Power Banks as Promotional Products

Everyone has a smartphone now.


People are relying on smartphones and tablets to communicate with the world. They’re carrying these devices everywhere and they end up with low battery charges because of constant use. This is why power banks are quite popular.


You can use power banks as promotional products and be sure that they will bring value to anyone. Your customers and employees will really appreciate getting power banks with your logo on them; they’re sure to hold onto these products for the long haul.


Here are some of the power banks that you can use as your promotional products:


Ultra-Slim Power Bank Charger 3000 mAh – This is an easy-to-carry power bank that is compatible with most smartphones and devices. It comes with a convenient power switch.

Keychain Power Bank (1000 mAh) – This is an excellent giveaway as it is practical and easy to carry anywhere. Your brand logo and message will be clearly visible to others.

Compact Power Bank Charger (2200 mAh) – People love to use power banks that are lightweight and easily fit into a pocket or bag. This model comes with a USB port and another micro USB port, making it compatible with most devices and smartphones.

Solar Power Bank – 8000 mAh – This is a very trendy product that will surely catch people’s attention every day. This solar power bank is going to be a hit with those who care about the environment.

3-in-1 Power Bank Charger Set – This set comes in a small bag that can carry your logo. Along with the power bank, the set includes a micro-USB power cord, an AC wall adapter, and a USB car charger.
These are just some of the power banks that you can use promotional products for your business. Head over to Myron.com for a full selection and more great ideas.

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