Promotional Products for Businesses on a Budget


Promotional products are a key marketing strategy for businesses trying to broaden their brand awareness. A whopping 89% of consumers have received branded promotional products in the past six months, 79% of those consumers researched the brand afterwards, and 81% felt they would be more likely to do business with those brands in the future. If you’re not making use of promotional products already, you are allowing your competitors to take advantage of these statistics right now!

Luckily, creating custom promotional products can be easy and affordable, even if you run a small, independent business. At Myron, we frequently have all new markdowns in our Sale section, making inexpensive promotional products even more accessible. See just a few of our sale items below:

Radiance Stylus Pen (As low as $0.73 each, 50 min. order)

Let your brand shine with the Radiance Stylus Pen! This stylish ballpoint pen doubles as a rubber touchscreen stylus, perfect for transitioning from notebook to tablet to phone and back again. Your logo is laser engraved on the side to ensure it never fades or rubs off, and when you click the plunger, an LED light illuminates your logo, making it impossible to miss!

Brooklands Keychain (As low as $1.13 each, 25 min. order)

For a promotional gift that your customers and prospects will take with them everywhere, you can’t go wrong with the Brooklands Keychain. Classy and timeless, this vegan leather and metal keychain is a quality gift that suits all styles and personalities. Make this keychain the key to your business’s success!

4-in-1 Charger (As low as $6.27 each, 25 min. order)

A promotional product is only effective marketing if the recipients can actually make use of it. If you’re hoping to find a stand-out product to give away to employees, clients, and prospects, without exceeding your budget, this 4-in-1 charger is the perfect option. There’s nothing more indispensable to us in the technological age than our chargers, and this charger cable ensures you always have the right one on hand. It will quickly become a travel and office staple for its recipients, sending your high-powered brand message to everyone who uses it!

These are just a small selection of the inexpensive promotional products in our Sale Section. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Myron can help you find the right product with the right price to deliver your message and keep your brand ahead of the competition.

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