Honeycomb Mesh Products

Promotional gift products should be useful.


Your employees, customers, and prospects will appreciate your giveaway items so much more if they can use them on a daily basis. This is why honeycomb mesh products are an excellent giveaway idea.


Bags made from honeycomb mesh are durable, lightweight, and functional. Here are some of the top honeycomb mesh products that you should check out:


Tri-Pack Honeycomb Mesh Bags – This set of bags is made from high-quality ventilated mesh. They are very durable and are ideal for carrying all kinds of damp articles. People will really appreciate having this complete set for trips to the gym, laundromat, beach and other locations.

Honeycomb Mesh Backpack – This easy-to-carry backpack has padded straps for comfort. It comes with a zippered closure and an outer front pocket. Made from Honeycomb mesh, 600D PU, and Neoprene. It is stylish and durable at the same time.

Honeycomb Wine Bag – This is a great wine bag that can help your brand and business stand out during parties and other social events. It comes with a reinforced bottom and strong carrying handles.

Honeycomb Drawstring Tote Bag – This great looking tote bag can easily be converted into a backpack. It’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean between uses.

Honeycomb Mesh Shopping Tote Bag – This honeycomb mesh tote bag is excellent for shopping; it’s roomy enough to fit a large load. The mesh design allows ventilation and is excellent for carrying damp materials. Lightweight and durable, this tote is easy to carry everywhere.


Any one of these honeycomb products will make a wonderful giveaway. It’s a sure thing that people will like them. You can check them all out here.

Mistakes to Avoid in Promotional Marketing

The truth: you have to promote your business if you want new customers.

Whether the business is a large company or a small/family-owned, it will require some kind of promotion for it to make money. If you are planning on running promotional marketing for your business, you have to be well-prepared.

A promotional marketing campaign can be a tricky thing to run. While a successful one can bring in revenue and brand recall, a wrongly conceived or poorly executed campaign can be damaging to a business.

To help you out, here are the mistakes you should avoid when creating your promotional marketing:

1. Not Identifying Goals

Your promotional marketing should have a specific goal or goals. Failure to identify those goals right from the start would mean that your expected result and promotional item choice may be doomed from the start.

2. Forgetting Existing Customers

Normally, a promotional campaign is aimed at attracting new customers or clients. While that is something that you absolutely should do, you should never forget about your existing customers. In most instances, keeping a customer is always cheaper than acquiring one.

3. Relying on Discounts

A promo campaign that relies heavily on discounts isn’t always a bad idea. While discounts can be useful, using it too often can erase the perceived value of your business or brand. Be sure to back discounts with actual value.  

4. Not Choosing The Right Product

The promotional product(s) you choose should be relevant and actually useful for your audience. Remember, every time your promo product is used, that is another eyeball on your brand and  reinforcement to use your company over another.

You need to have the right source for promotional products. For example, Myron has been an excellent source of promotional items and business gifts for seven decades now.

Stay away from these mistakes, and your promotional marketing will start and end well. Need a place to start? Check out our most successful promotional products!

Promotional Products as a Marketing Strategy

Promotional products have long been used for marketing purposes. Why? Because they provide advertisement opportunities that have long-term exposures.

If you are thinking about using promotional items for your marketing strategy, then you have stumbled upon a proven strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy Questions

When creating your marketing strategy centered on promo items, you have to consider the following questions:

  1. Will your customers and potential customers actually use the item?
  2. Is your promo product a great way of rewarding your existing customers, and will they appreciate the gift?
  3. Do you want people to use your promo products in private or in public?
  4. How much will the products cost, and is the cost acceptable?
  5. How long will the products last?
  6. Is it in line with the rest of your marketing and promotional efforts?
  7. Will it be easy to distribute the product you have chosen to your customers?
  8. Where will you get your promotional products? For example, Myron is one of the best sources of promo products and business gifts that you can find online.

Answering the questions above will ensure that you find the right product(s) that work well for your business and the customer.

For example, if you determine that you will have a hard time distributing the product to your customers, then you might want to consider a different item that will better suit your logistical needs.

Also, when it comes to weighing the cost of the promotional product you have chosen, remember that it may have long-term benefits for your business and result in a client tomorrow – not necessarily today.

