Honeycomb Mesh Products

Promotional gift products should be useful.


Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate your giveaway items so much more if they can use them on a daily basis. This is why honeycomb mesh products are an excellent giveaway idea.


Bags made from honeycomb mesh are durable, lightweight, and functional. Here are some of the top honeycomb mesh products that you should check out:


Tri-Pack Honeycomb Mesh Bags – This set of bags is made from high-quality ventilated mesh. They are very durable and are ideal for carrying all kinds of damp articles. People will really appreciate having this complete set for trips to the gym, laundromat, beach and other locations.

Honeycomb Mesh Backpack – This easy-to-carry backpack has padded straps for comfort. It comes with a zippered closure and an outer front pocket. Made from Honeycomb mesh, 600D PU, and Neoprene. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

Honeycomb Wine Bag – This is a great wine bag that can help your brand and business stand out during parties and other social events. It comes with a reinforced bottom and strong carrying handles.

Honeycomb Drawstring Tote Bag – This great looking tote bag can easily be converted into a backpack. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean between uses.

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag – This honeycomb mesh tote bag is excellent for shopping; it’s roomy enough to fit a large load. The mesh design allows ventilation and is excellent for carrying damp materials. Lightweight and durable, this tote is easy to carry everywhere.


Any one of these honeycomb products will make a wonderful giveaway. It’s a sure thing that people will like them. You can check them all out here.

Top 3 Giveaways to Have at Trade Shows in 2019

Trade shows 2019

Exhibiting at trade shows can feel like a big investment, but when you hand out effective promotional product giveaways, potential customers will have your business at the forefront of their minds long after the show. To make the most of your trade show exhibits in 2019, use these highly successful promotional products:

1. Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag

Not only are tote bags useful giveaways that can be used over and over again, they’re also cost-efficient and easy to store and distribute. The Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag will appeal to potential customers for its trendy design and convenience, and while at the trade show, you’ll be able to give away plenty because attendees will need bags to carry trade show literature and other giveaways! This fact alone makes tote bags a wide-reaching promotional product, attracting potential customers who might not have been previously interested.

2. 1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle with Carabiner

Another useful yet cost-effective product, this carabiner-equipped hand sanitizer is a great giveaway, especially during flu season! Any promotional product with a carabiner is sure to be a success for the same reason tote bags are successful: everyone has their hands full. Carabiners can attach to purses, bags, and backpacks right then and there to become a permanent part of the things they carry with them daily. Plus, there’s always a lot of handshaking at trade shows, so hand sanitizer is always a welcome gift.

3. Collapsible Food Container with Dual Utensil

Since you’ll be interacting with many working professionals, offer them something they can make use of during their work week! Eco-friendly and ideal for bringing lunches to work, this collapsible food container is so convenient that recipients will be seeing your brand name Monday through Friday.

For more winning trade show giveaways, explore Myron’s extensive online catalog of customizable promotional products! Myron can also help you get trade show ready with branded trade show supplies and signage such as banners, tablecloths, badge holders, and more.

How to Build the Perfect Promotional Gift Box

promotional gift box

Promotional gift boxes are a great way to show your appreciation to important clients or employees. Besides showing some extra consideration to the recipients, gift boxes show off your brand’s personality and creativity. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few simple tips to inspire you!

1. Think of Your Brand’s Personality

Consider what promotional products speak to your brand. If your business deals in paper goods, a high quality pen makes more sense as a gift than a stylus or earbuds do. Conversely, if you’re an online or a tech business, a stylus or earbuds make perfect sense!

2. Choose Products that Complement Each Other

Once you’ve nailed down your brand’s personality, make sure the items that suit your business work together in a gift box. For example, pens, notebooks, planners, or other desk items together create a cohesive message. A gym bag, sports bottle, and towel also follow a similar theme. If you don’t want a strong theme like the office or gym examples, work more loosely with items that have a similar mood. Consider a younger, relaxed vibe by combining sunglasses and earbuds or a bluetooth speaker.

3. Know Your Budget

When creating a gift box, there’s no reason to go over the top. One benefit of a promotional gift box is to create the same effect of giving away an expensive item without actually having to spend a lot of money. Figuring out the right combination of items, whether it’s a whole set of affordable desk items or two higher priced items, is more important than how much you spent on creating the box!

