Top 3 Reasons Recipients Keep Promotional Products

Promotional products are an essential aspect of a business’s marketing strategy, but have you ever considered why recipients of promotional products keep them? Everyone enjoys a free giveaway, but knowing exactly what motivates someone to hold onto a promotional product for months or even years can be valuable insight into how to market more effectively to your audience. Below we give the top three reasons recipients keep promotional products long-term:

3. Experience

28% of people reported to PPAI that they are more likely to hold onto a promotional item when it’s attached to an experience. Being able to link a product to a memorable event contributes not just to its longevity but also to the positive feelings they associate with your brand. Memorable events could be anything from community events to company cookouts to national festivals. Connecting with your audience emotionally is one of the best ways to build long-lasting brand awareness and loyalty!

2. Design

The second best way to create a promotional product with longevity is to stay on top of current retail and design trends. 48% of people will keep a promotional product if it fits their personal style or personality. Incorporating trendy designs, creative slogans, or fashionable colors and patterns will draw people to your promotional items. If you’re trying to appeal to a niche audience, pay close attention to products or trends they gravitate toward the most; in most cases, whatever appeals to them can be incorporated or made into a promotional product.

1. Functionality

The top reason recipients keep promotional products? They’re actually useful! 85% of people own promotional products right now because they serve a specific function (and they do it well). Anything that makes a client’s life a little easier is a surefire way to earn their appreciation. Consider tools like power banks, USB flash drives, and notebooks. For an especially budget-friendly option, the classic pen or a multi-functional stylus pen is a great choice.

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