If you are still wondering where you can find the right items to distribute, visit our large selection of useful and proven promotional items.

6 Most Shocking Giveaway Items for 2019

Are you planning on coming up with giveaways for your business?

There are many promotional products you can choose from. While bags and pens are still effective and commonly used for promotion, if you are looking for something to shock your target audience, try something new.

Here are six of the most shocking giveaway items you can use in 2019:

1. Silicone Straw in Case

Going green is a real trend right now. You have to make sure that the giveaway you will be going for is actually environmentally friendly. One of the best options out there are reusable silicone straws that people can carry around with them.

2. Nuckeers Phone Grip

Everyone has a smartphone now, and phone accessories are very popular. The most common smartphone accessory will be smartphone cases. To be different from the usual, try giving away phone grips. These are small handles that can be attached to the back of the phone.

3. Webcam Cover

People are becoming more conscious about their online security. So the webcam cover is an ideal giveaway to tech-savvy customers.

4. Misting Fans

As the name suggests, these are small fans that can be carried around. People who travel in the heat will appreciate this item.

5. Folding Water Bottles

People walk around now carrying water bottles because they do not want to become dehydrated. Folding water bottles will be highly appreciated as a giveaway.

6. Solar Power Bank

A solar power bank is the kind of giveaway that people will really love right now. Aside from being useful, it is also environmentally friendly.

These are just some of the most popular giveaways for this year. You can find all these products on Myron. With more than seven decades of providing high quality promotional products, you’re sure to find promotional items that meet the needs of your business.

Are Promotional Products Effective for Promoting a Business?


Most businesses utilize promotional products to reach out to customers. Some promotional products are for existing customers, and others are for potential new ones. But, how effective are these items?

Is the money spent on them better used on other means of promotion? Do customers recall a business because of promo products?

Let’s find out.

Effectiveness of Promotional Products

The truth is that promotional products are cost-effective means of increasing the brand awareness of a business. Here are some statistics that support that claim:

  • Around 80% of all American consumers keep and use one or more promotional products.
  • Around 60% of those who use these products keep the item for a period of up to two years.
  • More than 80% of those who get promotional items actually do business with the advertisers afterward.
  • More than 30% of all American consumers have a promotional bag.
  • A little less than 90% of all consumers say they recall businesses after a period of two years after they have received a promo product from that business.

These are all very encouraging statistics that support the claim that consumers will engage with a business after they have provided promotional item. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of promo items allow them to have a huge Return on Investment.

By most indications, promotional products are an effective means of reaching out to customers and keeping the ones you already have. While you may have to spend money to have them made, the benefits they bring in can far outweigh their initial costs.

Ready to give promotional marketing a try? Take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee and find the perfect promotional product to gain new customers and retain current ones.  

5 Facts You’d Never Guess About Promotional Products

promotional product facts

Here’s one fact everyone knows about promotional products: people love them! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a freebie? Thanks to this well-known fact, promotional products are the most cost-effective way to introduce your brand to a large audience. Here are several other incredible (but true!) facts about promotional products:

1. George Washington was a promotional marketer.

The first recognized promotional products were used by our first president during his election campaign! Washington had commemorative imprinted buttons made, and while there were plenty of reasons he was America’s first choice for president, we like to think the buttons definitely contributed to his win.

2. Your clients and customers want to rep your brand.

8 out of 10 people report enjoying promotional products, and many even say they’d like to receive them more often, especially from the businesses they love!

3. Branded bags create the most impressions.

Practical, reusable, and environmentally-friendly, shopping bags and tote bags are recipients’ favorite promotional products. Businesses also love bags because they’re easy to hand out and store in large quantities without breaking the budget! A close runner up to bags are the tried-and-true promotional pens.

4. Promotional products have a long, active life.

Even if a promotional product isn’t exactly to a consumer’s personal taste, most people will pass along the product to someone who will make good use of it! This is good news, since your recipients will do the work of spreading your brand for you, heightening the likelihood that your products get into the hands of your target audience.

5. Promotional products can increase your marketing effectiveness by 44%.

Adding a promotional product to your existing marketing strategy can significantly increase your reach. Tangible items help boost brand recognition, recall, and loyalty. People just tend to feel more strongly about brands that give them a free, useful item than they do about brands they only see in passing on social media.