4. Personalize It

While the items in the gift box are imprinted with your brand, you should also consider how to personalize it for the recipient. You might include one item that’s personalized with their name, but an even simpler solution is to include a handwritten card. You’ll be surprised how much a small note will help your brand stand out in memory to anyone who receives this gift box!

5. Presentation Matters

Keep the packaging in mind! Presentation is half the battle when it comes to making a memorable promotional gift box. Make sure to arrange the items in an appealing fashion, and then consider an attractive box or even a customized gift box. For a 2-in-1 solution, make your “box” a bag! For bigger gifts, pick a duffel or gym bag, and for smaller gifts, choose a tote bag or a reusable shopping bag. You can even use a small cooler if it suits your business’s personality- be creative!

For more tips and an expansive catalogue of customizable promotional products, visit Myron. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to find the perfect items to make an incredible promotional gift box for your business!

How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products

How to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products in 6 Smart Ways

To generate leads for your business, it often takes more effort than giving away a promotional pen with your logo on it. This alone can help build brand awareness, but creatively making use of promotional products is key to truly capturing a potential client’s interest. Below are 6 methods for how to generate leads more effectively with promotional products:

1. Connect with the Digital World

In the current digital age, you will extend your brand’s reach much farther if you supply leads with the tech they need and want. USB flash drives are a common giveaway, and you can get more creative with stylus pens that gracefully jump the gap between traditional and digital medias or a smart phone wallet, which greatly appeals to younger audiences, especially college-age audiences. You might also consider branding your promotional items with your social medias to encourage internet-savvy clients to interact with your business online on the daily!

2. Go Big for the Big Leads

At trade shows and expos, clients are bombarded with promotional giveaways that are often inexpensive and in large quantities. This is practical when trying to reach a wide audience whom you can’t actually guarantee will be suitable leads for your brand. However, you will want to consider creating giveaway “tiers.” Continue offering promotional pens or stress-relievers to all passers-by, but reserve big-ticket items like apparel, tote bags, or umbrellas for those who are willing to provide contact information.

Another great idea is to incentivize leads to spread the word for you. Offer someone a drinkware item or a hat when they refer someone else to your booth.

3. Take the First Step Yourself

Take the outbound approach and reach out to individuals and companies you would like to work with first! Make an introduction, then follow up by mailing them a high quality promotional gift that is significant in some way. This can be something like a wine gift set, a nice mug set, a laptop bag, or a sports duffel bag. Choose something that connects with your brand or relates to something you’ve discussed with this potential lead beforehand for a more personal touch.

4. Close the Deal in a Powerful Way

Once your sales team is just about to close a deal with a lead, encourage them to send a high-end promotional product like the suggestions above. This strategy makes for a good show of faith with a lead. Bonus points if you can find a promotional product that relates specifically to your brand (or theirs!).

5. Let Your Clients Find Leads For You

As we discussed in Step #2, you should aim to incentivize others to generate leads for you. This is especially powerful when the referral comes from a client with whom you’ve already worked and who already trusts your brand. You can either promise them a promotional product as a reward for a referral, or send it afterwards as a surprise thank you!

6. Make an Impression

Lastly, but most importantly, you’ll always want to make an impression. To do this, we recommend building your own gift set with promotional products that make sense for your brand. Invest in multiple branded products to create a stunning, complete gift box that is sure to woo your potential leads. For the potential lead, a set of items makes it easier for them to envision making use of them (and thus remembering your brand) in the future than a standalone item might.

As an example, a startup tech company might want to create a set that consists of a t-shirt, earbuds, and sunglasses. The headphones make sense considering the industry, while the t-shirt and sunglasses appeal to a younger audience who would be interested in working with them. Another combination that works for any industry is a pen, notepad, and travel mug for the perfect productive pack. Keep in mind, there’s no need to purchase expensive items to create a gift set! When it comes to how to generate leads, what matters most about a gift set is appealing presentation and the creativity and thought put into the selection.

We hoped this blog gave you some smart ideas on how to generate leads! Let Myron help you find and create the perfect promotional products for your brand. With high quality, affordable products, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’ll help your business generate promising leads!

