Honeycomb Mesh Products

Promotional gift products should be useful.


Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate your giveaway items so much more if they can use them on a daily basis. This is why honeycomb mesh products are an excellent giveaway idea.


Bags made from honeycomb mesh are durable, lightweight, and functional. Here are some of the top honeycomb mesh products that you should check out:


Tri-Pack Honeycomb Mesh Bags – This set of bags is made from high-quality ventilated mesh. They are very durable and are ideal for carrying all kinds of damp articles. People will really appreciate having this complete set for trips to the gym, laundromat, beach and other locations.

Honeycomb Mesh Backpack – This easy-to-carry backpack has padded straps for comfort. It comes with a zippered closure and an outer front pocket. Made from Honeycomb mesh, 600D PU, and Neoprene. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

Honeycomb Wine Bag – This is a great wine bag that can help your brand and business stand out during parties and other social events. It comes with a reinforced bottom and strong carrying handles.

Honeycomb Drawstring Tote Bag – This great looking tote bag can easily be converted into a backpack. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean between uses.

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag – This honeycomb mesh tote bag is excellent for shopping; it’s roomy enough to fit a large load. The mesh design allows ventilation and is excellent for carrying damp materials. Lightweight and durable, this tote is easy to carry everywhere.


Any one of these honeycomb products will make a wonderful giveaway. It’s a sure thing that people will like them. You can check them all out here.

Power Banks as Promotional Products

Everyone has a smartphone now.


People are relying on smartphones and tablets to communicate with the world. They’re carrying these devices everywhere and they end up with low battery charges because of constant use. This is why power banks are quite popular.


You can use power banks as promotional products and be sure that they will bring value to anyone. Your customers and employees will really appreciate getting power banks with your logo on them; they’re sure to hold onto these products for the long haul.


Here are some of the power banks that you can use as your promotional products:


Ultra-Slim Power Bank Charger 3000 mAh – This is an easy-to-carry power bank that is compatible with most smartphones and devices. It comes with a convenient power switch.

Keychain Power Bank (1000 mAh) – This is an excellent giveaway as it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Your brand logo and message will be clearly visible to others.

Compact Power Bank Charger (2200 mAh) – People love to use power banks that are lightweight and easily fit into a pocket or bag. This model comes with a USB port and another micro USB port, making it compatible with most devices and smartphones.

Solar Power Bank – 8000 mAh – This is a very trendy product that will surely catch people’s attention every day. This solar power bank is going to be a hit with those who care about the environment.

3-in-1 Power Bank Charger Set – This set comes in a small bag that can carry your logo. Along with the power bank, the set includes a micro-USB power cord, an AC wall adapter, and a USB car charger.
These are just some of the power banks that you can use promotional products for your business. Head over to Myron.com for a full selection and more great ideas.

Budget-Friendly Winter Giveaway Ideas Under $5

winter promotional products

You don’t have to break your budget to keep your clients and prospects thinking warm thoughts about your brand this winter! At Myron, we have wonderful winter promotional products that will be a perfect gift for your wallet and for your recipients.

For the Holidays:

Star Christmas Ornaments (As low as $4.19/ea.)

This sweet ornament is plush and comes in your choice of a snowman or Santa Claus design. Your imprint has a prominent place on the back pocket, which perfectly fits either a business card, a small note, or a gift card. Your leads will look fondly on this ornament year after year!

Royale Tech Triple Function Pen (As low as $2.20/ea.)

Available in subtle holiday-themed colors, the Royale Tech Triple Function Pen is a multipurpose flashlight, ballpoint and stylus pen that your recipients will make use of all year long. Your brand is laser-engraved on the cap for long-lasting quality.

For the Whole Season:

Microfiber Wine Bottle Bag (As low as $2.89/ea.)

Your imprint is the only thing you need to add to this bag to make it the perfect giveaway! While your clients and leads toast to the holidays and ring in the New Year, they’ll be toting your brand with them from celebration to celebration.

Custom Touch Screen Gloves (As low as $2.99/ea.)

Stay warm and connected with touch screen gloves that sport your full-color imprint on both hands. Practical and cozy, these gloves are a classic winter giveaway made with modern needs in mind.

