5 Tips To Create a Superior Digital Customer Experience

Gaining a competitive advantage over the rest of your industry is both one of the thrills of running a business and a necessary part of your company’s survival. It all starts with getting to know your target audience. 

You can increase your revenue by 80% by focusing on customer experience (CX) alone. Your digital customer experience refers to every interaction potential clients have with your brand online. 

This is why it’s crucial to keep potential clientele incentivized to continue engaging with your brand. Myron has top-quality branded products that can help you engage users as you learn what makes them tick. Let these tips guide you as you look to create the superior digital customer experience that your business deserves.

1. Go mobile-first

In the United States, 85% of people have smartphones. Members of your target market are far more likely today to stumble across your brand on their iPhone rather than their desktop or laptop computer. 

Here are some mobile-first strategies to consider:

  • Research and use local search engine optimization (SEO) keywords
  • Optimize for voice search
  • Garner feedback from the mobile website and in-app surveys

Prioritizing smartphone traffic is an increasingly common and necessary practice in a web-centric world, as we continue transitioning to new digital horizons such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the blockchain, and other Web 3.0 tech. 

2. Focus on consistency

Anyone who is considering your brand needs to know that you’re consistent above all else. Having a similar tone, voice, color scheme, and presentation across all digital channels helps consumers to connect to and remember your brand throughout the decision-making process.

With your social media campaigns, focus on the brand mission and make sure it resonates with the same messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook Instagram, and other platforms. Use these platforms as a chance to host giveaways, contests, and other value-driven interactions with your potential and existing customer base. As often as you can, strive to cultivate opportunities to move their interest in your digital presence to something tangible. If you use branded items to market to consumers, place your logo in a prominent position and be sure to choose only quality, durable products. 

Here are examples of promotional swag items that achieve results:

3. Leverage customer loyalty and e-mail marketing strategies

Putting careful thought into lead generation and retention strategies helps to create a superior digital experience. Start collecting e-mail addresses when you process sales, sign up subscribers or give out free information such as downloadable informational content. Providing value for people upfront encourages them to opt-in to your loyalty program, resulting in an open channel for you to market to them on a regular basis.

Roughly 80% of companies heavily rely on e-mail for customer retention. Loyalty programs provide discounts and up-to-date news and promotions and help you stay on consumers’ minds. 

4. Use analytics research

Add some science to your brand’s digital experience by embracing analytics. Data analytics makes up a $231 billion industry because companies find it so valuable. 

Analytics software will help you research the most important key performance indicators for your online business, such as:

  • Page Views
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Net Emotion Score
  • Average Revenue Per Customer
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

Understanding these metrics will inform everything from the multimedia you use to your choice of keywords and calls to action. 

5. Personalize whenever possible

When in doubt, personalize. We’re all bombarded with noise in our online experiences, so creating a valuable, unique experience for individuals is what helps you stand out.

Personalization keeps value at the forefront, holds people’s attention, and builds an emotional connection. This can be done in simple, but effective ways. With e-mail marketing, for example, program your platform to use your recipient’s first name in the subject lines.

Use freebies as part of your marketing strategy when you can, including sign-up forms or opportunities for users to receive tangible items after engaging with your digital channels. There are many ways to personalize promotional gift solutions. You can select custom colors or include your prospect’s name on ink pens, t-shirts, hats, and other branded items.

Focus on creating a high-quality digital customer experience 

In an increasingly digital-focused world, the online experience for your customers must measure up to their expectations.

You can strike gold in the form of increased sales, retention, and profits when you focus on the digital customer experience. The tips above will help you focus on strategies that set you apart from competitors by translating users from curious online searchers to long-term business partners.

Ace this Back to School Season!

