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Restaurant uses promotional giveaways for customer appreciation

Restaurant uses promotional giveaways for customer appreciation

Promotional giveaways serve many functions. Their primary purpose is to help businesses establish a long-term marketing presence. One secondary element is to act as gifts for customers to show how much a company appreciates them.

One restaurant in Herkimer, N.Y., is using a similar tactic to achieve that second objective. According to WKTV, a local NBC affiliate, Denny’s plans to give free meals to patrons who visit the eatery on the first day its open since it was closed for 11 days due to renovations. The chain will distribute 150 gratis entrees throughout the day – 100 at breakfast, 25 at lunch and another 25 at dinner. Michael Hinze, the manager, explained that this was the best way to bring people back.

“We’re doing all the giveaways to show our customers just how much we appreciate them. We want them to come in and see what we’ve done here. We’re very proud of the updates and we want them to see it,” Hinze said. 

This is a tactic many small businesses can use after being closed for brief periods. Giving away promotional mugs, calendars and pens should be sufficient for convincing loyal customers to return once the establishment reopens.

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