Your Guide to Winter Brand Apparel: Choose Promotional Outerwear That Elevates Your Brand

When Q4 rolls around and holiday music starts blaring across the radio, it’s a good time to update your promotional product strategy. Choosing high-quality promotional apparel for the winter, whether it’s for yourself, your employees, or your customers, can leave a huge impact and ensure maximal visibility for your business. Here’s what you should know about using branded winter brand apparel to promote and elevate your brand.

Keep your brand story top of mind 

Before browsing catalogs, testing out samples, or ordering clothing apparel, you need to think about your brand and the intent behind your promotional products. The story element and how well you are able to tell it usually make the difference between your promotional products getting the results you want…or falling flat.

Humans produce oxytocin, a chemical that builds trust and bonds. We are wired to respond to stories. This is why the power of story is an effective way to build authentic trust and connection with consumers. Your apparel is an extension of your brand story, so use winter apparel that reflects your company’s style and standards. If it checks these boxes, people will feel proud to wear it around.

Consider your color schemes

Put some time and thought into the color schemes that you choose for your winter apparel. Think about the psychological and emotional effect you’d like to create with your colors. 

There are certain color choices that are proven to increase sales. Companies use colors like red to garner attention, while blue embodies trust. Green is a color that promotes eco-friendliness or goodwill. 

Depending on your target audience and their preferences, you may look into camouflage hoodies, fun aqua blue and neon green youth t-shirts, or white and burgundy knit pom beanies. 

Test out several color options and determine the ones that fit the overall tone and goal of your next promo product campaign. Use samples to see how your logo, logotype, fonts, and other branding pieces fit with the color scheme. 

Explore sweatshirt, hoodie, and jacket options

Comfort and warmth should be a high priority when you’re choosing promotional outerwear this winter. Sweatshirts and hoodies are winter outerwear favorites because they can be worn as standalone items or in layers. 

Jackets are also highly-valued promo apparel items because of their versatility in style and function. 

Options for sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets you can explore include:

Colder weather calls for added layers, resulting in repetitive use of sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets for months at a time. Tasteful placement of logos, embroidered words, your company name, and other brand messaging on these apparel pieces will ensure that your brand achieves plenty of exposure throughout the cooler seasons.

Choose the best pants

Don’t forget about pants when deciding on your promotional outerwear. A good pair of fleece pants or sweatpants can be the perfect, cozy addition to your recipient’s winter wardrobe.

These pants are versatile options because they can be worn outdoors day to day, or indoors as pajamas or loungewear.

Some pants options that might work well for your promotional apparel strategy include:

Your customers or gift recipients will enjoy that these pants keep them warm and dry no matter what sort of precipitation is falling outside. With the ability to be dressed up for running errands or dressed down for a relaxing day indoors, you can’t go wrong with comfortable pants!

Prioritize comfort and warmth

Many brands and companies focus on style points with their promotional apparel. You should never sacrifice aesthetics, but make sure that the comfort of your clothing items isn’t neglected, either.

Opt for clothing items that are well-made, equipped with quality zippers, string ties, and other features that ensure a longer lifespan. Many pieces are waterproof, which comes in handy during winter snowstorms and rainstorms. 

Consider how many layers the clothing piece is made from so that people can deal with the frigid temperatures and harsh winds. Try on clothing items in advance whenever you get the chance. Testing the fit, feel, quality and overall comfort will help you know which pieces you should order in bulk. 

Order plenty of size options

Your winter wear will get more traction when you offer numerous size options. Choose promotional outerwear that accommodates different heights, weights, and body types.

Learn the turnaround time on any clothing piece that you’re stocking up on so that you can quickly reorder any size that you run out of. 

Determine which materials you’re going to use

When you’re going to put together your winter brand apparel campaign, materials matter. The best materials will keep your recipients warm in the face of winter temperatures and are often made from polyester or 50/50 cotton. They often feature different blends of soft fleece, along with jersey-lined pockets. 

You can also buy jackets and hoodies made from preshrunk fleece and 50/50 cotton. Rain jackets feature a 100% nylon shell that protects wearers from rain, snow, and heavy winds. 

Go with materials that are durable and that can keep their vibrance and quality after several washes. 

Elevate your brand with promotional outerwear

Just because the temperatures are down doesn’t mean that you should miss the opportunity to promote your brand in a memorable, eye-catching way. 

With Q4 in full swing and the holiday season among us, winter clothing offers the unique opportunity to send clients, prospects, or employees home with a way to authentically display your brand wherever they go.

Close out this year strong and springboard into the next one. Browse Myron’s apparel options for promotional winter clothing that displays your brand in the way it deserves.

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