Attracting summer travelers and tourists to your business

Summer offers the ideal time during which consumers can travel. People frequently take advantage of the warmer weather by venturing to tropical or beachside locations, as they enjoy spending their days by beautiful bodies of water. Alternatively, bustling cities typically see an influx in tourists, as people use vacation time to visit these large and fast-paced places.

Whether your business is situated near a tourist trap or favorite spot for summer travelers, there are a variety of ways to attract these potential customers to your brand. As the summer continues to progress, consider the following ways in which you can drastically improve brand recognition among visitors.

Setting up a festive stand
People visiting new locations for the summer will be looking to fully immerse themselves in the culture and ambiance of the region. If they’re traveling to the beach, for example, they will likely bring along or seek to acquire products frequently associated with this location. Beach balls, sun visors, sand toys, flying disks and large umbrellas are among several summer staples tourists may port along their pursuit. Businesses in beach towns should consider setting up a small station near frequently populated beaches. This way, organizations can distribute a range of relevant promotional products that travelers can enjoy during their time. Investing in items that will prominently display your logo is key, as this not only increases visibility among those who receive your products, but also the range of other people on the beach. Consider small items that can be given to a variety of individuals, such as the Promotional 9 1/4″ Flyer or the 16″ Promotional Beach Ball.

Not located near the beach? No problem. There are still ways to make your brand stand out among visitors to the region. If your company is located in a region with a strong reputation among tourists, take advantage of your situation by tailoring products as such. For instance, if your company is located in a Southern city, such as Nashville or Atlanta, consider purchasing products that will allow visitors to take home a bit of Southern charm. The 19 Oz. Sweet Southern Mason Jar Tumbler would be a good option, as it not only provides tourists with a drinking container to help them battle the Southern heat, but also gives them a bit of the South to take home.

Making your brand presence known
As you set up your stand or create displays outside of your store, it’s essential to make your brand presence known to all those who may travel by. If you’re setting up shop on the beach, think about decorating the surrounding area with items that will show off your company’s logo, such as a large promotional umbrella or banner. By investing in objects that can increase your brand’s visibility, you may be able to boost your company’s reach within a specific area. Alternatively, it’s wise to invest in simple items that tourists can quickly grab and carry on their persons, such as a Floating Promotional Keychain.

Instead of distributing a range of smaller promotional products, or in addition to handing out little items, some companies may opt for hosting contests among regional visitors, entering them for a chance to win different products. Organizations could ask travelers to divulge email addresses or phone numbers for a chance to win a larger item, such as a Promotional Captain’s Chair or Sea Breeze Canvas Tote Bag. Companies have many options to choose from when promoting larger items. For example, brands could host summer-themed contests at their booths or host a raffle drawing for interested consumers.

Restaurant uses promotional giveaways for customer appreciation

Promotional giveaways serve many functions. Their primary purpose is to help businesses establish a long-term marketing presence. One secondary element is to act as gifts for customers to show how much a company appreciates them.

One restaurant in Herkimer, N.Y., is using a similar tactic to achieve that second objective. According to WKTV, a local NBC affiliate, Denny’s plans to give free meals to patrons who visit the eatery on the first day its open since it was closed for 11 days due to renovations. The chain will distribute 150 gratis entrees throughout the day – 100 at breakfast, 25 at lunch and another 25 at dinner. Michael Hinze, the manager, explained that this was the best way to bring people back.

“We’re doing all the giveaways to show our customers just how much we appreciate them. We want them to come in and see what we’ve done here. We’re very proud of the updates and we want them to see it,” Hinze said. 

This is a tactic many small businesses can use after being closed for brief periods. Giving away promotional mugs, calendars and pens should be sufficient for convincing loyal customers to return once the establishment reopens.

Find new business with beach goers and travelers

Summer is a prime time to travel. For one, the weather is usually more enjoyable during this season than it is in others, so consumers are willing to explore new areas. What’s more, children are out of school so families can travel together without their sons and daughters missing important lessons.

According to some experts, the 2013 season will likely be busy for the travel industry. In an interview, Marilyn Greenwax, National Public Radio’s senior business editor, stated that the airline industry should enjoy a “reasonably good summer” this year. Greenwax’s claim is supported by a recent study from the American Automobile Association which reveals that 66 percent of adults in the United States plan to travel between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Additionally, consumers will take an average of 3.5 trips, demonstrating that Americans aren’t content with only taking one vacation in June, July and August.

Of course, this is great news for small business owners in popular vacation destinations. The prospect of new customers coming to town and looking for local establishments to visit can be a boon for entrepreneurs who are looking to boost sales before summer ends and the leaves start to change colors.

One way small businesses can attract travelers is by holding promotional giveaways throughout the season. Fun marketing events are great for generating interest in an establishment because consumers are always looking for fun activities to participate in while on vacation. By having a small celebration, entrepreneurs can ensure that customers who are only in town for a few days or weeks want to stop by and see what merchandise is available.

What’s more, promotional marketing products are valuable advertisements that help a company in the long run. Vacationers will take the logo-emblazoned items home and develop brand recognition over the next year, making them more likely to return when they take their trips in 2014.

Small business owners who are based in seaside communities have a particularly easy time when choosing promotional items for summer giveaways. These entrepreneurs can simply distribute products that consumers would love to have when they go the beach. Everything from a logo-emblazoned beach ball to a water bottle would be ideal for attracting customers who plan on catching some waves while on vacation.

