Top 3 Giveaways to Have at Trade Shows in 2019

Exhibiting at trade shows can feel like a big investment, but when you hand out effective promotional product giveaways, potential customers will have your business at the forefront of their minds long after the show. To make the most of your trade show exhibits in 2019, use these highly successful promotional products:

1. Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag

Not only are tote bags useful giveaways that can be used over and over again, they’re also cost-efficient and easy to store and distribute. The Stadium Secure Clear Tote Bag will appeal to potential customers for its trendy design and convenience, and while at the trade show, you’ll be able to give away plenty because attendees will need bags to carry trade show literature and other giveaways! This fact alone makes tote bags a wide-reaching promotional product, attracting potential customers who might not have been previously interested.

2. 1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel Bottle with Carabiner

Another useful yet cost-effective product, this carabiner-equipped hand sanitizer is a great giveaway, especially during flu season! Any promotional product with a carabiner is sure to be a success for the same reason tote bags are successful: everyone has their hands full. Carabiners can attach to purses, bags, and backpacks right then and there to become a permanent part of the things they carry with them daily. Plus, there’s always a lot of handshaking at trade shows, so hand sanitizer is always a welcome gift.

3. Collapsible Food Container with Dual Utensil

Since you’ll be interacting with many working professionals, offer them something they can make use of during their work week! Eco-friendly and ideal for bringing lunches to work, this collapsible food container is so convenient that recipients will be seeing your brand name Monday through Friday.

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