Give gratitude with promo items

It is a well-known fact that when dealing with a client, first impressions are extremely important. They set the tone, and let your prospective customer know what kind of business partner you are going to be, and what the quality of the future relationship is going to be like. While these first glances are vital, what is also very important is the lasting impression you will give. Not only will this be the thought that your client has in his or her mind when he or she recalls your relationship, but it could be a determining factor if they ever plan on doing business with you again.

Promotional items are a great way to show your gratitude toward another business. These clients are your lifeblood, so by showing thanks you acknowledge that your success is partially based on them. While emails can express this sentiment, mere words on a screen might be construed as an empty gesture. Show how grateful you are by sending them useful promotional products.

A tool pen with your company’s logo is the perfect giveaway. Not only will your client be able to use it at the office as they scribble down important notes or dates, but they will want to keep it on them for other purposes in their domestic life. Perhaps one of your customers is the head of a small family business and his or her daughter or son is moving into a dorm. This milemarker experience will be made easier with your product as they use it to put together furniture or hang a picture

Logo usb drives are also a handy gift. For your clients who are never without their laptop and are always typing and working, USB flash drives will instantly let them save their work and use it again at home on the family PC, or perhaps give pertinent information to an employee.

While giving these gifts only takes a few minutes of consideration, they will have a lasting effect. Every time clients use one of the imprinted pens you gave them, they will see your brand name and remember that it is your way of saying thank you, but with something that is tangible and useful. Not only does this demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile in order to express your gratitude, but the ease it will grant them will have them saying thanks in return.


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