Back to School

It’s that time of year again, when we’re all returning from the beach and gearing up for another back to school season. If you’re thinking about great ways to rep your school or in need of some educational promotional products, now is the time to start planning and shopping! Whichever way you want to show your school spirit, we have a great selection of customizable products suitable for every grade that will make the perfect canvas for your logo or school mascot:

1. Promotional Classic Pencil

Nothing says back to school like a fresh, new pencil. The Promotional Classic Pencil is a great inexpensive option when you need a large quantity of giveaways. Consider handing them out at orientation or including them in a small gift bundle for students!

2. Foldable Lunch Sack

The Foldable Lunch Sack makes for a handy gift, whether you’re giving to grade school students or university students. On a busy school day, there’s nothing they’ll appreciate more than good snacks and an insulated lunch sack that makes carrying those snacks extra convenient! With a vivid color selection, you’re sure to create a striking backdrop for your logo or match your school colors!

3. Hamar Ringbinder Notebook with Power bank

Starting off organized and prepared is key to every back to school season. This notebook takes preparation to the next level with a surprise 4000mAh power bank inside, perfect for charging your phone or other small electronics. Trust us when we say this will be a must-have for every high school or university student!

4. Wave Drawstring Backpack and Rally Towel

One of the most exciting aspects of back to school is the start of fall sports! Whether your students are athletes or prefer to cheer on their friends from the sidelines, up their school spirit with a drawstring backpack or a rally towel complete with the school mascot or logo. The Wave Drawstring Backpack is a stylish and useful bag for storing athletic wear that makes a perfect gift for athletes, while the Rally Towel is a fun gift to giveaway to the crowd at the start of a sporting event!

Make sure your promotional products get straight A’s this back to school season by ordering from Myron. With a massive selection of customizable products from notebooks to apparel and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron is the place for all of your academic promotional needs.

Honor an educator for World Teachers’ Day

Oct. 5 is dedicated to selfless teachers around the globe. World Teachers’ Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to celebrate the educators who share their knowledge with students of all ages. It also raises awareness about the need for teachers around the world. Educators play a huge role in the community, so show your thanks this year on World Teachers’ Day. Here are some ways that you and your business can acknowledge the work of local schools and their staff.

Share on social media
Ask your followers on social media to share stories about their favorite local teachers. This is a great way to spread awareness of all the wonderful things that educators do for students, above and beyond their teaching duties. Reach out to each teacher mentioned and offer them a coupon to your business that they can redeem during the coming months. In addition to honoring local educators, this strategy will also help to build brand awareness within your community.

Send cards
Another option is to send short thank you cards to local teachers. Have your staff sign a Thank You Business Greeting Card for each school in your city or town. The small gesture will let teachers know just how much you appreciate their dedication to local youth. You can also include “We Love Our Teachers” Magnets, customized with the names of area schools.

Cute giveaways
If you know teachers who regularly come into your store or restaurant, why not have a small appreciation gift for them? There are lots of promotional products that have an education theme. You can choose to hand out Promotional Brain Stress Relievers or a High 5 Custom Highlighter to your dedicated customers. The small gesture will let them know what an integral part of the community they are.

Preparing for the back-to-school season

Fall is just around the corner. Along with the changing leaves, abundance of apple cider and cooler temperatures, consumers are faced with returning to their normal routines frequently upset by the capricious conditions in summer. Around August and September, children will be returning to school while parents and consumers must get back to the grind, planning their daily commutes around school schedules.

Whether your consumers are parents, students or workers, chances are, they will be affected by the back-to-school season one way or another. As your brand begins examining its marketing efforts for the fall, consider the ways that certain promotional products can significantly improve the lives of your target demographics.

Products for students in school
For young learners still in elementary or middle school, teachers frequently present students with a list of materials they will need throughout the duration of the academic year. Although high school and college students may not receive similar manifestos, the required materials rarely shift, as these older academics still require essentials like pens, paper and notebooks. Since these items are widely adopted and used among learners of all ages, companies should look into distributing promotional products that can be used in schools. By giving consumers items that can be employed in the classroom, companies not only ensure that students are equipped with high-quality materials to supplement their learning, but they have also expanded their brand’s reach by introducing both peers and teachers alike to the business’ name and logo.

