Business Gifts For Customers: How To Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Your business depends not only on the customers you get – but on the customers you keep. 

Customer loyalty is as vital in the world of e-commerce and big box stores as it was in the era of mom-and-pop shops. 

So how can you create genuine loyalty with your customers? Business gifts are one of the most valuable tools you can use today. Sending gifts to customers is a proven way to increase brand loyalty. Even simple gestures like this can improve customer retention by 25% to 95%.

What Happens When You Give Business Gifts?

Custom branded swag is a powerful tool when marketing to customers. Sending business gifts to customers:

  • Increases brand recognition and image
  • Promotes gratitude and reciprocity in your company
  • Makes customers more likely to make a purchase in the near future
  • Keeps your customer base happy and connected to your brand with practical, useful freebies
  • Opens the door to new customer insights and conversations 
  • Inspires your employees to feel appreciated and deliver superb customer service

Adding your logo, eye-pleasing colors, and a compelling theme to custom swag items keeps your company in customers’ minds long-term. 

Myron offers well-made, beautifully-designed swag that you’ll be proud to gift your customers, no matter what industry you’re in. Read on to learn more about investing in corporate gifts for customers, so you can put smiles on faces and strengthen brand loyalty. 

1. Consider the Meaning and Occasion

Your gifts can create remarkably memorable experiences when given with thought and care.

The endowment effect caters to your customers’ emotions and can work in your favor when you gift branded merchandise. This psychological principle explains that people place more value on something once they own it and eventually become averse to losing it. To your customer, something simple and useful like a water bottle that was given as a gift can hold far more value than if they purchased it on their own.

Planning your gifting around sentimental moments and important occasions is a clever way to give it even more meaning. Here are some ways to make your gifts more meaningful:

  • Send well-wishes for birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones
  • Thank customers for their previous business
  • “Spread the love” by sharing your recent successes through customer gifts
  • Celebrate holidays and cultural occasions
  • Use gifts to reach out directly to customers you have close relationships with

Have a goal in mind when sending gifts to your customers. You might want to generate leads for new business, increase profits, or highlight a specific product, service, or promotion. 

Include a note with the gift thanking the customer, and explaining your intention. Keep a calendar and contact database to keep track of the gifts you send out. It’ll give you time to follow up with your gift recipients to see how they enjoyed it and to nurture powerful new leads.

Studying your target market helps you give gifts that make customers fond of your brand. Your customer is more likely to connect with a gift that you put this level of thought and research into giving.

2. Choose Appropriate Gifts

Once you’ve nailed your reason for gifting, it’s time to choose the ideal gift. 

Consumer studies show that 56% of customers remain loyal to companies that understand them. Gifting branded swag that fills a need will keep your company on your customers’ minds every time the item is used. 

Here are some examples of valuable branded items to gift your customers:

3. Focus on Details and Presentation

When you want your gifts to build brand recognition, first impressions are critical. Consider the gift bag or box you use, its color scheme, the positioning of your logo, and the material. 

A thoughtful gift can still fall flat if the presentation doesn’t measure up. Customers will appreciate the gift more when you package it with as much thought and care as you put into choosing the gift itself. 

Choose boxes that won’t get crushed or damaged if you’re shipping corporate gifts. 

Gift bags are an aesthetically appealing touch. They’re lightweight and useful for gifts of any shape or size. 

Always implement a “cherry on top” item, like a colorful ribbon or bow, so that your gifts have a trendy look and personal touch. 

4. Leave Contact Information and a Call to Action

Giving feels so good that, sometimes, it’s easy to forget to receive! Honor the work and thought that went into the gift by using strategies to convert sales, marketing list opt-ins, new referrals, or any other goal you have. 

Consider creating an easy avenue for your customers to contact you through the use of QR codes. About 45% of surveyed shoppers said they scanned a marketing QR code recently. It’s a convenient, pain-free tool that helps you receive and measure new business. 

Including a QR code with the item or package can direct customers to a web page of your choice that furthers the interaction by inviting them to take part in your brand’s online presence. Myron offers QR codes as an imprint option for select gifts, so that customers can easily scan the code with their smartphones and be directed to your website or social media pages. 

Whichever method you use to leave your information, don’t forget to include your company’s e-mail address and phone number. Make sure the gift note is well-written with persuasive language and a clear ask at the end. 

Strengthen Brand Loyalty With Business Gifts

Through consistency and longevity, loyal customers are the lifeblood of your business. Custom branded swag is an excellent way to show your customers you care on a regular basis. Custom giftgiving nurtures your relationship with your customers while also helping your company’s marketing goals. 

Begin with these tips and shop our wide selection of business gifts for customers to show them genuine appreciation, strengthen business relationships, and keep them coming back. 

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