Essential products for a successful open house

Whether you’ve been in the real estate industry for years or are just starting out, chances are that you get a little stressed when you have a big open house. There are so many things to take care of – getting the owners out of the house, staging the furniture, printing brochures and more. In your rush, you might overlook certain details that can make a big difference to potential buyers, so make sure to have these essential items on hand whenever you host an open house.

sheet
There are two reasons every open house should have a sign-in sheet: for marketing purposes and for safety. A proper sign-in sheet collects prospective buyers’ names, contact information and how they learned about the property. This information can be used to tailor marketing practices and let you know what advertising methods are working the best. It’s also important to know who is in the house. MSN Real Estate suggested that you require each individual to present identification to ensure you’re not getting a fake name. This will deter any visitors who might not have good intentions. While a paper and pen will suffice in a crunch, you should try to have a neat, preprinted sign-in sheet at each home. Presenting yourself and your company as professional will create a trusting dynamic with potential buyers.

Dust cloth
As you arrive at the home and begin to open curtains and turn on lights, you might notice that the owners slacked on their cleaning responsibilities. Nolo suggested that a prepared real estate agent always has a dust cloth on hand to polish the end tables and windowsills. A clean, neat home is one that will sell.

Front Door recommended bringing along a nice doormat to help make a great first impression on buyers. The first thing people will do as they enter an open house is glance down and wipe their feet. A high-quality doormat subtly conveys that the property has been taken care of and that the past owners weren’t slobs. It’s a small detail that can contribute to a client’s overall impression of the house.

Promotional products
Finally, don’t let potential buyers leave without a small parting gift. Customized promotional products are a great way to keep your property in visitors’ minds even after they leave. Pick an item that they can use, like Bel Arte Stylus Pens. More creative options might be a Personalized House Shape Stress Reliever or a Custom Metal Key Separator to hold their new house keys.

Promoting real estate services

The real estate industry had a strong year in 2012. According to housing market analytics firm CoreLogic, home prices were 8.3 percent higher in December 2012 than they were in December 2011. Additionally, CBS News reports that new home sales increased last year. These numbers indicate that Americans are ready to rejoin the housing marketing in the wake of the recession.

Real estate agencies must be prepared to capitalize on renewed interest in home ownership. Licensed agents and brokers should create marketing strategies to find potential clients. Advertisements such as unique promotional products can help real estate firms reach out to consumers and increase brand awareness.

Finding new clients 
Multi-channel marketing campaigns are more effective than efforts that only use one platform. Real estate agents can increase their market penetration by combining promotional items, direct mail and online content.

Businesses can buy mailing lists based on demographic information to find potential leads. Brokers will want to target consumers who share traits with homeowners in the local area to increase the likelihood of finding new customers.

Small gifts like promotional wall calendars can be sent instead of traditional mailers. The packages stand out from other pieces of mail, so they won’t be lost in the shuffle. Contact information for individual agents can be printed next to pictures of gorgeous homes on every page.

Additionally, the functional gifts can be used to direct potential homebuyers to online real estate listings. Unique web addresses, hashtags, and Quick Response (QR) codes can be embossed on the calendars. The digital features will also direct consumers to an agency’s website.

Remaining memorable after meetings
Homebuyers don’t commit to new properties after viewing online advertisements – people typically visit multiple residences so they can find their dream homes. Some consumers work with multiple real estate agents during their search, so salespeople must be sure that they leaving lasting impressions.

Firms can distribute promotional tools to every client during house hunts. Items like promotional pens and note pads can be used to take notes of important amenities or the differences between two properties. Additionally, branded calculators are great gifts for homebuyers who have to find out if they can afford certain houses.

The promotional gifts forge bonds between agents and their clients. Homebuying is daunting for consumers, and salespeople can demonstrate the value of their services by giving buyers functional presents that simplify the entire process.

Promo Gifts By Industry: Real Estate

There are two things that truly fuel success in the real-estate industry: networking skills and personal connections with clients. As a professional, you likely already understand the importance of both, but mastering those things is sometimes easier said than done. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry, or you’ve been at it for years, the right promotional products can certainly make your job easier.

Adding a promotional item to the mix gives interested clients something to take home, keeping you and your services on their minds. The better the product, the more likely you are to see those clients return to your agency for your help.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to attract customers and hold their attention, consider these:

Purchasing a home is a major decision; and proper budgeting and planning are important factors. A custom calendar gift can play an integral role in helping your clients keep track of funds, costs, important dates and other information.

Not only that, but gifts in this category keep your business information in front of clients daily. Promotional planners and pocket calendars sit on desktops and counter tops, or get carried around in totes or backpacks all the time. With a useful calendar customized with your business information, you’ll have a powerful way to promote your services regularly.

Custom Pens
Aside from being the perfect companion to your planner or notepad gift, a promotional pen is a very handy tool when home buying. Your clients will appreciate having a quality pen on-hand to take notes when meeting with you in the office, and to keep record of important information when seeing homes.

Your business pens will also come in handy when drafting up pros and cons lists on different properties in consideration, keeping track of prices, figures, and other important home stats.

Our custom promotional pens can even be handed out at any community events you attend. They’re small and portable enough to take along anywhere, and more useful to recipients than a typical business card can ever be.  No matter how you use them, promo pens are an affordable way to make a lasting impact. Check out our pen buying guide to help you land on your best option.

