Promotional products make the great outdoors even better

As the warm weather sets in, families and friends will undoubtedly turn to the great outdoors for fun and recreation. While many vacations are characterized by ritzy hotels that provide various amenities, many people prefer to escape the trappings and electronics that pervade their everyday lives with camping trips. Camping allows people to nurture that subdued instinct of surviving on one’s own wits and intuition, as adequately “roughing it” comes into focus. Issue promo items to your customers that will help make their wilderness experiences memorable.

Promotional bags are always useful no matter what kind of camping trip your clients are going on, whether they are sleeping in the forest of a national park or renting a campsite for the weekend. They will always be one of those items that are vital to camping, such as the stakes used to properly set up a tent, or a tarp to help keep the firewood dry. Either way, your gift will allow them to carry everything, and because it is free they can enjoy these items even if they get dirty.

As the sun sets, your clients might still need to find a way to navigate, whether they are looking for more kindling or making an excursion to the restroom. Walking blindly in the dark can be hazardous, exacerbated by the fact that this is likely the first journey to the area.

Lighted promotional products, like flashlights and lighted pens with your company’s name printed on them could be useful as clients can carry them in their pockets. Once dusk sets, they will have a use for them during their camping trips. From then on, your client will think of practicality and guidance whenever they see your company logo.

The campfire is the staple of every campsite. It’s where the late night social interactions occur as people tell ghost stories or form bonds through words that could not be spoken in the confines of an office. Give your customers stadium cushion seats and blankets so they can sit comfortably around the warm blaze and feel the earth beneath them. This will allow your brand to be incorporated into meaningful moments that they will forever remember.

If your customers are going hiking or biking through trails, injuries could occur. Help them heal with a travel first aid kit, which may allow them return to action quickly and will serve as a reminder to always be prepared.


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