Promotional Products for Businesses on a Budget

Inexpensive Promotional Products for Business on a Budget


Promotional products are a key marketing strategy for businesses trying to broaden their brand awareness. A whopping 89% of consumers have received branded promotional products in the past six months, 79% of those consumers researched the brand afterwards, and 81% felt they would be more likely to do business with those brands in the future. If you’re not making use of promotional products already, you are allowing your competitors to take advantage of these statistics right now!

Luckily, creating custom promotional products can be easy and affordable, even if you run a small, independent business. At Myron, we frequently have all new markdowns in our Sale section, making inexpensive promotional products even more accessible. See just a few of our sale items below:

Radiance Stylus Pen (As low as $0.73 each, 50 min. order)

Let your brand shine with the Radiance Stylus Pen! This stylish ballpoint pen doubles as a rubber touchscreen stylus, perfect for transitioning from notebook to tablet to phone and back again. Your logo is laser engraved on the side to ensure it never fades or rubs off, and when you click the plunger, an LED light illuminates your logo, making it impossible to miss!

Brooklands Keychain (As low as $1.13 each, 25 min. order)

For a promotional gift that your customers and prospects will take with them everywhere, you can’t go wrong with the Brooklands Keychain. Classy and timeless, this vegan leather and metal keychain is a quality gift that suits all styles and personalities. Make this keychain the key to your business’s success!

4-in-1 Charger (As low as $6.27 each, 25 min. order)

A promotional product is only effective marketing if the recipients can actually make use of it. If you’re hoping to find a stand-out product to give away to employees, clients, and prospects, without exceeding your budget, this 4-in-1 charger is the perfect option. There’s nothing more indispensable to us in the technological age than our chargers, and this charger cable ensures you always have the right one on hand. It will quickly become a travel and office staple for its recipients, sending your high-powered brand message to everyone who uses it!

These are just a small selection of the inexpensive promotional products in our Sale Section. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron can help you find the right product with the right price to deliver your message and keep your brand ahead of the competition.

How to grow your tax preparation business


If you’re a tax professional, April is one of your busiest months. According to the IRS, roughly 60% of taxpayers paid for professional help last year. This means that your clients will be on the phone and at your office non-stop until the deadline is reached. However after the buzz of tax season dies down, how do you make sure your business stays top-of-mind with existing and potential clients year round?

You can give excellent advice on managing tax liability and preparing impeccable tax returns but when it comes to promoting your business you could use a hand. Here are some marketing suggestions to help you grow and diversify your practice this year:

Send out a newsletter
Send an informative newsletter every month to all your contacts. Make sure your newsletter includes timely advice for readers. For example, focus on tips related to Christmas bonuses and holiday expenses in December. If you operate in a small community make sure to include information about local events and triumphs in addition to tax advice.

If you are just starting to build your practice, consider buying a client list of local businesses and include a coupon offering a free consultation. If you are using the mail, you can also send out a small promotional gift such as an imprinted pen or imprinted sticky note pad for a memorable touch.

Give back to the community
Volunteering for a food drive, sponsoring the little league team or organizing an event for your favorite charity are all ways of giving back. When people get to know you as an active member of their community they are more likely to trust you with their business.

Create a referral program
Referral programs take time but produce surprisingly positive results. Offer existing clients money off your services or attractive gifts for every new client they refer to you. Depending on the type of clients you cater to, gift options can range from gift cards to promotional drinkware and promotional apparel.

Become an industry expert
There are many ways of achieving this goal. You can teach a class at the local college or adult night school. You can be a guest speaker for the local chamber of commerce, give an interview about tax related subjects to local radio and TV shows, or even create your own podcast. These type of activities will build your reputation as an expert and give exposure to your practice.

Remember that it’s never too early to start. Don’t wait until tax season has arrived to advertise your services. You want potential clients to have you in their minds before their tax needs arise. Whether it be emails, flyers, professional conferences or appreciation gifts, promoting your business is key to guaranteeing profitability throughout the year.

Halloween offers great branding opportunities for small businesses

No matter how old people become, they’ll always be primed to enjoy some candy around Halloween. Memories of bags of loot filled to the brim with sugary treats are hard to erase from one’s mind even well into middle age, making the use of certain promotional products perfect for the middle of fall.