Key Rings
Of course all new homeowners and potential buyes are looking forward to a shiny new set of keys, so a brand new key ring can be the perfect business gift coming from a realtor. Unlike a business card, that may be discarded once the sale is final, a key ring is a practical item your clients can appreciate. Our custom promotional key rings range in price and design, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. These are handy everyday business tools that make sure clients never have to reach far to find your contact info when referring a friend or family member.

Give them something that will get prime placement in their new home and keep your contact information well within view.  Much like a key ring, a promotional magnet lasts longer than a traditional business card will; and at Myron, we offer a varety of custom promotional magnets to choose from. There are traditional refrigerator magnets—even those shaped like houses—magnetic clips handy for holding bags shut, and magnets with tearaway notepads ideal for jotting down to-do lists or grocery lists.

Greeting Cards
Maintaining your relationships is just as important as building them, and sending custom thank you cards or holiday cards to your former clients, shows thoughtfulness. Send a card every once in a while to check in with former clients, wish them well, and let them know you’re still in business. In the event they need a real-estate agent in the future, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you again.

Home Essentials
After the sale, thank your buyers and congratulate them on their new home with a special gift just from you. This can include custom flashlights to keep around the home, or more unique promotional tools, such as a custom Magnetic Screwdriver, a tape measure with logo, or a personalized Marble and Bamboo cutting board.  You might even opt for a customized bottle opener or corkscrew. With so many thoughtful promotional items that can be used around the home, you can easily show appreciation for your clients and make sure they remember you for a long time.

With Myron, the perfect business gift is never hard to find, and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. The solution you need to drive your real estate success is here.

Expanding a real estate agency

Real estate has always been a very competitive industry. Companies are struggling against other firms for clients and agents need to raise their own visibility in order to increase business.

The Houston Chronicle recommends marketing tools such as promotional products to reach out to prospective clients. These gifts create an advertising presence among potential consumers and also provide agencies with an advantage over competitors through potential lead generation.

While not everyone may be looking to buy, sell or rent property, potential clients may face changing circumstances that force relocation. Real estate agents that gave away promotional gifts may be contacted before competitors that did not advertise as heavily.

Promotional magnets with an office’s or agent’s contact information could be given to raise visibility within a household. Real estate agents may even decide to print a calendar on the magnet to increase the likelihood that potential clients look at the advertisement on a regular basis.

Promotional pens and keychains are inexpensive ways to make a brand accessible to consumers regularly. Promotional products can give real estate agencies the inside track on potential clients before they actively look to relocate.

Promotional items help your customers keep their homes pretty

If your clients are homeowners, the warm weather means they will likely be anxious to get outside on weekends and engage in productive ventures that will make their residences look attractive after the long, cold winter. For your corporate promotional giveaways, give them items that they will be able to use in their yard.

Help your clients start the day off right as they get their caffeine boost from a homemade cup of coffee. They can sit and survey their backyard as they sip from one of your promotional mugs and decide what projects they want to tackle in the afternoon.

Mowing the lawn under the hot Saturday sun can be hot and bothersome. Give your customers a glow in the dark sports bottle that they can keep by their side so they do not have to step into the kitchen just to get a drink. Also, if they leave the bottle outside, it will be easy to find at night.

If gardening is their game, a budget cotton tote with your logo on it will prove to be helpful. They will be able to have their shears, shovels, clippers, soil knifes and all the other necessary tools on them by keeping everything together in one bag. This will improve their productivity, and that is something you want associated with your company.

Small businesses can learn from other promotional products

For many small businesses, promotional marketing strategies are designed around finding cost-effective means of successfully promoting a brand image. This can often be a challenge when trying to create unique ideas, but business owners can look to other industries to see how promotional products are being used efficiently.

The video game world is one industry for which a good promotional marketing campaign can supply the backbone of profitable sales. Many retailers offer special “in-game” items to customers who show loyalty or purchase a product early – essentially, this is un-lockable promotional content that associates a positive image with store chains looking for the best sales. Many consumers view a limited promotional item as extremely desirable, and the large influx of people looking to snag such content drives up sales in other areas. Even if customers find out they arrived too late to secure a special copy, they will often end up making a purchase.

Small businesses can adapt this strategy easily. Instead of just sending out a bunch of business gifts, a company that offers real estate services can offer a unique promotional pen to the first ten customers that register a showing with an agent. If advertised correctly, the chances are that many more than ten people will show up and may make an offer since they are already in the office. Plus, having these people actually in the office allows a business owner to hand out other applicable promotional products.

However, there is another aspect to the promotional video gaming that is applicable to small businesses. When a gamer purchases a special-edition game, this often unlocks special services and content in other games put out by the developer or its partners. Small businesses can do the same with their promotional products.

For example, the same real-estate promotional pens could offer a discount on the realtor’s fee if they are used to sign the lease, or perhaps unlock special listings that are only shown to dedicated clients. Out-of-the-box ideas like these are how a company image works its way into daily operations, and small business owners should not underestimate how much clients will appreciate even a small discount. Everyone likes to save a few hard-earned dollars, and clever promotional marketing can save both the customer and the entrepreneur money.

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