Promotional Marketing Trends: What We Learned from 2018

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year’s promotional marketing trends and successes. Here’s what we’ve learned from 2018 and how you can incorporate this knowledge into your promotional marketing plan for 2019:

Millennials are Marketing to Millennials

As of 2017, millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and this became readily apparent in 2018. Millennials are now the ones designing promotional products and also the ones making use of them. It’s now more important than ever to appeal to millennial tastes, which means ensuring you have the trendiest items on hand and find ways to make traditional promotional products, such as pens and drinkware, more innovative. Consider, for instance, the 7 Function Tool Pen, which takes the traditional promotional pen and brings it into the digital age for convenient, multipurpose use.

Successful Promotional Products Add Value

The most successful promotional products of 2018 were products that had value in the form of multifunctionality, timelessness, and durability. Take a look at a couple best-selling items that embody these characteristics: the Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker is an on-trend, helpful multifunctional tool, and the Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a timeless, long-lasting product anyone can use. Most prospects will already have enough stuff; what they don’t have is enough space, so make sure your promotional products are unique and useful.

Brand Names are In

The days of consumers merely tolerating brand names on promotional products are over. Now, your branding could be what makes your promotional products endure for years to come! Display your logo, slogans, and colors with pride. Direct, bold advertising is in vogue—great news for promotional marketing—so choose products that let your branding shine! Our recommendations are the Bluetooth Earbuds with Case and the super handy Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag.

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