Are you ready to add promotional products to your marketing efforts? Let Myron help! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise we can find a promotional solution that works for your business!  

The 5 Most Common Promotional Product Faux Pas

promotional marketing mistakes

Promotional products are a reliable way to build awareness and trust for your brand, but if you are only just beginning to incorporate them into your marketing plan, you might not know how to get the most out of your promotional products yet. To help guarantee your success, we have listed the 5 most common promotional marketing mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Your Promotional Products Don’t Fit Your Brand or Audience

This is the most common mistake, but also the easiest to avoid! When purchasing promotional products, get in touch with your brand’s personality and your audience’s wants and needs. The trendiest item may not always be the best item for your audience. We promise that your recipients will be more appreciative of something they can use on the daily than they will be of something that’s trendy or expensive but not practical for their needs!

2. Your Promotional Products Aren’t Recognizable

One of the main goals of promotional products is to build brand recognition, so make sure your branding is front and center! Don’t be shy about making your logo and company name prominent. You can also incorporate your branding through colors, slogans, or other brand-specific design elements.

3. Your Promotional Products Don’t Have Key Information

Depending on the goal of your promotional products, you may need certain information readily available on the product itself. For example, if you’re trying to increase social media engagement, make sure all of your social accounts are listed so that leads know where to find you online. You might also benefit from a call-to-action such as “Follow Us!” for social media or “Sign Up Today for Special Offers!” for a newsletter. Whatever your marketing goal is, let your promotional products help you achieve it!

4. You Ran Out of Time

It is sometimes easy to underestimate how much time is needed to design, order, and receive promotional products, especially if your business has a large order. To avoid stress and rush orders, plan well in advance! There is never any harm in having your promotional products ready earlier than expected.

5. You Get What You Pay For

Promotional products are usually extremely cost-effective, making them perfect for small and growing businesses. However, the expression “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here as it does with everything else, and sometimes the least expensive option cannot measure up to your expectations. The best way to avoid this mistake is to do some careful research before buying. Find a reputable promotional item company with years of industry experience and a satisfaction guarantee. Then, see what previous customers have to say about the company’s customer service and about the individual products that you are interested in choosing. Once you do this, you will easily find products that are cost-effective and high quality!

At Myron, we have an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer live chats, quick service, and plenty of ways to receive support from our customer service when it comes to products, imprints, and questions about your orders. Let us help you create the best promotional products for your business!

8 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Promotional Products

enhance promotional products

1. Know Your Audience

Before you purchase your promotional products, make sure you’re in touch with who your main demographic is. While it may be tempting to go for the trendiest item, not every trendy item will connect with your audience. For example, a water bottle with a built-in bluetooth speaker may be a hit for a 20-something gym buff, but will likely have less appeal for an audience that consists of people 60 and over. For the highest impact, always make sure you have your audience in mind.

2. Logo or No-Go?

You might assume having a prominent business logo is key for promotional products, but that’s not always so! If you’re giving a gift to a long-time client, it may be better to give them something personalized with their name, while your business’s logo takes a backseat. You might consider a classy, executive pen or personalized drinkware like a copper moscow mule set. Not only will this be a much more heartfelt gift, but the recipient will be more likely to use it and tell others who gave it to them!

3. Creative Imprints

Another reason to forgo having your logo front and center is to instead feature a witty, original slogan. This works especially well for t-shirts and reusable grocery bags. Not everyone will be comfortable wearing a large company logo, but if you minimize the size of the logo and make a slogan the focus (think Nike’s incredibly popular “Just Do It!” or go the punny route, e.g. “My Weekend is Booked!” for a bookseller), your promotional apparel will be more wearable and eye-catching.

4. Boost Your Social Media

If your business has a strong social media presence, or you’re looking to grow your presence, prominently display your accounts on your promotional products under your logo. Keeping people in touch with your brand over social media is another effective way to build familiarity, so why not combine both marketing techniques with no extra effort!