If your brand is looking to adopt a back-to-school promotion, consider handing out an object that can be used across all ages and disciplines, such as a set of Bic Brite Liner Grip Highlighters. Alternatively, if your business is targeting a specific sector of students, tailor your offerings to a particular age or subject – such as handing out the Numero Custom Calculator for middle school math students.

There are a variety of products that extend beyond traditional office supplies that can be used by learners throughout the school day. For example, students who want to remain hydrated should keep a water bottle, such as the 23 Oz. Ariel Promotional Bottle, on hand. Businesses should also look into the selection of lunch bags available at Myron, as these products can be used by teachers, students and parents alike who wish to pack their lunches in the morning and port them for the afternoon. Consider a small yet stylish bag that can store food and easily transport from one location to another. The Koozie Double Stowage Cooler is an excellent option.

Staying organized for the fall
Those enrolled in academic institutions are not, however, the only ones affected by the back-to-school season. Parents, siblings and childcare workers are equally affected by the changing tides, having to plan their schedules around those set forth by schools. At the beginning of the academic year, students generally arrive back at home with a set of calendars for their parents. These sheets feature holidays, school closings and test dates – all of which should be cataloged and stored by primary caregivers.

To assist parents in collecting all of these important dates in one uniform place, opt for a calendar or planner that has enough room for people to write important information in the blanks. A communal wall calendar would be beneficial for families to leave in an open space, as children and parents can both add important events as they arise. A more personalized desk planner would be better for people who need to keep track of essential information. Parents can use these to mark their children’s days off and appointments, while students can utilize them to keep track of homework or assignments from teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires,” wrote William A. Ward, a renowned American author of articles, poems and meditations. May 5 to May 9 is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time for students, parents and administrators to show how much they appreciate the work teachers do. The holiday was established by the National Education Association and National PTA in 1985 and is always celebrated in the first week of May, according to the Education World blog Of Principal Concern.

  1. Gather parents to organize a pasta dinner:
    Give teachers a night off from cooking and invite their families to the cafeteria one night for a school-hosted pasta dinner. There are plenty of parents who would love to get involved in the planning and execution of a teacher-centered event. Hopefully some are willing to make large batches of pasta, salad and sauce. Local supermarkets may even donate food to the cause. For an extra touch, have student volunteers act as servers for the evening so their educators don’t have to worry about a thing. Consider purchasing Custom Coasters for the event that with the school’s name and a message of gratitude printed on them.
    Arrange a door prize drawing for teachers who attend. Some great gifts to offer as winnings include desk clocks like the Epic Crystal Clock, Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, or a new work bag such as the Cartagena Executive Briefcase.
  2. Start an encouraging word chain:
    This is like an inspirational chain email but without a promise to grant wishes or the threat of computer viruses. Start by ordering a whole bunch of Great Work Corporate Greeting Cards plus Frosted Ergo Stick Pens. As described on Education World, choose five teachers who consistently do above-average work and fill out a card for each of them. Fill the card with praise for what the teacher has already done and words of inspiration for the future. Put those notes in each teacher’s mailbox with a blank card and a pen. Leave instructions for the recipient to write a similar note for a colleague and keep the chain going. It may be helpful to create a system for teachers to know who has already received a card to prevent unbalanced recognition.
  3. Buy something nice for the staff room:
    A staff room is like a mecca for teachers where they can relax for a few minutes between classes. It’s often a place for staff to prepare and eat lunch or simply take a break from kids when time allows. Because of this, it should be a comfortable and inviting space. Search for an item that the staff room really needs whether it be a new soft couch or a bigger refrigerator to hold lunches.
  4. Ask local businesses about coupons and discounts for teachers:
    Even if teachers don’t necessarily live in the same town as the school, they are near the local businesses most days of the week so coupons to these places are convenient for all. Look into restaurant discounts, especially for take-out food to bring home to their families after a long school day. There may be companies that are willing to offer a complimentary service such as an oil change or car wash to teachers.
  5. Host a belated breakfast:
    Wait until it is closer to the end of the school year, then organize a teacher appreciation breakfast before school. It’s nice to push the event back so the teachers have a spaced-out celebration. Additionally, they might be more stressed out as the semester draws to a close so a relaxing and fulfilling meal in the morning could be exactly what they need. Hand out coffee cups to the staff, either a traditional mug like the Dip Ironstone Mug or a travel mug such as this Single Serve To Go Coffee Cup.

