyone will appreciate.

The custom wall calendars at Myron come in a variety of designs to help you connect with customers in any niche, but the Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a true crowd pleaser. Here’s what makes it such an effective business item.

It’s practical

Just think: who can’t make use of a wall calendar? Whether it’s your customers and employees, business professionals or students, everyone needs a way to help them stay organized. With its convenient month-at-a-glance view, this wall calendar makes it easy to plan ahead. Users can quickly see important dates and holidays, make note of appointments, and much more.

If the words “wall calendar” feel a bit outdated to you, don’t worry. Even in today’s technology-centered world, this item will still come in handy. Thanks to the size and visibility of this wall calendar, dates and days can quickly be distinguished. It makes busy schedules seem a bit less congested and, consequently, less overwhelming. When used in a home, your wall calendar will even make it easier to juggle multiple schedules at once. It’s ideal for families who may be managing anything from work schedules and doctor’s appointments to vet visits, play dates and after school sports or activities.

It’s designed to get attention

The Journey Through America wall calendar features breathtaking images that showcase the beauty of America. Take customers on a visual journey through trees in the everglades and stunning canyon rivers, over snow topped mountains and passed colorful waterside towns. There’s a picturesque location with each month to capture anyone’s attention.

It gets your business daily exposure

Whenever and wherever this calendar is hung on a wall, it is sure to get noticed every day. People don’t hang wall calendars in dark corners or in rooms they rarely enter. Prominence is the only way to make use of a gift like this. Your calendar will be hung in employee offices and cubicles in plain view, at front reception desks where both staff and visitors can see it, or in the employee break room. It may be hung in a classroom where it can be spotted by students and parents. It may even be hung in the kitchen of a customer’s home where it’s easily visible to everyone in the family, along with anyone who stops by. Whether they’re checking a date or simply admiring the photography, they’re sure to notice your business imprint as well.

The imprint area on this calendar is large enough to fit your business name, address, contact information or even a tagline if you want. Add all the details you want customers and clients to remember and you can rest assured that they’ll be seen day in and day out. This is the type of gift that goes far beyond the original recipient to make more people aware of your company.

It’s easy to distribute

The Journey Through America Wall Calendar is a lightweight gift that doesn’t take up much space. It’s flat enough to fit inside a shipping box or envelope, and easy enough to carry that it can always be passed out in person. For instance, you can give away your calendars at an event like a trade show or conference to keep your business on people’s minds all year. Or, you can mail them out to loyal customers and clients as an end-of-year promotion to thank them for their continued support. You might give this calendar to patrons who make an appointment at your business. You can even mail your calendars out with orders to thank customers for their purchases; this will work especially well with any holiday or New Year’s sale.

No matter what you choose, you’ll find that getting this item into customer or employee hands is no problem at all.

It’s affordable

This quality calendar comes at a low price point with great quantity breaks; but that’s not the only reason it’s an excellent promotional gift. When you consider that your calendar will be in front of customers all year long, getting your imprint seen daily, it’s easy to understand how you’ll get a maximum return on your investment. This low-cost, high-impact gift is a smart way to spend your advertising dollars, no matter your business type or size.

You can rely on the Journey Through America Wall Calendar to increase awareness of your company and grow your customer base with ease. Order yours today, with Myron your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  

Get Maximum Logo Visibility With High-Impact Iridescent Promotional Products

If there’s one thing that will help your business logo command attention again and again, it’s a quality promotional product with a trendy iridescent finish.

Adequate visibility plays a major part in any business’ success. Just think how much easier it is to attract customers, clients, or even top-quality talent to your company when you have a logo or message that stands out in people’s minds.

That’s where our iridescent promo products can help fuel your growth. They have the premium quality and functionality that will keep recipients impressed, along with a bold design that’s easily spotted in any setting.

With an iridescent giveaway, you don’t just get a useful pen or a handy notebook, you get a truly eye-catching item to make your business logo and message unforgettable. This rainbow-like design finish is a popular look at the moment. From bags to footwear to items around the home, iridescent styling is on trend, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, uplifting, and sure to be a hit.

