6 Most Shocking Giveaway Items for 2019

Are you planning on coming up with giveaways for your business?

There are many promotional products you can choose from. While bags and pens are still effective and commonly used for promotion, if you are looking for something to shock your target audience, try something new.

Here are six of the most shocking giveaway items you can use in 2019:

1. Silicone Straw in Case

Going green is a real trend right now. You have to make sure that the giveaway you will be going for is actually environmentally friendly. One of the best options out there are reusable silicone straws that people can carry around with them.

2. Nuckeers Phone Grip

Everyone has a smartphone now, and phone accessories are very popular. The most common smartphone accessory will be smartphone cases. To be different from the usual, try giving away phone grips. These are small handles that can be attached to the back of the phone.

3. Webcam Cover

People are becoming more conscious about their online security. So the webcam cover is an ideal giveaway to tech-savvy customers.

4. Misting Fans

As the name suggests, these are small fans that can be carried around. People who travel in the heat will appreciate this item.

5. Folding Water Bottles

People walk around now carrying water bottles because they do not want to become dehydrated. Folding water bottles will be highly appreciated as a giveaway.

6. Solar Power Bank

A solar power bank is the kind of giveaway that people will really love right now. Aside from being useful, it is also environmentally friendly.

These are just some of the most popular giveaways for this year. You can find all these products on Myron. With more than seven decades of providing high quality promotional products, you’re sure to find promotional items that meet the needs of your business.

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