The Best Custom Promotional Tumbler For Your Business

The Himalayan tumbler i's made of stainless steel

Do you know just how many impressions promotional drinkware can generate throughout its lifetime? 1400. Personalized tumblers are well worth the investment!

For any company or organization searching for custom tumbler ideas, the Himalayan Tumbler is truly top tier. It can be customized in a variety of ways, from the color of the product to the color of your logo, so you get a business gift that perfectly represents your company and connects with your audience.

What Makes the Himalayan Tumbler So Special?

  • The Material: It’s made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is food-safe, BPA free, and durable enough to withstand everyday use. It doesn’t dent or crack as easily as other materials can, so drops are less of an issue. Simply put, custom stainless steel tumblers like the Himalayan are top-quality business giveaways.
  • The Insulation: The Himalayan Tumbler has a double wall design with vacuum insulation and a copper lining to keep beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours! The double wall construction not only helps with insulation, it works to prevent condensation too, so customers won’t have to worry about water on their desks or in cup holders.
  • Travel-friendly Design: To top it all off, the Himalayan Tumbler has a spill-resistant lid with an easy slide opening for drinking. It can be used at home, at work, or anywhere in between. Such an easily-portable gift makes sure your custom logo or message is constantly being introduced in new spaces. Whenever and wherever it’s used, your company’s custom imprint will be noticed by both existing and prospective customers.

Create Your Own Promotional Tumbler

  • Several color options: The Himalayan Tumbler is available in several classic colors, including silver, black and red, to create a beautiful gift that complements your existing logo design.
  • Add your custom imprint: We offer a single-color imprint on any one of these promotional stainless steel tumblers, or a full-color imprint on the silver style to attract even more attention.

With Myron, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you’re sure to get a promo gift that meets your needs.

You’ll Benefit from A Versatile Business Gift

There are a number of ways to incorporate this custom insulated tumbler into your promotional schedule.

  • For customers: It makes a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. It’s well-made and offers lasting quality to remind recipients every day that they’re valued.
  • For employees: Employee appreciation is important to the success of your business, too. The Himalayan Tumbler can be used to celebrate teams or individuals and keep morale high. You might present it as a work from home gift, or use it to welcome employees back to the office.

However you choose to use this promotional insulated tumbler, it will boost your recognition and awareness, and help you build better relationships with your customers and employees.

Our favorite employee appreciation gift ideas and unique gift bundles

It’s no secret: unique gifts and signs of appreciation make employees feel valued, maybe even more than raises or positive performance reviews. Experienced HR professionals and wise managers have recognized the impact of meaningful gifts and recognition for years, and companies and industries are catching on to the power personal, high-quality gifts have to motivate, encourage, and retain employees.

The most common form of employee recognition gift is also the most obvious: employee service awards. And traditional employee service awards are still a great call, especially when they come in the form of genuinely useful gifts (thus the sharp rise in popularity for gifting technology items).

However, traditional service awards tend to only reward a small group of employees – your highest-performing, longest-serving rock stars. So, how do you find the right unique appreciation gifts (and gifting opportunities) for everyone else?

Here are three practical ideas for giving better employee appreciation gifts and for finding more opportunities to let everyone on your team know how much you care about them.

1. Give gift bundles: they’re practical, generous, and eliminate the guess work from gifting

Over years of supporting HR teams, managers, and recruiters, we’ve found that gift bundles are one of the most can’t-miss opportunities for employee gifts.

A bundle of multiple items allows you to maximize the usefulness and practical impact of your gift. It also demonstrates that you REALLY care about your employees: gift bundles don’t have to break the bank, but the feeling of receiving multiple items, thoughtfully packaged together, will resonate with your employees and help them see the gift as especially generous.

Gift bundles also have another hidden benefit: they make shopping for gifts easy! Rather than trying to narrow down all your options and decide between multiple appealing gifts, you can choose a gift bundle and give more than one item.

2. Don’t wait for an anniversary – give gifts at onboarding!

Everyone remembers their first days or weeks at a new job…and sometimes those memories can be stressful or unpleasant. Helping employees start off on the right foot and feel immediately welcomed into your culture is key to retention. Onboarding gifts also support an efficient, positive onboarding process. That’s why employee welcome gifts are one of our favorite (and most popular!) forms of employee appreciation gift.

Employee welcome gifts would pair well with a thoughtful card, a new plant or decoration for a new employee’s desk, or a “Welcome!” banner signed by your entire team. Also, welcome and onboarding gifts aren’t just for brand new employees. They’re a wonderful way to greet an employee coming back from medical leave, or an employee transitioning to a new role or new team. Whatever the context, these gifts help an employee truly feel welcomed (or welcomed back) in those crucial early days with your company.

