5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale, Especially in Remote, Onsite and Hybrid Environment

Did you know that nearly 70% of employees would prefer to work remotely, if given the option? Many remote employees feel less stressed and find it easier to maintain a work-life balance.

While more and more employees prefer to work remotely, however, many employees still prefer to work onsite. In other workplaces, employers have adopted a hybrid approach, allowing employees to work partially from the office and the rest of the time from home.

Remote and hybrid models of work are much more commonplace in today’s climate, and they’re here to stay. The catch is that it takes more effort for your company to feel cohesive when employees may work in different locations or time zones. As an employer, adapting to and embracing this change can help keep your employees engaged so that they still feel like a cherished part of the company.  Below are five ways you can boost employee morale in remote, onsite, and hybrid environments.

Help them do their jobs more effectively

No matter where they are working from, a lack of direction is a surefire way to kill morale in your company. This is compounded when employees work remotely and can fall into feeling out of sight and out of mind. Providing opportunities for professional development is necessary if you want people to show up engaged and ready to contribute to the team.

Remote or hybrid employees love the freedom that this type of workflow brings, but not everyone is disciplined enough to do it effectively long-term without some help. That’s where you come in.

Providing your employees with tools for success will make them feel encouraged, and you’ll likely notice an uptick in their productiveness and output. Talk to your employees about the tools they may need to do the jobs more effectively. Are they set up with the gear that they need?

If their tech stack is taken care of, consider items that will assist them with more effective organization. Send your employees some of these tools to help them find balance with better scheduling and time management:

A valuable item to nudge them in the right direction will make your employees feel appreciated in a hybrid or remote working environment while also helping them get organized. 

Show recognition as often as you can and boost employee morale

Some 80% of millennials say they would be more loyal to their job if they received recognition more often. You may know how you feel about your employees, but never let your kind words go unsaid. 

Send daily emails or group chats to keep everyone engaged and on-task. Take time to recognize employees for stellar performance and hard work. Double down on this recognition by sending employees thoughtful gifts that suit their tastes and interests. 

Consider gifting options such as water bottles to help with hydration throughout the workday, custom executive pens (because you can never have enough), or gadgets like Bluetooth speakers and power banks.

Don’t be afraid to make an event out of gift-giving! Taking a Friday afternoon for a remote employee recognition banquet is the perfect way to kick off the weekend and leave your employees feeling connected. In onsite environments, keep in mind that, even though your employees show up in-person, they will still benefit from the additional recognition. Written and verbal words of affirmation are essential in ensuring your employees feel recognized and motivated.

Implement some work-based incentives

Did you know that something as simple as an employee incentive program can make your employees 44% more productive? 

Rather than counting the cost of such a program, consider the fact that it’s more expensive not to implement one.

Disgruntled employees cost an estimated $550 billion per year in productivity within the United States’ workforce. Incentives help to reverse this sentiment and give your employees something more tangible to work toward. Human beings are growth-oriented animals. Your workdays can become more productive and reduce time waste when everyone has a common mission. 

Get creative with the incentives you decide to use. Bonus pay is always a winning option, but sweeten the deal by including a branded wallet or money clip your employees can proudly sport. 

You can still get the message across if your employees prefer to use digital payment services like Apple Pay and CashApp. A silicone wallet can hold their smartphone, cash, and cards all in the same place. 

Social incentives can also get incredible results. Try hosting a virtual happy hour and letting each employee have a turn choosing the music or games. Prior to the event, send branded drinkware in the mail so that everyone has a beer glass or wine glass to use and make toasts. 

Incentives like these build the type of camaraderie that you can’t put a price tag on, whether in a remote, hybrid or onsite remote work environment.

Open the channels of communication

When in doubt, communicate. At the end of the day, employees want to be heard and appreciated. Something as simple as checking in on them and asking how their day is going or about their weekend plans can boost feelings of connectedness and camaraderie within the team.

Host regular check-in meetings with your employees. Not only is this a chance to connect on workload and progress on current work initiatives, but it’s also a chance to learn more about your employees’ interests and motivations. Take the “data” that you glean and use it later on to proactively show your employees that you care about supporting their success and who they are as people.

In all environments, taking time to connect with your employees regularly can make the difference between a team that feels connected and one that doesn’t. These are small gestures that cost you nothing but can deliver an immeasurable return on investment (ROI) in emotional equity and loyalty to the company.

Maintain your company’s mission and vision

Knowing where your company is headed is one of the best ways to boost morale. Consistently deliver that message to your employees, and let them know how they fit into the picture. 

Your employee goal-setting sessions will bear more fruit when everyone is on the same page with the vision. People are 42% more likely to hit goals and objectives that are written down. Encourage your employees to take ownership of the mission, and help them achieve their individual career goals. 

Keep a notepad handy so that you’re constantly brainstorming new ways to deliver value to each employee. They will reciprocate joyfully knowing that you’re always in their corner.

Morale has no geographical boundaries

Even when employees are spread out across time zones, there is never a reason to let company morale go by the wayside. Remote and hybrid work are natural evolutions of today’s technological advances. Use every strategy and creative idea at your disposal so that your employees feel valued and appreciated. 

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