Promotional gifts by industry: Automotive

Many businesses face the recurring problem of deciding what kinds of items would make good employee rewards. Some ideas have historically included mugs, shirts and calendars, but finding a theme outside the realm of the business identity itself has sometimes been a struggle for private employers. Rather than giving away something found at the dollar store, companies may be better advised to hand out desirable items that carry a common motif.

A popular source of such giveaways are automotive-themed promo items. These serve a practical purpose that any worker can appreciate, regardless of age or gender, so long as they own a vehicle of some kind. Even for those who do not own vehicles, certain car-themed items like calendars or planners can make valuable gifts, either as seasonal or special occasion offerings, or even as a token for doing an exemplary job.

Pens and wall calendars
Cars are popular with a lot of different workers, and giving them promo items as gifts with an automotive motif will encourage them to hang on to these offerings. What’s more, it’s likely they will show these items off to friends and family, or else display car promotional gifts on a desk or someplace else where customers, coworkers and other people are likely to see them.

Pens come in a variety of colors and even offer extra flexibility when companies buy the right kind. Myron offers pens that function in the conventional writing sense, as well as light-tip pens for added dexterity while doing intricate work, tool pens that hold various screw heads and wrench sockets, as well as textured pens for extra grip and others that serve more that one of these functions. All offerings are also available in a multitude of colors and can be inscribed with a business’ name and logo, making them stylish and personalized to fit corporate needs.

Calendars and planners with automotive themes are also popular and can be just as customized. These items are functional and valuable in their ability to help employees better manage their work-life balance, increasing the likelihood for a calendar to be displayed prominently and a planner to go to and from work with a person.

Wearable and work-ready
Taking care of employees should be a primary concern of businesses, as these human assets are the face of the company both at work and while away from it. An entity interested in showing its workers how much it cares can give out custom logo shirts and bags, as well as car-care tools like pressure gages, tool kits and flashlights. Water bottles are also a popular product, as they can be used at home, at work, at the gym or while travelling.

Supporting personal wellness at the office and while at home can show how much a business values its staff members just by giving away free promotional products. These items simultaneously increase employee engagement and boost corporate visibility, as workers carrying company swag can answer questions about products and services better than a logo item can on its own.

Between their usability, flexibility and return on investment, using automotive-themed corporate giveaways can help make people feel like their bosses really care. They also serve to assist business marketing strategy, creating an additional advertising incentive for entities to consider. Combining popular giveaways with free media exposure makes auto promos a good choice for businesses of all kinds and sizes.


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