16 Oz. Evolve Infinity Tumbler (As low as $2.79/ea.)

Tumblers are one of the most popular promotional products and for good reason! The Evolve Infinity Tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks, fits conveniently in most car cup holders, and is a cost-effective canvas for your branding. Your clients and prospects will have your brand to thank when they enjoy their favorite winter beverage on the go.

Thanks to our extensive catalog, Myron has the high quality promotional giveaways that fit your brand and budget.

How to Build the Perfect Promotional Gift Box

promotional gift box

Promotional gift boxes are a great way to show your appreciation to important clients or employees. Besides showing some extra consideration to the recipients, gift boxes show off your brand’s personality and creativity. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few simple tips to inspire you!

1. Think of Your Brand’s Personality

Consider what promotional products speak to your brand. If your business deals in paper goods, a high quality pen makes more sense as a gift than a stylus or earbuds do. Conversely, if you’re an online or a tech business, a stylus or earbuds make perfect sense!

2. Choose Products that Complement Each Other

Once you’ve nailed down your brand’s personality, make sure the items that suit your business work together in a gift box. For example, pens, notebooks, planners, or other desk items together create a cohesive message. A gym bag, sports bottle, and towel also follow a similar theme. If you don’t want a strong theme like the office or gym examples, work more loosely with items that have a similar mood. Consider a younger, relaxed vibe by combining sunglasses and earbuds or a bluetooth speaker.

3. Know Your Budget

When creating a gift box, there’s no reason to go over the top. One benefit of a promotional gift box is to create the same effect of giving away an expensive item without actually having to spend a lot of money. Figuring out the right combination of items, whether it’s a whole set of affordable desk items or two higher priced items, is more important than how much you spent on creating the box!

4. Personalize It

While the items in the gift box are imprinted with your brand, you should also consider how to personalize it for the recipient. You might include one item that’s personalized with their name, but an even simpler solution is to include a handwritten card. You’ll be surprised how much a small note will help your brand stand out in memory to anyone who receives this gift box!

5. Presentation Matters

Keep the packaging in mind! Presentation is half the battle when it comes to making a memorable promotional gift box. Make sure to arrange the items in an appealing fashion, and then consider an attractive box or even a customized gift box. For a 2-in-1 solution, make your “box” a bag! For bigger gifts, pick a duffel or gym bag, and for smaller gifts, choose a tote bag or a reusable shopping bag. You can even use a small cooler if it suits your business’s personality- be creative!

For more tips and an expansive catalogue of customizable promotional products, visit Myron. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to find the perfect items to make an incredible promotional gift box for your business!

Gifts Dad Will Love Any Day of the Year

Father's Day

Father’s Day is around the corner, and the average person is gearing up to spend a whopping $133 on a gift for Dad, according to the National Retail Federation. This year, spending is expected to top $15.3 billion dollars in preparation for just one day! The most popular gifts are a “special outing” and gift cards.

Want to truly surprise the Dads you know with something more personal and long-lasting? Think about getting them a gift one of the other 364 days of the year that they’ll love for years to come! Here are four gifts that will show Dads the appreciation they deserve:

Tuscany Thermos & Coffee Cups Gift Set

This beautiful, modern set is made with double-walled stainless steel that can keep your drinks hot or cool for hours. It features a customizable vegan leather sleeve that comes in a variety of colors and can be easily removed for cleaning. Packaged in a two-piece gold-tone gift box complete with a ribbon, this gift is sure to impress!

Custom BBQ Set

This BBQ Set is a classic gift for Dads but with the extra spark of having a personalized case! The set includes a spatula, fork, and a pair of tongs. The case is made from sturdy aluminum and has an easy carry handle and double clasps to keep Dad’s new BBQ tools portable and secure.

Koozie Tailgate Rolling Kooler

Perfect for tailgating, traveling, or camping, this cooler will definitely get your Father’s Day (or any other day) celebration rolling! You can personalize the front pocket to display any text or logo you desire, and it is available in three chic colors.

30 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler

The 30 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler is a great gift for all occasions. Crafted from stainless steel and vacuum insulated, it can keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 6 hours. A custom imprint will give this tumbler a polished look and the personalization it needs to be a truly special gift, whether it’s given on Father’s Day or not!

