Promoting real estate services

The real estate industry had a strong year in 2012. According to housing market analytics firm CoreLogic, home prices were 8.3 percent higher in December 2012 than they were in December 2011. Additionally, CBS News reports that new home sales increased last year. These numbers indicate that Americans are ready to rejoin the housing marketing in the wake of the recession.

Real estate agencies must be prepared to capitalize on renewed interest in home ownership. Licensed agents and brokers should create marketing strategies to find potential clients. Advertisements such as unique promotional products can help real estate firms reach out to consumers and increase brand awareness.

Finding new clients 
Multi-channel marketing campaigns are more effective than efforts that only use one platform. Real estate agents can increase their market penetration by combining promotional items, direct mail and online content.

Businesses can buy mailing lists based on demographic information to find potential leads. Brokers will want to target consumers who share traits with homeowners in the local area to increase the likelihood of finding new customers.

Small gifts like promotional wall calendars can be sent instead of traditional mailers. The packages stand out from other pieces of mail, so they won’t be lost in the shuffle. Contact information for individual agents can be printed next to pictures of gorgeous homes on every page.

Additionally, the functional gifts can be used to direct potential homebuyers to online real estate listings. Unique web addresses, hashtags, and Quick Response (QR) codes can be embossed on the calendars. The digital features will also direct consumers to an agency’s website.

Remaining memorable after meetings
Homebuyers don’t commit to new properties after viewing online advertisements – people typically visit multiple residences so they can find their dream homes. Some consumers work with multiple real estate agents during their search, so salespeople must be sure that they leaving lasting impressions.

Firms can distribute promotional tools to every client during house hunts. Items like promotional pens and note pads can be used to take notes of important amenities or the differences between two properties. Additionally, branded calculators are great gifts for homebuyers who have to find out if they can afford certain houses.

The promotional gifts forge bonds between agents and their clients. Homebuying is daunting for consumers, and salespeople can demonstrate the value of their services by giving buyers functional presents that simplify the entire process.

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