The Best Custom Promotional Tumbler For Your Business

The Himalayan tumbler i's made of stainless steel

Do you know just how many impressions promotional drinkware can generate throughout its lifetime? 1400. Personalized tumblers are well worth the investment!

For any company or organization searching for custom tumbler ideas, the Himalayan Tumbler is truly top tier. It can be customized in a variety of ways, from the color of the product to the color of your logo, so you get a business gift that perfectly represents your company and connects with your audience.

What Makes the Himalayan Tumbler So Special?

  • The Material: It’s made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is food-safe, BPA free, and durable enough to withstand everyday use. It doesn’t dent or crack as easily as other materials can, so drops are less of an issue. Simply put, custom stainless steel tumblers like the Himalayan are top-quality business giveaways.
  • The Insulation: The Himalayan Tumbler has a double wall design with vacuum insulation and a copper lining to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours! The double wall construction not only helps with insulation, it works to prevent condensation too, so customers won’t have to worry about water on their desks or in cup holders.
  • Travel-friendly Design: To top it all off, the Himalayan Tumbler has a spill-resistant lid with an easy slide opening for drinking. It can be used at home, at work, or anywhere in between. Such an easily-portable gift makes sure your custom logo or message is constantly being introduced in new spaces. Whenever and wherever it’s used, your company’s custom imprint will be noticed by both existing and prospective customers.

Create Your Own Promotional Tumbler

  • Several color options: The Himalayan Tumbler is available in several classic colors, including silver, black and red, to create a beautiful gift that complements your existing logo design.
  • Add your custom imprint: We offer a single-color imprint on any one of these promotional stainless steel tumblers, or a full-color imprint on the silver style to attract even more attention.

With Myron, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you’re sure to get a promo gift that meets your needs.

You’ll Benefit from A Versatile Business Gift

There are a number of ways to incorporate this custom insulated tumbler into your promotional schedule.

  • For customers: It makes a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. It’s well-made and offers lasting quality to remind recipients every day that they’re valued.
  • For employees: Employee appreciation is important to the success of your business, too. The Himalayan Tumbler can be used to celebrate teams or individuals and keep morale high. You might present it as a work from home gift, or use it to welcome employees back to the office.

However you choose to use this promotional insulated tumbler, it will boost your recognition and awareness, and help you build better relationships with your customers and employees.

5 Marketing tips for Navigating COVID-19

Marketing Tips during COVID-19

With the recent news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, like most business owners you are probably facing some tough decisions and even tougher times. Many are left wondering:  What should I tell my customers? Should I close temporarily? How do I show that my business cares without seeming insincere? Or, What can I do with all the promotional products I have, now that the event is cancelled?

If the recent rise in fear and precaution is having a negative effect on your business, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is this won’t last forever. In the meantime, you can still market smartly and make the most of your promotional budget—no large crowds needed.

Here are some ideas that will help keep your brand thriving during this unusual time:

1. Provide Work-From-Home Essentials for Employees

With the push to self-isolate, it’s pretty clear that business can’t go on as usual—but it can still go on. Employees across the nation are preparing to work from home, and you can help by providing some essentials to make their home office feel complete. Consider gifts to lighten the mood, such as earplugs to block out noise from the children, and helpful items, like the Gavle Paper Mousepad so they can organize their days in the most productive way. You might even throw in a nice quality pen they can use while working. Not only will your gift be helpful, but it can also boost morale.

2. Send Gifts To Your Customers

Just because people are isolating doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build strong relationships with your customers. Promotional products can help you do that. Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promo products versus internet ads. Send them a small gift with a note and customers will feel valued. It can be something fun and useful like a MopTopper pen that’s handy with all the touchscreen devices they’ll be using while at home. Simply show a little compassion to your customers during this time and it will go a long way. Strong customer relationships lead to better loyalty and retention rates. When the health scare is over and everything returns to normal, they’ll remember your brand for taking the time to care.