Myron carries a variety of unique and standard promotional items for any and every brand. From pens to tech, calendars to bags, you can keep your brand at your customers fingertips with high quality, affordable promotional items from Myron.

Jot This Down: June 10th is National Ballpoint Pen Day!


On June 10th in 1943, Laslo and Gyorgy Biro were granted US Patent 2,390,636 for their invention of, you guessed it, the ballpoint pen. Now we recognize that day to celebrate the Biro brothers and the birth of the ballpoint pen. At the time, these stylish writing instruments with quick-dry inks were the tools of the rich. Now a ballpoint pen is an affordable must-have for everyone.

Pens have come a long way since then. The digital age has prompted pens to trend toward multifunctionality, and now we can also customize them perfectly to our needs and tastes! Check out these three:

Celena Stylus Pen

The Celena Stylus Pen combines a soft-touch barrel with a stylus for touchscreen navigation, so now you don’t even need to have paper on hand to jot down important notes!

Hexam Soft Touch Stylus Pen

Similarly to the Celena Stylus Pen, the Hexam Soft Touch Stylus Pen features click-to-write action and a color-matched rubber stylus at the back end. For extra comfort, it adds a soft grip that’s gentle on your hands and has a detailed diamond design engraving.

7 Function Tool Pen

The 7 Function Tool Pen that can be used to write, work your tablet, measure, or level, and also contains hidden flat-head and Philips head bits. It’s the perfect way to make sure your clients and prospects always have your brand on hand!

That’s just the beginning! There are hundreds and hundreds of styles, colors, and options that can be customized. If you’re not sure how to pick the perfect pen, check out our Pen Buying Guide to help you make the right decision.


Myron carries a variety of unique and standard promotional items for any and every brand. From pens to tech, calendars to bags, you can keep your brand at your customers’ fingertips with high quality, affordable promotional items from Myron.

Thanksgiving presents innumerable opportunities to give away promotional products

Few holidays create as many warm feelings in Americans as Thanksgiving does. Despite their warmth and comfort, days such as Halloween and Christmas often have stressful and demanding counterparts that can detract from the fun and enjoyment of their respective festivities. Not so with Thanksgiving, which in some ways can be said to possess all the trappings of superior celebrations without any of the confusion and strain.

Consequently, Thanksgiving is perfect for beginning a promotional push to thank customers for all of their loyalty and business throughout the rest of the year. Objects that are given to customers as “thank you” gifts in observance of this important feast will be fondly remembered and, more importantly, can have an impact on people’s friends and families. This is especially true for items that are particularly useful around the last Thursday in November. Consider the following tools for use in “thank you” promotions this Thanksgiving.

Glassware and bar sets
Besides the traditional dishes of turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, many families use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to safely and calmly imbibe some amount of alcohol. However, even within a familial unit, tastes can diverge wildly and will require a number of different spirits to complement the food being served. As a result, any home bartender worth her salt will be sure to include a variety of glasses, including pilsners for beer, snifters for cognac, fluted glasses for champagne, highballs for cocktails and mugs for Irish coffee.

Promotional glassware is phenomenally useful beginning around Thanksgiving and can even gain a second lease on life shortly afterward when Christmas rolls around. The same is true for bar sets, which can transform the most inexperienced bartender into an expert mixologist thanks to the inclusion of branded mixers, strainers, corkscrews and stirrers.

Thanksgiving is special because it symbolizes the thankfulness that people feel for all the fortunate aspects of their lives. This is especially true for people who have comfortable homes and large and loving families. However, being truly thankful for these things actually requires allowing them to share space. Inviting a large number of people into your home puts its cleanliness at risk, so any tool that is helpful for maintaining some semblance of order will be much appreciated.

Companies can thank customers or valued clients with promotional coasters to help them maintain order in their houses and apartments during the holiday season, as well as to spread the word about a brand, product or service.

Napkin rings
Not many people go out to eat on Thanksgiving, mostly because part of its charm is the fact that people join together with one another for private family dinners. However, that doesn’t mean that the trappings of a restaurant aren’t appreciated. In fact, making one’s home into an elegant eatery plays a large part in the fun and coziness of the holiday. Branded and promotional napkin rings add to the elegance and enjoyment of Thanksgiving and will be well-loved additions to a family’s repertoire of decor tools.

