Growing a New Business? Don’t Forget to Reward Referral Business

Growth is all about finding your next leads. Now, more than ever, it’s not enough to be satisfied or remain stagnant with your current customer base. New companies need to focus on opportunities for generating new customers as they scale and expand. 

Starting a referral program is one of the most effective ways to scale your company in a sustainable way. When you consider that more than 90% of people trust referrals from people they know, and 65% of new business deals come from referrals, it makes perfect sense that investing in this form of marketing would be worth it.

The key is to reward the people and companies that send new business your way. But how?

One way to show your appreciation is through a meaningful gift to say “thank you.” There are some stellar gifts you can send out that will let your referrers know how grateful you are.

Consider gift options like these as you beef up your new company’s referral program and learn how to steadily generate qualified leads for your business.

Build business relationships with office gifts

Did you know that 57% of companies use partnerships to drum up new business? This means that nurturing your relationships with other businesses is just as important as staying connected to your customers. 

If a company in your industry sends customers your way, go all out by rewarding them with business-oriented gifts that not only say “Thanks!” but also improve their ability to do their jobs. Here are some relevant, customizable options to show your appreciation:

Aligning yourself with other likeminded companies can help you survive the ebbs and flows of business including inflation or economic downturns. Solidify these relationships with other businesses and sharing client leads with each other will become second nature.

Reward customers with branded swag

Customer relationships are the greatest investments that you can make. About 46% of consumers value brand trust so much that they wouldn’t mind paying more for the same service. 

Don’t waste an opportunity to thank your customers when they send a friend or family member your way. They already love what you do enough to spread the word. You can double down on this relationship by sending them a branded gift:

These gifts will strike a chord with your customers because they’re both unique and useful. They weren’t necessarily expecting anything in return when they sent new business your way, so receiving high-quality freebies as a show of appreciation will make a lasting impression.

Give thoughtful gifts to encourage more referrals

Knowing your gift recipients on a personal level always gives you a competitive edge. People will appreciate your gifts when they feel custom-made and thoughtful, so take time to research what they like and then choose the appropriate gift. This skill will strengthen your ability to get new leads by rewarding referrers and encouraging them to continue recommending your business, which will turn into more customers and greater profitability.

Consider your gift recipient’s industry or any hobbies or interests they have. Here are some gift ideas that can hit the right mark:

These gifts show personality and are specific to people’s lifestyles. Not only will they exhibit emotional intelligence by going above and beyond to show gratitude, but you’ll get an even bigger return on investment (ROI) by incentivizing them to keep sending fresh leads your way. 

Give out lights and nifty gadgets

Sometimes, “cool” is the best way to say thank you. People love freebies, particularly when they’re well-designed and serve a purpose. Nifty little tech and convenience gadgets will get plenty of use and are conversation starters.

Consider these gifts to light up your customers’ worlds and upgrade their tech:

People love to stay connected in today’s digital landscape, and these sorts of gifts have universal appeal. They feature screen-printed logos and color schemes so that every single use becomes a reference point for your company and brand.

Reward your referrals

New businesses that stand the test of time never do so by accident. Drumming up new business requires constant dedication and focus on generating new leads and bringing in customers. Prioritize referrals in order to do just that.

Let these gifts stoke your creative fire so that you can find new and different ways to thank referrers. Gratitude is infectious, and you’ll keep getting a return on your investment when you go out of your way to reward the people that already believe in your business enough to share its value with others.

Consider these tips and browse our inventory the next time you’re in the market for a referral gift that will achieve winning results. 

7 Easy Strategies For Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing helps your business leverage the expansive network of popular online personalities. Customers need authenticity and trust before they feel comfortable buying from you. It can take months or years of focused work to build a loyal customer base. Influencer marketing reduces this time by increasing brand awareness with content creation.

Influencers have always been around. For example, in the age of modern television brands have partnered with celebrities, athletes, and various influential professionals. Now, influencers can be anyone young or old regardless of profession.

93% of brands are doing some sort of influencer marketing with many earning $18 for every dollar spent. However, like any marketing channel, without a strategy, influencer marketing can be very costly while providing no tangible ROI.

In this article, we’ll outline 7 great strategies you can start today for increasing brand awareness with influencer marketing.

