Attracting summer travelers and tourists to your business

Summer offers the ideal time during which consumers can travel. People frequently take advantage of the warmer weather by venturing to tropical or beachside locations, as they enjoy spending their days by beautiful bodies of water. Alternatively, bustling cities typically see an influx in tourists, as people use vacation time to visit these large and fast-paced places.

Whether your business is situated near a tourist trap or favorite spot for summer travelers, there are a variety of ways to attract these potential customers to your brand. As the summer continues to progress, consider the following ways in which you can drastically improve brand recognition among visitors.

Setting up a festive stand
People visiting new locations for the summer will be looking to fully immerse themselves in the culture and ambiance of the region. If they’re traveling to the beach, for example, they will likely bring along or seek to acquire products frequently associated with this location. Beach balls, sun visors, sand toys, flying disks and large umbrellas are among several summer staples tourists may port along their pursuit. Businesses in beach towns should consider setting up a small station near frequently populated beaches. This way, organizations can distribute a range of relevant promotional products that travelers can enjoy during their time. Investing in items that will prominently display your logo is key, as this not only increases visibility among those who receive your products, but also the range of other people on the beach. Consider small items that can be given to a variety of individuals, such as the Promotional 9 1/4″ Flyer or the 16″ Promotional Beach Ball.

Not located near the beach? No problem. There are still ways to make your brand stand out among visitors to the region. If your company is located in a region with a strong reputation among tourists, take advantage of your situation by tailoring products as such. For instance, if your company is located in a Southern city, such as Nashville or Atlanta, consider purchasing products that will allow visitors to take home a bit of Southern charm. The 19 Oz. Sweet Southern Mason Jar Tumbler would be a good option, as it not only provides tourists with a drinking container to help them battle the Southern heat, but also gives them a bit of the South to take home.

Making your brand presence known
As you set up your stand or create displays outside of your store, it’s essential to make your brand presence known to all those who may travel by. If you’re setting up shop on the beach, think about decorating the surrounding area with items that will show off your company’s logo, such as a large promotional umbrella or banner. By investing in objects that can increase your brand’s visibility, you may be able to boost your company’s reach within a specific area. Alternatively, it’s wise to invest in simple items that tourists can quickly grab and carry on their persons, such as a Floating Promotional Keychain.

Instead of distributing a range of smaller promotional products, or in addition to handing out little items, some companies may opt for hosting contests among regional visitors, entering them for a chance to win different products. Organizations could ask travelers to divulge email addresses or phone numbers for a chance to win a larger item, such as a Promotional Captain’s Chair or Sea Breeze Canvas Tote Bag. Companies have many options to choose from when promoting larger items. For example, brands could host summer-themed contests at their booths or host a raffle drawing for interested consumers.

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