Making the most of spring break

For the next two months, students and families from across the nation will celebrate to mark the beginning of springtime. These individuals will typically seek tropical locations, such as beaches and water-laden areas, to give them time to relax and bask in the warm sun, which has been sorely missed during this harsh winter.

As people gear up to embark on their spring break travels, companies have the chance to bolster their brand using promotional campaigns that specifically address this common vacation time. From handing out products that will best serve beachgoers to holding special deals on websites, there are many ways in which businesses can make this break work to their advantage.

Social media deals are key
Sites that connect companies and consumers are ideal for spreading industry news, whether stores are promoting newly released products or commenting on popular culture happenings from around the world. As customers know that these pages are key for communication, they frequently visit to find coupons and deals. According to the 2014 Valassis Shopper Marketing Report, a rising number of shoppers use their smartphones to check for deals prior to purchasing. The findings indicate that the number of people using their phones has increased by 24 percent, which includes shoppers seeking deals for products, services and stores.

Companies who have social media pages, such as Twitter or Facebook, can easily promote coupons and deals that pertain to spring break, including decreased prices for students or special discounts for families. By sending exclusive offers out, these businesses have a greater chance of developing customer loyalty and attracting new consumers.

Setting up booths at popular locations
Another popular tactic employed during this time of year is increasing brand recognition by setting up booths or tents in tourist areas, or sponsoring large concerts and events that take place during spring break. Beaches are popular destinations for younger travelers, including high school and college students. Companies who seek the patronage of these ages are best suited for these environments, especially if they can provide some sort of perk for visitors.

For example, some businesses have a history of setting up large exhibits on popular beach destinations, such as Destin or Panama City Beach. These large gatherings can take many forms, ranging from sectioned off areas that allow vacationers to try products offered by businesses, to elaborate beach parties hosted by certain companies that feature activities including dancing, volleyball and free food. Relevent, for example, hosted a large party in Destin in 2013 during spring break week, according to NWF Daily news. The marketing company featured a DJ and attracted hundreds of visitors to the area, promoting the company’s brand and potentially attracting a large customer base.

For companies who do not have the means to host such an elaborate party, they can still set up booths around beaches and traveler hotspots, handing out free items and providing useful gifts. For example, businesses could hand out promotional tote bags featuring a phrase – such as “Destin Spring Break 2014” – and a brand logo, ensuring that when these travelers return to their everyday lives, they will have an object they can put to good use that will be seen by many individuals.

Hold contests with items for spring
One final marketing option would be contests that distribute items pertaining to spring, such as clothing gift cards or beauty sets that would benefit spring break travelers. Strutta featured a number of contests currently being held for this time of year, from sweepstakes that only require a registration to complex contests that call for active participation. The more elaborate the contest, the more likely people are to not only become involved, but to spread the word among their friends.

Students trying to ban plastic bottles

Both college and middle school students are doing their part to get plastic water bottles banned. According to the Golden Gate Express, the Green Initiative Fund, a student group at San Francisco State University, wants to prevent the single-use containers from being sold on campus. Cameron Bingley, sustainability manager for the Cesar Chavez Student Center, believes that waste is the main reason why plastic bottles should be banned.

“The bad thing about single use plastic water bottles is that it creates waste, a lot of the time they don’t end up being recycled, and if they do end up being recycled, only a certain amount of material is transferred and remade into a new product,” Bingley said.