5. Use Your Social Media

Your promotional products can work for your social media, and your social media can work for your promotional products! Social media giveaways are great ways to build engagement with your followers. For maximum engagement, consider doing giveaways no more often than once a month and with higher-ticket items like sweatshirts, an activity tracker wristband, or a quality tote bag.  

6. Find the Perfect Pair

Promotional products always have a higher impact when they come in twos! Pens and notebooks are always a winning pair, or consider other themes like a gym bag and a sports bottle or sunglasses and a cooler. You can even give away two matching mugs for the recipient to share with a cup of coffee with a loved one, or so that they can give away one of the mugs to a friend, further spreading awareness of your brand with no extra work for you!

7. Make It Last

According to research done by PPAI, as many as 81% of people keep promotional products for over a year, and 18% of overall recipients hold onto promotional products for over 11 years! With this is mind, it might be more strategic to have promotional products that can hold up for at least a couple years such as drinkware or pens, rather than something that has a limited lifespan like T-shirt. Even those who don’t treasure promotional products so dearly don’t often throw them out; PPAI also reports that 80% of those who don’t keep their promotional products give them away instead of throwing them out. It’s important to make sure your promotional products last!

8. Choices, choices, choices

When at a trade show or when offering a reward for a referral, try offering multiple choices for your leads to pick from. This will encourage them to choose something they’ll actually make use of and hold onto for much longer than they might have otherwise. Don’t feel pressured to have a whole library of different products! Two or three choices is plenty and won’t risk overwhelming your potential clients or you!

For more tips and an expansive catalogue of customizable promotional products, visit Myron. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are sure to have the right products for your business!


How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products

How to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads with Promotional Products in 6 Smart Ways

To generate leads for your business, it often takes more effort than giving away a promotional pen with your logo on it. This alone can help build brand awareness, but creatively making use of promotional products is key to truly capturing a potential client’s interest. Below are 6 methods for how to generate leads more effectively with promotional products:

1. Connect with the Digital World

In the current digital age, you will extend your brand’s reach much farther if you supply leads with the tech they need and want. USB flash drives are a common giveaway, and you can get more creative with stylus pens that gracefully jump the gap between traditional and digital medias or a smart phone wallet, which greatly appeals to younger audiences, especially college-age audiences. You might also consider branding your promotional items with your social medias to encourage internet-savvy clients to interact with your business online on the daily!

2. Go Big for the Big Leads

At trade shows and expos, clients are bombarded with promotional giveaways that are often inexpensive and in large quantities. This is practical when trying to reach a wide audience whom you can’t actually guarantee will be suitable leads for your brand. However, you will want to consider creating giveaway “tiers.” Continue offering promotional pens or stress-relievers to all passers-by, but reserve big-ticket items like apparel, tote bags, or umbrellas for those who are willing to provide contact information.

Another great idea is to incentivize leads to spread the word for you. Offer someone a drinkware item or a hat when they refer someone else to your booth.

3. Take the First Step Yourself

Take the outbound approach and reach out to individuals and companies you would like to work with first! Make an introduction, then follow up by mailing them a high quality promotional gift that is significant in some way. This can be something like a wine gift set, a nice mug set, a laptop bag, or a sports duffel bag. Choose something that connects with your brand or relates to something you’ve discussed with this potential lead beforehand for a more personal touch.

4. Close the Deal in a Powerful Way

Once your sales team is just about to close a deal with a lead, encourage them to send a high-end promotional product like the suggestions above. This strategy makes for a good show of faith with a lead. Bonus points if you can find a promotional product that relates specifically to your brand (or theirs!).

5. Let Your Clients Find Leads For You

As we discussed in Step #2, you should aim to incentivize others to generate leads for you. This is especially powerful when the referral comes from a client with whom you’ve already worked and who already trusts your brand. You can either promise them a promotional product as a reward for a referral, or send it afterwards as a surprise thank you!

6. Make an Impression

Lastly, but most importantly, you’ll always want to make an impression. To do this, we recommend building your own gift set with promotional products that make sense for your brand. Invest in multiple branded products to create a stunning, complete gift box that is sure to woo your potential leads. For the potential lead, a set of items makes it easier for them to envision making use of them (and thus remembering your brand) in the future than a standalone item might.

