Halloween offers great branding opportunities for small businesses

No matter how old people become, they’ll always be primed to enjoy some candy around Halloween. Memories of bags of loot filled to the brim with sugary treats are hard to erase from one’s mind even well into middle age, making the use of certain promotional products perfect for the middle of fall.

Organizations that are looking to increase awareness of their names, brands, products or services would do well to take advantage of this tradition and offer gifts to customers that are festive and seasonal. Personalized chocolates and promotional candy make fantastic corporate gifts. A small amount of sweets are a subtle reminder about a business, while a large number of chocolates can be shared by an entire office and will serve as a constant reminder about a particular company.

Such candy can also be successfully deployed to customers and clients. Regular visitors, people who make large purchases or loyal consumers can be rewarded with candy. In these cases, individuals are being given something in return for refraining from doing something undesirable. In this case, the treat is branded promotional candy while the trick would be to take one’s business elsewhere. Such a trade-off, as in the case of trick-or-treaters, is well worth the price.

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