If the thought of rainbow-colored products feels like something that’s just for younger audiences, consider this: our iridescent products have sophisticated style and functionality that anyone can appreciate, no matter their age. Besides, this trending finish is inspired by the colors you might see in nature—on a butterfly’s wing, a bird’s feather or even in the clouds. It’s difficult not to see the beauty in that.

At Myron, we have a selection of iridescent pens, ranging in design to meet a number of  customer needs. The Arden Iridescent Pen has a stylus at the end for operating touchscreens. It can be useful with personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and with public devices like a self-checkout computer in the supermarket or a touchscreen menu in a restaurant. When used in public, not only does it help with touchscreen precision, it also provides a great way to avoid direct contact with germy surfaces.

If you’re looking to offer your customers a bit of comfort, our Baron Pocket Iridescent Pen has a ribbed foam grip that feels great in hand and provides more control when writing. Its compact size is ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse so users can take it, and your custom message, anywhere they go.  With vivid colors and bright chrome accents, these custom promo pens make powerful everyday gifts.

Pair one of our pens with an Iridescent Lined Notebook and you’ll have an excellent giveaway for your next promotional event, employee appreciation giveaway, or corporate gift bag.

Even the smallest products increase in impact when you add this finish. A key ring flashlight, for instance, attached to a bag or set of keys becomes more eye-catching and much more effective with this   high-shine, colorful look.

With stunning beauty, each iridescent item complements your custom imprint perfectly and wows anyone in the vicinity. So, when you’re searching for the ideal business gift—one recipients will want to show off to everyone—these unique products are just what you need.

Five Powerful Reasons To Promote Your Business With the Grande Tote Bag

Custom totes are popular business gifts with universal appeal and practicality. It’s easy to see why they’re so effective at taking marketing and promotional efforts to the next level.

When you need a quality custom giveaway that will strengthen your company’s reputation, encourage enduring relationships with existing customers, and keep your logo in front of prospective customers for regular exposure, the Grande Tote Bag from Myron is an excellent way to promote your organization. Here’s what this bag has to offer:

1. Affordable and lasting promotion

Statistics show that custom promotional tote bags generate about 6,000 impressions over their lifetime. That’s more impressions than any other promotional product category! In addition, promotional bags get the lowest cost per impression, so they’re a best choice when looking to maximize your marketing spend. 

Research also shows that recipients hold on to useful promo gifts for longer, so the impact of your tote will carry well into the future.

2. Better business visibility

The best promotional giveaways are great at getting your logo in front of the right people, and this custom reusable tote will do exactly that.

Along with having a water-resistant coating to keep contents dry, and reinforced handles to help users comfortably shoulder a heavy load, this roomy tote bag offers a large imprint area to back your screen-printed personalization. You can think of it like a mini mobile billboard. It has much more surface area than a promotional tumbler or pen, so it’s easier to spot on any day. When you want a promotional gift that won’t just be noticed by recipients, but by those prospects who are standing near by, the Grande Tote Bag is a smart way to go. Whenever a customer or employee carries this tote to the grocery store, the beach, or anywhere in between you’ll be earning a powerful return on your investment.

3. Stronger customer connections

A quality promotional bag, like the Grande Tote will easily keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds. Custom imprinted with your logo, contact information, motto or more, this bag can help inform customers and prospects of the value you offer. As they carry this durable bag anywhere and everywhere, your logo will become a part of their day-to-day experience. Such a useful business giveaway allows customers draw more positive associations with your company. They’ll know they can rely on you often.

The regular exposure will also work to build permanence and recognition. Whenever customers are in need, they will be quick to recall your business before they think of the competition.

4. Designs to represent your organization

It’s easy to get a custom gift that perfectly complements your business and your logo when there are so many design options to choose from. The Grande Tote is available in a wide selection of colors to help draw attention to your custom imprint with ease. Choose the ideal color, customize it with your imprint and let this tote bag do the heavy lifting when it comes to growing your business. With Myron your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Whether you’re looking to expand your reach, attract new customers and employees, or celebrate the ones you already have, the Grande Tote Bag is a great solution.

