Branded Headphones, Speakers & Gear – Perfect Merch Ideas for Music & Gaming Influencers

Many people today earn a living in tech-focused ways. More than 122 million active users per day use YouTube, and video games were nearly estimated at a $187 billion industry. People are taking to the web to communicate in ways that build a rapport with an audience, all by talking about and demonstrating the things that they love most. 

If you’re kicking around some merchandise ideas, music and gaming influencers might appreciate options like branded headphones, speakers, and all sorts of other tech gear. Read on to learn more about these options so that you can make the best purchase to make an impact. 

Branded Headphones 

Having a go-to set of headphones is vital to anyone who regularly consumes media. Influencers are often recording media on the go, and an excellent set of Bluetooth headphones can help both with playback and your audio output. 

Your branded headphones will typically display your logo, insignia, or company name. This not only creates brand impressions with the user but also broadcasts your brands to a virtually endless number of people. It gives this marketing tool incredible reach and longevity because someone that watches a person’s video 5 years from now will still have a chance to interact with and learn about your brand. 

These headphones are stylish and versatile, and most importantly,  provide clear audio, noise cancellation, and other quality features. They also come in a wide variety of colors, including Athletic, Reflex, magenta, maroon, and cream. Some examples of branded headphones you can purchase include:

You will be able to use these headphones with several different devices. They’re lightweight and versatile, and an excellent choice for any influencer that you know. 

High-Quality Bluetooth Speakers

A quality set of Bluetooth speakers is also a valuable tool to have. These speakers are powerful and can connect to several different devices, from smartphones and tablets to video game consoles. Today’s speakers come with plenty of thumping bass and versatile sound levels. 

You can easily connect these speakers to a device to experience seamless audio at its best. A nice set of Bluetooth speakers also gets major style points. Screenprinting your brand name or logo on the speakers helps build brand awareness, especially if this is an item that the recipient will use regularly. 

These speakers are lightweight and portal, so you can hook them up easily whether you’re at home or staying in a hotel. Some portable speaker products that people might appreciate include:

These speakers are not only powerful but they also have playback upward of 6 hours. Many use high-definition Bluetooth 3.0 playback and range as far as 30 feet. Gifting influencers these types of speakers allows them to interact with your brand regularly while getting ample entertainment value.  

Media Storage

Media influencers need to always have access to media storage. Whether you’re chopping up podcast or video content or need to save some photos to use later, media storage lets you save your files and carry them with you everywhere you go. 

The last thing influencers want is to lose precious data that they worked hard to compile. Some of the media storage options that can serve them include easy swivel USB storage sticks with 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB capacity. Having access to this storage lets people conduct as many backups as they need to. 

You can emblazon your memory sticks with your branding so that it stands out and is memorable to your recipient. Since these are useful devices that your influencers will use frequently, your brand will stay with them and could prompt them to make a purchase at some point. 

Chargers and Cables

Ending up without power is never something we like to deal with. It’s even more troublesome for influencers who are on the go and need to be ready once they have the perfect shot or something to say. You can customize your charging cables with your brand name or logo. These cables are versatile and can supply power to Apple, Android, and other devices. 

Some of the chargers and cables that you can add branding to include:

These devices keep these influencers in the game so that they don’t miss a beat when trying to communicate with the world. 

Power Banks

Aside from cords and cables, influencers will also appreciate having the ability to bring the power with them. Portable power banks allow them to do that, so they can stay plugged in while in the car, the airport, and elsewhere. 

These power banks are rechargeable and can hold several hours of power. Some power banks allow you to plug your device in, while others charge just by resting on top of it. 

Examples of suitable power banks include:

You can look into the specifications of these power banks to make sure your recipient gets the best performance and utility from these devices. 

Stock Up on the Perfect Merch Ideas for Music & Gaming Influencers

This has largely become a viable career for many people, and these branded products are among the best around for influencers. Leverage the power of branded tech tools to ensure that you can get the most out of your partnerships with the influencer community.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing branded headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or other products, Myron has a wide variety of choices that you can look into. Check out our tech-centered products to get started.

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