Growing a New Business? Don’t Forget to Reward Referral Business

Growth is all about finding your next leads. Now, more than ever, it’s not enough to be satisfied or remain stagnant with your current customer base. New companies need to focus on opportunities for generating new customers as they scale and expand. 

Starting a referral program is one of the most effective ways to scale your company in a sustainable way. When you consider that more than 90% of people trust referrals from people they know, and 65% of new business deals come from referrals, it makes perfect sense that investing in this form of marketing would be worth it.

The key is to reward the people and companies that send new business your way. But how?

One way to show your appreciation is through a meaningful gift to say “thank you.” There are some stellar gifts you can send out that will let your referrers know how grateful you are.

Consider gift options like these as you beef up your new company’s referral program and learn how to steadily generate qualified leads for your business.

Build business relationships with office gifts

Did you know that 57% of companies use partnerships to drum up new business? This means that nurturing your relationships with other businesses is just as important as staying connected to your customers. 

If a company in your industry sends customers your way, go all out by rewarding them with business-oriented gifts that not only say “Thanks!” but also improve their ability to do their jobs. Here are some relevant, customizable options to show your appreciation:

Aligning yourself with other likeminded companies can help you survive the ebbs and flows of business including inflation or economic downturns. Solidify these relationships with other businesses and sharing client leads with each other will become second nature.

Reward customers with branded swag

Customer relationships are the greatest investments that you can make. About 46% of consumers value brand trust so much that they wouldn’t mind paying more for the same service. 

Don’t waste an opportunity to thank your customers when they send a friend or family member your way. They already love what you do enough to spread the word. You can double down on this relationship by sending them a branded gift:

These gifts will strike a chord with your customers because they’re both unique and useful. They weren’t necessarily expecting anything in return when they sent new business your way, so receiving high-quality freebies as a show of appreciation will make a lasting impression.

Give thoughtful gifts to encourage more referrals

Knowing your gift recipients on a personal level always gives you a competitive edge. People will appreciate your gifts when they feel custom-made and thoughtful, so take time to research what they like and then choose the appropriate gift. This skill will strengthen your ability to get new leads by rewarding referrers and encouraging them to continue recommending your business, which will turn into more customers and greater profitability.

Consider your gift recipient’s industry or any hobbies or interests they have. Here are some gift ideas that can hit the right mark:

These gifts show personality and are specific to people’s lifestyles. Not only will they exhibit emotional intelligence by going above and beyond to show gratitude, but you’ll get an even bigger return on investment (ROI) by incentivizing them to keep sending fresh leads your way. 

Give out lights and nifty gadgets

Sometimes, “cool” is the best way to say thank you. People love freebies, particularly when they’re well-designed and serve a purpose. Nifty little tech and convenience gadgets will get plenty of use and are conversation starters.

Consider these gifts to light up your customers’ worlds and upgrade their tech:

People love to stay connected in today’s digital landscape, and these sorts of gifts have universal appeal. They feature screen-printed logos and color schemes so that every single use becomes a reference point for your company and brand.

Reward your referrals

New businesses that stand the test of time never do so by accident. Drumming up new business requires constant dedication and focus on generating new leads and bringing in customers. Prioritize referrals in order to do just that.

Let these gifts stoke your creative fire so that you can find new and different ways to thank referrers. Gratitude is infectious, and you’ll keep getting a return on your investment when you go out of your way to reward the people that already believe in your business enough to share its value with others.

Consider these tips and browse our inventory the next time you’re in the market for a referral gift that will achieve winning results. 

7 of the Best Pens for 2019

Tried and tested.

If you are looking for items that are tried and tested as promotional items, then you should go for pens. Everyone uses pens, and they are lightweight and are affordable.

What more can you ask for?

A shortcut to make sure the pen you choose will work well is to choose the popular pens for the year.

Here are 7 of the best pens of 2019:

  1. Arden Soft Touch Stylus Pen – This pen comes with chrome accents, a built-in stylus for use with smart devices, and easy to use mechanics. It is the perfect gift for your customers.
  2. Absolute Soft Touch Stylus Tip Promo Pleaser Pen – This medium ballpoint pen is also a stylus. It is also engraved through laser so your business name or your me logo won’t be erased easily.
  3. Hexam Soft Touch Stylus Pen – The Hexam pen is made from durable aluminum and has a click-to-write action. It also doubles as a stylus for your devices, making it very functional.
  4. Bel Arte Pen – Do you want to impress your customers? Then use the Bel Arte Pen. It sure can impress people with its elegant brass body.
  5. Dominion Rollerball Pen with Gift Box – The Dominion Rollerball Pen is an executive-level pen. It is the kind of pen you give to customers you really value. One look at this pen and you know it is special.
  6. Debut Pearl Ballpoint Pen – If you’re looking for giveaway ideas that can make your business standout, the Debut Pearl Ballpoint Pen comes in various attractive colors.
  7. Jumbo Writer Translucent Pen – This is the perfect pen for your logo to be displayed. Because of its size, your logo can be displayed prominently.