3. Run An Online Contest

As you might expect the recent influx of news coupled with the closures of offices, schools and other places, has lead to an uptick in social media use. Your digital presence is more important now than ever. Your offices or storefront may be closed, but you can keep your audience engaged with something fun that drives interaction. Why not run an online contest with custom giveaways people want, like an insulated tumbler or a wireless power bank that keeps smartphones and tablets running strong. It’s a great time to give your customers a little escape from all the headlines.

4. Turn Cancellations Into Opportunities

Maybe you had to cancel an event? Or maybe an event you were planning to attend was cancelled? Either way you’re missing out on the chance to network in-person. Try sending your cancellation notice with a clever gift, for instance a box of tissues and a message like “There’s no crying in business! We’re disappointed that the event was cancelled too, but your health and safety are more important. Stay well!” You might even remind them that the CDC recommends coughing and sneezing into a tissue and then throwing it away to reduce the spread of germs. Recipients will appreciate a thoughtful, relevant gift and a lighthearted moment in times like these.

5. Show You Understand

Overall, remember empathy is key, especially now. Communicate with your customers and employees and attempt to serve them as best you can. Be accommodating with cancelled orders, appointments or plans, and allow employees the flexibility to do what they feel is safest. It’s a confusing time for everyone, but if you look for thoughtful ways to make things easier on your customers and employees they’ll appreciate that it’s not all about sales and profits for you. Your business will be stronger because of it.

Bonus Tip: Organize a Fundraiser

Marketing is as much about building up your brand image as it is about promoting or selling your services. The good news is that customers today—especially Millennials and Gen Z—are drawn to brands that do some social good. Why not organize a fundraiser to help out during this health crisis? You can donate money to organizations that help provide medical supplies, or to organizations that are working to supply food to families and children in need. It’s a scary time for many businesses, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to do something that shows you care about more than just business. Just think, the sooner we get through this, the better we’ll all be. Start a fundraiser online and mail small promotional products, such as custom mugs or tote bags, to participants as a way of thanking them for their donations. We will never forget this time in our lives; you can make sure they never forget how your business stepped in to be part of the solution.

Show Your Appreciation this National Beautician’s Day

National Beautician's Day

June 26th is National Beautician’s Day

Ideas to celebrate National Beautician’s Day:

  1. Give your beautician a thank you card or small gift
  2. Outfit employees with a branded tote bag or cosmetic bag
  3. Reward beauticians with a gym membership or fitness gear
  4. Treat your staff to a party or team meal

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to the fabulous feeling after an appointment at the salon or spa. From hair styling to skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures and electrology, skilled technicians practice their craft every day to help customers revitalize their visible hair, skin, and nails, and their not-as-visible, but perhaps more important, self-confidence.  We all know that a fresh cut and color or even a trim to keep up a classic style can be quite a treat. And who doesn’t love a mani-pedi or relaxing facial? Plus having your makeup done before a big event will instantly lift your mood.

Personalized care in any form combined with luxury is, well, luxurious, and beauticians are the people who deliver that experience. Customers, salon owners, and anyone who cares about a beautician in their life can help celebrate their skills and long-lasting results this National Beautician’s Day with one or more of these ideas from Myron:

Thank you cards & gifts: Simple, yet effective!

It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback directly from customers. Since most clients probably aren’t aware of the upcoming national day, facilitate gestures of appreciation for employees with Thank You Cards. Find a discrete way to offer them to each customer, then collect the completed cards to distribute on June 26 with flowers, a custom coffee mug, or chocolates. Employees will have tangible evidence of their skill and caring nature to reference whenever they like.

Bags & Totes: Carry it with you

Organize gift bags for employees that allow them to show off their pride in the company. Start with a tote bag that they can use repeatedly, whether as a work bag or for an afternoon off enjoying the summer weather. Include a sweet fashion cosmetic bag and fill it with personalized products like custom Dual Vanity Mirrors, custom Hand Sanitizers, 3 Way Promotional Emory Boards and Personalized Lip Balm, all fun accessories that fit the lifestyles of salon and spa employees.