Organizations that are looking to increase awareness of their names, brands, products or services would do well to take advantage of this tradition and offer gifts to customers that are festive and seasonal. Personalized chocolates and promotional candy make fantastic corporate gifts. A small amount of sweets are a subtle reminder about a business, while a large number of chocolates can be shared by an entire office and will serve as a constant reminder about a particular company.

Such candy can also be successfully deployed to customers and clients. Regular visitors, people who make large purchases or loyal consumers can be rewarded with candy. In these cases, individuals are being given something in return for refraining from doing something undesirable. In this case, the treat is branded promotional candy while the trick would be to take one’s business elsewhere. Such a trade-off, as in the case of trick-or-treaters, is well worth the price.

Promotional products excel at solidifying business-to-business transactions

Many small businesses focus much of their time, resources and attention on the puzzle of how best to attract and retain customers. There are a number of tools available for local companies to use in aid of connecting with consumers, but at the end of the day, the hunt for dedicated customers can feel like sifting through a haystack with a pair of tweezers.

That’s why so many organizations find themselves attempting to make the most of their branding efforts. If a business can focus its resources more efficiently, it can avoid the waste that comes from broadcasting a marketing message to too many people who will never become customers. Promotional products can help to do this, and one of the best places to deploy these products is in business-to-business interactions.

It may seem counter intuitive to give away promotional products to competitors, collaborators and clients rather than consumers. However, the benefits of promotional products extend beyond the people to whom they are directly given. Take, for example, promotional pens.

These items rarely stay with one person for long, especially at a large company. By giving a good-sized business a number of promotional pens, a small business marketer can rest assured that the promotional products will be circulated throughout an organization, and more than likely, to the friends and families of those workers as well as to additional organizations that do business there.

Promotional products that are distributed in a B2B setting also make efficient, targeted use of company resources. A traditional campaign of that sort might see pens, personalized mugs or logo USB drives donated at random to people who are already doing business with a company or who happen to come into contact with it.

Conversely, the organizations that a company is already doing business with are guaranteed to come into contact with similar groups in the future. A small business can’t always guarantee how its promotional products will travel through a market or industry, but it can hope to release those products into an atmosphere that is more fertile or receptive to the idea of doing business with it.

A promotional product that’s given to a business also helps to exploit one of the most important aspects of those tools – their usefulness. An office setting is one that constantly makes use of calendars, data storage devices, pens and pencils. Promotional products delivered to this sort of place are guaranteed to get some heavy use and will be gladly accepted by clients and collaborators, who will relish the office supply savings that the products net them.

Finding an effective, unobtrusive promotional product

There are many reasons why promotional products are effective for raising brand awareness. Businesses both large and small can use them in conjunction with other types of marketing to increase a company’s profile in the minds of consumers. Promotional products can also form the bulk of an advertising campaign. Regardless of how much weight they have in a company’s marketing strategy, promotional products generate success thanks to their unassuming and subtle nature.

According to the American Kidney Fund, the number one reason it uses promotional products to raise awareness for its cause is that these items are unobtrusive. As a major force in the fight against kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund has found success in the past giving out promotional bags and branded first aid kits. The organization’s judgment that unobtrusive marketing is effective for non-profit groups shows how effective these items can be for both charities and private companies. Here are some of the best promotional products that operate with subtlety and taste.

Promotional pens
The ultimate in unobtrusive branding, pens are an excellent way to surreptitiously bring a business’s name to mind. Most pens that are lying around the house or office bear the name of a company or group, and each of those names is likely to be easily recognized by the pen’s owner.

People will always need keyrings, whether to organize keys they use everyday or to clear up the clutter of spare, unused keys. Promotional keyrings are easy to collect, and like promotional pens, they tend to subconsciously communicate their message in an understated manner.

Promotional notebooks represent a subtle form of marketing. A notebook cover is not what a person is usually looking at when he uses a notebook. To the owner, it is only a collection of bound pages. However, by including a brand name on the cover of a promotional notebook, consumers are quickly and subtly reminded of an organization on their way toward using the paper within.

Wall calendars
Everyone needs a calendar, and getting one for free can bring a bit of relief to the busy consumer. Promotional wall calendars include natural and patriotic themes on each page and remind consumers unobtrusively of their benefactor company. The small logo on the cover may be missed by the conscious mind as it skims the calendar’s contents, but the subconscious mind sees and notes it with every flip of the page.

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