As an example, a startup tech company might want to create a set that consists of a t-shirt, earbuds, and sunglasses. The headphones make sense considering the industry, while the t-shirt and sunglasses appeal to a younger audience who would be interested in working with them. Another combination that works for any industry is a pen, notepad, and travel mug for the perfect productive pack. Keep in mind, there’s no need to purchase expensive items to create a gift set! When it comes to how to generate leads, what matters most about a gift set is appealing presentation and the creativity and thought put into the selection.

We hoped this blog gave you some smart ideas on how to generate leads! Let Myron help you find and create the perfect promotional products for your brand. With high quality, affordable products, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’ll help your business generate promising leads!

13 Promotional Products to Bring Your Business More Than Luck

Friday the 13th promotional products

The number 13 is surrounded by superstition; it’s considered bad luck to have 13 guests at a party and to marry on the 13th, and some buildings won’t even have a 13th floor! Any 13th day of the month is subject for superstition, but Friday the 13th gets the worst reputation for bad luck, despite occurring anywhere from once to three times a year. Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, NC reports that “[U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do.”  

Although some people are often overcome by superstition around the number 13 and Friday the 13th, you and your business will have nothing to fear if you’re marketing with promotional products! Branded promotional products build familiarity and trust every time a potential client uses it, making them much more likely to research and consider doing business with your brand. Even Friday the 13th won’t shake their trust in your brand!

To turn this old superstition on its head, we have crafted a list of 13 promotional products that will do more than bring you luck— they’ll bring you clients and customers!

1. Absolute Soft Touch Stylus Tip Promo Pleaser Pen

Branded promo pens are a simple, effective way to build brand awareness, and no, we don’t need to knock on wood when we say that! Transition from paper to screen with just a click and keep your customers scrolling.

2. Personalized Anti-Stress Dice

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to promotional products, unless of course you’re rolling this anti-stress dice! These colorful dice are squeezable and fun, and they can lighten the mood around the office or at intense meetings and conferences.

3. Honeycomb Sling Backpack

Outrun bad luck while keeping your branding on top and keeping everything you need on your back. This lightweight neoprene mesh backpack puts your logo on constant display and is perfect for carrying clothing to the gym or traveling light on a hike.

4. Personalized Econo Sweatshirt Blanket

No matter which day of the month it is, it’s always a great time to snuggle up in a super soft blanket. Remind people of your brand every time they get cozy on the couch for movie night!

5. Compact Power Bank Charger

Never run out of luck, charge, or marketing power with this full-color imprinted power bank that’s perfect for on the go and long distance travel!

6. Tomahawk Mini Flashlight

Good luck or bad luck, Friday the 13th or Friday the 20th, you’ll always be prepared with this brilliant multitool. Remind your audience that your brand is one they can rely upon!

7. 360 Finger Grip Cellphone Stand

We’ve all been unlucky enough to drop our expensive smartphones once or twice before, but now you won’t have to worry with this dual cell phone grip and stand. Your imprint is laser engraved, preventing fading and wear, and making sure your brand is always on full display.

8. Geometric Soft Touch Pocket Pal

Be ready to take on the 13th (and every day) with this attractive, geometric print, pocket-sized planner.

9. 7 Function Tool Pen

Unlucky number 13, meet lucky number 7! This multi-function pen has a touchscreen stylus, two screwdriver bits, a level, and two engraved rulers. Make sure your clients always have your brand on hand!

10. 17 Oz. Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker

Now every day, even a Friday the 13th, can be a party! Keep your clients hydrated and happy as they enjoy their favorite music all thanks to you brand!

11. Conference Tote

Stylish, spacious, and functional, the Conference Tote is a mobile billboard for your brand. Wish your clientele luck in all of their endeavors by gifting them this thoughtful gift.

12. 28 Oz. Value Water Bottle (Made in the USA)

You won’t have to test your luck with this inexpensive promotional product; it’s made in the USA, so you know it’s made of quality, durable materials and BPA free.

13. Economy Cooler Bag

Put aside your superstitions and stay chill— or rather, keep your drinks chill— with this branded cooler bag that won’t break your budget.


Branding doesn’t get much smarter than premium quality promotional products from Myron. Don’t worry about luck; Myron has an unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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