1. Choose the Right Influencers

One of the most important strategic decisions you’ll make as a brand is who you partner with. All influencers will not bring in the same results. For example, Macro influencers, or those with 10k to millions of followers may have a wide reach but low engagement rates. They are always promoting products to their audience, so their community is not necessarily more likely to jump on a deal.

However, micro-influencers, those with less than 10k followers, may have a highly engaged audience that buys anything the influencer promotes. Examining the influencer’s numbers is an important first step in choosing who to work with. Larger influencers are also more likely to charge a premium fee.

What’s most important is that you’re always tracking your data. Identify your goals for increasing brand awareness then determine the metrics you’ll measure them by.

Popular key performance indicators for increasing brand awareness include:

  • Lead generation or sales
  • Site visits
  • Link clicks
  • Social media mentions
  • Branded search volume

2. Generate Content and Testimonials

85% of businesses use social media for brand awareness. Creating consistent content to serve your audience can be difficult and expensive depending on your content plan.

One strategy to work with influencers is to have them create content for your brand. You can then repurpose this content to your other channels and as part of your product promotions. Content created via influencers reduces the burden of creation on your team, allowing you to get in front of your audience faster and more consistently.

Having influencer-generated content works similarly to testimonials. Testimonials create more brand trust and credibility for your products.

Think about how it feels to see “As Seen On” badges on websites. You immediately have more trust because you recognize those channels. Influencers create a similar effect.

3. Partner for Promotions, Campaigns, & Giveaways

Providing signup bonuses or discounts to an influencer’s audience is a popular way to get your products in front of new eyes. Brands offer content creators a small percentage for every person who makes a purchase using their promotional code or signup link.

Tracking the success of your campaigns is vital to know how your marketing efforts are paying off. Promotional codes and sign-up links make it easier for you to see who is creating the most brand awareness and resulting in higher engagement and sales.

To promote your business with influencers, you can send gift products and promotional gifts like customizable coffee mugs and swag boxes. Swag boxes include items like pens, shirts, stickers banners, or other items content creators can display in their feeds and videos. The added benefit is each subsequent time they create content with your promo gift displayed, they create more brand recognition.

The key is to match the promotion and promotional gifts to what the influencer would actually enjoy.

4. Suggest Tutorials and Unboxings

Tutorials and unboxing videos are major ways to generate a boost of traffic to your website and/or social media channels. Internet users Google questions all the time and videos/blogs that describe how to use a product are answers to those questions. Just like other types of content you can repurpose these tutorials to your social channels and your own blog.

Tutorials and unboxing videos are also another great opportunity to send branded promotional gifts. Keep in mind that large influencers receive free promotional items often. Personalizing your gifts is the best way to set yourself apart and increase the odds of a positive tutorial/review of your products.

Alternatively, you can arrange a contract with an influencer where tutorials or unboxing videos are part of the deal.

5. Demonstrating Inclusivity, Aligning with Social issues

Nowadays people want to work with brands that are transparent about their practices and who they represent. Millennials and Gen Zer’s are emerging as the majority of the buying market. These groups will look up your company’s mission and ethical practices before ever buying from you.

Presenting your products through influencers of various backgrounds can help you access an audience that your products may serve well but you don’t necessarily know how to speak to. The key is to do it with authenticity and in a way that would make sense for your brand. For example, if your brand makes an effort to create sustainable products for women, then aligning with environmental/sustainable influencers of different races or as members of the LGBT+ community would make sense.

6. Brand ambassador programs

Brand ambassador deals are similar to sponsorship deals in that they help to create a buzz and community around your product. Rather than creating a one-off campaign or promo code, brand ambassadors programs are a long-term strategy. These programs range from offering free products in exchange for promotion to paying a fee to influencers to create regular content. Typically, ambassadors are an extension of your marketing team.

Brand deals can be as exclusive as you want them to be. This means you don’t have to worry about your influencers promoting your competition.

7. Brand-sponsored events

Finally, another strategy for reaching wider audiences is to sponsor an event. You may decide to organize the event yourself or partner with several influencers in exchange for brand mentions and product displays.

Events don’t have to be large scale to be effective. An online webinar or panel can provide tremendous value to your target audience as well as your business. For in-person events, branded tents, supplies, and/or event equipment are a must.

