Find new business with beach goers and travelers

Summer is a prime time to travel. For one, the weather is usually more enjoyable during this season than it is in¬†others, so consumers are willing to explore new areas. What’s more, children are out of school so families can travel together without their sons and daughters missing important lessons.

According to some experts, the 2013 season will likely be busy for the travel industry. In an interview, Marilyn Greenwax, National Public Radio’s senior business editor, stated that the airline industry should enjoy a “reasonably good summer” this year. Greenwax’s claim is supported by a recent study from the American Automobile Association which reveals that 66 percent of adults in the United States plan to travel between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Additionally, consumers will take an average of 3.5 trips, demonstrating that Americans aren’t content with only taking one vacation in June, July and August.

Of course, this is great news for small business owners in popular vacation destinations. The prospect of new customers coming to town and looking for local establishments to visit can be a boon for entrepreneurs who are looking to boost sales before summer ends and the leaves start to change colors.

One way small businesses can attract travelers is by holding promotional giveaways throughout the season. Fun marketing events are great for generating interest in an establishment because consumers are always looking for fun activities to participate in while on vacation. By having a small celebration, entrepreneurs can ensure that customers who are only in town for a few days or weeks want to stop by and see what merchandise is available.

What’s more, promotional marketing products are valuable advertisements that help a company in the long run. Vacationers will take the logo-emblazoned items home and develop brand recognition over the next year,¬†making them more likely to return when they take their trips in 2014.

Small business owners who are based in seaside communities have a particularly easy time when choosing promotional items for summer giveaways. These entrepreneurs can simply distribute products that consumers would love to have when they go the beach. Everything from a logo-emblazoned beach ball to a water bottle would be ideal for attracting customers who plan on catching some waves while on vacation.

All in all, travelers are great leads that small business should try to convert into customers this season and promotional giveaways might be the best resource for achieving that objective.

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