5. Overall versatility

Your customers will have no trouble finding uses for this roomy tote bag; which means they’ll have plenty of reasons to take it around town often. It can be used as a grocery bag to carry produce or other food items home from the market, reducing dependence on single-use plastic bags. It can also be used as a work bag to carry a laptop, notebook, pen or other everyday office essentials along on the daily commute. Customers can fill it with snacks and take it to the park, or load it up with toys for the kids and carry it along for a day at the beach. This tote can be used a number of ways, all of which get your company imprint noticed.

Build Customer Loyalty With A Thoughtful Safety Giveaway

Tomahawk 6 safety functions

Is your customer experience designed to make people want to return to your business again and again? 

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. A thoughtful promotional gift can do just that, especially a custom safety product.

The Safety Multifunction Tool with Flashlight is a car tool kit essential that proves customer safety is a top priority for you. It’s an excellent way to remind customers you care about them. It also shows they can depend on your company in more ways than one.

It’s Like Six Tools In One!

  • LED flashlight: This custom flashlight has bold white LED bulbs that shine up to 700ft in distance—that’s enough to brighten any room!
  • Emergency light: The LED lights along the handle can be set to a red flashing signal. In a roadside emergency, these flashers work just like flares; they can alert that you need help, or warn passing cars to keep a safe distance.
  • Work light: The light along the handle can also serve as a work light! It can be set to shine in a steady white light for dim work spaces, both in or out of the home.
  • Seat belt escape tool: Being trapped in the car after an accident can be deadly. Seat belts can jam, but the blade on this tool is strong enough to cut through tough seat belt material with ease. It’s guarded with plastic so users won’t have to worry about cutting themselves.
  • Glass breaker: Sometimes getting out of the vehicle can require breaking a window. Fortunately, the pointed metal dome at the head of the flashlight is designed to shatter glass. All anyone needs to do is use it like a hammer.
  • Magnet: The built-in magnet can help mount the light to metal surfaces for hands-free use or may be used to retrieve small metal items, such as screws, when dropped.

This Tool Is Universally Useful

A tool that’s this helpful in an auto emergency is a great gift for anyone who buys a car from your dealership, gets their vehicle serviced at your repair shop, or receives instruction from your driving school.

It will enhance your customer experience, and encourage positive word of mouth in a world where 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over traditional advertising.

A gift this practical is also ideal for employees or special customers within any business industry. Emergency preparedness is a universal concern, and anyone is bound to appreciate the company that helps them stay prepared.

Previous Clients Say This

This is a great gift for customers who deserve “a little more” than the typical gifts I provide. They love to keep them in their cars.

James, Business Owner

I give this item to my close friends and good clients. The flashlight is a great value and well received.

Sonny, Business Owner

I was very impressed with this product. The quality is top notch.

Pam, HR Manager

With your laser-engraved imprint, this amazing safety flashlight becomes a wonderful way to remind customers they’re valued; and customers who feel valued are more likely to be customers who return.

Developing a Promotional Product Strategy

In the age of digital marketing, there’s a reason why promotional products are still used. They are effective and affordable means of getting exposure.

But you cannot just buy all kinds of products and have your logo printed on them and expect the right effect. You need to pick the right products which will be right for your brand. For you to do that, you need a promotional product strategy.

Questions to Ask When Picking a Promotional Product

When you are shopping for promotional products, you need to ask these simple questions:

  1. Will they use it? You need to find out if your customers will end up using the promotional products that you will be giving away. If you are giving away umbrellas for example, do you think your clients will end up using those?
  2. Do your customers want to be rewarded with that product? If your customers are mostly tech savvy people, do you think they will appreciate being rewarded by giveaway like a pen?
  3. Can you afford an item with the right quality? There are all kinds of products that you can buy, but can you afford the ones with the right quality? Giving out low quality items is worse than not giving away anything at all.
  4. Can the item be used multiple times? Products which can be used multiple times are better than the ones which can be discarded after one use.
  5. Is the product in line with your other marketing and branding efforts? If a product is completely out of sync with your marketing efforts, better not to use it.