Increase Your Brand Awareness With Influencer Marketing

The most important thing to remember about increasing brand awareness with social media influencer marketing is that it should build authenticity and trust with your brand. You are partnering with a content creator to access their audience but the relationship should be mutually beneficial. At Myron, we understand the hurdles of marketing and building a business from the ground up. What we’ve found is that if you can build strong relationships, you can build a strong business. Strengthen those bonds with unique, customizable promotional gifts that wow.

Get Maximum Logo Visibility With High-Impact Iridescent Promotional Products

If there’s one thing that will help your business logo command attention again and again, it’s a quality promotional product with a trendy iridescent finish.

Adequate visibility plays a major part in any business’ success. Just think how much easier it is to attract customers, clients, or even top-quality talent to your company when you have a logo or message that stands out in people’s minds.

That’s where our iridescent promo products can help fuel your growth. They have the premium quality and functionality that will keep recipients impressed, along with a bold design that’s easily spotted in any setting.

With an iridescent giveaway, you don’t just get a useful pen or a handy notebook, you get a truly eye-catching item to make your business logo and message unforgettable. This rainbow-like design finish is a popular look at the moment. From bags to footwear to items around the home, iridescent styling is on trend, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, uplifting, and sure to be a hit.

If the thought of rainbow-colored products feels like something that’s just for younger audiences, consider this: our iridescent products have sophisticated style and functionality that anyone can appreciate, no matter their age. Besides, this trending finish is inspired by the colors you might see in nature—on a butterfly’s wing, a bird’s feather or even in the clouds. It’s difficult not to see the beauty in that.

At Myron, we have a selection of iridescent pens, ranging in design to meet a number of  customer needs. The Arden Iridescent Pen has a stylus at the end for operating touchscreens. It can be useful with personal devices such as a smartphone or tablet, and with public devices like a self-checkout computer in the supermarket or a touchscreen menu in a restaurant. When used in public, not only does it help with touchscreen precision, it also provides a great way to avoid direct contact with germy surfaces.

If you’re looking to offer your customers a bit of comfort, our Baron Pocket Iridescent Pen has a ribbed foam grip that feels great in hand and provides more control when writing. Its compact size is ideal for carrying in a pocket or purse so users can take it, and your custom message, anywhere they go.  With vivid colors and bright chrome accents, these custom promo pens make powerful everyday gifts.

Pair one of our pens with an Iridescent Lined Notebook and you’ll have an excellent giveaway for your next promotional event, employee appreciation giveaway, or corporate gift bag.

Even the smallest products increase in impact when you add this finish. A key ring flashlight, for instance, attached to a bag or set of keys becomes more eye-catching and much more effective with this   high-shine, colorful look.

With stunning beauty, each iridescent item complements your custom imprint perfectly and wows anyone in the vicinity. So, when you’re searching for the ideal business gift—one recipients will want to show off to everyone—these unique products are just what you need.

Build Customer Loyalty With A Thoughtful Safety Giveaway

Tomahawk 6 safety functions

Is your customer experience designed to make people want to return to your business again and again? 

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty is to go above and beyond your customers’ expectations. A thoughtful promotional gift can do just that, especially a custom safety product.

The Safety Multifunction Tool with Flashlight is a car tool kit essential that proves customer safety is a top priority for you. It’s an excellent way to remind customers you care about them. It also shows they can depend on your company in more ways than one.

It’s Like Six Tools In One!

  • LED flashlight: This custom flashlight has bold white LED bulbs that shine up to 700ft in distance—that’s enough to brighten any room!
  • Emergency light: The LED lights along the handle can be set to a red flashing signal. In a roadside emergency, these flashers work just like flares; they can alert that you need help, or warn passing cars to keep a safe distance.
  • Work light: The light along the handle can also serve as a work light! It can be set to shine in a steady white light for dim work spaces, both in or out of the home.
  • Seat belt escape tool: Being trapped in the car after an accident can be deadly. Seat belts can jam, but the blade on this tool is strong enough to cut through tough seat belt material with ease. It’s guarded with plastic so users won’t have to worry about cutting themselves.
  • Glass breaker: Sometimes getting out of the vehicle can require breaking a window. Fortunately, the pointed metal dome at the head of the flashlight is designed to shatter glass. All anyone needs to do is use it like a hammer.
  • Magnet: The built-in magnet can help mount the light to metal surfaces for hands-free use or may be used to retrieve small metal items, such as screws, when dropped.