3. Get creative about honoring different forms and styles of service

Most of the time, when employers and managers think about service awards or service recognition gifts, it’s only in terms of rewarding lengthy periods of service or recognizing anniversaries. These are certainly important moments for gifting and recognition, but service awards can be so much more than that.

Employees serve one another and your organization in so many ways, including some that are easy to overlook. What about the junior employee who helps their senior manager learn a new technology? How about the quiet leader who helps keep meetings moving along without ever formally taking charge? Think of the dedicated employees who put in extra hours to get a project across the finish line. Or the employee who always has a kind word, an easy smile, or an encouraging note. These – and so many more – forms of crucial service can easily be overlooked, but they don’t have to.

By paying attention to how your employees serve and thoughtfully selecting practical, high quality gifts to honor them, you can create a culture where everyone’s contributions are valued and many different forms of good work are celebrated.


What matters most to millennials at work?

The year 2015 marked a turning point for the millennial generation. Their numbers eclipsed those of baby boomers as a whole, and they now outstrip Generation X in U.S. workplaces. Without a doubt, millennials will be the generation of influence for years to come.

What does that mean for employers? Among other things, they could be facing more turnover than ever before. Millennials already have a reputation for job-hopping, and it appears that they as a group will be keeping an eye toward future prospects. Two-thirds plan to leave their current workplaces by 2020 for new opportunities, according to a survey by Deloitte. Their reasons for leaving are varied, but one in particular stands out: Many feel their employer overlooks or underappreciates their skills and contributions. What’s more, 71 percent of those who plan to leave have said their employer has shown no interest in developing their leadership skills.

How can employers communicate the value of their team members? One powerful yet simple way is to offer tangible rewards that let them know their hard work is noticed and appreciated. Here are three things to keep in mind as you put together your stash of incentives and get the positive vibes flowing.

1. Welcome newbies with gifts

As you know, we have moved well past the trend of handing out cellphones for work and into the era of BYOD — that is, bring your own devices. Tech-native millennials increasingly prefer to access work platforms from their own laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, rather than toting around multiple electronics. With that in mind, what is more likely to resonate with a new employee today is a positive opening statement on his or her first day of work that says, “We’re glad you’re here!” Offer an array of onboarding gifts, including items like a commuter mug, a water bottle, a power bank, a flash drive, and, of course, a nice pen.

2. Ask your workers what they want

Check in once in a while to get a sense of their likes and needs. Design a survey with a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. If you offer rewards your employees really want — say, a new high-end backpack for their anniversary gift — the gesture will mean that much more.

3. Make a big impression with small presents

Whether he raised his hand to tackle an extra assignment, or she convinced an unhappy client to stick with your company, an employee who’s gone above and beyond the call of duty deserves some positive feedback. One way to make these moments stick is to offer a reward. Maintain a stock of small prizes so supervisors have an easy opportunity to recognize excellence in daily work. Useful, totable gifts will make a great impression, such as a utility knife or LED flashlight.

When an employee receives a gift from you, it creates positive feelings. When that gift bears your logo, the gesture goes even further, as it sends a poignant reminder that you do  notice and appreciate the talent and hard work they bring to the team and the organization. With out lineup of HR Gifting Solutions, we can help you find the perfect incentives and rewards to help you spread the love.

Welcome new employees the professional way

After spending weeks or possibly months searching for the perfect candidate, you want to make sure the person you hire sticks around. That’s why it’s so important to welcome new employees and make them feel appreciated as soon as they walk through the door.

Just like you’d expect a new employee to make a good impression on his or her first day, new candidates are looking for the same from you. Make sure their workspaces as supplied with 4-in-1 Hudson Personalized Notepads customized with both your company’s and employee’s name.

If you’ve just recruited a top talent for a senior position, you’ll need something a little fancier, like the Ambassador II Portfolio that comes equipped with everything you need to impress as an executive on the go.

Check back soon for more news from Myron!

Welcome new employees with thoughtful gestures

The first day at a new job can be nerve-wracking for anyone. There’s a lot to acclimate to: new office space, coworkers, policies and duties. As a boss, it’s your job to make sure the candidate you hired adjusts to the workplace and feels comfortable. An employee who is welcomed by the staff will quickly become a valuable team member. To make sure new hires get a great first impression of the company, make their first few days meaningful with the following strategies.