By asking these questions, you can pick the right promotional products for your business.

What ROI to Expect

Unlike other forms of marketing, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of using promotional items in terms of ROI. You cannot really measure the actual money that it can bring in.

The main thing to remember is that people love receiving promotional products and they do remember the brands associated with them, making the biggest ROI Brand Awareness.

To get the best promotional items, you can visit Myron and explore the options that they have to offer.

Honeycomb Mesh Products

Promotional gift products should be useful.


Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate your giveaway items so much more if they can use them on a daily basis. This is why honeycomb mesh products are an excellent giveaway idea.


Bags made from honeycomb mesh are durable, lightweight, and functional. Here are some of the top honeycomb mesh products that you should check out:


Tri-Pack Honeycomb Mesh Bags – This set of bags is made from high-quality ventilated mesh. They are very durable and are ideal for carrying all kinds of damp articles. People will really appreciate having this complete set for trips to the gym, laundromat, beach and other locations.

Honeycomb Mesh Backpack – This easy-to-carry backpack has padded straps for comfort. It comes with a zippered closure and an outer front pocket. Made from Honeycomb mesh, 600D PU, and Neoprene. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

Honeycomb Wine Bag – This is a great wine bag that can help your brand and business stand out during parties and other social events. It comes with a reinforced bottom and strong carrying handles.

Honeycomb Drawstring Tote Bag – This great looking tote bag can easily be converted into a backpack. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean between uses.

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag – This honeycomb mesh tote bag is excellent for shopping; it’s roomy enough to fit a large load. The mesh design allows ventilation and is excellent for carrying damp materials. Lightweight and durable, this tote is easy to carry everywhere.


Any one of these honeycomb products will make a wonderful giveaway. It’s a sure thing that people will like them. You can check them all out here.

Power Banks as Promotional Products

Everyone has a smartphone now.


People are relying on smartphones and tablets to communicate with the world. They’re carrying these devices everywhere and they end up with low battery charges because of constant use. This is why power banks are quite popular.


You can use power banks as promotional products and be sure that they will bring value to anyone. Your customers and employees will really appreciate getting power banks with your logo on them; they’re sure to hold onto these products for the long haul.


Here are some of the power banks that you can use as your promotional products:


Ultra-Slim Power Bank Charger 3000 mAh – This is an easy-to-carry power bank that is compatible with most smartphones and devices. It comes with a convenient power switch.

Keychain Power Bank (1000 mAh) – This is an excellent giveaway as it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Your brand logo and message will be clearly visible to others.

Compact Power Bank Charger (2200 mAh) – People love to use power banks that are lightweight and easily fit into a pocket or bag. This model comes with a USB port and another micro USB port, making it compatible with most devices and smartphones.

Solar Power Bank – 8000 mAh – This is a very trendy product that will surely catch people’s attention every day. This solar power bank is going to be a hit with those who care about the environment.

3-in-1 Power Bank Charger Set – This set comes in a small bag that can carry your logo. Along with the power bank, the set includes a micro-USB power cord, an AC wall adapter, and a USB car charger.
These are just some of the power banks that you can use promotional products for your business. Head over to for a full selection and more great ideas.

New Year, New Attire: 3 Ways to Makeover Your Company Apparel

Company Apparel

The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your company apparel! Making sure your current company apparel is fashion-forward and on-trend has two important benefits. First, your employees will appreciate apparel that’s both comfortable to work in and can be worn outside of the workplace. The more they want to wear your branded apparel, the more often your brand has a chance to be seen! Second, having attractive apparel will reflect well on your business as whole; proving to potential clientele that you are in-tune with current trends and customer needs and that you treat your employees well.

If you think it’s time to makeover your company apparel, then we have three tips for how to do just that!

1. Upgrade the Fabric

No one enjoys wearing itchy, stiff clothing, and the type of fabric can make apparel look outdated. There are tons of options available now when it comes to fabric that looks great and feels comfy and breathable. Consider a sportswear-inspired polyester blend or a wrinkle-resistant cotton/poly blend.

