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Promotional items help school combat substance abuse

Promotional items help school combat substance abuse

Promotional items have the power to raise awareness for important issues like substance abuse. Recently, schools and organizations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan used the products to support Red Ribbon Week, according to ABC 10. Marquette County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition gave educational institutions giveaways and information to help combat abuse among students. At Westwood High School, Larry Boburka, a guidance counselor, explained that informative games were played.

“The activity games are based on the concept of what alcohol and drugs do to your physical ability to interact. One game we are playing is a game of catch.  Kids are wearing fatal vision goggles and they’re trying to toss a pillow to each other, to try and make sure they can still catch it,” Boburka said.

Meanwhile at Gwinn High School, the youth advisory council set up a table inside the cafeteria. Members offered unique promotional products and information about substance abuse to their peers throughout the entire week.

Promotional items played a critical in Red Ribbon Week as they opened dialogs between educators, activists and students. Additionally, the tools will serve as long-term reminders of the dangers of substance abuse so kids will stay away from drugs and alcohol so they can lead long, healthy lives.

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