Are Promotional Products Effective for Promoting a Business?


Most businesses utilize promotional products to reach out to customers. Some promotional products are for existing customers, and others are for potential new ones. But, how effective are these items?

Is the money spent on them better used on other means of promotion? Do customers recall a business because of promo products?

Let’s find out.

Effectiveness of Promotional Products

The truth is that promotional products are cost-effective means of increasing the brand awareness of a business. Here are some statistics that support that claim:

  • Around 80% of all American consumers keep and use one or more promotional products.
  • Around 60% of those who use these products keep the item for a period of up to two years.
  • More than 80% of those who get promotional items actually do business with the advertisers afterward.
  • More than 30% of all American consumers have a promotional bag.
  • A little less than 90% of all consumers say they recall businesses after a period of two years after they have received a promo product from that business.

These are all very encouraging statistics that support the claim that consumers will engage with a business after they have provided promotional item. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of promo items allow them to have a huge Return on Investment.

By most indications, promotional products are an effective means of reaching out to customers and keeping the ones you already have. While you may have to spend money to have them made, the benefits they bring in can far outweigh their initial costs.

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