Custom Nalgene Bottles & Other Practical Takeaway Items for Your Outdoor Work Event this Summer

When summer rolls around, the heat rises and people are more likely and willing to spend time outdoors. It’s officially halftime in the year, and companies start planning outdoor work events to unwind, bond, and strengthen company culture. Having the right branded merchandise as takeaway items for your outdoor event is crucial in sticking the landing and leaving a memorable impression.

A custom Nalgene bottle and other summer-approved items can help you build brand equity and even generate new business this summer. Keep reading to learn more about the branded merchandise options that can serve as practical and useful takeaway items for your outdoor work event. 

Nalgene Bottles 

Hydration is supremely important when the summertime heat rolls around. Some areas experience temperatures in the 90s or higher, with sweltering humidity. Nalgene bottles serve as an excellent takeaway item so that your attendees leave with a tool that keeps them hydrated. Dehydration can create headaches, fatigue, 

These bottles are wide-mouthed so that it’s easier to ingest more water at a time. They are made with recycled plastic that prevents landfill clutter. Nalgene bottles are also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and durable enough to take a beating and still last. You can apply your brand colors and logo to sports bottles so that they are prominently displayed. People trying to stay hydrated will carry the bottle with them regularly, creating plenty of brand impressions. It’s a low-cost branding item that delivers a tremendous return on investment (ROI).

Summertime T-Shirts

Summertime apparel provides colorful, lightweight clothing for people to wear all around. A t-shirt provides an excellent takeaway opportunity because they’re universally beloved regardless of someone’s fashion sensibilities. Some of the most reliable brands in the world manufacture t-shirts that are made from blends of cotton and polyester. 

You can choose fun and festive color schemes that are on-brand. These shirts come in a variety of fun styles, including:

You’ll love the customizable nature of these shirts, and that they are stylish and useful. Your attendees will love having another shirt in the rotation for their summertime activities.

Koozies and Drink Holders

Cookouts and outdoor gatherings are times when people pack their coolers with ice to keep the beverages nice and cold. Once your beer, lemonade, water, or soda is out of the cooler, the clock is ticking on how long it’ll stay ice cold before the heat from the sun warms it up. A koozie secures your drink to preserve the temperature and so that you can hold the glass without it being freezing as soon as you pull it out of the cooler. 

Koozies today are sophisticated and high-tech. You can use magnetic can cooling koozies that give your drink more freshness and longevity. Other drink holders also come with bottle openers so you don’t need to ask around for one before popping the top on that hoppy IPA. You’ll get several brand interactions when you take it from your event and use them at their own summer gatherings.

BBQ and Grilling Equipment

It’s never a bad time to grill when summertime rolls around. People use the beautiful weather and downtime as an opportunity to plan a cookout of their own. Many even have impromptu grilling sessions on gorgeous days. Gifting people with BBQ and grilling equipment provides them with useful items they can use the next time they decide to work their grill magic. 

These branded items are excellent that people will pull out the next time they have company over for a cookout:

Giving out high-quality BBQ and grilling equipment gives people a reason to socialize and create memories this summer. Your brand will be there for each burger flip and hot dog turn.

Stylish Sunglasses

Stylishness should never take a backseat in the summertime. It never has to, because you can hand out an assortment of stylish sunglasses that your guess can walk away with. For just a few dollars each, you can purchase sunglasses of different styles and colors that people can wear all summer. These shades are high-quality and can stand toe-to-toe with even the best name brands out there. 

Here are some sunglasses options that you can look into adding to a gift back at your summer outdoor event:

You don’t have to twist anyone’s arm to wear any of these stylish, lightweight shades. Your company’s logo or other branding will easily display on the shades via screen-printing. 

Beach Gear

Packing the vehicle and heading out to the beach is the ultimate summertime ritual that people love taking advantage of. Send your event attendees off to the beach in style and with everything that they need by gifting some branded beach gear. Some examples of beach gear that people can use include:

Your branded items will help people enjoy fun in the sun on their terms. These items are useful, universal, and easily transported for any beach gathering. 

Step into Summer with Practical Takeaway Items for Your Outdoor Work Event

When the sun is shining and the temperature rises, you can’t go wrong with any of these practical takeaway items. Whether you decide to buy a custom Nalgene bottle that can help people stay hydrated or branded sunglasses to keep them trendy and protected from the sun’s rays, these items are excellent takeaways for your next outdoor event. 

Not only are these items useful and efficient, but they also feature high-quality branding. Giving them out at your company cookout, picnic or other gathering helps you build a rapport with your attendees in ways that make a difference. Myron can take it a step further by providing you with these and other useful custom gifts. Check out our popular branded items and let’s get to planning that summer work event.

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