These are the top 7 pens you can use as giveaways for 2019. Go visit Myron now so you check out other pens that you might like.


Promotional Marketing Trends: What We Learned from 2018

2019 promotional marketing trends

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year’s promotional marketing trends and successes. Here’s what we’ve learned from 2018 and how you can incorporate this knowledge into your promotional marketing plan for 2019:

Millennials are Marketing to Millennials

As of 2017, millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and this became readily apparent in 2018. Millennials are now the ones designing promotional products and also the ones making use of them. It’s now more important than ever to appeal to millennial tastes, which means ensuring you have the trendiest items on hand and find ways to make traditional promotional products, such as pens and drinkware, more innovative. Consider, for instance, the 7 Function Tool Pen, which takes the traditional promotional pen and brings it into the digital age for convenient, multipurpose use.

Successful Promotional Products Add Value

The most successful promotional products of 2018 were products that had value in the form of multifunctionality, timelessness, and durability. Take a look at a couple best-selling items that embody these characteristics: the Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker is an on-trend, helpful multifunctional tool, and the Econo Corkscrew and Bottle Opener is a timeless, long-lasting product anyone can use. Most prospects will already have enough stuff; what they don’t have is enough space, so make sure your promotional products are unique and useful.

Brand Names are In

The days of consumers merely tolerating brand names on promotional products are over. Now, your branding could be what makes your promotional products endure for years to come! Display your logo, slogans, and colors with pride. Direct, bold advertising is in vogue—great news for promotional marketing—so choose products that let your branding shine! Our recommendations are the Bluetooth Earbuds with Case and the super handy Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag.

For high quality, effective promotional products, look no further than Myron! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee lets you make new, bold moves in your 2019 promotional marketing plan without taking on any risk! Contact us today for expert advice and guidance.  

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions with These Inspiring Promotional Products

New Year's resolutions promotional products

We could all use a little help staying true to our New Year’s resolutions, so why not inspire your clients and prospects with promotional products that do just that? When your clients and prospects start the New Year, they’ll be ready to tackle their resolutions, and they’ll be thinking of your brand while they succeed!

32 Oz. Fruit Fusion Bottle

Stay hydrated and energized with the Fruit Fusion Bottle. Whether it’s their resolution to get in shape or just pick up healthier habits, your prospects will appreciate this infuser bottle’s trendy design and functionality. Proudly made in the USA, it features 12 oz. and 24 oz. capacity markings, a unique carrying cap, and removable fruit infuser.

Denim Hardcover Notebook with Pen Loop

With this notebook on hand, your prospects and employees are always ready to jot down their next big idea. Help them reach their goals faster by gifting them this convenient, 224 page notebook. On-trend with its denim hardcover, you can create an even more stylish look by adding your imprint in silver foil!

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag

For sustainability-conscious prospects, give them this handy mesh tote bag. It’s perfect for everything from picking up produce from the farmer’s market, to carrying gym clothes, to toting books between classes. Whatever their New Year’s resolutions entail, this customizable tote bag is their ideal companion!

Promotional Yoga Mat and Carrying Case

This unique promotional product will motivate anyone to hit the mat and get fit in 2019! Add your imprint to the mesh carrying case with adjustable straps so your recipients show off your brand as they run from the office to the gym. The Promotional Yoga Mat and Carrying Case is an ideal promotional product for gyms, yoga studios, or other health-minded businesses.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to create better and more effective promotional products with Myron!

Be Iconic: 5 Logo Design Tips for Successful Promotional Marketing

logo design tips

Logos are a large part of what make promotional products effective marketing. While only 28% of people remember the advertiser from TV, 53% can remember the advertiser on a promotional mug—and what do they remember best? The logo! If you want your logo to stand out to prospects when they receive your promotional products, then follow these five logo design tips:

1. Simplicity is key

The first logo design tip is that simple logos tend to be the easiest to remember and recognize. The iconic Apple logo and Nike swoosh are evidence of this principle; they’re instantly recognizable with a big punch, yet extremely simple in design. Resist the urge to over-design and try to squeeze too much imagery or symbolism into a logo. In this case, less is truly more!

