Be Iconic: 5 Logo Design Tips for Successful Promotional Marketing

Logos are a large part of what make promotional products effective marketing. While only 28% of people remember the advertiser from TV, 53% can remember the advertiser on a promotional mug—and what do they remember best? The logo! If you want your logo to stand out to prospects when they receive your promotional products, then follow these five logo design tips:

1. Simplicity is key

The first logo design tip is that simple logos tend to be the easiest to remember and recognize. The iconic Apple logo and Nike swoosh are evidence of this principle; they’re instantly recognizable with a big punch, yet extremely simple in design. Resist the urge to over-design and try to squeeze too much imagery or symbolism into a logo. In this case, less is truly more!

2. Design for every size

You’ll have to scale your logo up or down to fit the dimensions of different promotional products, so consider your design at every size. Is it still as clear and legible when it’s the size of a quarter as it is when it fills your entire computer screen? When digitizing your logo, we recommend always working with a vector file so that it can be scaled as needed without losing quality or clarity.

3. Think in black, white, and color

Colors play a critical role in marketing, but you can’t always expect to have full-color imprints on particular products or in print. Make sure your logo has a clean black and white version as well and make adjustments as needed for clarity.

4. Plan for all applications – and ask the experts!

You’ll want consistent branding across all aspects of your business, so think about your logo in terms of how it will look on everything from your website to business cards to a mug. Depending on its application, your logo will look different from its digital file, so consult with experts when you need it printed.

5. Research

Our last tip: research! See what competitors in your industry are designing and what appeals most to your target audience. Consult with design and print experts and get second (and third) opinions whenever possible. With a little bit of research and thoughtful consideration, you’ll be able to out-design your competition!


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