Teenagers raising breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer continues to affect thousands of patients in the United States every year. Fortunately, some people are doing their best to combat the disease by raising awareness and helping medical institutions raise necessary funds in order to find a cure. Two teenagers have recently stood out for their charitable efforts.

According to Boston.com, Adam Lassman is generating awareness through his Pink Seat Project. For the initiative, Lassman, who is 17 and lives in Needham, Massachusetts, puts pink seat covers on chairs at large events. He receives a portion of the revenue generated from ticket sales for charity.

The New Haven Register reports that Julie Chacho, a graduate from Seymour High School, is doing her part to fight breast cancer. Recently, Chacho raised approximately $3,000 during bake sales at St. Augustine’s Church.

Small business owners can also raise awareness for breast cancer by holding promotional giveaways. For the events, entrepreneurs should distribute items that are modeled after the pink ribbon used to build publicity for the disease. By handing out products with the symbol, professionals can ensure that their customers are contributing to efforts to eradicate the disease.

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