June 26 is National Beautician’s Day

There are few pleasures in life that measure up to the fabulous feeling after an appointment at the salon or spa. Whether people revitalize their entire look with a fresh cut and color or simply get a trim to keep up their classic style, a visit to the hairdresser or barber can be quite a treat. Everyone enjoys personalized care combined with luxury, and beauticians are the people who deliver that experience.

June 26 is National Beautician’s Day, a time to show appreciation for cosmetologists, hair dressers, spa employees and the like. It’s important to acknowledge the effort and attention they put into their clients’ appearances. Men and women in the industry help customers feel their most attractive, which in turn may lead them to feel more confident. Part of being a beautician is finding the perfect medley of his or her own expertise and a customer’s vision for the resulting look. It’s a career that integrates customer service and creativity to brighten the days of each and every client. Customers and beauticians tend to talk about their lives and fill each other in on family matters, romantic situations and their latest shopping trip. As National Beautician’s Day grows closer, consider how the business can show appreciation for the hardworking hairdressers, nail artists, cosmeticians and other employees on their unofficial holiday.

Written gestures of gratitude
It’s always wonderful to hear positive feedback directly from customers. However, most clients probably aren’t aware of the upcoming day. Facilitate gestures of appreciation for employees with Thank You Cards. Find a discrete way to offer them to each customer then collect the completed cards to distribute on June 26. Employees will have tangible evidence of their skill and caring nature to reference whenever they’re having a tough day.

An array of custom promotional products
Organize gift bags for employees that allow them to show off their pride in the company. Start with a tote bag that they can use over and over again, whether as a work bag or for an afternoon off enjoying the summer weather. Some excellent options are the City Scape Promotional Tote Bag and the Double Pocket Zippered Tote, both available in black, blue and red. Fill the totes with personalized products that fit the lifestyles of salon and spa employees. Custom Dual Vanity Mirrors, Custom Hand Sanitizer, 3 Way Promotional Emory Boards and Personalized Lip Balm are a few items to consider.

The gift of health
One way some companies show appreciation for employees is with discounted gym memberships. This gift promotes a healthy lifestyle, provides employees with a service they might not pay for themselves and could improve their self-esteem and confidence. Give each employee a Cool Gear Pure Bottle with Filter sport bottle with the membership so they stay hydrated through every workout.

Appeal to their appetites
Close down shop early one night and have a small party or celebration for the employees in honor of National Beautician’s Day. Consider ordering take-out food or even bringing everyone out to a local restaurant for a group meal. If it isn’t feasible or logical to hold an evening party, try a lunchtime affair. Some businesses will have lunch catered for the staff so the event is stress-free for everybody. This type of gathering is not only a great way for employees to know owners, supervisors and managers care, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for the staff to bond. There’s often a different dynamic between employees when they socialize in a different context besides work conversation.


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