Luggage tags
Some families will remain in a tight-knit perimeter around a city or town and rarely leave the zones that their lives have led them to inhabit. Others move far away for work, love or pleasure. Either way, most families await the return of at least one member from afar. Traveling during the holidays can be a stressful affair, especially because everyone else is doing the same thing. As a result, any tool that is useful for navigating airports, train stations and bus terminals will come as a welcome thanks to customers. Luggage tags are a nice way to thank customers and clients, who will be grateful that someone has offered assistance in their efforts to rejoin their family for the holidays.

Business gifts benefit employees and employers alike

A business gift or corporate personalized product has many varied uses. An elegant promotional pen inscribed with a company’s name makes a phenomenal gift to commemorate a milestone for employees. Personalized electronics can be given to workers who are ending their time with a business after years of service. According to a survey released by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), business gifts are also incredibly effective at motivating employees to give projects their full effort.

The IRF compared the use of corporate gifts to that of cash prize incentives. Many companies find that certain sales goals or levels of productivity are more consistently achieved when a workforce has a tangible benefit to look forward to. The survey began on the premise that the average cash incentive is around triple that of merchandise or gift cards. The results show that merchandise in the form of business gifts or personalized items often cost an average of only $206, while gift cards have an average price tag of $240.

This research is important because it highlights the tangible value of physical gifts and promotional products. Companies can save money by investing in merchandise and personalized items for hard-working employees – to the tune of almost $400. Rather than feeling as if they lost out on the deal, workers can pride themselves on the receipt of an elegant business gift that has been personalized by the company to which they have given so many hours and so much effort.

Personalized business gifts leave a lasting impression

One of the most effective ways to commemorate a special event or transaction is to offer a personalized business gift to those who have helped make it possible. If a company’s anniversary is approaching, a sales benchmark has been met or a certain number of years with an organization has been reached, a personalized business gift can help mark the occasion. Giving a gift will also work well to motivate sales staff, to reward regular customers or apologize for poor service or an embarrassing mistake.

Though typically reserved for one’s personal life, personalized gifts can also be used in the workplace. Particularly upscale items, such as elegant pens or executive portfolios, convey feelings of quality and trust. Novel items, such as calendars or USB flash drives, carry a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Personalized business gifts as a whole are great brand ambassadors. They can be tailored to represent gratitude and respect toward a valuable employee who has exceeded expectations.

Beyond expressing sentiment or appreciation, personalized business gifts are memorable for their high functionality. With every use of a logo tote bag or a personalized calculator, gift recipients will be reminded of the occasion on which they received it and the circumstances under which it was given.

What’s more, business gifts can be customized so that their use reflects the message or company they represent. Firms of a clerical or financial nature may want to give out personalized pens, while high-tech firms can personalize technology accessories like USB drives or tablet PC cases.

The success of personalized gifts is also rooted in their tangible aspect. They are felt, seen, smelled, tasted and heard – as well as used and remembered.

When a business wants to thank an employee for personal sacrifice, exceptional performance or dedication, a personalized gift is the ideal way to so. An inscription on a meaningful object can be kept as a personal moment of a professional success.

Recent graduates attracted via promotional products

With the economy still recovering, businesses need all the help they can get. Courting the best and the brightest of the Class of 2011 requires all the tools in a company’s arsenal, and promotional products and business gifts are an excellent way to stand out from the rest. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) has released the results of a survey that bolsters this claim.

When asked about their hiring practices, 55 percent of representatives from human resources departments stated that branded products given as gifts to prospective employees made a positive impact. This is especially the case when the products were distributed at job fairs or career events.

The choice of which products to give away was also a matter of inquiry for the survey. Fifty five percent of companies responded that they used promotional pens to raise awareness at events targeting recent graduates. Items with logos, such as t-shirts and calendars, were distributed by 41 percent of respondents.

ASI also reports that some of the most successful promotional gifts for raising awareness of a company among this group were tech items. These includes branded smartphone cases, logo USB drives and other electronic gadgets.

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