All in all, travelers are great leads that small business should try to convert into customers this season and promotional giveaways might be the best resource for achieving that objective.

Help consumers hit the road with promotional items

Because summer’s arrival is near, many vacationers have their hearts set on revving their engines and going on lengthy road trips. The adventures are rites of passage for many people, while others go on annual excursions all over the United States. Unfortunately, some consumers don’t make it very far because their cars break down at inopportune times.

According to Consumer Reports, vehicular maintenance is a necessity before a road trip so consumers should take their cars to the garage before hitting the road. However, an oil change and a tune-up doesn’t guarantee that a vehicle will survive an excursion.

Mechanics can endear themselves to customers by distributing automotive repair kits as promotional items. A small toolbox with jumper cables and a wrench can help ensure that clients can safely drive from one coast to the other and back. Alternatively, repair professionals can hand out tire gauges to ensure that flat tires don’t ruin anyone’s vacation.

Functional promotional marketing products will help mechanics foster loyalty among their clients. Drivers will appreciate the gifts and may thank the professionals by coming back for routine repairs. Returning customers will help a garage thrive in the long term.

Businesses in the travel industry should use promotional items for summer

With summer rapidly approaching, many consumers are planning their vacations. For some people, June, July and August are the best times to get away from work for a few days and enjoy fun trips. According to a recent survey, the majority of Americans are considering taking holidays this summer. TD Ameritrade reports that 78 percent of poll respondents are planning summer vacations. Additionally, 26 percent of consumers will spend more on travel in 2013 than they did last year.

For small businesses in the travel and hospitality industries, TD Ameritrade’s finding are great news. Companies in these sectors should start marketing sooner rather than later to find new clients before the busy summer season officially begins. In many cases, distributing unique promotional products will help businesses convert leads into loyal customers.

Consider distributing the following promotional items this summer to increase revenue.

Rain, rain go away
Few weather conditions can ruin a vacation quite like rain. Consumers don’t want to explore new cities or sit on the beach while gray clouds unleash massive downpours. Mild drizzle can also prevent vacationers from truly enjoying their time away from home.

Small business owners can ensure that weather doesn’t dampen anyone’s fun by distributing sponsored umbrellas during promotional giveaways. The functional gifts will keep the rain away from consumers so they are free to truly enjoy their vacations. Additionally, the promotional presents can also help recipients avoid sunburns while away from home.

Moreover, entrepreneurs distribute tote bags with folding umbrellas to ensure that customers always have the items handy. The umbrellas conveniently fit into a small pocket at the bottom of the logo-emblazoned bags, making it easy for consumers to prepare for bad weather. The totes also have sufficient storage space for recipients to carry all of their souvenirs and travel essentials while on vacation.

Going international
Some consumers aren’t content to explore the United States this summer as TD Ameritrade that 29 percent of travelers will vacation outside of North America and another 11 percent will visit Canada and Mexico. International excursions can be enjoyable if consumers have the necessary paperwork to both leave and enter the country.

Small business owners, particularly travel agents, should consider distributing passport holders so customers always have their documentation ready when traveling. Losing a passport can cause serious problems so holders might be some of the best promotional products to distribute for summer.

Holding promotional giveaways in a restaurant

Dining out is a consistently popular option for consumers who do not have time to cook. According to a recent Gallup poll, 10 percent of respondents ate at a restaurant the night before the survey. In 1989, 8 percent of people dined out the previous evening.

Promotional giveaways can help restaurateurs attract dozens of customers every night. Exciting events and small prizes draw consumers to new restaurants. Additionally, fun atmospheres can turn one-time diners into regular patrons. Establishment owners must pick the perfect moment for their giveaways, decide on the perfect promotional items and properly market the events to find the optimal number of new customers.

The right day
Timing is everything in terms of marketing. Restaurateurs have to choose the perfect day to hold their giveaways. Owners shouldn’t use the weekends for promotional purposes. Consumers tend to dine out on Fridays and Saturdays, so an event would lead to overcrowding. Restaurants have to be mindful of the available space – drawing in new diners on a busy night will cause long lines and customer dissatisfaction.

Patrons are more likely to try a new eatery when there is no wait for service. Restaurants should hold their promotional giveaways during traditionally slow days and nights. Small gifts can motivate potential clients to break from their normal dining routines.

Picking the right gifts
The right promotional marketing products contribute to the success of a giveaway. Customers want prizes that are functional in every situation and simplify basic tasks. Promotional pens are among the most popular items because they are the most useful. The writing utensils can be used at home, in the office and anywhere in between. Servers can leave the branded pens with every party’s check.

Alternatively, promotional wall calendars with pictures of delicious dishes could be excellent gifts. Images of mouthwatering meals entice hungry consumers to return to their favorite restaurants. Coupons can be printed on every page to encourage monthly patronage.

Marketing the giveaways
Social media is the best tool to advertise a promotional event. The Houston Chronicle recommends posting pictures of promotional items so customers can see the available gifts. Servers and chefs should be featured in the photos, and all posts should include dates so interested consumers don’t miss the giveaways.

Advertisements can be posted outside of restaurants to attract passersby. Banners and balloons can inform potential customers about the gifts that wait inside. The combination of excellent service, delicious food and functional prizes can help restaurateurs forge lasting relationships with their patrons.

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