Make meaningful introductions
It’s common for bosses to show a new employee around the office and make quick introductions. However, many of your veteran employees will greet the newbie politely, then turn back to their work. This can give the impression that the other employees aren’t interested in their new coworker, when in reality, they’re just busy. Instead of merely exchanging names and titles, take a few more minutes with each introduction. The Muse suggested that managers help to forge connections from the first introduction. You can do this by giving a little bit more background information on the new hire and explaining how job duties will overlap or noting something the two employees have in common. This will give your newest team member a feeling of belonging and ensure they’ll have something to talk about come break time.

On the flip side, let your current employees know there will be someone joining the team. Give them a little bit of information on why you’ve hired this person, how they’ll contribute to the team and who will be responsible for training. If your staff is prepared to welcome the newcomer, the process with be smoother for both parties.

Give them a small gift
Don’t underestimate how far a small welcoming gift can go. When you show a new employee to his or her desk, have a little surprise waiting for them. A classic example is a company polo and Promotional Front Runner Cap. These wearables will help the newcomer to build pride in the brand. Another great idea is to provide a The Session Portfolio and Amparo Stylus Rollerball. These items can both be personalized with the company name and logo and will be useful in your employees everyday duties.

Organize a team lunch
Within the first couple days of welcoming a new hire, Urban Bound recommended taking him or her out for a team lunch. This will give team members a chance to socialize on a more personal level and ensure everyone feels comfortable working together. You can discuss upcoming projects and other company business, but make sure to delve a little into more personal aspects, like the employees’ thoughts about the company so far or where they see themselves in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to show newcomers local options for lunch.

Check in with them at the end of each day
For the first week or so, make an effort to check in with your new employee at the end of each day. It’s easy to get distracted by your own work and neglect the onboarding process, but if you make yourself available to new hires, they’ll feel comfortable under your leadership. Take a few minutes to ask how the day went, if there were any issues and for any other questions your employee might have. Explain who can help smooth out any problems and let him or her know what to expect for the next day. Keeping lines of communication open will help to banish those new job nerves and acclimate employees to life at the company.

Improving hiring processes to gain quality employees

It’s a given that most businesses need high-quality employees to be successful. One way to attract skilled employees is with high-paying salaries but there are other methods to seek out talent without bringing people in who may only be looking for a payday. According to Forbes magazine, employees are a company’s greatest asset and competitive advantage. With that in mind, consider how the process of searching for and hiring new people can be revitalized.

Highlight the benefits of small business
The Wall Street Journal recommended advertising the ways smaller firms trump big companies. A few examples of the merits associated with working for small businesses are flexible schedules and the option to telecommute. There are often more opportunities for employees to take on different roles in the company and expand their responsibilities. Additionally, small companies may eliminate some of the corporate hoops employees of large firms must jump through, and the relationship between employer and employee can be more personal.

Mix up the recruitment strategy
Forbes suggested changing how job postings are phrased. Instead of simply listing qualifications and expected responsibilities, explain how the position works within the company’s overall objectives. These details will show potential employees that the job has value. Secondly, consider if a degree is as important as the industry implies. Research shows a combination of training and experience can be just as or more valuable than a college education.

Another article in Forbes explained that the hiring market is changing because applicants are gaining more power. However, there remains a disconnect between the two halves of recruitment. According to the publication, 60 percent of job seekers feel there aren’t enough attractive positions offered and 52 percent of recruiters report a lack of favorable applicants.

Company culture
The culture of a company can make a huge difference in gaining and retaining employees. If people enjoy aspects of being at work such as interacting with coworkers, the physical environment or relationships with managers, they’ll be more likely to stay with the company.

According to Forbes, the importance of building a brand as a quality employer is equivalent to creating a brand as a business. It’s inevitable that employees will be vocal about an employer who doesn’t respect them or make them feel appreciated and valued. To bolster the company’s reputation for providing a positive work experience, offer employees certain perks. Some benefits that staff may value are flexible hours, day care services for those with young kids or personalized products.

Part of being known as a great company is hiring effective managers. According to Business News Daily, employees who quit often do so because of experiences with their direct manager rather than an issue with the company as a whole. The publication recommends investing in management and being diligent about letting ineffective managers go.

Create a referral program
One of the reasons a positive company culture is so important is for a successful referral program. Current employees have to enjoy where they work to be motivated to tell their friends about open positions. The program will be more effective if there is an incentive associated with referrals. Some companies offer a cash bonus, either when a referred applicant accepts a job or based on high-quality performance over a determined length of time. Alternatives to a boost in their next paycheck include personalized business gifts that remind the employee of the company. They must be proud of where they work if they want others to work there also, so this is a very appropriate incentive.

