Promotional gifts by industry: Construction

Some entities may feel it’s not as easy for them to find suitable promotional products as it is for people in other industries. They might think that their industry or specific business doesn’t have anything related to its products or services it could distribute to consumers. They want to distribute something for free that would create a lasting, visible impression on people and might also improve corporate identity among the general public. That’s where creative promotional products can be of great help to companies of any kind, emblazoning an entity’s name, logo and other information on products of all varieties in a way that makes a lasting memento of the business’ worth.

The construction sector is one segment of the corporate world that may struggle to find its own promo items to tie into operations. Despite what some in the business might think, there are plenty of options for finding compelling giveaway products.

Utility in freebies
An obvious aspect of the construction industry is its dedication to providing building materials, tools and labor to make any project dream a reality. In that vein, offering promo items to consumers that help them get the job done will help these clients draw the connection between a handy device and the kind of quality service they can expect from the business that issued it.

Myron’s offerings include several kinds of multi-tools that fold up and slip into a pocket or serve as a keychain. This will ensure that a person always has a bit of the company’s message on him or her at all times, creating mobile advertising, and each time it is put to use that individual will draw a stronger connection between the company and positive results.

Pocket knives and magnifier keychains also help get specialized tasks done while holding keys or jotting down memos. Some include corkscrews and bottle openers, making them the perfect addition to a company event or personal party. All of these devices come in a variety of colors, and with plenty of space on the sides for brand logos and names, which makes these multi-tools and pocket knives great marketing implements for construction companies.

Tools of all sizes
On a larger scale, some firms know that the most logical conclusions are often the easiest to draw. Rather than simply relying on the name of a company to get the message across, these entities prefer to give away promotional products that express the kind of service the business wants to render. For those kinds of corporations, Mryon has a variety of full-sized, functional tools that can be stamped with a business moniker and offer a taste of the construction industry.

Tape measures and tool kits provide ample space to emblazon corporate advertising, and each time a consumer needs to fix a leak or measure a space, that person will reach for a promotional giveaway item with the firm’s name on it. These tools range in size and capability from pens with interchangeable screw heads to full-scale kits with a variety of different wrenches, drivers and other implements. Some even include multi-faceted functions, like tape measures with a leveler built right into the face, so the user sees both if they are on the mark and the company that gave them the tool at the same time.

Finding items that complement the construction industry is made easier with Myron’s lineup of corporate promo giveaways. For interested firms, it’s only a matter of picking the color and level of function they want their potential customers to associate with their operations.

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