This Tool Is Universally Useful

A tool that’s this helpful in an auto emergency is a great gift for anyone who buys a car from your dealership, gets their vehicle serviced at your repair shop, or receives instruction from your driving school.

It will enhance your customer experience, and encourage positive word of mouth in a world where 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over traditional advertising.

A gift this practical is also ideal for employees or special customers within any business industry. Emergency preparedness is a universal concern, and anyone is bound to appreciate the company that helps them stay prepared.

Previous Clients Say This

This is a great gift for customers who deserve “a little more” than the typical gifts I provide. They love to keep them in their cars.

James, Business Owner

I give this item to my close friends and good clients. The flashlight is a great value and well received.

Sonny, Business Owner

I was very impressed with this product. The quality is top notch.

Pam, HR Manager

With your laser-engraved imprint, this amazing safety flashlight becomes a wonderful way to remind customers they’re valued; and customers who feel valued are more likely to be customers who return.

Returning to Work After COVID-19: 5 Questions to Ask and Answer Before You Reopen

Reengagement customers after COVID

It’s been months since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spark shelter-in-place regulations and business closures across the U.S. Now, those restrictions are starting to let up and we’re all eager to get back to normal—especially business owners. Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy as just opening your doors.  There are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to make your reopen a success.

1. What is the best strategy for reopening?

How you reopen is just as important as when. Take the time to personalize your reopening strategy with ideas and practices that fit your unique culture.

Will your full staff return or will some employees continue to work remotely? Do seating arrangements need to change to maintain social distancing? How can you accommodate employees who are wary of taking public transportation or may not know what to do about childcare?

In some cases it will be best to give employees the option to remain remote. Chances are, you’re going to need to be open and flexible, especially early on.

2.  How have we made things safer for employees and customers?

Before you reopen, you’ll want to have the office thoroughly cleaned, especially the common areas, bathrooms and door handles. Stock up on hand sanitizers and be sure you have more than enough antibacterial soaps and cleansers for the days ahead.

You might even consider implementing new guidelines, such as one-way hallways with signage throughout the office to reinforce new policies.

Whatever you decide, communication is key. Let employees know what’s been done to prepare for their return and what you expect from all of them. The same goes for a customer facing business. Communicate what customers can expect when they return to your boutique, salon or gym so that they can feel safe doing so. If you really want to make an impact, send an update letter to their homes and include a little personalized gift.

TIP: Give people a chance to voice concerns. Try a digital survey or virtual Town Hall for employees, or a social media Q&A for customers.

3. What should the first week back look like?

Don’t attempt to get straight to business. Instead, set up something to welcome your employees back. Maybe you arrange a fun activity to give people time to catch up. Maybe you greet them with gift bags, filled with personalized items like hand sanitizers and desk accessories. You might even modify the workday to include wellness activities that help ease anxiety. In the wake of the pandemic, and the many lifestyle changes it’s caused, they’ll appreciate you making the effort to boost team morale and keep spirits high.

The same goes for customers who come into your establishment. Give them something special to show you missed them and appreciate them.

4. What changes do we need to make to our business model?

As you probably expect, opening your doors and getting back to normal are not one and the same. The return to normalcy may actually be slow. Figure out ahead of time how you should operate moving forward. 

Consider whether or not remote work can be a permanent change in your office. How will your meetings be held? Maybe you relied heavily on in-person interactions and are discovering that you need to ramp up your virtual offerings. That’s ok! This is the perfect opportunity to change.

If you’re a primarily customer facing business, consider whether you change the way you schedule appointments, or limit the number of people allowed inside at one time. Can you still accept walk-ins? Do you need to modify your return policy? Will you offer curbside pickup or delivery options?

Look to see how you can make changes that not only keep customers and employees safer, but work to make their lives easier during this time. You can thrive by keeping their needs and concerns at the forefront of your decision-making.

5. How are we planning to publicize our opening?

In office settings, you may not need to do anything at all—but when reopening a brick and mortar business, publicizing is key. You can’t simply open the doors and expect customers to come.

