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Promotional items can help clients get out of the rain

Promotional items can help clients get out of the rain

The spring is notorious for its propensity for rain of every magnitude – from deluges of heavy drops falling from the heavens to long sustained showers that ceremoniously sprinkle the area throughout the course of the day. Even though we welcome the water, because it helps our budding plants and will come in handy during the summer dog days, it can be a hindrance when getting to the office. Have your corporate gifts help your clients adequately deal with the rainy season.

The condition that you arrive at the office in is a precursor to the rest of the day. If your customers are commuters, especially by way of train, they will undoubtedly be exposed to the elements as they walk from their car across the parking lot or wait outside. Give them a super mini travel umbrella that they can keep in their glove compartment or briefcase, so they will always be prepared for those damp days.

Other business gifts can include clothing that will keep them dry. A custom athletic pullover windbreaker jacket is light and versatile and will come in handy when the climate is warm, but the weather is wet.

Every time your customer uses one of your promo items to arrive at the office dry and happy, they will give credit to the items you have given them, and in effect they will be thankful towards you.


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