Promo Gifts By Industry: Real Estate

There are two things that truly fuel success in the real-estate industry: networking skills and personal connections with clients. As a professional, you likely already understand the importance of both, but mastering those things is sometimes easier said than done. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry, or you’ve been at it for years, the right promotional products can certainly make your job easier.

Adding a promotional item to the mix gives interested clients something to take home, keeping you and your services on their minds. The better the product, the more likely you are to see those clients return to your agency for your help.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to attract customers and hold their attention, consider these:

Purchasing a home is a major decision; and proper budgeting and planning are important factors. A custom calendar gift can play an integral role in helping your clients keep track of funds, costs, important dates and other information.

Not only that, but gifts in this category keep your business information in front of clients daily. Promotional planners and pocket calendars sit on desktops and counter tops, or get carried around in totes or backpacks all the time. With a useful calendar customized with your business information, you’ll have a powerful way to promote your services regularly.

Custom Pens
Aside from being the perfect companion to your planner or notepad gift, a promotional pen is a very handy tool when home buying. Your clients will appreciate having a quality pen on-hand to take notes when meeting with you in the office, and to keep record of important information when seeing homes.

Your business pens will also come in handy when drafting up pros and cons lists on different properties in consideration, keeping track of prices, figures, and other important home stats.

Our custom promotional pens can even be handed out at any community events you attend. They’re small and portable enough to take along anywhere, and more useful to recipients than a typical business card can ever be.  No matter how you use them, promo pens are an affordable way to make a lasting impact. Check out our pen buying guide to help you land on your best option.

Key Rings
Of course all new homeowners and potential buyes are looking forward to a shiny new set of keys, so a brand new key ring can be the perfect business gift coming from a realtor. Unlike a business card, that may be discarded once the sale is final, a key ring is a practical item your clients can appreciate. Our custom promotional key rings range in price and design, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. These are handy everyday business tools that make sure clients never have to reach far to find your contact info when referring a friend or family member.

Give them something that will get prime placement in their new home and keep your contact information well within view.  Much like a key ring, a promotional magnet lasts longer than a traditional business card will; and at Myron, we offer a varety of custom promotional magnets to choose from. There are traditional refrigerator magnets—even those shaped like houses—magnetic clips handy for holding bags shut, and magnets with tearaway notepads ideal for jotting down to-do lists or grocery lists.

Greeting Cards
Maintaining your relationships is just as important as building them, and sending custom thank you cards or holiday cards to your former clients, shows thoughtfulness. Send a card every once in a while to check in with former clients, wish them well, and let them know you’re still in business. In the event they need a real-estate agent in the future, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you again.

Home Essentials
After the sale, thank your buyers and congratulate them on their new home with a special gift just from you. This can include custom flashlights to keep around the home, or more unique promotional tools, such as a custom Magnetic Screwdriver, a tape measure with logo, or a personalized Marble and Bamboo cutting board.  You might even opt for a customized bottle opener or corkscrew. With so many thoughtful promotional items that can be used around the home, you can easily show appreciation for your clients and make sure they remember you for a long time.

With Myron, the perfect business gift is never hard to find, and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. The solution you need to drive your real estate success is here.

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