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Welcome new employees with thoughtful gestures

Welcome new employees with thoughtful gestures

The first day at a new job can be nerve-wracking for anyone. There’s a lot to acclimate to: new office space, coworkers, policies and duties. As a boss, it’s your job to make sure the candidate you hired adjusts to the workplace and feels comfortable. An employee who is welcomed by the staff will quickly become a valuable team member. To make sure new hires get a great first impression of the company, make their first few days meaningful with the following strategies.

Make meaningful introductions
It’s common for bosses to show a new employee around the office and make quick introductions. However, many of your veteran employees will greet the newbie politely, then turn back to their work. This can give the impression that the other employees aren’t interested in their new coworker, when in reality, they’re just busy. Instead of merely exchanging names and titles, take a few more minutes with each introduction. The Muse suggested that managers help to forge connections from the first introduction. You can do this by giving a little bit more background information on the new hire and explaining how job duties will overlap or noting something the two employees have in common. This will give your newest team member a feeling of belonging and ensure they’ll have something to talk about come break time.

On the flip side, let your current employees know there will be someone joining the team. Give them a little bit of information on why you’ve hired this person, how they’ll contribute to the team and who will be responsible for training. If your staff is prepared to welcome the newcomer, the process with be smoother for both parties.

Give them a small gift
Don’t underestimate how far a small welcoming gift can go. When you show a new employee to his or her desk, have a little surprise waiting for them. A classic example is a company polo and Promotional Front Runner Cap. These wearables will help the newcomer to build pride in the brand. Another great idea is to provide a The Session Portfolio and Amparo Stylus Rollerball. These items can both be personalized with the company name and logo and will be useful in your employees everyday duties.

Organize a team lunch
Within the first couple days of welcoming a new hire, Urban Bound recommended taking him or her out for a team lunch. This will give team members a chance to socialize on a more personal level and ensure everyone feels comfortable working together. You can discuss upcoming projects and other company business, but make sure to delve a little into more personal aspects, like the employees’ thoughts about the company so far or where they see themselves in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to show newcomers local options for lunch.

Check in with them at the end of each day
For the first week or so, make an effort to check in with your new employee at the end of each day. It’s easy to get distracted by your own work and neglect the onboarding process, but if you make yourself available to new hires, they’ll feel comfortable under your leadership. Take a few minutes to ask how the day went, if there were any issues and for any other questions your employee might have. Explain who can help smooth out any problems and let him or her know what to expect for the next day. Keeping lines of communication open will help to banish those new job nerves and acclimate employees to life at the company.

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