Promotional items help your customers keep their homes pretty

If your clients are homeowners, the warm weather means they will likely be anxious to get outside on weekends and engage in productive ventures that will make their residences look attractive after the long, cold winter. For your corporate promotional giveaways, give them items that they will be able to use in their yard.

Help your clients start the day off right as they get their caffeine boost from a homemade cup of coffee. They can sit and survey their backyard as they sip from one of your promotional mugs and decide what projects they want to tackle in the afternoon.

Mowing the lawn under the hot Saturday sun can be hot and bothersome. Give your customers a glow in the dark sports bottle that they can keep by their side so they do not have to step into the kitchen just to get a drink. Also, if they leave the bottle outside, it will be easy to find at night.

If gardening is their game, a budget cotton tote with your logo on it will prove to be helpful. They will be able to have their shears, shovels, clippers, soil knifes and all the other necessary tools on them by keeping everything together in one bag. This will improve their productivity, and that is something you want associated with your company.

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