Health & Fitness Gifts: Work it out

Beautician roles are often quite physical with long hours of standing. Help your staff stay healthy with discounted gym memberships. This gift promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves their self-esteem and confidence. Include a custom sports bottle with the membership to keep them hydrated through every workout.

Meals & Celebrations: Food is love

Close down shop early one night and host a small party or celebration for the employees in honor of National Beautician’s Day. Or take the whole group out for a meal. If evenings aren’t feasible, how about a lengthy lunch? Gatherings like these not only show your appreciation to your staff, but they are great way for employees to get to know and bond with owners, supervisors and managers.


June 26 is National Beautician’s Day, a time to show appreciation for cosmetologists, hair dressers, aestheticians, spa employees, barbers and the like. It’s important to acknowledge the effort and attention they put into their clients’ appearances. These industry specialists help customers feel their most attractive, which in turn boosts their confidence. A beautician blends their expertise with a customer’s vision. They integrate customer service and creativity to brighten the days of each and every client. Customers and beauticians often develop strong blonds, talking about their personal lives, family matters, romantic situations, and work dilemmas. As National Beautician’s Day grows closer, don’t forget to show appreciation for the hardworking hairdressers, nail artists, barbers, stylists, cosmeticians, and spa employees on their unofficial holiday.


June 26 is National Beautician’s Day

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to the fabulous feeling after an appointment at the salon or spa. Whether people revitalize their entire look with a fresh cut and color or simply get a trim to keep up their classic style, a visit to the hairdresser or barber can be quite a treat. Everyone enjoys personalized care combined with luxury, and beauticians are the people who deliver that experience.

June 26 is National Beautician’s Day, a time to show appreciation for cosmetologists, hair dressers, spa employees and the like. It’s important to acknowledge the effort and attention they put into their clients’ appearances. Men and women in the industry help customers feel their most attractive, which in turn may lead them to feel more confident. Part of being a beautician is finding the perfect medley of his or her own expertise and a customer’s vision for the resulting look. It’s a career that integrates customer service and creativity to brighten the days of each and every client. Customers and beauticians tend to talk about their lives and fill each other in on family matters, romantic situations and their latest shopping trip. As National Beautician’s Day grows closer, consider how the business can show appreciation for the hardworking hairdressers, nail artists, cosmeticians and other employees on their unofficial holiday.

Written gestures of gratitude
It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback directly from customers. However, most clients probably aren’t aware of the upcoming day. Facilitate gestures of appreciation for employees with Thank You Cards. Find a discrete way to offer them to each customer then collect the completed cards to distribute on June 26. Employees will have tangible evidence of their skill and caring nature to reference whenever they’re having a tough day.

An array of custom promotional products
Organize gift bags for employees that allow them to show off their pride in the company. Start with a tote bag that they can use over and over again, whether as a work bag or for an afternoon off enjoying the summer weather. Some excellent options are the City Scape Promotional Tote Bag and the Double Pocket Zippered Tote, both available in black, blue and red. Fill the totes with personalized products that fit the lifestyles of salon and spa employees. Custom Dual Vanity Mirrors, Custom Hand Sanitizer, 3 Way Promotional Emory Boards and Personalized Lip Balm are a few items to consider.

The gift of health
One way some companies show appreciation for employees is with discounted gym memberships. This gift promotes a healthy lifestyle, provides employees with a service they might not pay for themselves and could improve their self-esteem and confidence. Give each employee a Cool Gear Pure Bottle with Filter sport bottle with the membership so they stay hydrated through every workout.

Appeal to their appetites
Close down shop early one night and have a small party or celebration for the employees in honor of National Beautician’s Day. Consider ordering take-out food or even bringing everyone out to a local restaurant for a group meal. If it isn’t feasible or logical to hold an evening party, try a lunchtime affair. Some businesses will have lunch catered for the staff so the event is stress-free for everybody. This type of gathering is not only a great way for employees to know owners, supervisors and managers care, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for the staff to bond. There’s often a different dynamic between employees when they socialize in a different context besides work conversation.


Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with promotional marketing products

In less than a month October will be here and with it comes more than Halloween candy and spooky masks. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated each year during October. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the annual campaign is dedicated to increasing awareness about the disease. While many people know about the disease, many more forget to take the preventative steps to detect the illness early.

Key breast cancer facts
Breast cancer is a disease that entails malignant cancer cells forming in the tissues of the breast that can often lead to damaged cells spreading to other parts of the body. According to the foundation, about one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of death among women. Each year, an estimated 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. In addition, this is hardly just a woman’s disease. While breast cancer is rare in men, an estimated 2,150 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and about 410 will die each year from the illness.

Support breast cancer awareness during the month of October
Businesses and agencies interested in supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation during the month of October can consider using promotional marketing products that are pink, the cause’s signature color. There is a whole line of promotional products that are designed to help support this endeavor. A promotional mug outfitted with key facts about the disease and a phrase remembering those who have beat the illness could inspire others to donate to the cause.

As October approaches, businesses that are interested in supporting key causes in the community may find this one sends the right message. As an illness that impacts so many families in the nation, almost no one is untouched by breast cancer. By using unique promotional products to help increase awareness, a company or organization is demonstrating a commitment to people in more than one way. This action not only communicates to current and potential customers that an organization is serious about giving back, but also that they are dedicated to a cause that impacts almost everyone.

Help teachers prepare for the school year

Students aren’t the only ones who will head back to school over the next weeks as teachers will start working at that time. Educators are dedicated to their jobs and classes, but the summer is a welcome respite from the stresses of molding young minds every day. Dr. Kevin Eames, a former teacher, told the BBC that while the profession is invigorating, some people who come from demanding fields are stressed by teaching.

“It’s exciting. The adrenaline burn from the classroom is like nothing else and I’ve done a range of things and I keep coming back to the classroom. Teachers I’ve worked with who have come in from law, finance and journalism have commented that it is the most demanding, tiring and busy thing they have ever done,” Eams said.

Indeed, teaching can be quite stressful, but small business owners can help educators relax by distributing unique promotional products that will help around the classroom. Perhaps the best items entrepreneurs can give away are logo-emblazoned coffee mugs and travel thermoses. Most teachers need multiple cups of coffee during the day so they’ll love having reusable containers handy. Additionally, the promotional items will increase brand recognition among teachers so they may start visiting an establishment more frequently after receiving the mugs.

Umbrellas prevent sun damage

Many consumers believe they only need umbrellas when it’s raining, but that’s not the case as the items are also great for avoiding damage from the sun. A recent study in JAMA Dermatology shows that umbrellas block anywhere from 77 to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation.

Indeed, umbrellas may be some of the best tools for avoiding problems caused by constant exposure to the sun. Additionally, sunscreen doesn’t always provide sufficient protection from the sun’s rays, so Brundha Balaraman, a dermatology researcher at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, told Reuters that people must take extra steps.

“In addition to sunscreen, I often encourage people to engage in other sun-protection measures,” Balaraman said.

Small business owners can ensure that the sun doesn’t bother their customers by distributing branded umbrellas during promotional giveaways. Clients will appreciate the functional marketing gifts for the rest of the summer as they shield themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Further, umbrellas are effective from an advertising perspective because they expose everyone around the users to a company’s logo and corporate imagery, which leads to increased brand recognition and may help increase sales in the long run.

Help customers avoid dehydration

Dehydration is a constant danger for people during the summer. According to Medical Daily, the American Heart Associations explains that the risk of developing the condition is high when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level is high.

People have to drink water to ensure that they won’t become ill during the summer. Live Outdoors advises that everyone should drink between 1 and 1.5 liters every hour when engaging in outdoor activities in order to stave off the effects of dehydration. By taking in the right amount of fluids each hour, consumers will remain fit and won’t succumb to the heat.

This is something that local entrepreneurs can help with by distributing promotional marketing products. Specifically, sponsored water bottles are the ideal giveaways to ensure that customers can drink necessary fluids during the hot summer months to combat dehydration. Consumers will appreciate small business owners who care enough to distribute such functional gifts that are designed to prevent one of the season’s most prevalent dangers. This can go a long way toward establishing deep connections between professionals and clients, resulting in lasting relationships.