Meanwhile, some California sixth graders have also taken up the cause. The Acorn reports that students members of the Medea Creek Water Warriors asked the school board Oak Park Unified School District to ban the bottles, a measure which was implemented in early October 2013.

Small business owners can support this eco-friendly initiative by distributing water bottles as promotional items. The unique promotional products can go a long way toward convincing consumers to embrace sustainable practices.

Promotional items help school combat substance abuse

Promotional items have the power to raise awareness for important issues like substance abuse. Recently, schools and organizations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan used the products to support Red Ribbon Week, according to ABC 10. Marquette County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition gave educational institutions giveaways and information to help combat abuse among students. At Westwood High School, Larry Boburka, a guidance counselor, explained that informative games were played.

“The activity games are based on the concept of what alcohol and drugs do to your physical ability to interact. One game we are playing is a game of catch.  Kids are wearing fatal vision goggles and they’re trying to toss a pillow to each other, to try and make sure they can still catch it,” Boburka said.

Meanwhile at Gwinn High School, the youth advisory council set up a table inside the cafeteria. Members offered unique promotional products and information about substance abuse to their peers throughout the entire week.

Promotional items played a critical in Red Ribbon Week as they opened dialogs between educators, activists and students. Additionally, the tools will serve as long-term reminders of the dangers of substance abuse so kids will stay away from drugs and alcohol so they can lead long, healthy lives.

Celebrate International Literacy Day with promotional marketing products

Not every adult and child in the world has been provided the opportunity to learn to read and write. In an effort to bring literacy to all men, women and children, the International Reading Association and other fine groups have supported International Literacy Day and it’s time to celebrate. The annual traditional is observed on September 8 and brings attention to worldwide literacy needs.

Illiteracy plagues millions of people in the world
According to the International Reading Association, more than 774 million of the world’s adults do not know how to read or write. Nearly two-thirds of those people are women, and an additional 123 million children also lack the ability to read or write because of being denied access to education.

International organizations, like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, are aiming to promote literacy.

“Literacy is much more than an educational priority – it is the ultimate investment in the future and the first step towards all the new forms of literacy required in the twenty-first century. We wish to see a century where every child is able to read and to use this skill to gain autonomy,” said Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General.

Support the fight to stamp out illiteracy
Organizations that are dedicated to promoting literacy or wish to through in their support can do so in a number of ways. A company can shine light on the issue by distributing promotional pens with the cause asking recipients to donate or support world-wide literacy.

This year’s International Literacy Day is dedicated to “literacies for the 21st century” to highlight the need to have “basic literacy skills for all.” UNESCO has been celebrating International Literacy Day for over 40 years now because it believes that learning how to read and write is a basic human right and the foundation to lifelong learning.

Any organization can support this cause by further educating the public about the celebration. Handy promotional pens or promotional mugs can go a long way to making the day and the cause known to others in the office or at school. Just by acknowledging the struggle for information and literacy that millions of people go through every day, you can help support programs that work to teach men, women and children how to read and write for a better future.

Promotional giveaways are a hit at Ohio State

Promotional giveaways are a staple of the Ohio State University’s annual Buck-i-Frenzy, and they were a massive hit with students at this year’s event. The Lantern recently reported that the gathering brought over 20,000 students to the Recreation and Physical Activity Center, where dozens of businesses were offering samples, small gifts and free food. Maureen Flanagan, a first-year Spanish student, told the news source that the Buck-i-Frenzy is a great way for students to find new companies.

“There is lots to see and lots to do, it’s a good way to find out about different merchants and companies around campus,” Flanagan said.

OSU Student Life spokeswoman Kellie Uhrig explained that the event was conceived to encourage businesses to create an active presence during the first week of school. This year’s frenzy attracted local companies as well as national chains, including Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

Many standard advertisements were given away during the event. Restaurants mostly handed out free samples and food to attendees, while other businesses distributed promotional pens, cups and tote bags.

The promotional marketing products were considered the main attraction at the Buck-i-Frenzy even though national touring act Walk the Moon performed there.

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