2. Design for every size

You’ll have to scale your logo up or down to fit the dimensions of different promotional products, so consider your design at every size. Is it still as clear and legible when it’s the size of a quarter as it is when it fills your entire computer screen? When digitizing your logo, we recommend always working with a vector file so that it can be scaled as needed without losing quality or clarity.

3. Think in black, white, and color

Colors play a critical role in marketing, but you can’t always expect to have full-color imprints on particular products or in print. Make sure your logo has a clean black and white version as well and make adjustments as needed for clarity.

4. Plan for all applications – and ask the experts!

You’ll want consistent branding across all aspects of your business, so think about your logo in terms of how it will look on everything from your website to business cards to a mug. Depending on its application, your logo will look different from its digital file, so consult with experts when you need it printed.

5. Research

Our last tip: research! See what competitors in your industry are designing and what appeals most to your target audience. Consult with design and print experts and get second (and third) opinions whenever possible. With a little bit of research and thoughtful consideration, you’ll be able to out-design your competition!


Myron has a dedicated customer support team available every day of the week to help you create promotional products that make your logo shine! Reach out to one of our support agents today or read our frequently asked questions to see how we can help your business grow.

How to Make Your Promotional Marketing Win the Hearts of Millennials

marketing to millennials

Although notoriously difficult to market to, millennials love promotional products just as much as every other generation; according to PPAI Research, promotional marketing is considered the most effective advertising channel by all generations. If your business is aiming to engage millennials in particular, the solution may be easier than you expect!

Winning Promotional Products

With enough creativity, any promotional product can be a hit, but the below are guaranteed winners when marketing to millennials:

Sunglasses: Sunglasses never go out of style, and you can never have too many. Wayfarer-style sunglasses in particular have been popular for the last few years, but millennials tend to be drawn to fresh designs, so bold colors and unique accents can go further than a particular style.

Power Banks: Millennial or not, we can all relate to the crushing feeling of our phones dying just when we need them most. With a power bank, your prospects can charge on the go without any worries, and with your logo prominently displayed on the side, they’ll know exactly who to thank for that peace of mind.

T-Shirts: Never underestimate the power of a soft, quality t-shirt! Millennials are fashion-conscious and as we explained with the sunglasses, are drawn to the unique. While designer t-shirts are certainly popular, many millennials will sacrifice the designer name in favor of a comfy t-shirt with an original design, especially if they feel strongly about your brand’s message.

Be Authentic

Your brand’s message does not have to be grandiose to capture the attention of your millennial audience. When marketing to millennials, brand personality goes a long way to securing their trust. Be genuine when expressing your business’s ideals and retire lengthy sales pitches and cold calls. Handing out free promotional products with no strings attached is a better way of winning millennial hearts than aggressive marketing. Trust us, they’ll want to research your brand on their own time after they receive a freebie!

Let Myron help you plan the next steps for your successful promotional marketing plan. With our expansive catalog of high quality and affordable promotional products, you’ll be able to successfully market to your target audience from any generation!

Budget-Friendly Winter Giveaway Ideas Under $5

winter promotional products

You don’t have to break your budget to keep your clients and prospects thinking warm thoughts about your brand this winter! At Myron, we have wonderful winter promotional products that will be a perfect gift for your wallet and for your recipients.

For the Holidays:

Star Christmas Ornaments (As low as $4.19/ea.)

This sweet ornament is plush and comes in your choice of a snowman or Santa Claus design. Your imprint has a prominent place on the back pocket, which perfectly fits either a business card, a small note, or a gift card. Your leads will look fondly on this ornament year after year!

Royale Tech Triple Function Pen (As low as $2.20/ea.)

Available in subtle holiday-themed colors, the Royale Tech Triple Function Pen is a multipurpose flashlight, ballpoint and stylus pen that your recipients will make use of all year long. Your brand is laser-engraved on the cap for long-lasting quality.

For the Whole Season:

Microfiber Wine Bottle Bag (As low as $2.89/ea.)

Your imprint is the only thing you need to add to this bag to make it the perfect giveaway! While your clients and leads toast to the holidays and ring in the New Year, they’ll be toting your brand with them from celebration to celebration.

Custom Touch Screen Gloves (As low as $2.99/ea.)

Stay warm and connected with touch screen gloves that sport your full-color imprint on both hands. Practical and cozy, these gloves are a classic winter giveaway made with modern needs in mind.