2. Cater to Different Shapes

Many companies will make the mistake of buying boxy shirts with the intention of appealing to everyone. In reality, this approach appeals to few. Form-flattering cuts are stylish right now, so you may want to look for slimmer-cut apparel. Buying women’s cuts in addition to men’s/unisex cuts is a big plus too!

3. A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

Don’t be afraid to stray from the typical left-chest-embroidered shirts. Most Myron apparel has multiple locations for imprints, so explore the different options to find what looks best! You can also explore different types of promotional apparel beyond polos and T-shirts. “Athleisure” is popular now, and hats always make a great inclusion to the company wardrobe.


Let Myron help you find the best products and designs to makeover your company’s apparel! With our competitive prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise you’ll love your company’s new look.

Say “Thank You” with Promotional Products

employee appreciation gifts

Every small business has someone to thank, whether that someone is an employee, client, investor, or business partner. Whomever you would like to thank for helping your small business grow, do it with a promotional product! Show them their direct impact on the success of your business with an appreciation gift that proudly displays your branding. Consider any of the following promotional thank you gifts:

3-Color Pen with Stylus

A quality pen at a low, affordable price point, the 3-Color Pen with Stylus is the perfect appreciation gift for a large group of people, such as all your employees. With three ink colors and a universal touch-screen compatible stylus tip, it’s the only pen they’ll ever need!

Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

The Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a complete bar and kitchen tool set with a stainless steel corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil blade. Offering the perfect backdrop for your imprint, it comes in three striking colors: bold red, sleek black, or unique semi-transparent turquoise. This classic gift alone is a great way to express your gratitude, and for someone whom you’re particularly grateful, you can pair it with their favorite wine or bubbly!

Denim Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker

This stylish, wireless charger has a secret: it’s also a Bluetooth speaker! Compact and minimalist, it fits discreetly on any desk, while packing a ton of power and volume. Ideal for office parties or at-home use, this charger and speaker combo guarantees your full-color imprint will be in the spotlight frequently!

For more employee and customer appreciation gift ideas, visit the Myron blog or explore our huge catalog of promotional products. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron ensures that you receive the highest quality products at the best possible price point.

Budget-Friendly Winter Giveaway Ideas Under $5

winter promotional products

You don’t have to break your budget to keep your clients and prospects thinking warm thoughts about your brand this winter! At Myron, we have wonderful winter promotional products that will be a perfect gift for your wallet and for your recipients.

For the Holidays:

Star Christmas Ornaments (As low as $4.19/ea.)

This sweet ornament is plush and comes in your choice of a snowman or Santa Claus design. Your imprint has a prominent place on the back pocket, which perfectly fits either a business card, a small note, or a gift card. Your leads will look fondly on this ornament year after year!

Royale Tech Triple Function Pen (As low as $2.20/ea.)

Available in subtle holiday-themed colors, the Royale Tech Triple Function Pen is a multipurpose flashlight, ballpoint and stylus pen that your recipients will make use of all year long. Your brand is laser-engraved on the cap for long-lasting quality.

For the Whole Season:

Microfiber Wine Bottle Bag (As low as $2.89/ea.)

Your imprint is the only thing you need to add to this bag to make it the perfect giveaway! While your clients and leads toast to the holidays and ring in the New Year, they’ll be toting your brand with them from celebration to celebration.

Custom Touch Screen Gloves (As low as $2.99/ea.)

Stay warm and connected with touch screen gloves that sport your full-color imprint on both hands. Practical and cozy, these gloves are a classic winter giveaway made with modern needs in mind.

16 Oz. Evolve Infinity Tumbler (As low as $2.79/ea.)

Tumblers are one of the most popular promotional products and for good reason! The Evolve Infinity Tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks, fits conveniently in most car cup holders, and is a cost-effective canvas for your branding. Your clients and prospects will have your brand to thank when they enjoy their favorite winter beverage on the go.

Thanks to our extensive catalog, Myron has the high quality promotional giveaways that fit your brand and budget.

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