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Help employees enjoy lunch

Help employees enjoy lunch

While many people spend most of their shifts thinking about what they’ll have for dinner, lunch may actually be the most important meal of the day. In order to stay focused and energized, workers have should enjoy nice meals during the day. Employees who are constantly combating hunger pains will likely struggle to handle everyday projects. However, many professionals are now skipping their mid-day feasts. Susan Crook, a marketing and advertising consultant, told USA Today that her colleagues forego lunch for various reasons.

“Some of them can’t afford it and are trying to save money. Others think they’re being scrutinized so much – the underlying thing that if you come back from lunch late you’re not working as hard. There are so many people who say, ‘Let’s do lunch,’ but they don’t do it,” Crook said.

This can be a problematic practice for small business owners. If staff members are hungry, their productivity will likely diminish. Further, a healthy meal can boost an employee’s immune system so skipping lunch may pose risks in some instances.

Entrepreneurs can combat this problem by distributing insulated lunch bags as personalized business gifts. The presents allow employees to pack nutritional meals to avoid hunger during the day.

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