16 Oz. Evolve Infinity Tumbler (As low as $2.79/ea.)

Tumblers are one of the most popular promotional products and for good reason! The Evolve Infinity Tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks, fits conveniently in most car cup holders, and is a cost-effective canvas for your branding. Your clients and prospects will have your brand to thank when they enjoy their favorite winter beverage on the go.

Thanks to our extensive catalog, Myron has the high quality promotional giveaways that fit your brand and budget.

5 Best Promotional Products for Fall Into Winter

Fall Promotional Products

As the seasons change, so too should your promotional products! Keep your brand at the forefront of your leads’ minds all year long with items they can also use through the cold months. Below we have listed five of the best fall promotional products that will keep your leads warm and happy until Spring with your brand name right there with them:

1. 20 Oz. Hollywood Tumbler

Sleek and striking with its stainless steel build, the 20 oz. Hollywood Tumbler will be the constant companion to all its recipients this fall and winter. Your leads can take the comfort of a hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa with them no matter where they go! Meanwhile, your logo will be on prominent display all day long.

2. Fold Up Tote Blanket

With the fall season comes football, campfires, and cozy movie nights! Whether your leads and employees can be found in the stadiums, outdoors, or in their living room on the weekends, they can take the Fold Up Tote Blanket with them anywhere! With your imprint on the side, they and all their friends will know who to thank for keeping them comfy.

3. 3-Piece Cold Weather Set with Full Color Imprint

Why settle for one fall promotional product when you can get a set of three with full color imprints in one easy step? The 3-Piece Cold Weather Set comes with a hat, scarf, gloves with conductive fingertips for touchscreen use, and an accessory bag. Display your logo on the hat and scarf in full, vibrant color!

4. Port & Company Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

No matter the weather, the Port Authority Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt is a fall and winter staple. Made with air jet yarn, this sweatshirt is soft and touchable, but won’t pill, ensuring it lasts all season long! You can choose from 43 colors and three different locations for your imprint, so you can create stylish yet effective branding that your leads are sure to appreciate.

5. Daytripper Gift Set

Wherever your leads travel this season, make sure they always have some warm soup or beverages at the ready with the Daytripper Gift Set. The set includes two stainless steel travel mugs and one 25 Oz. stainless steel Thermo-Go bottle complete with your screen-printed imprint. The set comes packaged in a convenient non-personalized carrying case.

Trust Myron to keep your brand on top with promotional products for every time of year!  

The 5 Most Common Promotional Product Faux Pas

promotional marketing mistakes

Promotional products are a reliable way to build awareness and trust for your brand, but if you are only just beginning to incorporate them into your marketing plan, you might not know how to get the most out of your promotional products yet. To help guarantee your success, we have listed the 5 most common promotional marketing mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Your Promotional Products Don’t Fit Your Brand or Audience

This is the most common mistake, but also the easiest to avoid! When purchasing promotional products, get in touch with your brand’s personality and your audience’s wants and needs. The trendiest item may not always be the best item for your audience. We promise that your recipients will be more appreciative of something they can use on the daily than they will be of something that’s trendy or expensive but not practical for their needs!

2. Your Promotional Products Aren’t Recognizable

One of the main goals of promotional products is to build brand recognition, so make sure your branding is front and center! Don’t be shy about making your logo and company name prominent. You can also incorporate your branding through colors, slogans, or other brand-specific design elements.

3. Your Promotional Products Don’t Have Key Information

Depending on the goal of your promotional products, you may need certain information readily available on the product itself. For example, if you’re trying to increase social media engagement, make sure all of your social accounts are listed so that leads know where to find you online. You might also benefit from a call-to-action such as “Follow Us!” for social media or “Sign Up Today for Special Offers!” for a newsletter. Whatever your marketing goal is, let your promotional products help you achieve it!

4. You Ran Out of Time

It is sometimes easy to underestimate how much time is needed to design, order, and receive promotional products, especially if your business has a large order. To avoid stress and rush orders, plan well in advance! There is never any harm in having your promotional products ready earlier than expected.

5. You Get What You Pay For

Promotional products are usually extremely cost-effective, making them perfect for small and growing businesses. However, the expression “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here as it does with everything else, and sometimes the least expensive option cannot measure up to your expectations. The best way to avoid this mistake is to do some careful research before buying. Find a reputable promotional item company with years of industry experience and a satisfaction guarantee. Then, see what previous customers have to say about the company’s customer service and about the individual products that you are interested in choosing. Once you do this, you will easily find products that are cost-effective and high quality!

At Myron, we have an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer live chats, quick service, and plenty of ways to receive support from our customer service when it comes to products, imprints, and questions about your orders. Let us help you create the best promotional products for your business!

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