Hydration is the best way to beat the heat

The summer is supposed to be an enjoyable time of year in which people go outside and explore all that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, the season also brings a significant danger in the form of heat. Dr. David Chun, an emergency physician at Kootenai Health, told the Couer d’Alene Press that heat-stricken patients are common this time of year.

“Every day when I come to work during a heat wave in a community like this one – a community that normally doesn’t suffer temperatures much above the 80s – it’s pretty routine to see patients who may be ill as a consequence of the heat,” Chun said.

Dr. Steven Malek, one of Chun’s colleagues at Kootenai Health, explained to the news source that proper hydration is the key to beating the heat. Drinking the proper amount of fluids helps regulate body temperature.

Small business owners can ensure that the heat doesn’t affect their customers’ health by distributing water bottles at promotional giveaways. Clients can carry the logo-emblazoned items around every day so that they always have refreshing beverages handy during those hot summer days. The promotional items show consumers that entrepreneurs care about their long-term health.

Beautician’s Day is June 26

While small businesses can celebrate general holidays, there are also special occasions for specific industries and professions. Many of these days are meant to recognize the efforts of certain people and thank them for their hard work over the last year.

In June, salons and spas can hold events for Beautician’s Day. According to Holiday Insights, the annual celebration is held on June 26, which falls on a Wednesday this year. The news source explains that consumers should show their appreciation for beauticians on this day. Additionally, some professionals use the day as an opportunity to thank their loyal clients for their continued patronage, which is a unique practice because many workers don’t use their holidays for customer appreciation. Perhaps most importantly, salon and spa owners should reward their employees by distributing personalized business gifts for all the great work they’ve done since Beautician’s Day 2012.

To help celebrate Beautician’s Day, here are a few gifts ideas that clients, professionals and employers can distribute.

Cardona Cosmetic Bag
Beauticians who want to help their clients look great between appointments give distribute Cardona Cosmetic Bags. The pouch is small enough that it can fit inside most purses and tote bags, but has sufficient space to hold all the necessary accessories to allow recipients to fix their make up throughout the day or while on the go. The great gift will help ensure that consumers can always find their cosmetics quickly instead of fruitlessly searching for blush, mascara or lipstick.

Beauticians would also love to receive the Cardona Cosmetic Bags from their employers or clients on June 26. These professionals spend all day working with make up, but they still have to do their own every day. The functional presents would allow beauty specialists to handle their cosmetic needs without any difficulties.

Cardona Compact Mirror
Of course, recipients will likely struggle to do their make up without a mirror. After all, it’s difficult to apply mascara and blush without being able to see what areas require attention. People may end up with uneven make up because they are guessing when both sides are sufficiently covered.

To that end, Cardona Compact Mirrors are great gifts to distribute on Beautician’s Day. The small mirrors are adorned with grained leather so they’re safe from everyday damage, and can fit inside most traveling cases, including the Cardona Cosmetic Bag. Additionally, initials and logos can be emblazoned on the leather to add personal touches to the gifts. Gift recipients will appreciate customized gifts because they are very special. Beauticians in particular will love receiving personalized mirrors from their clients or employers on June 26 because professionals want to know that their hard work is appreciated.

Manicure Kit
Many consumers go to spas and salons to have their nails done. Clipping, filing and scraping are difficult tasks that are best left in the hands of professionals so clients usually make appointments with their manicurists. Beauticians can help loyal patrons take care of their cuticles with 5 Piece Manicure Kits. The great presents include tweezers, clippers, miniaturized scissors, nail files and cuticle scrapers, all of which are crucial to beautifying nails.

During appointments, manicurists can show clients how to take care of their cuticles. Some clients might not understand the best practices for clipping and trimming, but short lessons can ensure that everyone learns about proper cuticle maintenance. Customers will appreciate that their beauticians are going the extra mile and providing assistance for nail care. Short training sessions will establish deep connections between beauticians and their clients.

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