Mistakes to Avoid in Promotional Marketing

The truth: you have to promote your business if you want new customers.

Whether the business is a large company or a small/family-owned, it will require some kind of promotion for it to make money. If you are planning on running promotional marketing for your business, you have to be well-prepared.

A promotional marketing campaign can be a tricky thing to run. While a successful one can bring in revenue and brand recall, a wrongly conceived or poorly executed campaign can be damaging to a business.

To help you out, here are the mistakes you should avoid when creating your promotional marketing:

1. Not Identifying Goals

Your promotional marketing should have a specific goal or goals. Failure to identify those goals right from the start would mean that your expected result and promotional item choice may be doomed from the start.

2. Forgetting Existing Customers

Normally, a promotional campaign is aimed at attracting new customers or clients. While that is something that you absolutely should do, you should never forget about your existing customers. In most instances, keeping a customer is always cheaper than acquiring one.

3. Relying on Discounts

A promo campaign that relies heavily on discounts isn’t always a bad idea. While discounts can be useful, using it too often can erase the perceived value of your business or brand. Be sure to back discounts with actual value.  

4. Not Choosing The Right Product

The promotional product(s) you choose should be relevant and actually useful for your audience. Remember, every time your promo product is used, that is another eyeball on your brand and  reinforcement to use your company over another.

You need to have the right source for promotional products. For example, Myron has been an excellent source of promotional items and business gifts for seven decades now.

Stay away from these mistakes, and your promotional marketing will start and end well. Need a place to start? Check out our most successful promotional products!

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