Use promotional items for recruiting

A great staff can help a small business reach unprecedented levels of success. Unfortunately, recent data shows that many companies are struggling to find qualified workers to fill key openings. According to the ManpowerGroup’s latest Talent Shortage Survey, 39 percent of enterprises in the United States can’t find the right employees. This represents a 10 percent decrease from the results of the 2012 poll. Jonas Prising, president of the ManpowerGroup, believes that businesses have been forced to find ways to work around the difficulties of not having full teams.

“Our survey results demonstrate that U.S. employers have awakened to the realities of the talent shortage and are implementing innovative strategies to work through the business challenges it brings,” Prising said in a statement.

While dealing with limited staffs is a necessity, small businesses must find ways to recruit top talent to fill critical positions. Distributing promotional items might be one of the best strategies for developing brand recognition and opening lines of communication with recruits. For instance, a company could distribute promotional pens at job fairs to engage attendees and generate interest among potential candidates. A small business gift can be the difference between hiring a great employee and missing out on a valuable contributor.

How to use promotional products for employee recruitment

Not all promotional items are geared toward consumers – the marketing tools can also be used to find new employees. In 2011, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) conducted a survey on how businesses market positive images to job seekers. The poll, which surveyed human resources professionals, revealed that 56 percent of respondents said that giveaways are distributed to create associations between companies and candidates.

As with advertising sales, owners and managers must take careful steps when using marketing products during recruitment periods. Below are four techniques establishments should consider when choosing promotional gifts for prospective workers.

Standing out
The ASI writes that businesses are using giveaways to stand out. An increasing number of businesses are hiring and adding jobs, which means the field of candidates is shrinking. As with consumer promotions, recruitment items must be memorable to positively impact hiring.

Every item should be colorful and attention-grabbing. Your logo should be larger than it usually is on consumer giveaways. Keep in mind that when people look for work, they usually want to start quickly. You must make your brand especially visible so the best candidates cannot forget about your company.

It’s easier to hand out promotional products to consumers than recruits. For example, store owners can distribute small gifts to everyone while checking out, but hiring managers can’t give their marketing tools away to just anyone. There are three key times employers can give away promotional products – at job fairs, during walk-in visits and in interviews.

Job fairs are excellent opportunities for companies to reach candidates. Convention attendees want new work, and they’ll meet with recruiters who represent many different businesses. Establishments that distribute unique promotional products to every inquiring worker have better chances of sticking in prospective employees’ minds.

Even though some applicants submit their resumes digitally, others still fill out applications in person. If your business attracts walk-ins, you should consider giving each candidate a branded pen. The gift will be used to fill out any forms and then will be taken home for future use.

Job interviews aren’t just opportunities for you to find the best candidates, as prospective employees also judge your company based on those initial meetings. Giving away promotional notepads so interviewees can take notes quickly shows that you’re interested in helping candidates decide if they’d accept positions within your organization. Additionally, if the giveaway is brought to other interviews, you’ll be marketing your business during those conferences as well.

What to give away
Because the promotional tools are for employee recruitment, businesses may be best served by ensuring that every gift could be used in a professional environment. Distributing items that don’t have business applications may send job seekers the wrong message.

The ASI’s poll found that 55 percent of companies that give away products use pens for marketing purposes. A writing utensil is an all-purpose gift that anyone can use. Applicants are more likely to appreciate practical gifts like pens because the products are everyday necessities. Other giveaways, like promotional wall calendars and USB drives, are also popular because not every business distributes those goods.

No company has unlimited funds, and every department has to carefully allocate their capital for every action. Promotional products can be a helpful part of a recruitment campaign, but the items should be considered supplements that raise brand awareness.

If you spend too much on one series of giveaways, you may be hamstringing your long-term plans. Leave enough money for new marketing strategies in case your first set of promotional items needs improvement.

Recent graduates attracted via promotional products

With the economy still recovering, businesses need all the help they can get. Courting the best and the brightest of the Class of 2011 requires all the tools in a company’s arsenal, and promotional products and business gifts are an excellent way to stand out from the rest. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has released the results of a survey that bolsters this claim.

When asked about their hiring practices, 55 percent of representatives from human resources departments stated that branded products given as gifts to prospective employees made a positive impact. This is especially the case when the products were distributed at job fairs or career events.

The choice of which products to give away was also a matter of inquiry for the survey. Fifty five percent of companies responded that they used promotional pens to raise awareness at events targeting recent graduates. Items with logos, such as t-shirts and calendars, were distributed by 41 percent of respondents.

ASI also reports that some of the most successful promotional gifts for raising awareness of a company among this group were tech items. These includes branded smartphone cases, logo USB drives and other electronic gadgets.

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