You may not be able to rely on the same methods you used before COVID-19. You probably won’t even be able to throw a large customer event in your storefront. What you can do, however, is reach out to your customers via email and direct mail. Use online avenues and social media to connect with people in your surrounding area, then hold a virtual grand reopening event walking everyone through some of the changes you’ve made. You can also still rely on promotional gifts to help you get your message out.

Overall, treat your re-opening like a grand opening!

5 Marketing tips for Navigating COVID-19

Marketing Tips during COVID-19

With the recent news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, like most business owners you are probably facing some tough decisions and even tougher times. Many are left wondering:  What should I tell my customers? Should I close temporarily? How do I show that my business cares without seeming insincere? Or, What can I do with all the promotional products I have, now that the event is cancelled?

If the recent rise in fear and precaution is having a negative effect on your business, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is this won’t last forever. In the meantime, you can still market smartly and make the most of your promotional budget—no large crowds needed.

Here are some ideas that will help keep your brand thriving during this unusual time:

1. Provide Work-From-Home Essentials for Employees

With the push to self-isolate, it’s pretty clear that business can’t go on as usual—but it can still go on. Employees across the nation are preparing to work from home, and you can help by providing some essentials to make their home office feel complete. Consider gifts to lighten the mood, such as earplugs to block out noise from the children, and helpful items, like the Gavle Paper Mousepad so they can organize their days in the most productive way. You might even throw in a nice quality pen they can use while working. Not only will your gift be helpful, but it can also boost morale.

2. Send Gifts To Your Customers

Just because people are isolating doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build strong relationships with your customers. Promotional products can help you do that. Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promo products versus internet ads. Send them a small gift with a note and customers will feel valued. It can be something fun and useful like a MopTopper pen that’s handy with all the touchscreen devices they’ll be using while at home. Simply show a little compassion to your customers during this time and it will go a long way. Strong customer relationships lead to better loyalty and retention rates. When the health scare is over and everything returns to normal, they’ll remember your brand for taking the time to care.

3. Run An Online Contest

As you might expect the recent influx of news coupled with the closures of offices, schools and other places, has lead to an uptick in social media use. Your digital presence is more important now than ever. Your offices or storefront may be closed, but you can keep your audience engaged with something fun that drives interaction. Why not run an online contest with custom giveaways people want, like an insulated tumbler or a wireless power bank that keeps smartphones and tablets running strong. It’s a great time to give your customers a little escape from all the headlines.

4. Turn Cancellations Into Opportunities

Maybe you had to cancel an event? Or maybe an event you were planning to attend was cancelled? Either way you’re missing out on the chance to network in-person. Try sending your cancellation notice with a clever gift, for instance a box of tissues and a message like “There’s no crying in business! We’re disappointed that the event was cancelled too, but your health and safety are more important. Stay well!” You might even remind them that the CDC recommends coughing and sneezing into a tissue and then throwing it away to reduce the spread of germs. Recipients will appreciate a thoughtful, relevant gift and a lighthearted moment in times like these.

5. Show You Understand

Overall, remember empathy is key, especially now. Communicate with your customers and employees and attempt to serve them as best you can. Be accommodating with cancelled orders, appointments or plans, and allow employees the flexibility to do what they feel is safest. It’s a confusing time for everyone, but if you look for thoughtful ways to make things easier on your customers and employees they’ll appreciate that it’s not all about sales and profits for you. Your business will be stronger because of it.

Bonus Tip: Organize a Fundraiser

Marketing is as much about building up your brand image as it is about promoting or selling your services. The good news is that customers today—especially Millennials and Gen Z—are drawn to brands that do some social good. Why not organize a fundraiser to help out during this health crisis? You can donate money to organizations that help provide medical supplies, or to organizations that are working to supply food to families and children in need. It’s a scary time for many businesses, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to do something that shows you care about more than just business. Just think, the sooner we get through this, the better we’ll all be. Start a fundraiser online and mail small promotional products, such as custom mugs or tote bags, to participants as a way of thanking them for their donations. We will never forget this time in our lives; you can make sure they never forget how your business stepped in to be part of the solution.

Honeycomb Mesh Products

Promotional gift products should be useful.


Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate your giveaway items so much more if they can use them on a daily basis. This is why honeycomb mesh products are an excellent giveaway idea.


Bags made from honeycomb mesh are durable, lightweight, and functional. Here are some of the top honeycomb mesh products that you should check out:


Tri-Pack Honeycomb Mesh Bags – This set of bags is made from high-quality ventilated mesh. They are very durable and are ideal for carrying all kinds of damp articles. People will really appreciate having this complete set for trips to the gym, laundromat, beach and other locations.

Honeycomb Mesh Backpack – This easy-to-carry backpack has padded straps for comfort. It comes with a zippered closure and an outer front pocket. Made from Honeycomb mesh, 600D PU, and Neoprene. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

Honeycomb Wine Bag – This is a great wine bag that can help your brand and business stand out during parties and other social events. It comes with a reinforced bottom and strong carrying handles.

Honeycomb Drawstring Tote Bag – This great looking tote bag can easily be converted into a backpack. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean between uses.

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag – This honeycomb mesh tote bag is excellent for shopping; it’s roomy enough to fit a large load. The mesh design allows ventilation and is excellent for carrying damp materials. Lightweight and durable, this tote is easy to carry everywhere.


Any one of these honeycomb products will make a wonderful giveaway. It’s a sure thing that people will like them. You can check them all out here.

Power Banks as Promotional Products

Everyone has a smartphone now.


People are relying on smartphones and tablets to communicate with the world. They’re carrying these devices everywhere and they end up with low battery charges because of constant use. This is why power banks are quite popular.


You can use power banks as promotional products and be sure that they will bring value to anyone. Your customers and employees will really appreciate getting power banks with your logo on them; they’re sure to hold onto these products for the long haul.


Here are some of the power banks that you can use as your promotional products:


Ultra-Slim Power Bank Charger 3000 mAh – This is an easy-to-carry power bank that is compatible with most smartphones and devices. It comes with a convenient power switch.

Keychain Power Bank (1000 mAh) – This is an excellent giveaway as it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Your brand logo and message will be clearly visible to others.

Compact Power Bank Charger (2200 mAh) – People love to use power banks that are lightweight and easily fit into a pocket or bag. This model comes with a USB port and another micro USB port, making it compatible with most devices and smartphones.

Solar Power Bank – 8000 mAh – This is a very trendy product that will surely catch people’s attention every day. This solar power bank is going to be a hit with those who care about the environment.

3-in-1 Power Bank Charger Set – This set comes in a small bag that can carry your logo. Along with the power bank, the set includes a micro-USB power cord, an AC wall adapter, and a USB car charger.
These are just some of the power banks that you can use promotional products for your business. Head over to for a full selection and more great ideas.

Mistakes to Avoid in Promotional Marketing

The truth: you have to promote your business if you want new customers.

Whether the business is a large company or a small/family-owned, it will require some kind of promotion for it to make money. If you are planning on running promotional marketing for your business, you have to be well-prepared.

A promotional marketing campaign can be a tricky thing to run. While a successful one can bring in revenue and brand recall, a wrongly conceived or poorly executed campaign can be damaging to a business.

To help you out, here are the mistakes you should avoid when creating your promotional marketing:

1. Not Identifying Goals

Your promotional marketing should have a specific goal or goals. Failure to identify those goals right from the start would mean that your expected result and promotional item choice may be doomed from the start.

2. Forgetting Existing Customers

Normally, a promotional campaign is aimed at attracting new customers or clients. While that is something that you absolutely should do, you should never forget about your existing customers. In most instances, keeping a customer is always cheaper than acquiring one.

3. Relying on Discounts

A promo campaign that relies heavily on discounts isn’t always a bad idea. While discounts can be useful, using it too often can erase the perceived value of your business or brand. Be sure to back discounts with actual value.  

4. Not Choosing The Right Product

The promotional product(s) you choose should be relevant and actually useful for your audience. Remember, every time your promo product is used, that is another eyeball on your brand and  reinforcement to use your company over another.

You need to have the right source for promotional products. For example, Myron has been an excellent source of promotional items and business gifts for seven decades now.

Stay away from these mistakes, and your promotional marketing will start and end well. Need a place to start? Check out our most successful promotional products!

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