Gearing up for the return of America’s pastime

There’s something of a lull in sports after the Super Bowl ends. Football is over for the next seven months while the NBA and NHL play regular season games. Fans don’t have many entertainment options between February and April. The only good news is that February 5 was “Truck Day,” according to ESPN Boston. The day signals to baseball fans around the world that spring training is almost here.

Sporting News writes that most Major League Baseball (MLB) teams will officially open camp before Valentine’s Day. Fans are waiting with bated breath for their favorite players to start practicing and playing exhibition games to prepare for the regular season.

Baseball is America’s pastime, and small business owners can show their love for the game with unique promotional products. Local companies can use the color schemes of popular teams to capitalize on their popularity. Additionally, imagery like baseballs and batters can be printed on every item.

The MLB is particularly protective of its trademarked materials. The league and its teams own symbols, mascots and names, but entrepreneurs can use generic graphics to avoid copyright violations. Colors aren’t protected, so they can be used on promotional items. City names and broad terms like “ball club” can also be used without concern.

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